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Name a tastier hot sauce

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I literally cant

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mah man, have a gift

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I got a couple bottles of Tabasco Family Reserve.
At first the white wine vinegar was really overbearing, but it's starting to grow on me.
It's good on food where I don't like to really go at it with the hot sauce.

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Green el yucateco AINEC

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10/10 worth paying for shipping

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this shit is just too spicy for what it's supposed to be. it's good for sauces but tabasco is trash for putting directly onto food.
Crystal is the best louisiana-style aged cayenne hotsauce for putting directly on food

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It tastes good, but it's not spicy.

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>hot ones

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Well memed

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Nice shill thread, same as the last one with fake reply anons?

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>too spicy
Is this some sort of bait?

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Frank's Red Hot for American
Tapatio for Hispanic

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Is this a meme or some shit?
Crystal tastes like chemicals or way too much vinegar. Also completely lacks the smokey flavor of Frank's.

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it's not the regular tabasco, it's the family reserve that's too spicy.

hot sauce made for putting directly onto food should not be 10,000 scovilles. it's literally just for soyboys who like muh spicy

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>Crystal tastes like chemicals
>only has 3 all-natural ingredients
>compares it to some preservative-laden corporate hot sauce filled with chemicals

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this is just plain wrong crystal is by far the best large brand

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based. if it was a little less hot I'd put it on everything

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patrician taste

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These hot sauces remind me of oysters and saltine crackers

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Dick cheese with jalapeno juice that my bf makes for me. He squeezes jalapeno juice into his foreskin, lets it sit, then scrapes it out.

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too salty

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Make way

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Based. I wish they came in bigger bottles

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Seems like a good thing.

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This is one of the best if you can find it.

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I bet they do, you just have to call them up or email them and ask. They're not the things you'll find on a standard market shelf.

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Been enjoying Dave's Temp. Insanity lately
Its the perfect flavor:heat ratio for me

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PSP Brooklyn makes the best hot sauce I have ever had in my life.

Bought it at some random stand now I mail order the shit

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So do you have to refrigerate hot sauce or is that a meme

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it will lose heat and darken if not refrigerated
but slowly enough that I dont really give a fuck
technically its better to do so

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If it says so on the bottle.

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You can buy it by the half gallon on amazon.

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Why does everyone here prefer grocery store hot sauces? Is it a joke?

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any anons that have tried uk vs us made crystal?
the uk one is bland af

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>live in canada
>literally no choice except franks
>cholulu is 7$ for a 200ml bottle

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you are kidding me

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not at all. ive never seen anything besides franks, cholululu, and store name.

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I live in NH, it's all white people here so I buy stuff online and from Pepper Palace when I visit Syracuse from time to time.

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How is buying hot sauce from a store a meme?

Preparing your own or getting artesian organic local chefs special local specialty soy-sauce would be the meme.

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it's just red vinegar though

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here in the hollandland we have 4 kinds of tabasco. 4-5 srirachas and about a dozen other hot sauces.
Y u no got more sauces?

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no idea. there is tabasco but its all over priced. and theres a hotsauce specialty store in ottawa but they charge like 10$ a bottle for crystal that i can get in the US for a dollar. i stock up on hotsauce when i go to the us

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I don't find wanting sauces from peppers other than jalapeno and serrano memey. I like variety. It's just funny that a lot of people that post in these threads talk about the Budweisers of hot sauce, I wasn't sure if it was a joke that went over my head

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Then post whatever weird pepper is your favorite instead of condescendingly insulting everyone’s choice. People are posting the most popular pepper based sauces because, fancy that, they’re the best.

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that fucking suck
got any luck ordering onlinerooni?

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Sure. I just finished this one this week, I loved it and I'll probably buy it again. The heat was managable, it was great in any tomato based sauces, ramen bowls, eggs, hot wings.

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This, I put it on nearly everything. I tried this variety, then the black one and the XXXtra hot one but this one is the best. Versatile and delicious.

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Much better. Now apologize for insulting Crystal.

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naw. i live literally 2 minutes from the usa so it doesnt bother me that much

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I really didn't mean to imply it's bad, just that I expected more small batch stuff

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the best

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This is better.

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>meme sauce
no thanks

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Tabasco sauce is made from Tabasco pepper

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Has actual flavor and isn't just "hot"

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Fucking garbage. Tastes exactly like the generic sysco "hot sauce" at sporting events.

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Absolutely based. El Yucateco verde is the GOAT, and all of the others are still god tier.

/T E C B O Y S/ wya?

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Reporting. Verde is king, the black label is growing on me though.

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what compels people to write posts like these

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The whole selection is up there as the greatest.

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ive never tried that. is it really good or is it a meme.

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has anyone ever had red devil? i bought it at a local chinese market because it was 2.00 for a 40oz size bottle. i was skeptical but for 2 dollars i figured id throw it out if it was trash. its honestly pretty good. its a little thinner than franks but the flavor was nice and not too hot. i used it for wings a few times mixing it with butter and garlic or sometimes ill just use it on bacon, egg and cheeses, etc... for 2.00... it checks out. is crystal a similar watery vinegar cayenne pepper sauce?

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this is really good, my favorite

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You're probably a coastie, coasties don't like spice but they love soy. Stop projecting faggot.

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>no Valentina

Leave it to /ck/ to have no taste at all

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I do not believe this has about 1.000.000 scoville. Just wanted a spicy hotsauce and got it. Tastes really good tho.

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You're the shill type that make so many of these threads so suspect as conversational advertising. Did you actually write that? I suspect that you didn't you just copy paste'd. You're a horrible person and should kill yourself.

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What are you on about twinky? I'm from NYC that's a coasty and nobody I know loves that shit soy except in faggot neighborhoods. How would you know unless you spend a lot of time there?
"coastie" as if that's a bad thing.

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This is the one right here boys

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Either pic related or Chipotle Tabasco for the ultimate trip to flavor town.
Excellent choice anon.
Salty generic garbage that sometimes tastes like dirt.

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>too spicy
white people everyone

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imagine eating such shitty food that you need to drown it in overwhelming hot sauce
imagine having such a shitty palate that you only make yourself garbage that needs to be drowned in hot sauce

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I actually really like the original Habanero one. it doesn't go great with a lot of different foods but the bright flavors of the habanero and carrots can be really delicious

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cholula. has an actual chili flavor, as the first ingredient is not vinegar. and its all natural, which doesnt matter for flavor, and crystal is all natural too. just proves you can be tasty and all natural. like my wife

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The xxxtra hot version of this is the best balance of flavor and heat I've had in a hot sauce. Thank you based wetbacks.

>> No.11953409

>all natural
>contains xanthan gum
pick 1 idiot

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Pic related and the green cholula or how ever the fuck tho spell it

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You're the counter-shill type that comes into so many of these threads to combat alleged guerilla marketing. Did you actually write that? I suspect that you didn't. You just copy pasted. I think you might still be a nifty dude and should just have a nice day.

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Great sauce but as >>11953409 said it has the all natural killer XANTHAM GUM
This is my go to sauce for both flavor and cost. I down the giant bottle in the span of a week usually.
I think you two should shut up and kiss. Also frank's is red hot garbage and so is your chinese knock off sauce.

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I prefer the XXXtra hot but the green one is definitely second best. Very based sauce.

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This right here.

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Do americans really keep hotsauce in their bags or is that just Hilldawg?

>> No.11954147

Get that salty dog eating asian shit outta here!

>> No.11954163

Everything she did was calculated. She doesn't actually do that and it was transparent to everyone except for stupid people (like everyone that voted for her). Don't @ me with suggestions I voted for Trump or that I'm a fence sitter. Stupid goddamn politicians are all corrupt or incompetent.

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The GOAT. This and Iguana XXX is all I need

>> No.11954429

what's the point other than getting reddit upvotes faggot? Just buy the one you like

>> No.11954577

Does it make me a child if the color of green hot sauces turns me off from liking them at all?

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>> No.11954687

I honestly like different hotsauces for different meals.

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this >>11953351
or pic

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Based, monosaucers get the rope. Imagine only having one flavor of spicy for the rest of your life

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This anon speaks the truth. I totally forgot about Dave and his goodness. That one is so perfect for breakfast 10/10

This one is a killer hidden gem I've found in the past few years. The label has changed but still dope.

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my nigga anon

nandos is always forgotten about in these threads

>> No.11955097

wtf why did he delete it

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I like cholula and valentina

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>> No.11955534

Who here makes their own sauce? What are your secrets?

>> No.11955541

I'm starting to. The first problem I've run into is managing the pepper/vinegar ratio

>> No.11955552


So far the only batch I've made I did 5 (dried) peppers to 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar plus other seasonings and about a cup of water. Turned out pretty decent.

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Valentina for a tart and tangy bite, El Yucateo Maya for a delicious smokey habanero flavor, and Dave's for hurting yourself.

Loving these sauces. El Yucateo Maya is the best tasting habanero sauce I've come across.

>> No.11955696

Lol nice faggy ass kitchen decor. You better be married.

Good sauces, nice variety but needs more Scoville Units.

>> No.11955718

people talk about this sauce,
but im not dropping nine dollars on it

>> No.11956031

Im also from canada fren, and i have at least 5 or more varieties of hot sauce in my fridge at all times. Where do you live dude?

>> No.11956143

Don't. I used an entire bottle at a bar. It was the epitome of mediocre. I'd pay no more than $1.78 including tax for this garbage meme sauce.

>> No.11956174


Cholula. Actually flavorful and not just hot.

>> No.11956182

Cholula is as spicy as ketchup

>> No.11956186

Based cheese maker

>> No.11956402

I'm making my own hot sauce tomorrow. Not sure how much habanero I want, so I'll make two batches at different heat levels. Anyone here make their own sauce?

>> No.11956445

Jesus Christ. I live in Japan and it's not even that much.

>> No.11956446

I used to go through 2-3 bottles a week. The label says to refrigerate it but I think it has a better taste if you leave it sitting out for spiders and ladybugs to crawl on it.

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I mean all they did is add habanero but it's still pretty gud for what it is, cheap vinegary heat.

>> No.11957085

You must be right, I never write anything that I write. Did I call you out on something and now you're pissed off like a faggot? There are so many shill threads on /ck that even I can't keep track of them all. I bet you do though since you get paid to shill.

>> No.11957086

That stuff is too sweet for my taste. I've tried it multiple times but yeah, it's way too sweet for me, if I wanted to put sugar on my food I'd just put sugar on it, done deal.

>> No.11957090

Use a good blender and if making it hot keep one holder thing for the hot stuff and use another for other things. I learned that from experience. I made some really good salsa for a girl and I and thought I cleaned the holder out properly, I even did it twice. I then went to make shakes for us and fuck all it still tasted of hot peppers, at least we both thought that was funny and she was a pretty critical hot bitch.

>> No.11957092

I put some units in your mom last night if you know what I mean.

>> No.11957095

I think in canadiastan a lot of that is taxes for carbon credit guilt.

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This got pineapple in it. I really like it with hot wings.

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How hot it too hot?

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You honestly gave me a good laugh. I'm not OP or a shill for "REDDEVIL." This is my 2nd time browsing this board because I got bored with /pol/ and /k/. The notion that i've had a picture REDDEVIL saved waiting to share it is hilarious. Yes, its generic but since everyone is posting shitty cheap hot sauces, I threw it in the mix. Try not to be such a dense faggot sometime. Fuck what you all say, its not that bad...again... for 2 dollars I like it.

>> No.11957312

i felt the same way forever. theyre actually not that bad. try one.

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File: 25 KB, 600x600, large_06c2080f-df50-4b3f-a098-be11abdc1fcc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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This shit was kind of a meme when I went to California, but goddamn it's really good. Crystal is my go-to local sauce, but I keep a couple bottles of this for mexican food/pizza

>> No.11957345


But really, how is this?

>> No.11957355

It is cheap but really good I was surprised

>> No.11957414

honerable husbando provieds food for the family

>> No.11957421

Can you compare it to a well known sauce?

>> No.11957570

My neighbor is the guy that owns the company that makes this. It's good stuff, I still prefer Pepper Plant California-Style hot sauce though.

>> No.11957577

not that poster but I've had it before and it tastes almost exactly like Texas Pete

>> No.11957725

absolutely based hot sauce
It's right on the cusp of what I consider "comfortable heat" and it tastes good

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I usually have some chalula

>> No.11958404


My mom got this for me at a local discount store.

It is the definition of okay. I'd say the lousiana is better, and lousiana is on par with franks.

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Came to post this. Every other hot sauce is trash compared to it

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my puerto rican friends mom brought some stupid dank hot sauce from pr , u cant buy in states, ill try to find
Edit found try this and the green one

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File: 97 KB, 576x850, texas_pete_hotter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love Crystal and El Yucateco green sauce, but this shit hits the spot when you want to spend like $1 and get some serious heat and decent flavor.

Tabasco products suck

>> No.11958643

I'm trying to get into hot sauces, give me some recommendations
I'm starting with babby tier Tabasco, which I'm enjoying on eggs. I like how it's not as heavy on the pepper taste, it's basically spicy vinegar. Is there anything similar with a more intense and possibly slow-burning heat?
I've tried a few Mexican style sauces (Yucateo, Valentino) and I'm not a big fan because the strong taste drowns out that of the food.

>> No.11958670


super cheap and much better than Tabasco

>> No.11958704

This give me flashbacks to being in the military. Every galley or chow hall I've ever been in has that on every table.

>> No.11958909

cholula used to have a deal with qdoba, we stole whole bottles of that shit all the time in college

>> No.11958914

>serious heat
>something you can buy at walmart

>> No.11958998

If you buy hot sauce simply for "muh scoville" faggotry you should seriously kys posthaste because you're just an edgelord peter gazer. Flavor should be the primary reason you buy hot sauce, with heat being secondary. Also, if your hot sauce is more vinegar than anything else, and all you taste is vinegar that burns your mouth, then it's literal trash. Now, I'm not saying that vinegar altogether is bad in sauces, but it shouldn't be the main ingredient, or overpowering.

>> No.11959302
File: 715 KB, 1048x1600, NandosPeriPeri_4.7oz_Medium_preview_2048x2048.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.11959812

When the bottle talks about assaulting your large intestine, that's probably the point where it becomes a novelty sauce.

>> No.11960031

I picked up a bottle at the store.
It's fucking horrible. Zero acidity, just a dull burn that masks any semblance of flavor. Somehow worse than regular T*xas P*te.
Fuck you, you subhuman baboon. You literal nigger. How dare you open your big lipped, rim encrusted, menthol cigarette smelling mouth? Take your black hairy fingers off your keyboard, and never talk about the human species again, you mockery of our supposed shared ancestor.

>> No.11960042

crystal with garlic flavor

>> No.11960053

I copped some Yucateo (normal red) at the grocery store at the recommendation of seemingly everyone ITT, gonna put it on some eggs later
You better not disappoint me, /ck/

>> No.11960066
File: 207 KB, 274x347, Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 9.52.20 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i really recommend this

>> No.11960104

trash ketchupy hot sauce

>> No.11960108

this shit is very excellent

>> No.11961218
File: 95 KB, 550x473, The Shiznit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What does /ck/ think about this? It tastes good, it's pretty damned hot, and relatively cheap(like 3 something dollars a bottle). Unfortunately the only place I know of that sells it near me is a Fresh Market store that I have to drive over a $4 toll bridge to get to.

>> No.11961222


>> No.11961238

I have this one right now, mainly use it in dishes, not so much directly on food.

>> No.11961246
File: 10 KB, 174x290, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No one mentioned secret aardvark, guess that meme died hard. Lol

>> No.11961679

What are some good really garlic-y sauces with a good amount of heat? For instance I think Crystal's garlic is pretty good, it's just not that hot to me.

>> No.11961689

How hot are you looking? If you're used to under 5000 scoville or higher than 50000 I have different recommendations

>> No.11961721

Well I like the extra hot El Yucateco sauce and enjoy the atomic wings at Wingstop, so somewhere closer to 50k? As long as it's got enough flavor I'll be good.

>> No.11961752

I tried this in the store and I loved it, the sting wasn't chemical and the garlic was present everywhere in my mouth. The only thing that stopped me from getting it was the price and that my fridge was already full

>> No.11961847

mind you, i got 2 for 4 dollars so... i still have some. idk if ill buy it again but its not worth just throwing out.

>> No.11961878

Hey guys, recently found out how much sugar there is in Sriracha so want to ditch it. Anyone have any suggestions for a similar hot sauce with less sugar? Thanks.

>> No.11961884

Looks for sauces containing red jalapenos or fresno chilis

>> No.11961935

Thanks my man

>> No.11961993
File: 21 KB, 451x680, 267A349B-AD08-4309-BD40-57B767062FF2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No idea if you get this in the US, but really tasty. Unfortunately we don’t get as large an access to hot sauces as I’d prefer here, but if you’ve got suggestions I’m keen to give most sauces a crack.

>> No.11961999

Where you at

>> No.11962048

Aus, you’d be surprised by the lack of hot sauce availability

>> No.11962076

>hes too fucking stupid and lazy to read the thread


>> No.11962632

made that mistake once... never again!!!!even if you do it outside you are still gasing yourself boiling vinegar and pepper spray

>> No.11962865

that shit tastes like the vaginal discharge from a diseased ridden post op tranny

fuck, even valentina is better than that shit. and valentina is barely even edible.

>> No.11962869

anything else

>> No.11963867
File: 30 KB, 540x540, IDShot_540x540 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone tried it?

dont wanna drive to morrisons just to buy something like west indian hot rehash

>> No.11963901

This. Perfect heat and flavor. They're all good but green is the best by far.

>> No.11963920

do you live in the territories or something?
like what the fuck
i have no issues getting a variety of hot sauces and they are never those prices

>> No.11964542

Excuse me big man, but that first guy ain't me. I threw your sauce in with the rest of the inferior picks because the taste remains dissatisfactory.

>> No.11964568
File: 249 KB, 1200x742, srirachabottles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unironically this. I dont even care people meme on it

>> No.11964577

The 2nd one from right with the 3 guys faces sucks, crap flavor

>> No.11964583
File: 19 KB, 151x500, dirtydicks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't care if it was on hot ones, it's fucking delicious. The humble house sauces are incredible as well.

>> No.11964701
File: 214 KB, 2048x605, lucky_dog_lineup_new.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I gotta rep lucky dog because if you like flavor more than heat then these are the god tier sauces for you.

>> No.11964752

non-hotsauce user here

do people use this because its a low-calorie alternative to slathering a meal in sauce?
or do they enjoy having their eyes water and sweat during their meal?
also pls recommend an entry level sauce

>> No.11964757

The garlic version of this

>> No.11964761

chili peppers have a fantastic flavor. If you're too sensitive to capsaicin to enjoy it, then that's just you. If you can still enjoy a mild jalapeno or tabasco sauce then start with things like that.

I posted lucky dog because it uses lots of other fruits and vegetables in the ingredients, so it's thicker and less of a pure pepper sauce but also has strong and rounded flavors. One of the ingredients in the pink mild bottle is apple sauce.

>> No.11964818

The only hot sauce i've got access to in my city is classic tabasco mcilhenny
i think im just gonna start importing from overseas, like 10 bottles a shipment

>> No.11964823

they have green jalapeno and chipotle varieties too

the chipotle one is probably the tastiest

>> No.11964838
File: 55 KB, 680x1024, los calientes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

unironically this is the best hot sauce ive ever tasted and i dont even really like hot ones save for a few episodes here and there

>> No.11964864
File: 60 KB, 433x500, hphot_sauce.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

*BTFO'Ds all others*

>> No.11964865

thanks m8

>> No.11964878

Sometimes I don't even know why bongs bother posting. At least the Australians have an excuse for their shamelessness as the rest of the world is mostly asleep during their peak posting hours.

>> No.11964901

I keep seeing good things about this and am tempted to order some. I wish I would have ordered the chipotle back when it came out too.

>> No.11964988

I'm /fit/ so the only way to choke down scrambled eggs and chicken every day without kmsing myself is to experiment with different sauces. I'm not into the insanely spicy stuff but the right level of pleasant burn is kind of an acquired taste.
I'd start with classic Tabasco- it's heavy on the vinegar so you can put it on basically anything. Other basic-bitch ones like Cholula are more general regarding flavor profile. Other sauces feature specific peppers as the main flavor (all of which taste different, like red vs green apples), so you have to pair them right.

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