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What kind of hot sauces do the anons on /ck/ enjoy? I bought mad dog 357 awhile ago, but I was extremely disappointed that it had a fruity sweet taste. They left that out on the description. Do any of you /ck/ anons know of a good one around 200,000-300,000 scovilles that doesn't have anything sweet in it?

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I wish scotch bonnets were more popular. It's got good heat whist maintaining a good flavor.

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I've never had scotch bonnets before. Can you describe the flavor profile please?

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What do you even need hot sauce for? Just make your food hot with spices from the start.

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They are a lot like habaneros. Slightly lower heat level, similar citrusy sort of flavor.

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Depends on if you are cooking for others. Also you'll run through hot sauce faster if you use it like an ingredient to a dish.

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Haha epic Seventh Seal reference! Upvote!

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ja jag är en ganska skicklig såsdrickare xDDDDDD

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Does it have any sweetness to it? That's a deal breaker for me

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Jesus, anything over habanero tier sacrifices flavor for hotness. Once you get to that level, hot sauces aren't even enjoyable anymore and just used for the endorphin release. I've had homegrown jalapenos that gave me chemical burns from swatting a fly off my chest, I don't know why you would go to reaper or scotch bonnet like it was a fucking crack rock.

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it doesn't have any added sugar, so only the sugars in the reaper/habanero peppers
it also doesn't have any carrots like most sauces with habanero do

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Sounds like it'd be good for salsas. Thanks for the info m8.

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>scotch bonnet
Those aren't masochistically hot though.

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This is my favorite. It's not too spicy, but I absolutely love a garlic hot sauce.

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I'm going to order some of this and be annoyed when it just tastes like sugar and not garlic.

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Fuck yeah, that's exactly some of the qualities I'm looking for. Does it have any garlic in it?
True, but some of these sauces really are sweet and it ruins it for me. I'm dead serious about the sweetness in mad dog 357. It's definitely got the heat I want and maybe just a bit too much, honestly, but the sweetness ruins it for me.

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Here's one that's more garlic and less sweet. Get it instead.

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I think they're great in fruit salsas.

They are nowhere near superhot territory like reapers, sure. But that guy just said anything hotter than a jalapeno was bad, and scotch bonnets are far hotter than the average jalapeno.

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Based scotch bonnets poster. Susie's hot sauce is my one of my favs. My dad keeps an old old unopened bottle of there's in the fridge. Back when they would package them in repurposed glass ketchup bottles.

As for me I like keeping one really hot scorpion pepper based hot sauce, sirracha for Asian shit, and Tabasco for breakfast or greasy food. Also try to have a mild flavorful sauce for tacos and shit.

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Yes, garlic and onion and a hint of vinegar. Don't be put off by the price, it's because the majority ingredient is actual reaper pepper flesh and it's high quality.

If you were looking for something cheaper though then Bravado's Black Garlic Reaper sauce is pretty cheap on Amazon, not sweet but the flavor is a little muddled.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again, Garlic Crystal

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Everyone in this thread is a fucking faggot

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>answers my question is considerate of my budget and suggests a cheaper alternative
You da real MVP m8.

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>And just as he posted the message anon realized that he was, in some small way, coming out of the closet.

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What's your problem m8? Can't handle hot stuff and lashing out?

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What's the heat level on that? or scovilles if you know.

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Surprised no ones posted Louisianna hot sauce.
Better than franks. Better than tobasco.

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It was only about a 4 dollar difference and I know it'll last awhile so I said fuck it and splurged on the torchbearer garlic reaper. I'm a bit concerned though since it didn't have evil on the label and looks a bit different from the one you posted with a different reaper graphic. I hope it's the same one and the one you suggested isn't discontinued or something because I can't find it on amazon.

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mayonnaise is my favourite hot sauce.

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Gotta be one of you retards in every thread, huh? Do you smoke it with your tabacco?

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I haven't opened my bottle of reaper evil yet but I am about halfway through my garlic reaper and it's pretty good. One of my favorites for pizza.

If you can splurge get a bottle of pic related. It will light you up but holds the flavor profile you are looking for.
All the torchbearer sauces I have had are really good. They do a great job of getting the extreme heat without just becoming a disgusting novelty full of extracts.

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This one is my favorite. It's made with habaneros so it's got decent heat, but it has a lot of flavorful ingredients along with it too and it seems to taste good on everything. It has a little sugar in it, but I think it's just a little bit to balance out the salt and vinegar because it doesn't really taste sweet.

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It's so shitty that it isnt even worth spelling correctly.

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I see this a lot on here.
Is it a regional spelling?

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Try making your own, you hot sauce "connoisseurs."

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You could just admit a mistake instead of doubling down like a retard next time. Or, know how to spell things. That option is always on the table.

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Calypso sauce is another good one. Based Trinidad & Tobacco.

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Correcting people's speling on a vietmanese sowing bored is faggot shit. Fag.

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I have and it is really hard to make something balanced and flavorful when using such extreme overpowering ingredients. That is why I really enjoy trying other people's successes while trying to figure out how to make it myself.

Also, you don't have to be a condescending cunt all the time, Nancy.

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Thanks m8, I'll keep it in mind for after I go through the garlic reaper when it gets here. It looked a bit insane on the scoville rating though.
I'll keep these in mind too. Both cultures know what they're doing it comes to heat and taste.

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Boil peppers in vodka, add aeromatics, add some type of sweet like clover honey or fruits and some type of bitter/sour like vinegar. Bing, bang, boom. Better than storebought and you can control what's in it. This is a cooking board, you know. Not all of us are inept.

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well played, I ain't even mad

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Any commercial fermented hot sauces or are they all lazy vinegar sauces?

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garlic reaper is good but a lot milder, less reaper, that's why it's cheaper
reaper evil does seem to be gone from amazon at the moment, it will probably be back before too long though

you could order from torchbearer directly but they honestly charge way too much for shipping

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That sounds horrible not to mention adding honey. OP was asking for extreme heat that is not sweet but still flavorful.
Not only are you a terrible cook, but you seem to be illiterate as well.

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Many of them are, but surprisingly it's on the lower end. Tabasco is fermented, for example.

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For me, 'vark sauce will always be the most epic. Also enjoy some spicy 'chup from time to time

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Any recs for a dry vinegar-based one like Tabasco but with more heat? Been enjoying Yucateco but it's more of a habanero taste which limits it to certain types of food

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Crystal makes an extra hot variety, as does Frank's. Tabasco's habanero is a mango habanero so delicious but not as versatile. I prefer original versions to their extra hot ones, although the exception to the rule is Valentina's. I like their spicier variety more when it comes to taste.

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Dont let the internet show gimmick fool you. The classic is a great vinegar based sauce with a little more heat then you where expecting but still low enough to be used daily.

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Lower heat, nice vinegar tang, and bitter grapefruit is subtle but ties it all together

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How can you hate sweetness in hotsauces?

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Not that anon, but very easily. It's just wrong to me. Sweet and heat disgusts me. I usually put hot sauce on things that have meat in it. Sweet and meat disgusts me even more. It's a palate thing.

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You are a failure of a person
Anyway I agree with the other anon, making your own is the way to go.

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