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what can I get you, anon?

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can i get uhhhhhhhhhh


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u just killed my thread :(

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why is there a telephone cord connected to that bottle?

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Jellybean please
haha jevin ahaha. ahahaaaaaa.

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Not just plain vermouth that's for sure

>> No.11725719

based :)

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I would like your phone number if you do not mind, haha. Just as a joke though nothing serious haha.

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ice water please

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it's to keep people from stealing.

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Can I get a male bartender or failing that directions to a better bar please. If I'm forced to stay here, just a heads up: I'm not gonna tip you two fucking dollars on a 10 dollar drink for your amazing ability to put the already limited amount of alcohol your manager allows into a cup. Thanks have a good night.

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Have you retards figured out how to make a Bare Knuckle Boxer yet?

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Get this
-unzips dick-

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Why even bother go to a bar if you're going to be served by a man? Being served by a woman is half the fun.

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I'm already shitfaced and I only have 26 bucks, I just came here to stare at the tv and be around people. Give me the well whiskey and Coke

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Double gin and tonic, easy on the ice and no garnish.

>> No.11726157

Sorry, it is this bar's policy to never serve doubles after 10pm.

>> No.11726229

Rasberry margarita nachos and cheese sticks

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I would like a plum, floating in perfume, served in a man's hat

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You want some tampons and midol to go with that?

>> No.11726257

A fluffy duck and six orgasms

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Syphilis, probably.

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>tfw ate the new bartenders pussy this weekend
>have a large pimple forming on my chin
>nervous as fuck

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Why don't they just keep the bottle away from the fucking customers?

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>Rasberry margarita nachos
that doesn't sound very good

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1 pusi pls

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Same thing i always order when confronted with a pretty girl rum and coke no ice.

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sazerac, don't toss out the green fairy after you wash the shaker

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Whiskey and dry, and a vodka orange for the roastie.

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A bear

>> No.11726630

j├Ągermeister with battery and a vodka russian for starters

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>how about a blow job?
tried this line once on a fit bar lass
it did not work.
i went home alone and masturbated furiously.

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Drunk and laid, please.

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A taxi, i want to go home

>> No.11726815

I'm good for now.

>You don't look it.

Y-you too.

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Keeping it away from customers doesn't stop the bartender from pouring free shit for themselves/friends. It also monitors and regulates pours so bars don't have to worry about their clumsy employees wasting booze.

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I would like to initiate a long term cohabitation involving mutual affection with this lady, but hopefully she finds a better job.

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even being a bartender is better job than modeling for stock photos.

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happy meal mcnuggies

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Couldn't imagine a bar that Jewish

>$15 25oz bottle of whiskey
>Sell 1.5oz shots for $10
>Make $150+ on each $15 bottle

Oy vey better make sure those filthy bartenders and regulars aren't pinchin 2oz shots instead of 1.5oz!

>> No.11728917

They have to cover other costs to keep the venue running, and these sales are the only source of return.

>> No.11728953

I'm not to sympathetic to a business that does 500-1000% markup. Their staff works for tips and they don't carry any more overhead than any other brick and mortar aside from a liquor license and maybe higher insurance.

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a big, cold bottle of buckfast please

>> No.11730156

Dont forget the tip

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I want one of these

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here's 20 bucks, give me a stone ipa and keep the change to buy yourself a new haircut

>> No.11730380

you guys have tendies?

>> No.11730396

Nothing, thanks. I've never been in a bar before and I don't really drink. I don't know why I'm here. Have a nice day. Goodbye.

>> No.11730440

Red Bull.

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I honestly dont give a shit if you don't tip, I make enough money and am sure you need it more then me. But just to point it out, you don't have to tell the bartender that you won't tip because the prices are too expensive. He doesn't care about your rationalization, or how you flaunt you are too retarded to look at prices before you go out. Just a pet peeve of mine, because a lot of retards actually do this.

>> No.11731226

Your hand in marriage, m'lady.

>> No.11731230

to be fair there are a lot of retarded bartenders that drink on the job. Additionally there could be laws/regulations that they know their bartenders are to retarded to follow.

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Your twat, so I can fuck it. With my pemis.

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I want love and affection pls

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Where the FROG can i find a chill bar with a cute bartender and some comfy music?
Only places I've found are playing some zoomer music, not enough room to sit and the bartender does the best they can to avoid actually working.

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Frequent one of those bars you are looking for. A really cute 8-9/10 girl starts working there. Every guy is crazy about her. As I am a regular we get to know each other and while I sit on the bar we talk. Often stay with her over closing hours. Once we got drunk together when we closed the bar and ended up fucking on the bar. Good times.

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You had sex, hahahaha

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