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Well /ck/, the twitterverse has spoken!!


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i prefer to mix my own ratios

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I don't like ketchup&mayo but this seems like how most people would feel. If you care enough about this shit to post about it on the internet, wouldn't you care about getting it just how you like it?

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Isn't this just Russian dressing or thousand island without pickles?

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It's just Golf sauce, nigga. Why the fuss?
>pic related
You can buy that shit anywhere.

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Golf sauce is a south american phenomenon anon. I've only seen it in argentinian bodegas in miami

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How this wasn't called ketchonnaise I'll never know. Fucking mayochup, what the fuck

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When will Quinky sauce be commercially available?

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Ye no one ever did that before.
Nice journalism.

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a less interesting fry sauce

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> He's a two jar slave.

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To be fair thousand island is supposed to use peppers not tomatoes as the red sauce base

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hot sauce in mayo is superior

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as an Argie, I'm conflicted by it
I know its disgusting and dumb, but the very few things that go well with it are SO FUCKING GOOD with it
it's the kind of thing that makes you hate yourself after eating

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pink sauce lad

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>ketchup and mayo
ketchup is a shit condiment, especially the mass-produced stuff. Sriracha mayo (or any mayo with hot sauce, really) is superior.

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people arent going to call that either probably.
the unofficial officical name will be

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It's not even that bad- despite all the negative connotations mayonnaise has (for some reason), it's just oil and egg
No worse than any salad dressing, which is basically pure oil.

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Literally salsa rosa...

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>saucy sauce

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>ketchup and mayonnaise
Isn't that just Marie Rose sauce?

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It's called fry sauce you unAmerican noobs

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You spelled cancer wrong.

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Seems I'm always spreading Mayostard, Mustardayonnaise... and time.

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Or Russian dressing

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>American food industry have only just discovered Marie Rose sauce
Have you guys honestly never had a prawn cocktail?

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Isn't this just fry sauce?

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If this was true, not that im saying its not, i would like thousand island. I live in merica so every thing is sugary ketchup based

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special sauce, secret sauce... literally has 100000 names and mayochup is not one of them

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yeah, dumb meme

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Buy our (((mayochup))) goyim!

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Gay as fuck. No one will buy this

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Heinz had previously gauged interest for the product in the United States, but there was a split between the proposed names (like what's occurring in this thread). Mayochup was already being sold as a product in the Middle East, and this article has it appearing that it will retain the same product name.

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Why don't they make a sauce that is a mixture of equal parts mayo, ketchup and mustard. Would save a lot of time applying those three to burgers. Do it, Heinz. I need this in my hectic life.

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Who the fuck asked you, fatboy? You need a smack in the teeth.

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fucking kys nigger

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I can't think of a worse name for this product. Mayochup doesn't flow as a word at all. God, to think that people got paid to make that word up INFURIATES me.

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best mayo is Chick Fil A's
I've asked many times over the years what it is, and they say "kraft", but it's not kraft

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Based and redpilled

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>sesame seed bagel
>meunster cheese
>romaine lettuce
>enough tomato for distrobution
>mustardnaise from the bottle
best sandwich

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That's a form of piracy.

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It's called ketchunnaise american swine.

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Germany wants to have a word. Shit's been around for ages

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Mein Maximalpigmentierter.

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More like ketchingAIDS

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This will be here and gone in about 6 months. You'll be seeing a ton of these in the clearance section of your local supermarket.

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Look out the window in that picture. Fucking Slavs live in a real life fallout scenario.

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mayochup more like MAYOKEKS


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I like palm hearts and golf sauce pizza

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fucking lel, will ferrell is a national treasure

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I was just about to post that. That movie was the best worst movie of the 2000s for me. Shit left me in tears.

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>equal parts mayo, ketchup and mustard
>not 2:1:1 mayo:ketchup:mustard
Poor taste

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