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Now that the dust is settled, are these the best hamburgers?

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The Best Hamburger You Will Ever Tasteā„¢

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Seriously though, how does he use SO much seasoning without making the burger taste funny?

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stop the fucking burgah threads it actually made me hate mr. ramsay

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They look too big to be able to eat comfortably.
The patty could be half the size and it would be more ideal.

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Would rather have a Whopper.

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any burger that gets me to BRAP long and deep wins the award in my book

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This is a legitimate concern, but it is aesthetically pleasing.

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Hashinshin's burgers are the best.

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I don't know why he uses so much mayonnaise

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fuck me...

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Is this the Burger video where Ramsay completely ignires food safety, and goes from handling raw meat to handling the buns and veggie toppings?

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Theres something truly eerie and upsettling about this video, as if reality isn't entirely real.


>Gordon looks like a PS3 character
>Gordon heavily seasons 3 patties and puts them into the grill
>Seasons 2 buns and puts them in too
>Seasons 2 slices of onion and puts them in the grill
>Pushes over a bottle of olive oil
>There are now 2 patties, 2 slices of onion and 3 buns in the grill
>Now theres 4 buns on the table
>Gordon talks about his restaurant in Vegas and now there are 5 patties and 4 slices of onion in the grill
>Seasons the patties again, seasons the onion, seasons the grill
>Opens the grill again, there are now 6 patties and 5 slices of onion
>Gordon puts mayo, lettuce and tomato on his 3 burgers on the table and seasons them
>Assembles 3 burgers and leaves 3 patties and 2 slices of onion in the grill
>The burgers he made are even thicker than the infamous "cowboy burger" which he criticized for not being able to fit in his mouth
>Stevie Wonder next door can smell his burgers
>Kim and Kanye are coming over

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I hate this shit about restaurant burgers, how are you actually expected to eat them, besides smashing them down as much as possible? I'm not about to put on a bib and use a knife and fork to eat my burger in some rinky dink diner/steakhouse

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Why does that pan escape this corporeal world halfway through?

>> No.12083417

it was pulled by some unseen entity that appeared as a result of the reality bending that was going on at that time

the stars really were aligned in just the wrong way that day

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at this point you should just go to >>>/vg/

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Guy fieres 40/20 were legit so addicting I ate them every time I felt a sniggle of being hungry. I haven't had one from Ramsay.

t. Is American, but not fat.

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smashed burgers, sliderish size. Large patties that are hard to eat are fucking garbage.

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Those burgers are dookie, cowpoke.

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It seems like he has never tasted the great mushroom swiss burger.

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I really enjoyed this thread because there was no autistic soy cat posters

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90% 10% ground beef mayo and taco seasoning that's the best burger

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I haven't tasted them yet
so I dunno

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That actually sounds breddy gut.

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enjoy your shriveled up lump of texmex turd

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