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What's the low down on lobsters?

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They live down low in the ocean hahahahahahahahaha lmao

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yabby innit

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pineapple unda da sea nigga

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I very much enjoy the flavor of lobster. Particularly rock lobster because of it superior texture.

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Alton Brown nailed it when he called them "bugs."

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Obligatory post about prison food.

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Lobsters will only pinch you if they're mad

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Were you at the beach with matching towels?

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Getting pinched by a lobster is a 30 minute video?

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Couldn't find a lobster willing to pinch

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Lobster is fucken gay. It's an excuse for faggets 2 eat melted butter and feel fancy while the real men enjoy their steaks

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Nah I eat both at the same time

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I never put butter on my lobster. I love the meat unadorned. How does it feel to have your entire worldview obliterated?

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100% psychic

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They're closeted homosexual underwater sea spiders. I only fucks with 'sters on the DL.

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>he cant afford surf and turf

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I love lobster. Most people here probably never had the luxury. It's the ultimate rich man's food.

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I too enjoy the taste of lobster fed to me by naked 22 year old women on my yacht

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Lobster is good but crab is a good compromise if your funds are tight.

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caviar is, dufus.

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eat the tomally.
that is all i got.

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It's not THAT expensive. There's a reason Red Lobster has been able to stay open, and that's selling faux-luxury to Lower-middle class Americans. I know you've probably heard it, but they were literally poverty food before some marketing stunt.

Depending on the market that year, they're like 25 bucks to enjoy a live one. How is that not doable even for a broke ass person?

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That's not true but crab is definitely better than lobster.

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I'm willing to bet you just made every point he was waiting for, and he is sitting in a basement somewhere chuckling to himself and rubbing his hands together.

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For low income people $25 is a lot of money that shouldn't be frivolously spent on lobster.

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theyre pretty much the cockroaches of the sea and feel pain but they are delicious and pain is how you know you are alive.

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Every single animal we eat feels pain, just as we do. Circle of life, niBBa

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Just put it on your EBT retard

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Ackchually most fish and sea-life in general apparently doesn't actually have the nervous-structure and brainpower to consider pain beyond the initial "get the fuck away" reaction

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Once again a food thread turns to a discussion about social class rather than food.
It's like all the fucking retarded undergrad social scientists wannabe's converged on this shit board.

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Food is intimately connected to social class and it always has been.

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for me, its the Alaskan king crab

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Lobster is one of those foods most people say when asked what their last meal choice would be. It's a shame it has always been so damn expensive.

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Do people still eat all the upper body guts on lobster? My friend smears it on toast but i've heard it's not safe anymore because mercury levels or some shit.

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Sea cockroaches

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Just go to the east coast where it's $5 a pound

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Not a fan of them but supposedly they're really good when cooked sous vide.

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Based, redpilled, and high IQ (>150)

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Obligatory queen post

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Quick story.
I grew up summering in Maine.
>parents have a nice house on a salt pond with a dock
>mad lobster buoys in the salt pond
>go to the dock with a case of bud
>flag down a lobsterman
>trade case of cold bud for 6 lobsters
>dinner has been taken care of

Maine is so fucking based. I wish they didn't sell the place. I want to buy property up there.

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Depends on the type, king crab without a doubt

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I'd take snow crab over king crab personally

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>Maine is so fucking based. I wish they didn't sell the place. I want to buy property up there.
New England property is pretty depressed/low priced, so is Nova Scotia.

>> No.11162214

Anything near the coast from Portland to Greenwich is pretty fucking expensive

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Lol she dumb

>> No.11162381

marry me, fuck

>> No.11162387

hmmm weird I was coming in to the thread to make this exact same post.
great minds think alike I guess.

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Don’t care for them

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>Get lobster a few times a year
If you cant put aside $25 for some spending money you have other more immediate problems.

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Crab > lobster

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I hate that fag. He did a show on blue crabs one time and pretty much shit on them the whole time.

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Hell yeah we still out here doing bad shit nigga

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I like lobster but I hate fondling their exoskeleton to retrieve the meat. It gives me the heebeegeebees.

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Over rated. Don't get me wrong, I like a good lobster roll every now and again but there's always something better, especially for what they cost.

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Lobster feeds at our house are a fucking massacre, and the tomalley is highly sought after for spreading on toast,

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all seafood is based
any other opinion is the wrong opinion

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Im from the dry land and I say KILL EM ALL

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Only if you're talking about in-land NH, VT and ME. Property and property taxes are very expensive in southern New England.

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>rich man food
>used to be fed to prisoners as a cheap alternative to chicken and beef.
>was so plentiful, they used to wash up on shore after a hard storm.

Yeah, way to fall for north eastern memes.

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It's luxury is total meme status. It really isn't THAT expensive. The fact that Langoustiens haven't been brought up shows just how pleb tier this board really is.

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Is that the new Jewish family that moved in down the street?

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It's a regional thing. If you live near where lobsters are harvested they're just another seafood option. Like oysters on the half shell. Not cheap, but not crazy expensive.

It only becomes a luxury in places far from the sea, where it's something exotic and expensive. This is typical. A few hundred years ago spices and tea from Asia were big prestige foods in the Western world, because they had to be shipped in from far away. Today in New York people pay top dollar for sushi made from fish flown in from the Tsukiji market. And a bottle of ordinary Bordeaux that would be commonly sold in a French supermarket commands more than double the supermarket price at more upscale wine shops. If you want to enjoy something nice from far away it's generally an expensive proposition.

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I find it a comforting thought to know we all live in the same street. Hi Neighbour!

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