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Best fucking sauce ever

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There's a few good uses for it, absolutely perfect on eggs, but you are lying to yourself if you think this is the best.

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No, actually you're lying to YOURSELF believing it's NOT

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I like more complex flavors than "vaguely spicy vinegar"

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And some spanks in the ass too, baby

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I'm gonna fuck you with a bottle of Tabasco

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Overrated as fuck.

Not a bad sauce overall, but not nearly worth the hype.

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yuck, you really eat this battery acid??
seriously try some sriracha it’s like a flavour bomb so so yummy!
get some taste OP


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>muh red vinegar

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Sriracha, why all of you need sugar in your sauces fucking crybabies, grow up

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Why do you all use hot sauce instead of just seasoning before you cook it?

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im a fan of the slightly aged flavor it has

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i am one of those fags who is really into hot sauces and have been for years. my purchase history on hot sauce websites is frankly embarrassing. i still use regular tabasco more than anything so i guess that makes it my favorite sauce

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it's still better than Tabasco.

There's always some whiny anglo crybaby in the group who can't eat spicy and ruins the meal for everyone else

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For me, it's the 'vark.
Always 'varkin Bros.

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>About Tobosco.

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>There's always some whiny anglo crybaby in the group who can't eat spicy and ruins the meal for everyone else
>mfw said whiny Anglo crybaby ends up not eating the thing that they cried would be too spicy for them to eat anyway
Fucking Anglos, I swear.

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Regular Tabasco sucks, however their green and chipotle sauces are top tier

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not even the best tabasco

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That's only because they taste of something besides vinegar.

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No it's Siracha.

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tobasco is what you put on shit to make it edible, ie cold pizza

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Isn't that the point of a sauce?

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sorry i got here late. now, can we all laugh at this fucking faggot for his horrible taste in sauces. what a fucking aspie

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I've always disliked Tabasco, it's just too vinegar-y. It's fine on certain things, like a bit of it on raw oysters is nice. Crystal is my general go-to

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I see this a lot on here.
Is it a regional spelling?

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Tabasco has its place but there are better sauces

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Are you stupid anon? Or are you just poor

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it's ok, but habanero tabasco is amazing

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you only like siracha because it has more sugar you obese child

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Doesn't seem to have much sugar.

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it has a decent flavor from the fermented peppers

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it's 15% sugar

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I love the smoked chipotle version.

I could drink that stuff.

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>vinegar is bad
could you be any more plebeian?

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>serving size = 6.5g
>sugar per = 1g
Yeah, that's kind of a lot of sugar

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i think so to.
its fermented for 3 years in oak barrels.
most other hot sauces are fermented for a few months in plastic. the patricians choice.

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The problem is, due to it being the default meme sauce and marketing, those fantastic 3 yr fermented peppers grown on the limited landmass of Avery Island are diluted with enormous quantities of vinegar to supply the meme induced demand. Over vinegaring completely eliminates the subtle flavors of a fermented hot sauce. This is a perfect example of late stage capitalism.

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Based varkposter.

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And those other sauces taste vastly better. It doesn't make a bit of goddamn difference what container it's kept in or for how long if the sauce itself is shit.

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Based Tabasco poster.

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Crystal hot sauce is the same thing as Tabasco, only it's a fraction of the price.

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The one, the only, the 'vark for me my boys.
Any other choice is simply inferior.

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is this shit even good? I like hotsauce but i've never felt like buying one just based off of a cute cartoon character. cholula girl can get it though

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