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Why do females pretend to like pizza so much?

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Because pizzas a meme

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why do zoomers tattoo the cringiest shit on themselves

>> No.11681615

Is that an arm or a leg? I genuinely can't tell

>> No.11681619

The crust looks like a log of shit

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Because they’re fucking imbeciles

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I feel like people who tattoo this shit on themselves have a 600% chance of an opium overdose by age 40.

You never see autopsies of old people with retarded shit like this all over their bodies.

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>gf's parents ask me how to lose weight
>tell them to stop eating like garbage and eat less when they do eat
>they literally reply with reaction images when I say not to eat pizza
idk it's boomers too

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Definitely a leg

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They're all sluts who deserve to do, that's why. No exceptions.

>> No.11681640

I mean die, not do, obviously. LOL.

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>black hand
>white ass
Everything checks out here

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Cause my generation are a bunch of idiots, older generations didnt do stuff like this to the degree of my generation, we ate tidepods ffs lmao

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>No exceptions.
say hi to your mum for me

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What do you have to show that you like pizza more than they do?

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cartoon pizza is fucking disgusting

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I’m not female. Males like things because they genuinely like them. Females like things for status and attention.

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looks like someone took a dump on her pizza

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Why does op pretend to like cock so much?
Oh wait ops a faggot lmao

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>You never see autopsies of old people with retarded shit like this all over their bodies.
That's not because people who do this die young. It's because nobody did stupid things like this until relatively recently. Although that aside why are you even seeing that many autopsies in the first place to where you believe you have a sample size large enough to infer trends in the general population of all dead people? Are you a coroner?

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>males do thing good
>females do thing bad
Lol plenty of males are memester douche bags.

>> No.11681746

Yes, you're right, there has indeed been a campaign to suck the masculinity out of males.

>> No.11681752

Because it's safe, basic, and non-controversial. Literally no one out there hates pizza.
It's like putting "I like to laugh and have fun" on your dating profile when in reality you're a brain-dead thot with the personality and interests of an ironing board.

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Do white Americans really do this?

>> No.11681765

There are a lot of things I will tolerate or turn the other cheek to but I won't have you assholes talking shit about tattoos.

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>, we ate tidepods ffs
fucking retard. there were multiple headlines reporting that older adults were the ones who consumed the most tide pods.

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tattoos are the gayest thing people do in their lives

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what are you gonna do about it you fucking faggot. Tattoos are for niggers, white trash, or retards. No respectable man has tattoos.

>> No.11681856

Ain't me you gotta worry about, neckbeard.

>> No.11681866

I love it when women get stupid tattoos or other dumb shit. Instant cum dumpster status so I know not to waste any real time on them.

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all these pizza thrash roasties. it's like women can't into metal unless it's edgy blink 182, hipster doom, or some gay canadian "black metal"

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>pizza thrash roasties
based /meal/ crossposter

>> No.11681905

I read that as "Gluten Queen" what is wrong with me

>> No.11681912

this shit is a newer trend, thats why

old people were smoking and drinking themselves to death instead

>> No.11681929

honestly I thought the whole "pizza thrash" thing was just a /metal/ meme until I went to an Exodus concert and some dude was walking around in a battle jacket with a huge ass municipal waste back patch and a flipped up ball cap that had "PIZZA" written on the bill.

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I could post these gay fucking pizza tattoos all day but there are just too many of them.
Go to Instagram account ‘pizzatattoos’ if you want to see more. I can’t stomach looking at them anymore. I hate you god damn zoomers.

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I flat out refuse to see municipal waste shows anymore
the music is shit and the people they attract are the absolute fucking worst

>> No.11681946

Had an sjw coworker who wanted to get a slice of pizza with the words "Cut pizza, not babies" because she's against circumcision. I told her it's a fine position to have, but there is no reason to get that shitty tattoo.

>> No.11681953

>implying you have the balls to say anything negative to her face

>> No.11681981

every show I go to now there's at least one person running around in their dumbass walls of death shirt with trump shooting himself on it. It's always on some scrawny white dude. meanwhile all the peruvian folks show up in camo and demolition hammer shirts and smoke dope in the parking lot, and are generally a lot of fun. good thing captain whitey is there to be a triggered douchebag for them.

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>who wanted to get a slice of pizza with the words "Cut pizza, not babies"

>> No.11681999

unironically based and extremely redpilled for not falling for the zog lie that is circumcision

>> No.11682012


You should have told her you were circumcised with a pizza cutter because your parents loved pizza so much

>> No.11682103

that's fucking based holy shit

>> No.11682111

I fall for it every time. I imagine I can fix them and guide them to a whole new world of self-worth. Then I get my heart broken. Every time.

>> No.11682127

Because their entire lives revolve around memes and jokes and they don't take anything seriously. So it's no big deal to them, they can't comprehend the fact that they'll despise it when they're older.

>> No.11682131

Not sure if anyone sees the tons of hair on that ass where it isn't shaved for the tattoo. That's a man, baby!

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It's because it's traditionally seen as a "masculine" food (because it's greasy, fatty & often eaten with bare hands) that "nice girls" shouldn't eat.
We only eat it specifically to emasculate you. We've taken your jobs, we've taken your food, we're fucking each other with strap-ons behind your back. Pegging day is coming, my friend, and when it does you'll probably cry and beg for more.

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Pfffffffft, these bitches dont know jack shit about pizza.

>> No.11682218

It literally does.
Dumb cunt getting worst tattoo ever on her fat ass leg.

>> No.11682219

where the fuck do you live where there are Peruvian metal heads?

>> No.11682223

My money's on Brazil.

>> No.11682307

Maryland, actually. They're at a lot of the shows I go to in Baltimore, but they showed up to Mortem's set at the Maryland Deathfest with a Peruvian flag. I guess I'm making some assumptions. They seem like a cool bunch though. South America has some solid metal.

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It's not pizza, it's tacos. Every basic bitch i know it's constantly posting old ass taco memes.

>> No.11682311

Everyone likes pizza. A better question is why do only children and women enjoy pizza with cheese and/or pepperoni on it?

>> No.11682317

I may have to take a trip to Baltimore

>> No.11682320

or Maryland

>> No.11682345

It's got a pretty good metal scene. I saw Demolition Hammer here a few months ago, and awesome bands come through here all the time. Just be careful where you stay unless you enjoy getting robbed.

>> No.11682356

Where would you recommend avoiding?

>> No.11682358

or what areas

>> No.11682380

Quick disclaimer, I live outside the city and I'm not originally from Maryland. I'd say the Inner Harbor is a safe bet, and that's where most of the venues are anyway. Ottobar is also a place where a lot of bands play, but is closer to Johns Hopkins and you don't want to stay around there. Inner Harbor is nice though and if nobody's playing there's some good nightlife around the area or Fell's Point, which is close by. Basically though Baltimore is a nice little area around the Inner Harbor and Fell's Point, and everything outside of that is seedy at best, and definitely not something you'd like to just go walking around after you left a concert at midnight.

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Do Europeans really suck nigger and Muslim cock on a daily basis?

>> No.11682416

I appreciate the information man

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anytime. enjoy our crab cakes but pls dont get mugged.

>> No.11682541

To make you think that they are above the beauty standard and don't care about being fat.

Obviously that's just to mask their insecurities

>> No.11682693

>Pegging day
Yes please!

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