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Is mac and cheese actually a real dish? It's just carbs and more carbs. Do Americans actually eat this? What the fuck?

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Now listen here! I've had enough of these threads where some asshole NEET from Europe or Australia criticises North American food, usually criticising one dish in particular. Americans have a wide and varied diet consisting of food from most countries/cultures. Please show some respect.

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>It's just carbs and more carbs

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Toast sandwich

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It's a fuck ton of dairy too idiot.

Meat also if you add ham or bacon.

Fuggin carbs on carbs, fucking jeez.

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>just carbs and more carbs

nigger what the fuck are you retarded? What the fuck cheese are you eating? Most cheese is super low carbs you ignorant fuck.

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Friendly reminder that the country with the longest life expectancy has a carb heavy diet.

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cheese is protein and fat

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This is why our black brothermen die young from diet related illness.

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This summer I came home starving and lazy so I made myself a blue box of Mac and cheese and ate the whole thing. Afterwords I grew extremely weak and groggy, passing out at my desk. Do I have the beetis?

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Cheese is not a carb dumbass

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OI, U got a LOICENSE for that obsession wankah

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British people during sex: oi your bum is so magnificent my rod is so hahhd.

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Why do you think the OP is British? Everyone laughs at white american "cuisine".

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>muh okinawa study

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Do Europeans really base everything they eat on muh carbs? Must be miserable

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>not adding these into his mac n cheese

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This. Why do Europeans like to shit on Americans for enjoying what they eat? We’re fat but at least we’re fat and happy.

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>muh heart diseased eskimos that live until 50 eating blubber

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Australian people during sex: Oi ya CUNT is so smashing! Who wants a quick time event ya roos?

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Most studies say you are fat and sad, but whatevs,

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Lol you mad British faggot?

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Ahahahahahaha based and redpilled.

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>carbs bad!

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Thanks, I thought so as well

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Why even eat mac and cheese if you add these? All youll taste is smokey sausage flavor

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>mac and cheese
>”White” food

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>he doesn't make black pepper bacon, cut it into fine pieces and add it to his Mac

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You are miserable. Of all the countries in the "Western" world I would LEAST like to live your country. You are number 21 on the democracy index ffs.

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>American cheese is actual cheese

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Non-diabetics are able to eat simple carbohydrates without spiking their blood sugar and then falling into a coma. I'm sorry you were such a glutton that you broke your pancreas. Either that or I'm sorry you're a retard who fell for the keto diet meme as actually helpful for anything other than managing drug resistant childhood epilepsy.

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Yeah nah

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yes, it is.

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>Pasta and cheese casseroles have been recorded as early as the 14th century in the Italian cookbook, Liber de Coquina, one of the oldest medieval cookbooks, which featured a dish of parmesan and pasta.
>m-muh Americans

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"American cheese is processed cheese made from a blend of milk, milk fats and solids, with other fats and whey protein concentrate."

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"American cheese is [...] cheese"

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>real cheese contains unidentified solids, unidentified other fats and whey protein concentrate

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>best friend comes over
>making his beef and cheese dip for the big game
>'hey anon wheres the pot you use to make mac and cheese'
>'i dont make mac and cheese, im 24 years old'
we don't talk anymore. he was sincerely malnourished. the last time i saw him he came over to film some very basic action shots. like jumping a few times. was out of breath. went to a doctor after and he was severely malnourished but he hates vegetables. his wife cooked them into his omlette and he would pick every single one out, scoop them on to her plate and say 'more for you!'

they ate mac and cheese like 4 times a week and pizza the other 3 nights. wife refused to cook before the malnourished bit because she had accidentally caught a kitchen on fire once.

I do eat chicken alfredo and would make that fairly regularly. Always trader joes brand unless it was a special occasion where id make the sauce from scratch. alwys add spinach as well. lately i do also switch out noodles for greenbeans.

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>He has never gotten to enjoy Mac and Cheese
What a faggot

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I make ano abalone mac and cheese at my restraunt that's superb. Everything is made from scratch. Even the cheese and noodles.

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>Everything is made from scratch. Even the cheese and noodles.
>Even the cheese
You don't seem to be in a hurry

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Why even bother with macaroni if you are only going to taste cheese? Just eat cheese.

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you can taste noodles, they are just very bland. like bread they help to stop the cheese from being too strong and add something chewable to the factor.

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Why are there so many anons on /ck/ who are absolutely OBSESSED with Americans? Theres like 4 or 5 of these threads a day.

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Have you ever been to a non-American country? I swear the regular news channel in every foreign nation I've traveled to has maintained coverage on at least 90% US topics at all times. It's weird.

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Interesting fact. In Canada, they call this a "dinner".

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i made mac and cheese today, i really liked it.

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>Why do you think the OP is British? Everyone laughs at white american "cuisine".

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That's like asking if spaghetti is a real dish. The hell is wrong with foreigners? So few of them are actually intelligent.

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It obviously is white food. It's much more weird among black people.

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Only boomers and /fit/faggots still believe in diet studies from 40 years ago saying carbs are a negative

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actually, 40 years ago is when they told everyone to eat mostly carbs. it's why everyone is fat today.

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mutt tier b8 thread

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>quick time event
>QTEs exist during sex too
david cage stop!!

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>carbs and more carbs
>what is cheese

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Processed cheese is different. Real cheese isn't legally required to be called processed cheese, but processed cheese is. Therefore processed cheese is not real cheese.

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Who are you talking to?

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> Interesting fact. In Canada, they call this a "dinner".

Interestingly enough, mac and cheese go very well with breaded chicken breast.

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OK, question: how do you make the cheese sauce? Every recipe I have made ends up being to thick, dry and almost grainy when I do lobster mac or shrimp mac. I do half gruyure and usually half smoked cheddar or snoked fontina. Have made it 4 times but I never like the cheese part. Most recipes have you make like a gravy and melt your cheese in it. What about just cheese and whole milk?

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no, only kraft dinner aka kd. mac and cheese is mac and cheese.

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The trick to making fantastic smooth-as-silk cheese sauce is to use evaporated milk (yes, the stuff in a can) instead of regular milk or cream.
Look up "John Thorne's Macaroni Cheese" for details.

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That can work. My wife's family makes it that way. Throw a little butter in plus some pepper to finish it off and you've something similar to a casserole. Leave it in long enough and you get a crisp outer shell. I like to sprinkle tomatoes on top and let them bake in with the crisp layer.

My favorite way to go, though, is the white sauce with cheese in it method because I grew up cooking it that way.

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Literal retard. Carbs are our body’s main source of energy. Being fat is a result of eating more calories you burn it doesn’t matter where they come from.

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>it's why everyone is fat today.
>Increased food energy supply is more than sufficient to explain the US epidemic of obesity
Reminder the biggest predictor for type 2 diabetes is your weight, not what kind of food you eat.
>Most people with type 2 diabetes are overweight or obese: more than 85% of people with type 2 diabetes in southeast Scotland in 2005 had a body mass index (weight in kilograms divided by height in metres squared) of over 25. Recent evidence indicates that high waist circumference may be an even better indicator than body mass index (BMI) of increased risk of type 2 diabetes.
Reminder you lose weight even on a vending machine snack diet if you take care of calorie restriction.
>Twinkies. Nutty bars. Powdered donuts.
>For 10 weeks, Mark Haub, a professor of human nutrition at Kansas State University, ate one of these sugary cakelets every three hours, instead of meals. To add variety in his steady stream of Hostess and Little Debbie snacks, Haub munched on Doritos chips, sugary cereals and Oreos, too.
>His premise: That in weight loss, pure calorie counting is what matters most -- not the nutritional value of the food.
>The premise held up: On his "convenience store diet," he shed 27 pounds in two months.
>For a class project, Haub limited himself to less than 1,800 calories a day. A man of Haub's pre-dieting size usually consumes about 2,600 calories daily. So he followed a basic principle of weight loss: He consumed significantly fewer calories than he burned.
>His body mass index went from 28.8, considered overweight, to 24.9, which is normal. He now weighs 174 pounds.

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Based calories in calories out Anne

>> No.11510790

>adding meme bacon
I expect nothing less from a pothead

>> No.11510834

>blaming memes for being fat
Everyone is fat because people don't know portion control and don't exercise.
Jesus christ man, do you even conservation of energy?

>> No.11510915

I've seen this before. You'll spend half a day arguing with some ketofag debunking every single claim until they finally just settle on something that amounts to "well maybe the same calorie count of different macronutrients would have the same effect on weight, but muh vanishingly small and negligible metabolism variations and also carbs """make you""" eat more."

>> No.11510932

Done properly it's awesome

>> No.11510955

Looks comfy

>> No.11510965

Nah, it literally all amounts to calorie restricion.
I should know. I did the whole keto diet thing back when I gave a shit about being /fit/ and that's all it is.

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>American cheese
pick one (1)

mac and cheese is for children m8

>> No.11511138

>Nah, it literally all amounts to calorie restricion.
That's the same thing I'm saying. I'm talking about the people like this anon who think carbs have special weight gain inducing properties and argue with you until you finally whittle them down to their one last non-wrong claim which is that they might feel hungrier eating carbs:

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>mac and cheese is for children m8
It clearly isn't. It's a cheap and easy staple food that people of all ages eat, and if anything, the age demographic that really stands out is young adults. You could also tell that's the case because of all the "deluxe" Cracker Barrel type brands that have come out in recent years. That's not marketing for kids, it's marketing for adults who want fancier macaroni and cheese. These aren't packaged with a bunch of cartoon animals and vibrant colors. They're packaged with stylistic minimalism and focus on things like the macaroni texture, quality credentials ("award winning"), and an understated shot of a couple nice looking cheese off squares at the bottom left of the macaroni. This sort of marketing would not exist if the demographic data these companies have been collecting agreed with your claim that only children were consuming macaroni and cheese at a high rate. You don't see new products like that launched across the board by all the major brands just to try to increase a low rate demographic's consumption. You want to increase consumption, but you also want some guarantee that the consumers you're going after are already buying more than average so you don't invest tons of money into a failure.

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Apu shouldn’t be smoking weed!

>> No.11511224

Mac & cheese is just a shitty fatty american version of a carbonara

>> No.11511225

>Americans aren't able to make a simple dish like Pasta ai quattro formaggi and they need to come with a watered down, kiddie version that doesn't use real cheese

>> No.11511230

>Non-Americans literally can't understand the concept of convenience
Tell me more about how you can make that faggoty pasta dish in 2 minutes just by taking it out of a box and sticking it in a microwave.
(You can't)

>> No.11511244

>Not being able to cook your own food and having to rely on microwave lunches
Terrible, simply terrible.

>> No.11511247

Why are there so many retards who think mac n cheese means either powder from a box or shitty processed cheese slices? These are time-saving bastardizations of the original dish, which is just a mornay sauce with pasta.

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It's a European dish you faggot. We got it from you.

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Why do you think we all eat that processed crap? Just look at Wisconsin.>>11508307

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>people seriously think macaroni and cheese is American



Just because North Americans (including Canadians here) love it so much, it doesn't mean that we invented the damn thing.

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>macaroni = carb
>cheese = carb

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All cheese is processed, fuckwit.

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quality post

>> No.11511497

But americans invented everything. Or wait: Did americans invent the chinese or did the chinese invent americans?

>> No.11511502

>muh carbs buzzword
Throw yourself out of the window

>> No.11511579

only americans have a weird obsession with devilizing "THE CARBS", so I can tell you're falseflagging
But it's also true that macncheese is an abomination that's only fit for creaturas that can't cook normal pasta and add normal fresh cheese

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you realize 100 years ago the average human diet was literally 90 percent carbs, right? And those people were incredibly thin/fit compared to most modern man.

The true answer is basically in/out but it's also more complex than that.

Simple carbs fuck you up, the processed shit will rot you out slowly after time. Unprocessed carbs and starches won't make you gain weight even if it's 100 percent of your intake... in fact you can eat fuck tons of carbs that way and gain literally no weight.
I did it and ate 95 percent unprocessed carbs for a month. Ended up losing weight on accident and in the end had the same kind of energy keto gave me when I tried it.

TLDR; carbs/protein/fat all basically don't have ideal ratios, you can eat as much of any as you want whenever you want assuming they're unprocessed/not saturated it's the healthiest shit you can put in your body.
better fuel is better fuel

>> No.11511641

Fuck off you obtuse faggot, you know exactly what I mean.

>> No.11511643

100 years might be a bit short, but the point still stands
during the first english embassy to china (1793), the brits were surprised how the lowly chinese masses were so hard-working and enduring in spite of only eating rice and vermin, and the chinese often document how they had to supply the english with more meat compared to what they'd eat.

>> No.11511650

>hurr durr carbs
off yourself immediately

>> No.11511657

You fuck up everything

>> No.11511705

That explains why it's shit.

>> No.11511845

Never come back

>> No.11511848

Please tell me these fuck ups don't have children

>> No.11511852

America is the main character of planet Earth

>> No.11512036


Naturally. We're a representative republic, not a democracy.

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>> No.11512124

why would you care, edgelord?

>> No.11512139


>Judges a shovel by a hammer's metrics
>Implies others are retarded for not doing the same

>> No.11512161

A republic is a democracy you dumbfuck retard.

>> No.11512179


A democracy is a form of government wherein the people directly vote on the matters of state. A representative republic is a form of government where you vote on people to make those decisions for you.

One of these is the rule of the mob, the other is a legitimate way of going about serving the interests of the people without placing too much weight on the opinions of fucking retards on the coast.

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>on accident

>> No.11512286

are you fucking retarded? have you ever met a black person who doesnt like mac n cheese?

>> No.11512432

youre not wrong but this post is autistic as hell

>> No.11513056

White people started cooking mac n cheese. The fact that black people (and probably every ethnicity) likes it, doesn't change it.

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File: 10 KB, 200x200, Duke-Face-duke-nukem-10258656-200-200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which country are you from? Toast Sandwichstan? The Fairybread Commonwealth?

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File: 71 KB, 595x520, fghgfhgf-595x520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a flavour difference between Abalone and Paua?
They're fairly different looking

>> No.11513146

It's a side dish that's meant to be eaten with bbq, chicken, or at the very least a hot dog.

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no it's an entre meant to be garnished with ketchup.

>> No.11513214

Mac and cheese is just the watered down, ruined version of various authentic Italian pasta dishes.

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File: 131 KB, 364x852, see that guy over there - american.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11513339

it's because the Japanese regularly fast and eat fish

>> No.11513358

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more wrong statement on this board

>> No.11515038

keto mac and cheese when?

>> No.11515052

what kind?

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Do people like this anon have some sort of brain dysfunction that prevents them from differentiating between choosing to do something for convenience vs. needing to do something for lack of knowledge? It's like this goes beyond just being wrong and into an outright state of concept blindness.

>> No.11515145

Autoban for use of the term "keto" when?

>> No.11515189

I never understood convenience, I've never felt discomfort neither, I felt as comfortable standing as sitting, I actually prefer standing and I eat standing.

>> No.11515227

That's because you probably live in some shit hole country where you slurp slime out of the gutter to keep yourself going in between chimney sweeps.

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File: 184 KB, 496x368, slavs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you a slav?

>> No.11515327

I only see one slav in that picture.

>> No.11516179

2 western spies

>> No.11516197

americans microwave water

>> No.11516226

There's literally nothing wrong with using a microwave. Are you worried it'll give you cancer or something?

>> No.11518274

Why wouldn't you microwave water? That's the whole point of a microwave.

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