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what do you think it might cost to run one burner on a propane range for 10 to 12 hours at the lowest flame possible?

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it's easier to estimate and do math based on electricity. assume 100 watts power for 12 hours. That 1200 watt-hours or 1.2 kilowatt-hours. Average price of electricity is 12 cents per kwh, so youre looking at a total cost of 14.4 cents if it were electric. On average, gas is 1/3 the price of electricity for the same amount of energy, so you're looking at roughly 5 cents. of course YMMV if you live somewhere where gas is unusually expensive, but that should be a reasonable estimate.

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oh ok

my boss is cramping my creativity, mad at me for using a burner for 12 hours and "wasting propane"

I'm gonna give her 5 bucks to cover that and 2 tomatoes and some water and put in my notice

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But that's wrong, A=440 happens to be the most common standard at the moment based on what sounds "appealing" when performing western style concert music, but it's steadily creeping higher, 443 being standardized in some western musical circles). There is strong historical evidence that A was as low as 400 Hz several hundred years ago, in Bach's time it averaged around 415 Hz but there was no standard whatsoever until the 19th century and at that time it was noticeably lower than it is today.

There is no mathematical or biological reason why it should be 440, it's completely arbitrary. A purely scientific standard would call for using 430.54 Hz.

tl;dr conspiracy theorists are dumb

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i can hundreds of pounds of food with a 90k btu stove and go through a single 30 pound tank in a year
those things sip fuel

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>those things sip fuel

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triggered by fuel efficiency?

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say goodbye to your hat and candy for being a prick, old man

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If you have to ask, you can't afford it

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Look at who doesn't know shit about music, its op!

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I think the "using a burner" for 12 hours in a kitchen might be part of it. Is that stock or soup or w/e your making worth the hundred or so dishes that could otherwise be made on that one burner? Or are you are doing an overnight thing and they don't want to pay someone to always be there watching it.

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it's a pizzeria lol there's 6 burners and we typically use like one to two at a time

I've been there 5 years. For the past 2 years I've worked 80 hours per week, give or take

no, it wasn't in the way of anything

>"chef" starts making chicken noodle soup with msg shit chicken base (boss's son is allergic to msg)
>some days we serve this premade italian wedding soup with spaghettio-tier meatballs
>""""chef""" is off 2 days
>didn't leave enough soup like the owner asked him to
>I make brown stock so we can make some actual soup
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