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god im so fucking fat
browsed this board and ate like shit for 1 week now at +15 pounds more (from 121 to 135)

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i have drank 5 beers a day and ate like shit for the last 3 weeks. i have not worked out at all and spend most of my day sitting down. i have gained no weight, i might have actually lost weight...

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Great blog post. Heres a (like)!

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this is what i thought. then i hopped on the scale..

im a manlet (5'4") so i have to stay thin (under 120) to pull off the trap aesthetic desu

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He might be a manlet or a child.

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If you actually gained 15 pounds that's a total of 52500 calories.
To consume that much in a week, you would need to consume 7500 extra calories per day, a feat that many weightlifters actually struggle to do _intentionally_
I highly doubt you gained 15 pounds in one week even if you were truly pigging out.

However, if you have been eating a lot more than you usually do, you're probably retaining some water.

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better kill yourself.

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found the fat fuck

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>plz give me attention XD
ok done, now post a pic of yourself you pathetic faggot

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You gotta have them thicc thighs

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>to pull off the trap aesthetic desu
prove it

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How can I to continue to lose weight and learn not give in to carb based cravings and meat in general?
I'm currently around 140 and wish to pull off the same aesthetic.

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ugh well I try to cardio every day
you can eat anything you want desu just reduce your portions

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What's your cardio routine?
I wanna be cute.

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I just run around the neighborhood until I get tired

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I use to pass when I was 18-21, then I drank a lot of beer, got older, manlier and have a dad body now.

The dad bod gets me more tail. Also being fat wearing girl cloths no longer turns me on anymore, I don't look like a girl when I do it anymore.

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That's cute.
Do you think pic related is a good idea?

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well I agree with the good skin/hair care and cardio part
to be honestl i mostly rely on my youth and feminine genetics desu

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Thank you, little anon.
You sound pure and your spirit is good, so I wish you the best in life and that you achieve your dreams of being a really cute trap.
I believe in you.

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what the fuck

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PROTIP it takes like an entire hour of running to burn 100 calories. If you ran 8am-2pm you'd have accomplished a Big Mac.

Count calories, eat only 80% of this many calories >>http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculator/

if you are at a deficit like above you will NOT gain muscle mass from lifting weights, but it is much more effective at burning cal. than cardio.

Also, as ex-ana starving gives you a paunch. Err on the side of overeating (stay to your guidelines tho) and work off excess. You obtain moar cute in face and ass and less plastic bag ass and skelly. Cheeks too, you might think they're fat rn but you'll thank me when ur goal weight.


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Thank you.

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This shit is genuinely degenerate gay, holy shit. I feel filthy reading it.

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sounds like an internal monologue desu

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what did you eat

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A bullet to the brain will complete your trap aesthetic uwu

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