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Why did Pita bread never got imported to the west

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Because we eat our bread by the slice, something brownskins can't do because they never maxed out beer production skillset, never discovering the power of production yeast.

>> No.11902812

the fuck are you talking about

there's pita joints all over Murica and most decent sized grocery stores will have it

>> No.11902814

I meant the west as a whole not just america

>> No.11902828

Because it could be made there locally.
And it was.

>> No.11902829

this just speaks of how little you know about the west, dumb faggot

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Because this tastes better

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I mean pitas are all over germany the netherlands france and britain at least

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Never hearda bannock boy?

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(((((They))))) wouldn't allow it

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Greece is where "the West" got started, and pita is everywhere.

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Ullers doner truck is coming tomorrow to work boys!

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Fuck you OP fuck you in the ass
I haven't eaten bread or anything bread related in over 2 months and I forgot that those things are the best fucking thing ever
God I fucking love empty carbs and white bread and fucking pitas
I might just cave in

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Pita is one of the easiest breads to make at home. I just use good ol' 'murrican ingenuity and make it myself. The grocery pita here in my flyover shithole is stale, chemically saturated hardtack because retards think they're supporting muslims and expressing anti-zionist sentiments if they buy it.

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It did.
Been a common thing for decades, my dude.

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This describes most breads that you don't make yourself desu

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>unironically being European

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Not sure, I usually buy this one and the whole wheat as they go buy 1 get 1 pretty often. I like them, anybody else buy these?

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bigass lebanese bread > shitty tiny pita bread

>> No.11904050

Maybe if you live in some AIDS infested hipster shit hole. We just started getting it where I live, but then I live in a white (good) part of America.

>> No.11904058

does op think the Mediterranean is in asia or something

>> No.11904166

we have bannock, you wog

>sliced bread
>literally the best thing in the world

nuke america now

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America has done more to ruin food than any other country in history

>> No.11904206

its just a floury bun, whats so special about it?

>> No.11905687

Its basically the same thing as pizza bread anyway

>> No.11905784

There are native varieties of flatbread or semi leavened bread all through europe

>> No.11905785

>empty carbs

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