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Hmm :|

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Imagine being such a fucking loser that your only source of pride is how numb your taste buds are to capsaicin, and how this may or may not correlate to your ethnicity.

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>unpleasant artstyle
And yet this comic gets regular threads on /co/. They all have shit taste over there, though, so I can't say I'm surprised.

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Imagine something worse: being triggered anytime someone mentions hot food.

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why does he draw himself as fucking goku with a scar over his eye? what does this guys even look like irl?

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I don't like being stereotyped. :( plus, I like spicy food

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How will white people ever recover?

dubs get

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Based comic.

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No idea what the person truly looks like but I believe this tells you all you need to know about them

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Pretty much this. And then making comics about it. I have never seen a nazi comic about blacks commiting more crime that wasnt a photoshop

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I think the ones with pink hair are her self insert.

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Hahahaha absolutely SEETHING

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that's because hitler flunked art and they followed in his steps

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It has tits.

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desu it is kind of annoying when you order spicy food at an indian restaurant and receive bland shit because the waiters think since you're white you can't take spicy food. the only time i actually get truly spicy indian food is when i order takeout over the phone.
i have anosmia so spicy food makes eating more exciting since 5 days out of the week I can't taste anything.

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that's fucking disgusting.
and why is nami black?

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I don't get it. She's trading one state full of cartels, corruption, and sun-addled people for another?
She also fails to mention that Florida is full of rich retired Jews. That would be my lead if I were to argue for kicking them out of the union.

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You aren't a racist, are you anonette?

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how can something be "extra" mild?

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not to mention it's just a drug reaction that literally anyone can build up a tolerance to if they want to.

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Whitey here, can confirm.

I can handle carolina reapers for some reason, but my family can't handle spicy food for shit.

Like, table pepper makes lentil bean soup too spicy for my mother. It's ridiculous.

THAT SAID, a lot of asian restaurants around me actually do this when white people order food. I kinda have to be specific to get anything hotter than a fucking jalapeno over here.

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Haha thanks op thats a spicy memw

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Even when I'm specific, they still won't do it. I've stopped trying and just buy ridiculous hot sauces now and bring food home.

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I have literally NEVER heard anyone say "Bro" in real life.

Must suck being an American

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Go take a look at the "Orange Fool" thread. Americans are a different breed of stupid.

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>be cook at restaurant that serves spicy food
>regular 2 guys come in
>1 white guy and 1 black guy
>they order their usual spicy dish that always makes them tear up and drink alot of water
>decide to not put any spice on just to see how they would react
>they still act like its spicy
wtf is wrong with people?

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sry u dont have friend :(

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That webcomic sucks

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My mom declares food as super spicey if I put just a little bit of black pepper on it so they're not wrong

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Fuck chefs that don't give their customers what they order.

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Imagine being ass basted because people don't like your cringey liberal weeaboo comics full of "jokes" ripped from blackpeopletwitter and reddit

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Seriously, when do you say “bro” in real life unless youre luna loud

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At the gym, around fratboys, or other "rough" sorts of places like a welding shop, junkyard, etc.

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You sound gay btw, not sure if that matters.

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fuck customers

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Lol really? Cause I've seen countless.

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Incels mad because it's unironically true

White genocide when desu

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nah, customers suck, but if I'm paying money for something that you're being paid money to give me and you purposefully fuck it up without the intent to help me try something new I might like, but just to fuck with me, then you're a worthless piece of shit and you should probably neck yourself.

I'm fairly certain I once was given a Miller Lite in lieu of a Saison whilst eating at Mellow Mushroom sometime around this past Thanksgiving. To this day I still think about burning the place down, or at least finding whoever served me my beer and feeding him glass.

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You never will though. They won.

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>Orange guy bad!
Don't count it out. I stomped a friends tooth out against the bathroom floor once because he threw a basketball at my face. I'm not above taking out my anger on those I feel deserve it.

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I'm sure your anger is righteous :^)

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Who are you quoting?

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lmao cringe

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> white people cant handle spicy food

that seems better than black people being afraid of ice

> order drink from black person
> 2 ice cubes
> ask for extra ice
> 3 ice cubes

they are frightened of ice, it's very weird

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Orange ball bad

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>last panel
oh so that's why anyone reads this shit

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>American education

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Is that a Bitcoin belt buckle?

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isn't that vegeta guy white too?

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It's true for many people. I remember being told as a kid that pepperoni was a spicy pizza topping. It's not even spicy at all. Such a strange thing for my parents to tell me.

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Based fpbp

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You guys are so unbelievably fucking retarded.

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Not even getting a direct reply. Straight into the filter.

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So why did they draw the "hero" of this comic as a white guy with a very slight tan?

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>White people don't eat spicy food
Why is this a meme when it's objectively untrue?

>> No.11815711

It's a historical meme. It was generally true simply based on geography: spices don't grow in cold northern climates where white people came from, whereas they do grow in tropical regions where other races came from. Of course today it's largely moot because of globalization, but it's easy to see where it came from. Just compare the spice level of traditional German or Scandi food with that from the tropics.

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its funny to see minorities getting food poisoning because all they can eat is mud cakes

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>that pic
oh god i've never seen such a horribly constructed argument

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all this guy draws is "comedy" about open relationships and how good it feels to be a cuck

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Satoshi is a female

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shes literally arguing against her own case and saying that blacks are in fact committing more crime

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I think you're putting too much thought into an internet meme.

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as an artist I dunno how people can be this shameless

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Yeah that's what I thought. I wasn't 100% on what her point was because of how strangely she worded it.

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Lmao white people have taste buds lmao they know what chicken tastes like haha they don’t dump a pound of seasoning on food because it doesn’t need it teehee

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You’ve had waiter change your order because they think you can’t handle it? I would get real shitty real quick if that happened. I had a waitress bring me someone else’s steak twice in a row and I threw it at her and walked out. Lmao they banned me from the restaurant but when the fuck am I ever going back to Toronto hahaha

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lmao same
i took a shit on the counter once haha
thats what they get for not bringing me water within 30 seconds as the rules say

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>I'll put chili on my 3rd world poverty broth so you can't taste the subtle musk of cow anus and garbage
>That'll show them!

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Nah, that cunt's bang on.

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Everyone says bro to their peers in Male dominated jobs, such as factories, mines, military, car shops, etc.

You don't use the term if you're unacquainted. That's awkward. The only exception being if they're doing a favor for you they are allowed to call you bro on the foundation they're helping you because he considers you his peer, you may then call him a bro in response.

This isn't rocket science, its casual human interaction.

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Love when jealous northerners larp about florida. Crisp, cool 60 degrees here today. Tons of beautiful women around me. Rents are high enough to keep out the riff raff unless you live in swamps.

What's that? It's 0 degrees there? Shame.

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>a facebook born meme takes into the account the history and geography of white people to be funny
Immense doubt

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>t. a sentient cloud of mosquitoes shaped like a man

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It's because /ck/ is, based on the average poster, the third oldest board on 4chan behind /o/ and /n/.

>> No.11815886

But /a/ and /b/ are the oldest boards. Or are you referring to the age of the posters on those boards?

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Sooner or later they'll realize there's literally nothing you can do or say to make white people feel bad. WYPIPO, whiteoid, cracker, anti-spice, bland food... pick your poison, it's all just as useless.

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>Cuban slits your throat with a coffee bean knife.

Nada personal chico.

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lmao just stay out of Miami.

>> No.11815914

Yeah the sister fuckers in the rest of Florida are alright.

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White guy here. I cook food so spicy that when niggers eat it they start begging me to call an ambulance. True story.

>> No.11815916

>I think you're putting too much thought into an internet meme.

Nope. You're just too young or too stupid to realize the "meme" has existed long before the internet.

The "meme" wasn't born on facebook, and it was parroted by people who were totally clueless as to its historical origins. They repeated it because they thought it was funny while being completely ignorant of the fact that it has a solid historical basis.

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>M*norities say that white people can't handle spicy food
>The host of Hot Ones is literally a skinhead


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Black people only go as hot as Frank's. Actual peppers are too spicy

>> No.11815925

that episode where he called snoop dogg a nigger was pretty good

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Ugh, this fucking sucks. I get it at my local indian and thai and sichuan places all the fucking time.

Like goddamit, I get that you've had white folks come in, wave their spicedick around, and end up regretting it, but I want that shit to hurt.

I get why they do it, since those pussymouths who talk big game and get burned often end up reviewing them poorly because they're niggerfaggots who cant accept that they cant handle spice the way they thought they could, but for those of us who can handle it, it really makes it like pulling teeth to get actual spicy food.

I've even explained "make it spicy like I'm not a white guy asking for it" and over half the time it's still totally fucking bland. I keep a ton of birds eye chilis and shit at home now specifically for takeout because I know I cant trust them to make it the way I ask. I just want to burn inside man, is that so much to ask?


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There's bad neighborhoods in every city. >>11815852
>t. future snowbird

>> No.11815951

I've heard the technique is to ask for it 'Indian hot' (or 'thai hot' if you're at a thai restaurant, etc).

>> No.11815955

Half of it is porn

>> No.11815960

>black Nami
>manface Robin

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I don't get this stereotype tbqh. Whenever you look up people eating the spiciest foods online it's always white people doing it. Hell all the people I've met who don't like spicy foods were black.

>> No.11816023

I'm not that guy, but I have had a similar problem. Asking for it "Thai Hot" sometimes works, but then again so does asking for it "extra hot" or whatever else.

I haven't found anything that works consistently, except at small places where you can talk to the owner/chef directly and they know you want it honestly hot, not just lowest-common-denominator-hot.

that said, if it's not hot enough just tell the waiter and ask them to fix it.

>> No.11816031

single examples are meaningless. For every one white dude eating superhot chilies on YT there are a hundred thousand who think ketchup is too spicy.

See: >>11815711

>> No.11816041

Why do people act like white people don't like spice? Have you ever seen the shit those white people in california make with those satan spawn chili peppers? One drop would have anyone calling 911. Black people drown their food in hot sauce because it tastes like shit, and I'd know, I'm black.

>> No.11816076

See: >>11815711

>> No.11816082

He goes to far for me though so I have to disavow.

What is really in the last dab might shock you

>> No.11816138

eat more horseradish while dabbing on the ignorant memers

>> No.11816142

Take your meds, Julie.

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Gimme a sec, I'll post my medicine, you fucking shithead.

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You're really living up to the namefag stereotype

>> No.11816161

Okay, this is epic.

>> No.11816171

>work at a restaurant
>sperg out over something that's none of my business and doesn't affect me in any way
>don't give people what they ask for
>make food worse on purpose
So cool, dude, you totally owned those regular people who weren't bothering you by sucking at your job, so epic and based

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>> No.11816186

>spicy food bad
Fuck off, you don't deserve a job

>> No.11816202

Pfft, like you've been here long enough to compile an accurate evaluation of all namefags you've ever encountered. Besides, just because I'm a girl doesn't mean you gotta be a dickhead. You're not getting any bobs, so forget.

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fuck unprofessionals masquerading as professionals

>> No.11816301

its objectively not true, so whats the point of linking everyone to it? Go back to /r/eddit fag

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seems like you're a jealous little cuckstomer

>> No.11816324

Like you apparently are, since you replied? Lmao kys

>> No.11816342

no, I'm just not a nigger.

>> No.11816350

you are though lmao

>> No.11816363

you're the one siding with a nigger who abused their power for their own entertainment

>> No.11816370

and you're the one acting like a little slave nigger lmao
have fun eating spit with food in it

>> No.11816373

based. these fags need to go back to lereddit

>> No.11816374

The dude literally said "based on the average poster". Why are you so retarded?

>> No.11816386

Not possible. Where I'm from people have respect for themselves and others.

>> No.11816387

Don't spoonfeed newfags.

>> No.11816396

k nigger lol

>> No.11816410

They arent artists

>> No.11816412

i can feel the inferiority complex from here

>> No.11816421

>behind /o/ and /n/
you forgot /diy/
average age there is like 40

>> No.11816484


>> No.11816525

If youre a bigot

>> No.11816531

my mom thinks tabasco is unbearably hot but i cook with habaneros, i think it's mostly an older people thing because they never ate much spicy food but younger people do

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>anyone can build up a tolerance

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>used to eat spicy food that my non-white colleagues couldn't handle in front of them to show my dominance
>kept upping my tolerance so I could become known as "that guy who eats super spicy food" in every group
>mfw I eventually got gastritis

>> No.11816850

Cringe. That art style is shit

>> No.11816859

>people who draw pictures of themselves getting fucked by fictional characters
I'll never understand this level of mental illness

>> No.11816860

I frequent a Thai restaurant and have built a repertoire with the servers as the wh*toid that can handle spice, and when I ask for Thai hot, they really lay it on me.

>> No.11816866

>what is per capita

>> No.11816878

Keep telling yourself you're special, nigger

>> No.11816879

Has she ever heard of a place called Africa where she can very conveniently look at the crime stats of black majority countries if she wishes to?

>> No.11816993

Ohhh, so now you admit that black-majority countries are equal to black-minority countries. See? Equality isn't too hard. Now you can go write to your congressman (assuming you're literate).

>> No.11817002

fake it til you make it bro

>> No.11817011

Why does this board get triggered over spicy food? People here always make the argument that it's trash and it's to cover up rotting meat as if spicy dishes are only made with meat. Have you ever heard of chips and salsa? Some people just like the taste. That doesn't mean you can't appreciate food with subtle and nuanced flavors. It's the extremists that are retarded saying everything that's spicy is trash or that everything should be spicy.

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ahhhh, peace and quiet...

>> No.11817093

What's wrong with saying bro? I call my coworkers and friends bro and brah all the time

>> No.11817173

Same, most "floridaman" stories are flyover retards or dumb Georgia/Alabama hicks crossing the border and being fuckwits.

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