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Lets cut the bullshit. Rice is a vegetable. It may also be a starch, whatever.

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A vegetable is a part of a plant that can be used as food. This means all starches and fruits are also vegetables. The term is meaningless with such a broad definition. That's why people don't call rice or wheat a vegetable

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is pizza a vegetables

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rice is a grain, just like oats, barley or rye you numbnut. Technically, zucchinis are fruits but we dont call them that because this is /ck/, not /sci/

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...the fucking state of/ck/ Jesus.

What's next? Ranch is a super food and tomato soup is best snorted through a silly straw?

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Yes, because it has tomato sauce.

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Grains are dry fruits

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How do I store leftover rice without it becoming disgusting, /ck/? Whether it's for reheating or not.

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Wow I hope this is a joke and you aren't seriously this retarded

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Bread confirmed vegetable.

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Yes, because it has pineapples.

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There are NO vegetables.
There are:
berries (pizza)
and so on

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A vegetable is the VEGETATIVE part of the plant; roots, shoots, leaves, anything that isn't the seed or a fruit.

Rice is seeds. We loosely classify these based on their botanical appearance as things like nuts, grains, beans, etc. By stretching definitions across botanical, culinary, and layman's terms, green beans are a fruit, a seed, and a vegetable all at the same time. But from a culinary standpoint, rice is no vegetable.

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No you idiot, rice isn't even an ingredient in V8. Try looking shit up before making ridiculous claims next time.

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So v8 is the standard for what a vegetable is? You're a fucking vegetable.

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like the flower
flowers are vegetables

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Ok dude. Thanks for clearing that up.

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in a zip lock bag

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What the fuck did you think the V in V8 stood for, poultry?

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it obviously dont include all vegetables. you should be listed on the can.

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it includes all 8
thats why they call it v8

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In the fridge or freezer? And is there anything reusable I can use to store it? I make rice quite often and my rice cooker only takes a minimum half-cup at a time (which turns to a cooked cup).

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theres absolutely more than 8 vegetables you trolling cunt

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Lets cut the bullshit. Cucumber is a drink. It may also be 5% vegetable, whatever.

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Tomato is a fruit
Lettuce and red cabbage are just leaves
Mushrooms are fungus
Mint? Are you even trying?
You're trolling all of us

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Flowers are part of the fruit.

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I like cucumbers because of how flavorless they are. They taste like a crunchy sack of water. The most refreshing vegetable on a hot summer night.

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just throw it in the fridge, after that you have two options, either add water to the rice and use a steamer to heat it back up, or use the leftover rice to make fried rice

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>Technically, zucchinis are fruits

So are tomatoes, but we use them as if they were vegetables.

Oh, and avocados. Also a fruit.

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don't reveal the contents of my next book!

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“vegetable” is purely a culinary term, mangoman; normally, it just refers to produce employed in savory dishes, but not exclusively. “Fruit,” a botanical AND culinary term, however, is the fruiting body of a plant, bot not necessarily edible.

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i know rice is a shit, for sure

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The flowers fall off before the fruit is formed idiot.
The flowers are just there to attract pollinators.

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Mushrooms are the fruiting bodies from mycelium.
Mushrooms are a fruit.

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Certainly not true for many 'fruits'. An apple for example isn't a fruit, but an engorged receptacle, which is part of the inflorescence. The fruit of an apple tree are the seeds inside the apple.

You probably think a flower consist only of the sepals and petals. True fruits are derived from the ovary, which is part of the inflorescence. An inflorescence is not a vegetative part of the plant.

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Come on, don't be like that. This belongs to one of the better and more ontopic posts this board has these days..

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Explain broccoli

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Mutatded inflorescences served on the stem. Both fruit and vegetable, same as cauliflower.

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So fruits are vegetables

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i dont give a shit ill still eat rice faster than i eat pussy shits good

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brocoli is gay

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No. Grapes are a fruit, grape leaves are a vegetable. If I use both in a dish the fruits don't magically become vegetables. The flowers of broccoli and cauliflower are fruits, the stems from which these grow are vegetables. Usually you eat both at the same time. This changes nothing about the nature of vegetables and fruits.

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So you don't eat rice?

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mushrooms are vegetables.

even though they're not even plants.

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>Mushrooms are a fruit.
>mushrooms are vegetables.

Mushrooms are basidiocarps.

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no, the mycelium is a vegetable.
The mushrooms are fruit.

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white rice is junk food, same as pasta and bread.

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Mushrooms are closer to animals than to plants, genetically. Would you say eggs are fruit and meat is a vegetable? Mushrooms are basidiocarps.

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oh is that so. thank you anon.

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