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Oh no he didn’t

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Huffpost, Buzzfeed, Vice etc. are staffed entirely by reptilians, they don't count as 'people'.

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They also buy views and retweets

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JGVR was running fusion joints before zoomers’ parents were even born

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So? Why the fuck would you care if you aren't going to those websites? Why are you even aware of them? Why don't you dumbasses stick to your own bullshit if you don't like anything else out there.

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Their clickbait headlines are DESTROYING journalism. So I say you're even.

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If you click on the letter 'g' at the top of this page, maybe they can help you learn to code, faggot.

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You know media sites like Vice are terrible and cowardly whenever they remove the comment sections, since more people push back on the bullshit instead of accepting it as truth like cucked soy boys. It’s why Trump won and will win the next term.

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Why? Because he's white?

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>waah I can't get a job in tech
I love how angry it makes wh*teoids that some people actually have real jobs

Just ban steel and that will fix everything, right?

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Yes and some Jewish twenty something is upset on Twitter totally DESTROYING a multimillionaire celebrity chef

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(((Sarah Weinberg))) You can just smell the stink.

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Does anyone even give a fuck about it?

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Yes whitoids can't possibly understand the subtle balance of authentic asian cuisine.

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To be fair, whites fear msg, an essential spice in Asian food.

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They have a point. Gordon Ramsay can't cook Asian food for shit. Remember that time he tried to make sushi? He tried to make rice paper rolls and it was as wrinkled as his forehead.

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He deserves it since the restaurant will in no way be authentic, it will be a bongs interpretation of "asian" cuisine. And that brings up another point: What the hell is "asian" food. Chinese, if so what region? SEA? Indian? Polynesian? Mongolian? It's extremely condescending and insensitive to use the term asian, he might as well have just called it "authentic oriental." What a jackass!

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I don’t understand the sudden Asians are oppressed thing came from. Some of the most racist people I’ve ever met and they keep their social circle exclusively to other Asians.

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it's their only redeeming quality.

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chinese are a slave people.

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It's all just a bludgeon to tear down western civ. Don't look too hard for the logic or consistency in all this because it ain't there.

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Ramsay can't cook anything outside of his comfort zone for shit. He's solid with French, British, and a little Italian. Beyond that he's clueless.

That said, I'm not sure why anyone has their panties in a twist over this. Ramsay is most likely going to hire one or more skilled chefs to manage these restaurants. I'm not sure why anyone thinks that Ramsay himself would be doing anything.

Agreed, though pretty much everyone alive does that. We talk about "Indian" food or "Chinese" food without realizing that all those cuisines vary greatly by geography.

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Beyond French, British and Italian, there is no worthwhile cuisine.

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>We talk about "Indian" food or "Chinese" food without realizing that all those cuisines vary greatly by geography.
Jesus Christ shut the fuck up

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>British cuisine


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Are you saying I'm wrong?

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Yes. You're grossly exaggerating. Go drink some more soy.

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I don't get it, why can't Gordon Ramsey open an authentic Asian restaurant?

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Because he was DESTROYED...nothing resembling a human is left where he was standing. Such is the power of Twitter.

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what if he only hires asian cooks and kitchen personnel and import all the key ingredients from Asia? wouldn't that be an "authentic" asia restaurants even if it's placed somewhere else?

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>You're grossly exaggerating.
Not really. Did you even read the post I replied to? It lumped off Indian food together under one term. Hell, it lumped all of SEA together. The hypocrite I was responding to did the exact same thing he was bitching at Ramsay for.

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tell us more about the VIBRANT DIVERSITY of the REGIONAL CUISINES of INDIA

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couldn't he still open one through his attorneys or something

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>off topic thread

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> Gordon btfo by asian food again


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Glad I finally have an opportunity to dump this

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>I don't get it, why can't Gordon Ramsey open an authentic Asian restaurant?
I get if you disagree there's anything wrong about it, but why do you retards keep pretending you don't notice anything funny about a non-Asian calling his food "authentic Asian?" If some restaurant advertises itself as "authentic Japanese sushi" only for you to see the sushi chef is pic related, you wouldn't think anything of it? What do you get out of playing this "I don't notice obvious things" game? I don't get it.

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>"omg, Gordon isnt even asian, how is this legal!? I literally can't even"
wew lad this is why I don't watch/read the news

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>you don't notice anything funny about a non-Asian calling his food "authentic Asian?"

Why would that be funny? Do people really think that Ramsay himself will be the one running the place? No. He's a celebrity. He'll hire a chef who runs the restraunt. It won't be Ramsay doing it.

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Fuck you stole my get

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I'd trust Ramsay more to cook an authentic curry or whatever than the average Asian take out or eatery. Most of them are run by 2nd or 3rd generation people who don't give a fuck.

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>If some restaurant advertises itself as "authentic Japanese sushi" only for you to see the sushi chef is pic related, you wouldn't think anything of it?

No, why would it? I know that most cooks at most places in the west ar Mexicans. I'd judge the food based on how it matches the sushi I was served in Japan, not by the color of the cook's skin. Hell, Ramsay is Scottish, but he's famous for cooking traditional French food. The nationality of the cooks has fuck all to do with the food. (for example, consider all the Michelin stars for European food given in Japan...)

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Also I am gay btw if that matters

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>When some Brit thinks he knows how to make pad thai

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>white people are mad at a white guy for opening a restaurant that sells poc food despite the kitchen staff very likely being completely latino

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There's nothing wrong with making food from someone else's culture, but why call it "authentic?" What's the point of doing that except to draw this kind of attention?

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>consider all the Michelin stars for European food given in Japan
For the 100th time, Michelin doesn't run a global competition. On the contrary, different regions have different criteria what's considered worthy of a star.

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Why not call it authentic? Do you have to shit in the street to make authentic poo food?Just come right out nigger and admit you hate whites out of jealousy

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>Michelin doesn't run a global competition
I never said they did, anon.
Fact is that the Japanese are turbo-autists about following tradition. When a Japanese cook decides that they want to make French food for the fine dining scene they sperg out and follow Escoffier EXACTLY. It's little different than how Ramsay (a scot) studied French cooking in France, and repeats how he was taught like a robot, mistakes and all.

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Don't they charge $50,000 per star per year

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>What's the point of doing that except to draw this kind of attention?
that's probably the point
if Ramsay opened an Asian restaurant and said it was "Ramsay style", no one would give a fuck
saying it's authentic Asian will make his fans come out in droves to shell out major dosh for garbage in retaliation to media backlash
then once the initial costs of opening a restaurant are covered, everyone will forget, things will return to normal, and the restaurant will function as well as any of his other restaurants
meaning it'll probably close in 5-7 years

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>Why not call it authentic?
Because that's the entire point of the word "authentic."

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>I never said they did
Well you tried to built an argument on it.
>repeats how he was taught like a robot
OIC you're just trolling

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>Segregation is the only way not to be racist

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>Well you tried to built an argument on it.
No, you misunderstood my point.

>>>repeats how he was taught like a robot
OIC you're just trolling
Not at all. You can easily see this in his videos. For example, he often talks about "Sealing the meat" when he sears something. Yet the idea that searing meat "seals in juices" has been debunked time and time again. I've also seen him parrot the old Italian chef gimmick of "putting the wine cork in the pot when you're stewing octopus to tenderize the meat" when that doens't do a damn thing either.

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So do those sites purposely only hire the most ignorant people, or are they trained to be this way as part of the job?

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why do people pretend culture is genetically inhereted?
why do people claim ownership of something they’re not involved with that someone from vaguely the same part of the world with vaguely the same ethnicity as them made?

what’s controversial about someone staying authentic to asian recipes?
he probably has more knowledge than the average chink running a restaurant.
it isn’t authentic asian cuisine because an asian made it, it’s food made by an ethnic asian.

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I think all of that falls under Rule No. 2: "People are stupid"

>> No.11887928

social media trains its users to virtue signal as hard as possible during any situation in any given context
point out any contradictions and they would earn a gold medal in the olympics if mental gymnastics were an event
thing is, they continue to remain unaware of their two-faced behavior
funny how you can tell what kind of people use reddit/twitter/fb just by how they talk to you IRL

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It's not like there's an official one true legal definition of "authentic" that you can make black and white arguments of absolute correctness about. The point is most people would notice a disconnect with someone calling something they made "authentic [ethnicity] X" when they're of a completely different ethnic background. "Authentic" has connotations of the things you're applying that label to being produced by the actual source they're affiliated in name with e.g. an "authentic Swiss Army Knife" would be a weird thing for someone to have manufactured in China.
It doesn't necessarily meant there's anything inferior about some lifelong San Francisco resident making "authentic Buffalo wings," but it is a noticeable break with the implications of "authentic."

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What the fuck on you on about? It has been shown that Ramsay can't make Asian food for shit. Him going on about it being "authentic" is what makes it laughable.

>> No.11887943

>It has been shown that Ramsay can't make Asian food for shit
Sure. But that detail doesn't matter becuse Ramsay won't be the one cooking it.

Do people really think that Ramsay is going to quit his celebrity job and start being a line cook at this new restaurant?

>> No.11887946

it can be as true to authentic as it can be without being good lol

also it isn’t like he’s in the restaurants cooking, it’s just a business under his direction

>> No.11887947

is he the head chef at the restaurant tho?
did he hire some chink who knows how to cook azn?

>> No.11887959

What happened to the big melting pot?

>> No.11887961

So it's fine if you know nothing about the food you're opening a restaurant specifically for and you'll accidentally hire someone who's really good at the job to do the work for you despite not knowing how to judge their performance or differentiate between them and every other potential candidate for the job?

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I've looked it up. Apparently, his chef isn't even Asian.

>> No.11887981

>I've looked it up. Apparently, his chef isn't even Asian.
lol. It's not like it would be hard to find an Asian either, they're like 60% of the planet for fuck's sake. If you're going to go as vague as "Asia" you might as well find an Asian.

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>tries to sneak in his shitty little rain island

Nice try fucking retard. Your cuisine is god awful.

>> No.11888014

sloposhit does not take skill to make.

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Soo, reading through this thread the gist of it is Asian chefs can cook French food better than Europeans but Ramsay could never ever cook anything Asian that's not total garbage.

you guys are just full shit heh

>> No.11888025

what does this even mean? this is vaguely a sentence with which no meaning can be drawn.
why are you proposing fantasy scenarios?

he has an idea, the capital to invest, and every resource of knowledge he wants.
if he wants to make it authentic, there’s nothing stopping him.
the people developing and working in the restaurant will have a better understanding of “authentic” asian food and it’s preparation than the typical asian restaurant.

>> No.11888035

That's how most companies operate, anon.
Do you think the CEO of Boeing knows how to bolt a turbine together or how to operate the machinery which makes airplane parts? No. The owners/executives hire people to do their specific jobs.

As for knowing how to judge their performance, that all comes down to sales numbers. And Ramsay is probably pretty good at managing that, given his career. Authenticity on its own doens't matter to a business Sales numbers do.

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Ramsay obviously can't judge what is "authentic" because he doesn't know shit about it. I don't know why you're licking Ramsay's asshole just because he's famous.

>> No.11888058

Wow, Hitler was ahead of his time. Too bad we stopped him.

>> No.11888063

not a thing anymore and considered racist.

>> No.11888067

lmao liberals like this don't seem to realize they're the real racists.

>> No.11888083

Considering all races equal is racist since some are not, namely niggers and their sandy variety

>> No.11888084

while i agree, “authentic” foods are total bullshit, considering how large and varying regions are.
“authenticity” is not something that is inhereted and mastered by race.
culture and race aren’t mutually exclusive.
you can learn AND experience a culture and have a better understanding of it than the native inhabitants, who mostly also experience it second hand as well.

the only true claim to authenticity is in original creation/design, which is where your swiss knife example falls.

someone who has immersed themselves in the knowledge and culture of a race is no less part of the culture than someone of cultures native race, and may even be more directly involved.
something isn’t more authentic because the person making it is from somewhere around the same area as the creator, with similar race, and no real relation to them or the specific creation at all.

“authentic” is a marketing buzzword used to validate the quality of an originator despite better inauthentic competition being available on the market.
“aunthenticity” is limiting anyways, only boomers get excited about the word because they’ve had it marketed towards them their entire lives.

>> No.11888090

Why does Ramsay have to, he is just opening a restaurant to serve it, maybe the chef he hired is well known for his asian dishes despite not being asian? Ramsay isn't running this place alone.

>> No.11888093


Where is your example of Ramsay being knowledgeable about the cuisine he's calling "authentic"?

>> No.11888096

ramsay isn’t someone who is strictly involved in the operation you know.
he has the resources available to him to make sure that it’s authentic if he wants to.
it’s just his business.
i’m not licking ramsay’s asshole, i don’t give a fuck about him.
i’m just replying because you’re being dense.

>> No.11888099

There was a video of Ramsay cooking some Asian dish with olive oil. I wish I could find it again.

>> No.11888112

>Comment: wow he's isnt evn azn

>> No.11888125

How would he ensure its authentic. Hire a real asian? But how would he know they're really asian if he's not asian.

>> No.11888126

and there are hundreds of him in Asian restaurants cooking Asian meals with Asian chefs

>> No.11888132

do you have no understanding of how businesses work?
this is so illogical it makes me think you’re legitimately stupid.

he doesn’t personally need to.
the development of the restaurant is the collaborative effort of a lot of people employed.
if you’re making a restaurant that focuses on one specific thing, you ideally employ people who’s are experts.
consider the mirror with one of his other restaurants.
there are people with portfolios and reputations that precede them. there are various stages of product development, review, consultation, etc. etc. etc.

this isn’t ramsay sitting in a room with various chefs coming in, him tasting their food and saying “yup this ones authentic, you’re hired”

this is completely ignoring the possibility that he’s studied himself, not that it would matter since he isn’t directly involved.
he just has an idea, an investment, and he’s employing people to do the rest of the work like with any business.

>> No.11888147

Jap here, if there are cooks who are properly trained everything is fine.
I'm living in the midwest right now, and I've been to a handful of "authentic" places due to the chef training in Japan or with Japanese chefs.

>> No.11888155

Nice try gordan

>> No.11888203

Yes, in which the said Asian chefs said what he made wasn't good.

>> No.11888214

I'm curious what country are you from? Gordon doesn't cook in any of his own restaurants. He just attaches his name to them. How are you this retarded?

>> No.11888242

Yes, it's been established that he won't cook and will be hiring other people. He has the final say in what is considered "authentic" in his restaurant. The issue is him calling it authentic in the first place because he doesn't know what the "authentic" version tastes like.

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>he doesn't know what the "authentic" version tastes like
Your bait went bad, you got a nice big response and then blew it

>> No.11888263

We all stayed in too long and burned.

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File: 2.74 MB, 720x720, Ramsays New Restaurant.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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It does't matter how well Ramsay likes the chef's cooking. What matters is how well the CUSTOMERS like the chef's cooking. That's the only thing that matters for any restaurant. Is the food 100% authentic? Nobody cares. Is the food GOOD is what matters. Gordon will hire someone he thinks is experienced enough to run the restaurant. If that person does a poor job then Gordon will fire him and will hire someone new. And Gordon seems to be doing great for himself in that regard.

>> No.11888280

How do you figure he doesn't know what authentic tastes like? How do you know those are his words in the first place, and not the words of the PR people who work for his restaurant group? You're making a lot of assumptions over something incredibly meaningless, and without an ounce of knowledge of how this industry works.

>> No.11888281

Did he open it already? Is there a menu to check out?

>> No.11888285


>> No.11888290

uh there was actually a whole television series where ramsay travels to different areas of the world and learns the local fresh ingredients and methods/styles of cooking then creates meals for local food bloggers/politicians/celebs to try and judge
plus, he's a fucking celebrity, he's probably got a research team behind the scenes that actually pull the weight while slapping the typical "Ramsay" label on everything

>> No.11888293


Dubbed in Hong Kong.

>> No.11888294

Here, it was just described in their press release as being 'authentic.' Ramsay didn't say shit. Some PR guy from the restaurant group wrote that up.


>> No.11888298

>a reported £3.8 million loss last year

I thought he was supposed to be good at the restaurant business.

>> No.11888300

Nobody wants authentic dogs and chicken feet fried in gutter oil with cloned test tube baby soup. They want orange chicken

>> No.11888309

>Ramsay’s new TV show Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted — a National Geographic show which will see him traveling the world while showing “locals” how to cook their own food


>> No.11888342

it was so awkward and cringeworthy
watched like 5 episodes and stopped because it was obvious Ramsay himself was incredibly uncomfortable
lots of things felt staged (obviously it's tv) and then in the less wealthy areas it was glaring that the crew had to reshoot things several times while locals awkwardly stand around staring at the camera
learning about local ingredients and participating in hunts with natives was the only good part

>> No.11888398

idk why he even does that kind of shit anymore, he must have plenty of money to pursue more interesting things. Or maybe he is just such an attention whore that he needs to keep doing that stuff.

>> No.11888399

I don’t mind cyclists, but fuck the ones that ride side by side and don’t move.

>> No.11888405

A white kid made fun of her lunch in middle school. The trauma still haunts her

>> No.11888428
File: 154 KB, 2048x1536, road-rage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You ever consider getting a reasonable sized car so you can pass safely?

>> No.11888468

Have you ever considered that the cyclists go so far out into the road it’s impossible to pass especially on a busy main road?

>> No.11888502
File: 94 KB, 960x720, 73924_283448491763611_59042260_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have you ever considered that the whole point is to make it impossible to pass? If you can't pass me safely you should just wait. You're just going to get stuck behind that garbage truck in another half block anyway, getting ahead of me for 1/10th of a mile is not getting you to your destination any faster.

>> No.11888516

You’re making a lot of assumptions about the route I take.

>> No.11888527

Depending on where you live it’s actually illegal ride two abreast if you are causing a holdup.

>> No.11888539
File: 1.55 MB, 368x368, 8B5A8B64-1E67-4DA1-B06F-D73A9ED17495.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>intentionally making it hard to pass

>> No.11888540

50k miles in the last 25 years of riding says I've forgotten more about what goes on in the mind of the simple cager than you'll ever know
In some countries murder is legal as long as the victim is an apostate against Islam. I guess we should all look to the lowest possible standard and follow that

>> No.11888559

>laws making sure the roads run smoothly are comparable to murder
Thanks for letting me know you’re mentally ill.

>> No.11888564
File: 917 KB, 2048x1365, 25mph-speed-limitphoto-by-city-DOT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The best way to make the roads run smoothly would be to abolish the cage. But the next best way is to ensure that you can't cause any more death and mayhem than you already do.

>> No.11888583

>calls cars the cage
>heh I would expect you to understand
>um I’ll have you know I’ve cycled 50k miles
Fucking hell you are a pretentious faggot. Refer to >>11887364

>> No.11888589

Oh no, a neo nazi doesn't like people like me!

>> No.11888593

How am I a neo nazi?

>> No.11888594

Not even the head chef will be asian!
Ramsay went full Nazi on this poor decision.

>> No.11888598
File: 268 KB, 1000x1000, open-mind-comic1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>LARPing as a shit tier nazi comic '''''artist'''''
Your parents must be proud

>> No.11888603

you are too stupid to even insult

>> No.11888606

I’m this poster >>11887770 I’m gay btw dunno if that matters or not

>> No.11888607

How am I larping as a comic artist?

>> No.11888611

>I was only pretending to be retarded

>> No.11888622

You still haven’t explained.

>> No.11888626

>are they trained to be this way as part of the job?
you don't get into these places unless you're willing to nod your head with what they tell you and regurgitate it to the people

>> No.11888641

because normies don't notice things that bother racists.

>> No.11888790

whats wrong with authentic asian restaurants ?

>> No.11888791

>lmao liberals like this don't seem to realize they're the real racists.
What makes you think I'm a liberal? I'm not. I just think it's retarded to pretend not to notice these things.

>> No.11888820

>I can't let him talk about regional styles of food, so instead, I'll call him a soyboy! SOY XD
Go back to your board.

>> No.11888831

You can learn authentic Chinese martial arts from a white dude that was taught by a Chinese master

so why can't you get authentic Chinese food from a white dude that learned how to cook it from a Chinese master chef?

>> No.11888850

Something can be made authentically by someone not from that ethnicity. Pasta made in the authentic fashion by a white person is no different from an Italian doing it, for example.

>> No.11888852

>You can learn authentic Chinese martial arts from a white dude that was taught by a Chinese master
I wouldn't call that "authentic," and also Gordon isn't carrying over an actual Asian tradition from some Chinese master he studied under, and those two things aside you're basically agreeing with me anyway because you're just taking the feature of authenticity and making it one additional step removed by having the actually Chinese master still be in the equation but with a white person in between him and you as a middleman.

>> No.11888862

You can claim it's authentic but not everyone will agree with you. Although you're at least qualifying this by calling it "pasta made in the authentic fashion" rather than just "authentic Italian pasta."

>> No.11888884
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Mmm Gordon can open my authentic ass anytime

>> No.11889206

You're conversing with an NPC there, my dude, I wouldn't expect one any time soon.

>> No.11889278

Fucking post the rest cunt

>> No.11889317

I looked at what he makes, I take back everything.

>> No.11889401

This thread epitomizes the current zeitgeist of worshipping and white knighting fame over substance. His entire premise of an "authentic asian" cuisine is so lacking in meaning as to be embarassing. Ramsay, like the Kardashians, is nothing but a hyped marketed and manufactured ideal of "famous" with literally nothing behind them but a loud mouth or big butt. The sad thing is, millennials cream all over this vapid trash.

>> No.11889447

Looks like he just didn't want to say it was good.

>> No.11889460
File: 90 KB, 645x729, 1520436095980.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>oh you lovely communists don't have to mind yours, you can force your agendas on everyone freely <3
it must be hard, ingesting so much soy

>> No.11889463
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>> No.11889482

Does crying about imaginary soy consumption ever get boring for you?

>> No.11889496

>implying men acting like fucking faggots is (((natural)))
maybe for you soylet

>> No.11889526

I'm just a straight guy who doesn't care what other dudes choose to do. Gay dudes mean less competition for the rest of us.

>> No.11889549
File: 5 KB, 259x194, rip.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>soy makes you gay
What about chemtrails and flouride? I mean c'mon, get with the program, soy is so last years boogieman! Our bodily fluids are under a full frontal assault, really true, ok?

>> No.11889697

>implying all three aren't fucking with our chemistry

>> No.11889716

In other news
Asians no longer allowed to buy Burger Franchises

>> No.11889721

Are they calling it authentic American cuisine?

>> No.11889749

so a dood whos deticated his life to food cant make Asian authentic cuisine because hes white
So anywhere claiming to be "authentic" employing anyone outside the ethnicity is lying?

>> No.11889762

That's pretty much the whole reason for using the word "authentic." I'm sure it's possible for a Vietnamese immigrant living in Kansas to make an excellent Philly cheesesteak, but why call it authentic?

>> No.11889772

but isn't it authentic if you use the same ingredients the same way?

>> No.11889775

Because it's the food that's authentic, not the hand that made it.
How do you people breath?

>> No.11889800


Holy fuck imagine being this retarded. Kys Island Monkey

>> No.11889814

If it's advertised as authentic Philly cheesesteak or authentic New York pizza, I'm expecting someone involved is actually from Philadelphia or New York and not just recreating the same formula everyone else does in every other part of the country. Again, why even call it authentic?

>> No.11890595

I think authenticity is more about the techniques and ingredients than who made it. Usually these are related, because people are most passionate about their own culture, but if someone really cares about another culture and wants to recreate that food, why not?

I just hope he does try to make it truly authentic by researching traditional techniques and recipes. I had so much food in China that you can't get outside, and there are lots of little tricks when preparing food that aren't in typical recipes. One example is adding a splash of hot water when stir frying. It lets you cook with less oil, resulting in a less oily dish.

>> No.11890603

Well fuck you too cunt so what if I'm not from the moon

>> No.11891415

>it will be a bongs interpretation
Worse than a bong, a Scot.

>> No.11891443

Liberals are not people.

>> No.11891471

>monk wanted his more
Pride is a sin

>> No.11891482

They're so low on the scale the Chinese have words mocking their ignorance. This is actually one of the reasons.

>> No.11891546

Awful lot of jew-loving-cheeto-president supporting incels in this thread...

>> No.11891551

Where I live cars are legally required to give bikes a full metre of space when overtaking. So of course 40% of cyclists stick to the extreme edge of the lane to make that impossible. I look forward to the day I run over one. I will get out of my car and stomp his (they're always men) skull into paste. I don't expect to get away with it, but it will be worth it.

>> No.11891576

Yes we are

>> No.11891579

"melting" implies acclimation to and adoption of american ideals/culture/language/whatever, which nowadays is a big nono and nobody should have to do that

>> No.11891605
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A person would imply you are a member of the same species. The fact that you produce fertile genetic hybrids like the liger means you are genetically related but not the same. Much like the liger, males are rarely capably of reproduction these days.

Unlike you they eat plenty of meat though.

>> No.11891616

Embrace the ideals of big government and social programs anon. The government takes your money every year, they might as well spend it on you

>> No.11891635 [DELETED] 
File: 2.00 MB, 352x265, Trump Hillary.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Government has been too big and taxation has been a form of theft for generations. This is irrelevant to party. The increase of redistribution through wealth will only increase the taxes on the lower classes instead of the higher classes.

Don't you have a Democrat civil war to hand hors d'oeuvres out at? I fully support killing off the old members of both parties and hopefully instituting some sort of term limits, but you idiots are going to eat each other alive again before the next election.

>> No.11891764


>> No.11891766

It's clear a hit has been placed on Ramsay. First bringing up that talk show incident, now getting outraged by a chef opening a restaurant.

The question is why do they want to take out Ramsay? Why now?

>> No.11891776

That beaner could have spent years in japan learning

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