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For me, It's Culley's Caroline Reaper Sauce™

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For me it's the Impossible Burger

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>hot sauce

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Heart break dawn's cauterizer.

very nice sauce

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I think I missed the boat on this one

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I would literally murder you

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This stuff if you can find it. I think the inventor of it stopped because it was costing him more to make than he was bringing in. He had his phone number on the bottles so called him up and asked him about it that's pretty much what he told me. I used to buy these by the case, it was a cool company too.

I also used to give bottles away to folk in my office and I always got complimented on my taste and always gave credit where credit's due.

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... I tried to convince him to do another production run but he didn't have distrubution channels to make any kind of profit from it.

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He also didn't go for he retard level meme terms like "ghost pepper" which is flavorless crap from india, pretty much didn't go for the stupid hipster crowd.

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this shit sucks. no flavor.

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I haven't tried very many, but I like this one.

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Frank's is and always will be king. Not too hot, perfect flavor.

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This shit is pretty good. Similar to a taco Bell sauce, but actually good and spicy. Purchased from whole paycheck because it had the local tag. Didn't know what to expect last night and went really well with my shitty home made Mexican food.

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tabasco chipotle
tabasco chipotle on everything
tabasco chipotle on
>the burger
>the soup
>the fries
>the wife
>the kids
>the car
>your friends
>the dog
>my cock
>the dogs cock
>my eyes
>ow fuck ow it's in my eyes
>shit fuck shit shit fuck

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pic related, tabasco chipotle

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Fuck what Melinda's became. Her importer trademarked her "Melinda's Hot Sauce" and she basically lost the name and rebranded under Marie Sharp's. Please buy Marie Sharp's instead of that faggot thief brand.

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her = Marie Sharp, that is

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Daily reminder that Melinda's is a whore brand and based Marie is the superior and moral choice.

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Sure, I've been looking for more sauces to try. Thanks for the suggestion.

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based and saucepilled. the grapefruit one is best.

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Those extra super spicy megadeth hot sauces are cringe.
What is the point if the spice level totally washes everything else out.

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I agree. And the names are even worse.

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>unironically owning less than 30 hot sauces to rotate so you don't add the same flavor to every meal

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stop trying to make this a thing

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The key lime sauce is one of the best hot sauces I've ever had.

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Crystal or bust

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hot sauce fags already made it a thing

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Just got this recently. Can’t get enough. It’s so good. Definitely a change from the vinegar based shit I always have

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simply amazeballs

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I goofed

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That's too many. They go bad after about 6 months and lose most of the flavor that isn't salt and vinegar.

I got about a dozen right now. I keep them all in the fridge on the bottom row of the door.

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I recognize like half those bottles though. I've got a half gal of blackberry hot sauce once and it went bad at about 8 months. I left for college and left it behind. and when I came back home it was gone.

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These threads convinced me to get the Aardvark shit and its absolutely great. Most other hot sauces that sound good are disappointing.

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this is my newest hotsauce, i like the heat and taste.

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my nigga

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and this is my second favourite, both are amazing though

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RATE MY SAW SIZZ FELLOW REDDITORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEE

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Why do you care so much what other people enjoy?

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Bro, just piss off already

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Hotsauce fags are the stoners of the food world.

>bro, have you ever played video games....on weed??? So much better, maaaaan
> bro, have you ever tried grapes/almonds/LITERALLY ANY FOOD...with hot sauce? So much better, maaaan

Literally insufferable and I want them to die.
And don't even get me started on the people who subject you to listening to them sniffle, cough, and mouthbreath their way through every meal because they put their overly spicy bullshit on EVERYTHING.

>not even that hot bro *rubs snot and tears into their shirtsleeve* did you hear spicy food raises testosterone????

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>why no one laugh at joke mommy?

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why do you care so much that i dont like your hot sauce obsessions?

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I just feel bad for you. Enjoying something that's not harmful is positive as long as you don't make it your whole life. Turning someone else's enjoyment into a negative is not good for you. Be well and I hope you find constructive happiness.

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The carolina reaper was invented 5 miles away from me, but i've never had anything with it.

I imagine all these "carolina reaper" products you see popping up are unimaginably diluted, since eating one of the peppers is supposedly able to kill you.

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but i thoroughly enjoy hating and youre trying to ruin it by turning my enjoyment of hate into a negative for me.
its all about the yinG and Yang frend. its a universe of balance

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Excuse me, I need to get to the front of the line.

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not with the amount of soy in your diet, faggot.

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I do my own sweet chilli sauce with honey and lumpy dried chili.

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I absolutely love Dirty Dicks. How does the Key Lime stuff compare? For reference I only really like D.D. on pizza and a select few other things because of the sweetness. Think Id like it?

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Anyone else find gems at Firehouse Subs? Cant get enough of this stuff

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Just quit feeding him already.

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go shove a ghost pepper up your ass and post it on reddit for more sweet karma!!!!

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This one is less of a hotsauce and more of a sweet chilli sauce with extra kick. Very tasty. Good on wings and noodles.

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fugg yeah

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