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I'm genuinely curious why there are so many keto people on here (or in the world in general) like when I see a fat bastard with heart disease walking down the road my first thought is not "that man needs to put down the whole grain, fruit, sweet potato, beans, lentils and squash, he needs to eat some more oily food butter eggs and cheese"

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newest fad diet and excuse to eat fat

fatties love to delude themself

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It could have something to do with the fact you've been conditioned since birth to believe garbage science and government propaganda.

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Nobody cares how ignorant you are. You can also believe that the earth is flat and 4000 years old, and nobody would continue caring.

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Keto is a cult and they circlejerk every unfactual instance of ketardism to death
They literally, compulsively, unironically CAN'T HELP THEMSELVES
if you say anything negative or attempt to disprove their narcissistic point of view
Even vegans are better than ketards. They generally have facts or information to post.
Ketards just shit out statements towards you.
Everyone on here knows it's unhealthy including the ketards. They just can't help themselves.

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baseless accusations is not a ration defense of you retarded diet

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Mods should just allow a keto general, maybe just combine it with vegan trolls and call it the fa/ck/d general. Then when they're all contained just perma-ban them. Maybe then we can go back to being the alcoholic cooking and food autism board that we used to be.

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still not caring.

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>watermarked memes
But it's probably because it's mostly overweight people who struggled trying to lose it and found something that let them eat tasty food and lose weight. People used to think you could only eat salad with lemon juice and a 4 oz piece of chicken or fish to lose weight instead of just reducing total intake and processed foods. Keto goes a bit overboard with it though because there isn't much wrong with fruit, the lactose in milk, even whole grains, but they probably worry if they don't monitor their carb intake that much they'll start gaining weight again.

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I think for obese people, it's an interventional measure to rebalance their insulin cycles. They didn't get obese from whole foods. They got fat from refined sugars and refined grains. There is nothing wrong with dietary fats. They're perfectly fine and an essential nutrient. Why are there so many keto people on /ck/? Obviously there a lot of obese people on /ck/. Weight-loss threads come and go here with the seasons. High-carbohydrate calorie restrictive diets for weight loss can have negative health effects. Fasting is much safer than those. Fasting is a hell of a stretch for an obese person with a food addiction and whacked hormones. A calorie-restricted ketogenic diet is not a hell of a stretch for these people.

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Keto isn't about weight loss. It is for some people, but that's not what has popularized it. Keto is about whole body health. About optimizing your biological potential. It hacks your genes, kills off unhelpful gene expression, and activates productive gene expression.

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I've only met one in real life.

He was fat.

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Keto is literally just a way to force your body to burn more of its fat stores than it normally would. It has nothing to do with overall health, perfect diet, athleticism, etc. Ketosis is just a way for fatfucks to lose weight fast without fucking over their own metabolisms with extreme caloric deficits. Keto is a great short-term diet tool when done correctly.

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That sounds reasonable

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It was an extreme method of weight loss if you didn't have enough discipline to eat 300 less calories a day on /fit/ for many, many years

It being a fad is new

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I wouldn't say it's new. It was a fad about three years ago. Around the same period of the raw food and paleo fads. It's not as popular today as it was then, and people starting it today are belatedly chasing a dying trend.

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>Keto is a great short-term diet tool when done correctly.

Can confirm. I lost 35lbs in six months and even with a few bad months of falling back into bad habits (fast food and soda again), I only gained 5lbs in 3-4 months because I still kept to low carb meals most of the time.

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the simplicity of keto diet make it easy to lose weight. dietist endocrines and nutritionist usually give shitty diets and advices because they dont care or because they dont know. there is a whole market of products and medics and science supposed to be focused on helping people make fat.
tldr; keto is good for losing weight when you are in a diy nutritional plan.

im on "keto" with charges and discharges of carbs because of boxing perfomance. its a ridiculous strict diet that cycles every 3 weeks when i stop keto and eat carbs in order to perform better while losing fat while in keto. it really wprks. but ots made by a proffesional. thats the best you can do, find the best proffesional

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>It being a fad is new
You're so wrong it actually hurts.
That being said it feels like the majority of people are wrong about what keto is too. They constantly mix it up with the Atkin's Diet.

tl;dr kill yourself.

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>fat makes you fat

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>fat is not fat
holy shit

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Because the keto diet works. It's the only one I've been on where, just from the diet, I've dropped weight.

Down 35lbs from where I started, and it only took a couple of months.

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>It hacks your genes

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Pretty sure butter and bread are one of few reasons why Im not below 20% bf.

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S O Y hacks your genes and breaks them into feminine pieces

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It's just a fad diet.
It'll pass.

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Soy isn't filtered on /ck/ you silly goose

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>the simplicity of keto diet
You know what's even simpler? Not eating so fucking much, and getting out of your moms basement once in a while to fetch your own tendies.

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Raw food was a fad in in the 60's. Atkins was the 70's, south beach was the 80's, paleo's peak was in the 90's, then gluten free in the 00's, and now keto. Ketofags are the same deluded brainlets each time, flitting from one meme diet to the next trying to find a magic pill to fix their health problems without actually trying. At some point they'll discover fasting and finally kill themselves, and the rest of us can get back to being ethical, healthy vegans.

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Shit bait.
No (you) for you.

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>t. ketard that can't handle the harsh truth about his meme-diet-of-the-month
Enjoy your kidney failure, brainlet. See you next month in the fasting threads.

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>being this assblasted at (you) denial.
Keto is for fags anyway.
Stay mad, fuckwit.

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It’s just an excuse to eat mcdonalds all day.

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Started keto recently because I was afraid I might have type 2. I dont know if its becauae keto or just because normal dieting, but i rarely get hungry now. To the point where i need to remind myself to eat. Also sometimes I can't finish my meal, even though I used to be able to eat 3x the amount of food before.

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You should try fasting. Keto is for weak willed soyboy who cant handle the sheer awesomeness and lack of memeness of fasting.

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