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What is your grocery store of choice?

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Definitely not that fucking place

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Trader Joe's

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Family Dollar or Dollar Tree.

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aldi and HEB

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I'm a King Soopers type boomer.

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I hope Trump deports your whole family

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There's no one single place to get all the groceries someone like me purchases.

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King Soopers is krogers.

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why? we're all native born honkies

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i go to a place called pechins in dunbar, pa. the original store, which burned down a few years ago, was incredible. imagine a grocery store set up in what looked like an indoor flea market. the new place is in an old food land store and doesn't have the same charm.

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good luck building your memewall, Cletus

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It's going to happen, Thomas.

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You can just ask them if they have more frozen waffles in the back. They'll check and save you a trip

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Looks and sounds like a 3rd world dump

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A Market Basket recently opened up near me and it's great. It has a huge selection, it's affordable, and it doesn't keep running out of stock like my local Stop and Shop.

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I worked at Kroger for many years and so many customers did this. It's Kroger, not Krogers, not Kroger's, but Kroger.
We used to have these and they were great.

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Nice little regional chain called Adams. Great fruit and veg at cheaper prices than walmart. Better meat and fish too from decent priced to really expensive stuff. Then everything else in there is crazy expensive so I get odds and ends from walmart.

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Shop Rite, Costco, and a tri-state exclusive Stew Leonard's.

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I have the choices of safeway, fred's, and two IGAs.

I choose Fred's.

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Sainsbury’s generally with Waitrose for more obscure ingredients.

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Aldi and Lowes Grocery.

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I from the tri state are and I've never heard of this. Which state are you from?

I exclusively shop at trader Joe's and whole foods now. The Aldi near me is in the hood, and the local grocery stores are composed of pantry items without much variety of produce.

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It boasts about being the 'World's largest dairy store', and a lot of their products are a tad pricy normally. But their customer service is 10/10 and their meat/fish are all of excellent quality. They'll have some really good sales every now and then so I just get odds and ends there.

They only have a handful of locations in CT, NY, and NJ but they're slowly expanding outwards.

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Sprouts for the balance between good fresh food and not quitr outrageous prices (the produce is really cheap though). Also some King Soopers for staples and Trader Joe's for prepared foods and tangerine juice. Whole Foods once every couple months for some good bread and deserts and see what else they got.

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Aldi's for my first
Strack and Van Til . for my second

I think the second pinpoints exactly where I live.

But I'm not going to lie, I fucking miss Kroger. They always had the best deal.

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Why does the sign say King Soopers then? Are there stores with Kroger on the sign? I understood it as KS's brand like Kirkland Signature is to Costco.

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King sooper is the Kroger "brand" for Colorado. I used to drive reefer so I delivered to all the suppliers. And Kroger is all over, it's just only called Kroger in the central part of the USA. Even Ralph's, the iconic California market, is really just Kroger now. I'm just glad Kroger won the food chain war. Randalls was shit.

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Region rat

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Pak’N’Save or New World, Countdown is great too

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Aldi by a long shot.

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Ahhh well I'm a Coloradofag so that makes sense. Thanks.

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ahhhh... foodshitty... cleaned the parking lot of one for ten years. AMA

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Its amazing, I know people like "good ol country stores", but everytime I been in them, I always find them to be incredibly dirty, no lighting to speak of, when we delivered Coca-Cola to them they literally did receiving with pen and paper, the indians had electronic accounting systems, all they had to do was count. But anyways, I suppose if you want a coke or something they're alright. No way I'd buy groceries there.

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Giant Eagle any day of the week, Kroger is a close second.

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>Safeway, Fred's and IGA
Wait, is there another Alaskafag on here?
I go to Costco for bulk/pantry staples (and $4.99 rotisserie chicken), Safeway/Carr's for meat and produce and the asian grocery & slavic deli for specialty stuff.

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What if Trump just set up ICE checkpoints right inside of Fiesta?

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Are you the guy who distills his own alcohol?

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Probably bankrupt faster than a retarded retaining wall.

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-pizza place that hands out like 10-25lbs of pizza everynight
-foodbank place across the street from the giant safeway, they always have a gaylord of potatoes and onions out front you can take as much as you want
-grocery outlet bargain market, if you go there looking for something in specific, you will not find it. if you buy stuff based of prices, you end up making some interesting meals. 24pack of light beer for $3.99
-winco is giant warehouse grocery store with rock bottom prices on everything and you dont have to buy in bulk, -they have a huge bulk section- they kick ass., there are none inside the bay area, im assuming rent is to high for them there. they have a 15pack of strong ipa's for 15bux
-san jose flea market with a real farmers market full of asians and mexicans hustling veggies for like a 1/5 the price of the grocery store,
>not that hoity toity pop-up organic honey and cupcakes farmers market, fuck that <---theyre actually pretty cool cuase the goverment subsidises half off if you pay with foodstamps
-trader joes for a good price on what i cannot find at grocery outlet
-berkeley bowl has great prices on produce so i hear, i went in there once and bought some tastybikes for $2.50. they have an amazing selection of everything you could ever need. like 50 different mustards
their produce section is huge!

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i used to like safeway but they seemed to have significantly jacked up their prices about 5years ago
i once saw a pallet of mayo at the fleamarket sitting on hot asphalt at like 2pm on a 100deg summer day, it looked like they had sold a few bottles since arrival, i should stop buying canned food at the flea market
the grocery outlet way deep in richmond away from any freeways seems to have the lowest prices and it like their grocery outlet outlet, ima guess they have really cheap rent there.
regularly find rediculous sales like 50c jars of pesto, microwaveable lean cuisine type meals for 75c or a dollar ea, caffinated drinks for a quarter, lb of beef for a dollar - 24packs of light beer for 3.99

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sav-a-lot, it's not just a name the picked for their self its a named they earned

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It really depends on location and I haven't been everywhere. In NY depends that since it's a big state, there it's so much which ones to go to, it's knowing which shitholes to avoid. In Floida, publix, out west there are a few. It really varies in the USA.

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Another way to know which to avoid is by the ownership of the companies, a lot of companies own others if one is crappy it's highly likley that the others owned by the same overriding company are crappy as well. So it's a process of elimination of the crappy ones then seeing what's left over.

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Just look into health violations and things like remaking expiry dates on meat. Some of these companies are fucking pathetic.

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they only carry cheap processed garbage versions of any food you may want to consume

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Based Cub. The one south of me, not the one north of me which caters to the 55+ complex next door.

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>lived in NYC my whole life
>always hear people talking about oscos or Walmart
>never been to any of those places until I was 20
>tell people I go to Target and BJs
>wtf is that anon

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You live in a food desert, bro.

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Aldi for cheap German beer, produce, and snacks
Kroger/Jay C for general grocery shopping
Walmart when I need to buy other things besides food (though I hate going there)

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boxed and dry goods: wal mart
fresh goods: sprouts
cheap la croix, kitchen supplies, high volume goods: smart and final
i also go to to super target because they're the only ones that carry some frozen stuff i like.

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jesus christ anon

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For me, it's Shaws. They're the only grocery store I've found who carries Quark.

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Wegmans is the best

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Aldi, Wal-Mart and Market Basket. I'll take an occasional trip to the nearest Trader Joe's for a few items they carry that nobody else sells. Shaws and Hanafords are overpriced.

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This is the only correct answer

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ICA Kvantum Flygfyren. ICA is the best chain, and this is their best store, sadly I live far from this one.

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I see you're a fellow Coloradofag

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aldi or walmart since i never felt the need to spend more on fancy food. but thats because i have a diverse palate so everything is delicious to me

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i liked publix when i was a little shit because theyre easy to steal from

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I thought Stew Leonard's was a liquor store?

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my local cub food got closed down. now there is a fresh thyme in its place

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>they only carry cheap processed garbage
They have junk food yes, but all grocery store do.
My sav-a-lot has a nice selection of mexican produce, button mushrooms and a butcher.

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>They have junk food yes, but all grocery store do.
yeah but other groceries will also carry mid price range products and nice products, this place only carries rock bottom price garbage. look at their cheese, their cheese is all fake cheap plastic garbage. they carry no good cheese

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who /giant/ here

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Superstore or Independent

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For me, it's Waitrose. Simply a better class of shoppers all round.

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For me, it's Waitrose. Simply a better class of shoppers all round.

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for me it's WinCo

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Booths Masterrace here.

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My man.

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Tesco, morrisons, asda, aldi or lidl

Whichever has the best offers that suit my needs at the time.

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Kroger when I'm doing my actualy grocery shopping and feel like dealing with the chaos, Needler's or Safeway if I don't want to have a bunch of children running around my ankles and people trying to buy more than EBT will let them.

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Local places you wouldn't know the names of.

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Depends what I need and how far I'm willing to walk.

The local offy/corner shop if desperate and lazy.

Nearby Tesco Metro for when I should really eat some fruit and veg and bit more selection.

Morrisons in town for big shop due to wider range and lower prices.

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Albert Heijn, eventhough I'm not Dutch.

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how have you not killed yourself yet

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The local Indian establishment, for all the imported shit. Costco for everything else.

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>small town in appalachia
>barely any jobs
>be illegal alien
>land a job cleaning parking lot
I didn’t think it was in the beginning but it turned out to be a really sweet gig, five to six hours a day, no supervisors, outside work, make my own schedule, 250 a week after taxes. And gave me more free time than I ever thought I’d have. I left back in 2015

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Local warehouse store for greek yogurt, chicken thighs, and milk
Shaws for quark, chicken thighs (when on sale), fruit, and veg
Stop and shop for eggs
Local health food store for almonds (only place that sells them by weight) and sometimes milk
Local seafood market for fish

Shopping takes me about an hour weekly

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Local grocery store, simply titled "Grocery Store" which doesn't have a halal section :^)

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For me, it's the Kroghetto, the closest Kroger to my house.

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Hy-Vee when I lived in KC.
Safeway and Winco in Washington.
Kroger now that I'm in TN.

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You haven't been grocery shopping for real until you've been to Jungle Jim's. Don't know if it's chained or not now or if there's even just more than one but the original is somewhere near Cincinnati

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That's really cool dude.

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I live in a food desert. My only choice is Walmart, vons or a Mexican market.

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Yeah it's a bitch to get through though. I remember when we were kids I used to go with my parents and it was always an entire evening spent grocery shopping. We were a big family so that might have had a lot to do with it too.

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>has a Walmart
>claims he lives in a good desert

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based and delipilled.

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Used to live in buffalo and now living on the west coast. I MISS IT.

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The struggle is real. Not him, but my wallshart doesn't carry some surprisingly basic shit. No chickpeas, lamb, shallots, or whole coffee beans to be found, and that's just off the top of my head.

>> No.11717083

N_ggers found it and shit it up in my area.

>> No.11717204

>even the best american grocery store is garbage compared to the cheapest western European one

>> No.11717234

I don't see you posting stores with boats in them.

>> No.11717356

its finnish

>> No.11717544

Lamb and shallots isn’t basic shit, and it isn’t remotely local in the USA.
>no whole coffee at Walmart
Try harder, go look in the god damn coffee aisle, they carry whole coffee out the ass.

>> No.11717584

Maybe yours is better stocked, mine doesn't have the shit. Quit defending wallshart so vehemently, was Sam Walton your dad or something? Shit

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i rather buy wierd shit from Lidl

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I miss HEB, but Publix ain't too bad.

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Hyvee is where I do basic shopping , it's what Kroger could be if it didn't suck. I also stop at justin thyme for specialty stuff, and an actual butcher's shop for any kind of meat you can think of.

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HEB is so shit. I will never understand why """Texans""" identify with it. I understand they market it as texan, and so I understand why idiots do. But I mean look at all these HEB answers. And it only exists in Texas.

The HEB flagship stores are super nice. And the ones that are copies of whole foods is nice. But go to a random HEB in a Dallas or Houston suburb? It's Mexican women with 7 babies fighting over the shittiest produce you have ever seen.

And don't even get me started on rural HEB locations which get produce shipments weekly.

>> No.11717861

This Texan agrees with you.

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New York?

>> No.11718054

They have liquor stores too, but Stew Leonard's "proper" is the grocery stores.

>> No.11718074

The new Fallout looks dope

>> No.11718227

What state? if its a Michigan Kroger stop. They're treating people like shit and going full-Walmart with their meat.

>> No.11718280

if it wasn't for walmart, flyover would a real honest to god food desert.

>> No.11718290

the best

>> No.11718297

Whole Foods

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>he doesn't go to farmers' markets

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>he buys that farmers markets are what they portray to be

>> No.11718341

neither do you

>> No.11718353

there's one here and i went into it for the fist (and last) time today
it looked like what i would imagine a 3rd world grocery to look like and it was full of what looked like poor foreigners
what a fucking shit hole

>> No.11718356

Ha ha, the vegan bait thread got deleted.

>> No.11718361


based and frugalpilled

>> No.11718375

>all of those tacky decorations in a grocery store

This, I think, is the most flyover shit I've ever seen in my life. I picture this place filled with pasty fat women in motorized scooters dragging along at least 3 little shitlings a piece.

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tfw leaf

>> No.11719584

It's the opposite of flyover mate read the wiki description, it's an international market.

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Here's a comprehensive list:

>God tier
HEB (the good ones)
Fiesta Marketplace (RIP, gone too soon, only lasted like a year)

>It's ok but only worth going to for the wine tier
Trader Joe's

>Decent, if you find yourself stuck in a flyover hellhole

>Good but not worth it
Central Market

>Shit and not worth it
Whole Foods

>Why do my parents like this shit store tier

>Shit tier but at least it's not Randall's
Every other store that is secretly just Kroger
The shit HEBs
H Mart
99 Ranch

>Smells like rotting fish tier

>Randall's tier

>Why does this still exist tier

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fuckin commie co-op

>> No.11719779

t. loblaws/walmart/sobeys/overwaitea/metro shill

>> No.11719805

I work 50-62 hour weeks, I order from Walmart then walk into a Kroger for liquor.
Also i dont want to hear anecdotes about bees.

>> No.11719837

The Commisary

>> No.11719838

In my experience, bees don't sting unless you piss them off.

>> No.11719941


>> No.11720726

Aldi is honestly better than an 95% of American chain stores

>> No.11721154

Aldi for cheapness versus taste and Trader Joes for delicious variety versus relative cheapness. You can't go wrong.

>> No.11721853

Welfare fag

>> No.11721890

Aldi is Trader Joes, isn't it Aldi and just renamed in America?

>> No.11721921

Piggly Wiggly

>> No.11721927

Aldi is basically gas station tier in America. TJ's is pretty much just an importer/rebrand budget store that makes it's money catering to young professionals who can't cook.

>> No.11722046

Every piggy wiggy I've been in smells like mold, mildew and rotting meat. Is that just part of the aesthetic?

>> No.11722058

Schnuck's and Dierbergs master race reporting in. Where my St. Louis niggas at?

>> No.11722404

the one ran by old Chinese people. best prices in town.
>t. Canadian, where everything is fucking expensive

>> No.11723189

Pick 'n save.

>> No.11723358

Live in corpus, home of HEB. Really its all a location thing. The HEBs in the ghetto are trash and the ones on the nicer parts of town are nice. Ex. The ones on gollihar i wouldnt ever go to for fear of people with face tats. The one on saratoga and staples is nice though.

Also, HEB is very supportive and donates a shitton of money. They held a shelter thing with free clothes and food and shit after hurricane harvey. They also give out a fuck ton of scholarships to their workers.

>> No.11723626

The home of HEB is Kerrville, and all Corpus locations suck. Sure Anneville is a piece of shit compared to the HEB Plus on Saratoga, but they are all filled with Corpus vermin.

>> No.11723658
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>> No.11723696

It has two locations now, one in Fairfield and one in Eastgate.

>> No.11723723

where did the shitlings hurt you anon?

>> No.11723726

Aldi in the US is Aldi Sud, Trader Joe's is owned by Aldi Nord but it's higher-end than the Aldi brand.

>> No.11723742

the local co-op

then whatever else is local/non-chain

if forced to settle for a chain, probably whole foods

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