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Had $100 left in my benefits to buy food for two weeks. Can’t do better than this.

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fruity pebbles are the only good cereal that don't give me Crohn's disease and make me vomit.

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Could have done so much better

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fuck both of you cocoa pebbles is way better

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>No Milk
You're hardly doing good.

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Dude I looooooove my cereal!!

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I'm glad you're not getting benefits in February and I hope you die.

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Should you really need to eat anything other than this? The stuff is loaded with vitamins. Asking for a friend.

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Well, you need protein and fiber, too.

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I can just get that from a different cereal though. Why does anyone still bother to cook?

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Some people legitimately enjoy eating a variety of foods.

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>2 bags inside
Actually a smart idea. Keeps it fresh and the manufacture only has to make 1 size of bag for regular and xl boxes.

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jesus, i didn't know john podesta was tony the tiger

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t. Nigger

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But those are XL boxes, two bags can't fit in a regualr box. Unless they make the bags smaller which just gives you less, so regular boxes will be severely nerfed.

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>Unless they make the bags smaller which just gives you less
How fucking big do you think these bags would be cunt?

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The regular size bags? Why mad bro :(

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>no milk

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>Had $100 left in my benefits
Get a job, you lazy nigger.

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>working in 2019
kek, eat shit wagie.

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what year was this picture taken?

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If you had to spend $100 on one kind of food what would it be.
>$100 steak
>5 steaks for $100

I’d probably get 50 bags of $2 wise potato chips and get really fat.

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you legitimately sounds like a child lmao

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Just use water

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>absolute state of neets

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Do you have any proof of that? I mean seriously, you can't just make a ridiculous claim and expect it to be automatically believed.

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wise chips are only a dollar at dollar general, so you could get 100

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