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Did I made a mistake?

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Yeah. You got the most pleb tier hot sauce there is. It’s fine if that’s all they have at some shithole diner but you could have easily gotten some Frank’s, Crystal, or Valentina for the same price range and gotten a better product.

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Yes, you didn’t vark

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its fine. it works great on eggs, in soups and stews. but there are plenty of others that have different flavors you may like more. time to expand.

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yeah you upgraded to windows 10
unwarranted hate aside, there are specific foods that require tabasco. i love it on any unbreaded chinese chicken dish, any cajun food, scrambled/fried eggs and any tomato based soups...just to name a few

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What kind of shithole country do you live in that Tabasco is something special?

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Louisiana is better IMO

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>not habanero
yeah you fucked up

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trappys is way better
tabasco bought them a while back

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>he got tobasco
Imagine being this white.

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>going to /mu/
yeah that's a fucking bonehead move

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Fucking no you didn't
Tabasco sauce is the shit

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Tobasco is basic but great, the best of its kind

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>no flavor
>tiny baby bottle
Yeah you did

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Key ingredient in a Caear, bout all it's good for.

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ignore this retard, crystal and franks are bland shit.

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Sriracha is better in every possible way

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>goes bad in under a year

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How the fuck do you store it?

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>he eats rotten condiments

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>Frank’s, Crystal, or Valentina
>not shithole diner brands
Man you have really shit taste. I wouldn't touch any of those hot sauces with a napkin.

You should have gotten picrel.

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I moved to pic related and never looked back, it's the perfect amount of heat for me and it taste great.

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Yep should have gotten pic related. Plebs and spicelets need not apply.

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yes, you let /mu/'s sharethreads die

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there are sauces with better flavor. peri peri is nice, and cholula has a distinct pepper flavor, not so much salt and vinegar and heat. but i do like tabasco for its simple, clean bite.

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Not able to spell Tabasco. Imagine being this dumb and black,

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Frank's is like thick Tabasco with garlic powder, not even fresh garlic. Tabasco is fine if you're putting it on fatty food where the vinegar can balance it out. True plebs think Tabasco is bad because they don't know how to use it.

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This is the best hot sauce from any of the major manufacturers but Tabasco is decent. The green Cholula is not that spicy but I love the flavor.

Been putting this on bacon and egg sandwiches lately and loving it.

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tabasco is the only one that has kind of an aged flavor. other hot sauces just dont give me that

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>browsing 4chan
>no gay sex tab
a few mistakes have been made yeah

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>Tabasco is fine if you're putting it on fatty food
so basically everything /ck/ eats

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This is average.
Tastes like tacobell hot sauce.
Fuck you.

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yes, you posted on 4chan

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ur life was a mistake

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'vark is like a five 'larm 'ferno in your mouth 'ry time

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Hey I'm a 4channler too!

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i also want to know

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>you could have easily gotten some Frank’s, Crystal, or Valentina for the same price range and gotten a better product.

You're literally trolling.

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>literal staple of Cajun cooking

Yea, let all of the deficits in this thread convince you that habanero goes in gumbo. Lmfao.

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You spent $3 at most on a staple ingredient, which also happens to be shelf stable. Where exactly could you have possibly gone wrong? If you're that poor then tabasco will probably be a god send for you.

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The most basic hot sauce you'll ever get.
Still aight though.

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IMHO, tabasco is great with sunny side up fried eggs. The tanginess of the vinegar complements the creaminess of the yolks
There are definitely other worthy sauces with a world of flavors. For fried chicken, Cajun Chef is my go to now. The other seasonings don't just add spice, they add just enough flavor to not drown out the chicken. I ran into it at a Long John Silvers where it's great with the chicken planks and fish, and now I keep it in my spice cabinet.

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Look at Mr Big Dick "each scoville is another inch of my cock" McPleb here.

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The habanero version has flavorful ingredients like mango and onion, and habaneros themselves have a pleasant, fruity flavor. It tastes good.

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I fell in love with this one, even though you need something else to bring some heat, which it sadly lacks.

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>Hot sauce from a company named after an Ir*sh

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virgin chipotle tabasco vs chad habenero tabasco

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I see people here shitting on Frank's (that's cool it's really not that great) and Aardvark, but what's with the hate for Crystal, and ESPECIALLY Valentina's? Those are both great sauces with great balance between flavor and spice, especially Valentina's.

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does nobody do
>how to take a screenshot
i feel like i havnt seen that in years

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unironically kys

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came to post this
this sauce is actual sex

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this would be really good if it was a regular product and not 100 dollars a bottle.
Being thin as piss is really the only problem I have with tabasco. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if you just simmered some to make a reduction.

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>live in Europe
>can't get big bottles of hot sauce
>can barely choose between two our three brands
>tiny expensive bottles

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Since this is a spicy thread, anyone got some ideas on spicy fingerfood/appetizers? Preferably easy to make

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well the joke was old as soon as it happened, so I'm glad it went away

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there has to be some payoff for having all these mexicans and blacks

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DIdn't buy big enough of one

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Yeah that stuff is basically vinegar

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Are you implying there are no blacks in Europe?

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Good on eggs

Best. Hands down.

So good.

I don’t buy it because I’ll kill a bottle in two or three sittings.

Tastes nice. Too hot for everyday use. Soups and stuff, a-ok.

Hell yeah. Pizza and wings!

If I didn’t reply I haven’t had it. <3

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Where do you even buy this stuff? I used their locator and it's not sold within 500 miles of my location. It's not like I live in the middle of nowhere, I'm in north Florida. I know of at least two actual aardvarks that are closer to me than this sauce.

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If you are going to use it in stews and marinades then no, otherwise yes

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Fuck regular Crystal, get garlic

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not in my imagination

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yes goyim

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Oh no, part of his pic was BLURRY!!!!

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its the kosher symbol you negative IQ'd dipshit

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Oh no, the kosher symbol was BLURRY!!!!

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lucky if a bottle lasts me 2 months.Put it on everything.

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>I'm not a Jew but I recognize Jewish things on sight

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your sarcasm is blurry

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im not spanish but i recognize spanish words on sight

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>vinegar based hot sauces

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just like a jew does

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your mother fucks jews for free

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my fave.
What's you're opinion on it /ck/

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only a jew would wish that

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your mom gets paid in crabs

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I laughed

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based. /mu/ is arguably worse than /pol/

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Dave's Temp. Insanity

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Tabasco is GOAT hot sauce, and don't think I don't know what I'm talking about. I co-owned a hot sauce shop in NYC for 4 years and tried literally thousands of craft and small batch hot sauces, and grew and fermented my own peppers for success with unique profiles and intense heat. Tabasco has a unique style of barrel aging and fermentation and is one of the most consistent, balanced, and tasty sauces you can find anywhere.

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No, you have not.

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it's good for how cheap it is but nothing else

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Who Texas Pete here?

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5 years later.

I think the best by date was Sept. 2014

It's Reserve by now.

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Very good stuff. Perfect hot sauce.

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Fucking based

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this shit is the best
>great flavor
>right amount of heat, not too much or too little

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Stop being a fucking pussy!

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>It's Reserve by now.

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