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How dafaq do I cook this

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Set it on fire

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Well you're not wrong

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no need to cook it, it will hatch soon.

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cube it and bake at 400F for 2400S

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You know something I don't?!

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So 40mins?What should I put on it?

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butter and pepper, nutmeg if you're into that warm flavor

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Cut it in half and roast it with olive oil and rosemary
Then scoop out half of it and make a roast pumpkin soup
and the other half make a Pumpkin Pie

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you can mash the cubes together when it's done, or eat cubed, or can just quarter it and sccoooop it out of its skin on the plate.
can cook lower for longer, but I like the crisp a higher temp gives the outer side.... but if you're mashing that will get lost anyway so 375 for hour, to hour 15 mightbe better.

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