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what's the most fool-proof way to make eggs taste good?

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Add salt

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Fried egg with salt and pepper. EZ

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Add your favorite condiment. I personally recommend Secret Aardvark habanero hot sauce.

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starve yourself for a week

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Shove __ __ ____ ___

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Don't overcook them. Some people like eggs with some browning to them but I think it tastes and especially smells awful, and gives them a bad texture.

More than that, add a little cheese, caramelized onion, and some steamed broccoli. And hot sauce.

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Add salt

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not good enough, they still taste like shit to me

this sounds great, thank you

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Hijacking this thread to ask a rather dumb questions about eggs: I've seen people add half a cup of cream or milk into eggs when making omelettes, does this actually add any sort of flavor?

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Remove the shell.

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>what's the most fool-proof way to make eggs taste good?
If you don't actually like eggs but want to eat them, disguise them as dessert.
Heat cast iron in oven while preheating. Dump into blender and whirl up a recipe of "dutch baby" batter (eggs, milk, flour, vanilla, salt), drop in some butter, pour in batter right from blender, and bake until puffy good.
I prefer a sprinkle of lemon juice and powdered sugar as my topping, but anything goes from maple syrup to savory things too.

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>cast iron
Sorry I have had sex. Any non autistic recipes?

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Fried egg and all its variations
>Add salt and pepper
Scrambled eggs
>add a dash of water to make it fluffy (milk adds milk flavor if you want that, but makes the eggs more dense. inferior mouthfeel, and detracts from the taste of the egg).
>add salt and pepper
>whisk thoroughly
hardboiled egg
>add salt. pepper doesn't stick very well.
poached egg
>add salt and pepepr

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Hot sauce.

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boiled outside the shell

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no those people are idiots

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You can bake it in a round glass baking dish, too

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Cook in bacon grease.

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Most foolproof? Fried over toast or muffin (with butter if you prefer).

Scrambled eggs require some technique, poached eggs require good timing. For fried eggs you can see how cooked they are easily. Over easy can be tricky to flip without breaking the yolk, but use a nonstick plan and plenty of butter or oil and it should be ok.

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salt and msg

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sous vide 50 minutes at 147
literal egg perfection

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Boil, dip in mayonnaise, call mayonegg

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Fried egg with generous amount of butter and salt/pepper to taste

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I tried but they just slip back out. I think its exit only.

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tasty as fuck and done in 5 minutes, i eat it everyday

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>Add salt
>Hot sauce.

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Light soy sauce goes well with eggs in my opinion.

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cook in butter, add salt after frying and give them a dash of Worcester sauce

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>fool proof
hard boiled. put them in room temperature tap water, turn burner up to medium-high (around 6 out of 9)
wait until water boils, turn down heat to 3-4, put on timer for 7 minutes. once timer goes off, pour water out and put eggs into water iced down with ice cubes for 2~ minutes so they're not too hot to touch.

Jap recipe is to whisk eggs with a little sugar, soy sauce, and add to hot pan. scrambled sweet eggs

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I made some pickled eggs for the first time. Does chili flavor get milder over time? Or should I just considerably increase the amount to get spicier eggs?

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I don't think heat works like that. You can have 30 jalapenos and all you add it to will only be as strong as a jalapeno, you'd have to get a stronger pepper if you wanted it to be stronger tasting. If, for example, a jalapeno is worth 100 heat units, 30 of them are still as strong as 100 heat units, it wouldn't become 3,000

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True but what I have is almost no flavor, which leads me to believe I either added too little or waited too long/not long enough. And I used chili powder this time, but I don't think that matters. I can sprinkle them with the powder before eating right now to get the heat up, but I'd like to make it perfect from the get-go next time.

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Crack into a skillet and fry, add salt and paprika to taste.
Black pepper works too.

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>"""people""" who cook eggs on anything but the lowest heat possible
fucking psychopaths

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If you want a hotter result from the same type of pepper you can just use the hotter part (seeds and near the pith) or lightly fry them in oil to really activate your almonds

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Thats just a sugary yorkshire pudding

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Cooking them in butter. Good pinch of kosher salt and freshly-ground pepper. Bit of cayenne if you want a little heat. Make sure not to overcook the eggs--it's a surefire way to ruin their texture and taste.

This is a favorite morning meal of mine because it's just one little saucepan and makes no spattering or mess I have to clean up later. I just skip the creme fraiche and chives. Still super creamy and delicious on some buttered wheat toast. Cooking for like 10 seconds longer than Gordon does seems to be my happy spot for doneness, as the eggs will cook very quickly from the pan's residual heat.

If you're frying eggs, I highly recommend doing sunny side up the way Andrea Rea does it:


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Olive oil, in

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This nigga knows what's up.

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Ruhrei: 1 tbsp flour + 1 tbsp milk per two eggs

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Hot sauce.


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based and varkpilled

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hard boiled w/ mayo. hard boiling them is retard proof and store bought mayo if you're extra retarded but making it yourself is way better and retard proof if you have a kitchen robot. If mayo is too much fat & freedom for you do vinaigrette. Vinaigrette is retard proof.

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