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We eat half our meals alone


Thoughts on this?

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I dont see an issue with this. Eating isnt supposed to be a social event its for fucking, wait for it, eating

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we should be sharing our lives with others. not living shitty lonely lives.

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>supposed to be
What does that even mean? If we're talking human history people most likely rarely ate alone

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I eat all my meals alone...

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That's too many meals with other people.

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Other than a few breakfasts recently I can't remember the last meal I ate completely alone.

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I shit alone, just saying.

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normie get out

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half with people seems very high

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Sorry (。ŏ﹏ŏ)

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I live alone so unsurprisingly I eat a lot of my meals alone. But up until I moved away from home I almost never ate alone. Family placed a lot of importance on eating meals together as much as humanly possible.

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fuck choking down food and trying to ignore everyone's dentures clacking and the sound of mush swishing through gaps in their teeth and shit
i'm not even hungry when you old fuckers eat, it's like 5:00

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what does that have to do with eating

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>Eating isnt supposed to be a social event its for fucking
It kinda is, Anon. Eating meals together is important for bonding with others. There is reason families eat meals together and couples often go on dates to restaurants and such.

Frankly, you sound like bitter loner with broken family and no friends. Or autist, i guess.

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yeah but you also live with mom

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Eating is something you need to do to live. It can't always be an event.

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How sad is it when spending time together with other people has become an event

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Top guy: too busy working to take a break and enjoy meals with others, deadlines too important
Middle: posh uncle Tom who doesnt like the low-lives who live in his building
Bottom: loves rom-coms and her cat, social anxiety and unable or unwilling to go out and meet people

Why should they be eating together when clearly they don't really want to and probably prefer different things?

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middle is clearly a divorced dad with a career who had to move out of the house and can only see his children once a week

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top is obviously female

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I get enough interaction from work, what's wrong with being alone after?

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if people weren't so obnoxiously loud when they ate id be more interested in sitting with them

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eating alone is so much better
>talking pick one

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Wouldn't you rather have interaction with actual family members, friends or your kids?

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I'm on OMAD and eat at 4-6 PM. Love it. Eating every meal with others just encourages overeating.

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>huffington post

You’re either a woman or a fag. Go back to Rebbit

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>implying he ever married his baby momma

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>having a family

unless you are a top 10% chad, it ain't gonna happen for you

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>huffington post
Anways I eat like 99.99% of my meals alone lmao.

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You are free to go out and mingle if you want to.

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>eat alone
Eat alone? I feast alone. My meals are the best part of my day, better than anything. And I'm not even fat.

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What type of 1950s crap is this? It's eating, nothing more.

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Im not gonna invite friends over to my place when i wake up and make some bacon and eggs before work. Eating is meant to supply sustenance to continue living. No one gives a shit that i decided i wanted to eat a burger alone because friends or family was busy/already ate. The fact that you defend social eating says more about your social dependence and appearance about eating. What nigga would rather starve than eat a banana on the way to a friends place because your alone at that point in time?

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>What nigga would rather starve than eat a banana on the way to a friends place because your alone at that point in time?

Why would you be "starving" on the way to your friends place? Wouldn't you already have eaten before you left?

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slow news day?

Executives trying to be moralizing by pushing wierd-ass articles?

seems like huffpo to me.

on topic though, how many people live alone? do you guys not cook for your roommates? do your roommates not cook for you? hell, what about ordering a pizza? eating together doesn't mean just sunday dinner.

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>do you guys not cook for your roommates?
Absolutely fucking not

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Surely you should eat breakfast with your girlfriend/wife, lunch with co-workers and dinner with family or friends

Or at least that should be the goal

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You bet I cook for my roommates. It's fucking amazing. They pay for all the ingredients and I cook whatever I want. I get to improve my cooking skills, have fun doing it, and feed myself for free. Fucking fantastic.

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Dude.... Like... What if, hold on... What if... Instead of eating alone... They, ate together...

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Fuck eating alone, who here is drin/ck/ing alone

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I pretty much eat all of my meals alone, even at work

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>Thoughts on this?
I think it's one of the factors responsible for many younger people having horrible social skills and anxiety.

Sure, eating with others isn't always pleasant, but it develops your social skills. Running from the problem only makes it worse.

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who would combine these two snacks? the popcorn is great cause if she's depressed and not bothering to cook anything, sure, popcorn. but the fries? wtf?

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I ate all my meals alone even growing up. I'd either make something myself or take what my mom made and go to my room. Live alone now and eat alone mostly. I like watching some kind of commentary on YouTube when I'm eating makes it less lonely.

Sharing meals with others is a rare treat and rather nice. Much better. But much harder to achieve.

I'm learning to cook after finally accepting I'm learning for myself. It's not very satisfying but certainly is a good time waster. I've cooked a meal or two for others and that's so much better. I'll probably end up just mastering a couple things I really like and not rly expand my horizons. Empanadas for two where the best time I've had cooking. Empanadas for one would be awful. Shephards pie for one on the other hand can last for days and is great.

Things either atomize or you focus on community and do what's good for the greater whole. Hard to say what's better. We'd certainly have more meals together one way.

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Heres a better question

Is it a big fucking deal to eat a meal alone? Are you any less of a person if you dont have someone by yourside at every point during a meal time?

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I eat all my meals alone ;-;

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>Is it a big fucking deal to eat a meal alone?
A meal? As in singular? It's not a big deal at all.

>>Are you any less of a person if you dont have someone by yourside at every point during a meal time?
Depends. Are you talking about regular occurrences or are you talking about an every-once-in-while thing? If you regularly eat alone that's a sign that you don't fit in with society and likely have social problems. Continuing to do so is only making those problems worse.

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i'm at a point in my life that seeing other people eat makes me sick. USA has an obsession with food.

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Considering how many people are eating alone as the article claims it seems to be more a societal problem rather than social/personal. I wouldnt be so quick to blame people for not eating with other people 99% of the time when busy lives and schedules makes finding time to be together difficult

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ive eaten nearly every meal alone for the past 8 years, barring maybe two or three times a year when im visiting family

during this time i have managed to develop a phobia of eating in public/around others; i never eat anything at work even on 12 hour shifts, sometimes i'll be at a bar or something with friends and they will all order food and i'll lie and tell them im not hungry because i ate before heading out, i also lie to family about having prior commitments to avoid going out for meals with them etc.
this leads to frequently not eating all day then binge eating right before bed which disrupts my sleep, it also makes dating more or less impossible

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>it seems to be more a societal problem rather than social/personal.
What's the difference other than semantics?

>> I wouldnt be so quick to blame people
I didn't intend to blame anyone. I was stating a fact, not casting judgement. But since you brought it up, if I had to blame anyone I would blame parents who prioritized their own things over the well-being of their family. Parents who allow their kids to wander off and eat in their rooms ought to be gassed, as should parents who claim they are "too busy to eat as a family" because they are living beyond their means, or prioritizing their own desires above the well being of their kids.

>>when busy lives and schedules makes finding time to be together difficult
Instead of letting the "busy schedule" interrupt mealtime, how about making mealtime interrupt the "busy schedule"? It's all a matter of priorities, and there is very little in this world more important than learning social skills and life skills (like cooking). Family mealtime addresses both.

I remember when I was a kid there was often a TV show or something that I wanted to see during mealtime. Was I allowed to take my meal in front of the TV? Absolutely not. When I was a kid I hated it. Looking back as an adult? Absolutely the best decision, bar none.

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Go fuck yourself, normalshit.

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I'm not going to bother with the rest of your preaching, but in regards to your first question one is about individuals while the other speaks to group behavior.

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Some of us don't like eating in front of someone else. If you want to go stuff your face with your friend then knock yourself out.

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exactly. i hate watching people stuff their face

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>Some of us don't like eating in front of someone else.
Why run from your fear perpetually when you can deal with it instead?

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Jesus christ, the number of people who don't realize that eating is an important social bonding activity is shocking. Why do you think your dog gets so excited when you give them some food from your plate? It's because you are their "pack" and sharing food is one of the primary ways of bonding and show trust and love etc.

It's a little bit frightening to see this many people be so removed from what's natural, although this is 4chan after all and most of the people here are sad degenerate autists

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>dogs do it so we should too
That's the weakest fucking argument I've heard.

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It's all about dat sodium boi

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No, I wouldn't say one meal now and then is a big fucking deal

But we're discussing the fact that half of our meals are eaten alone

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the point is that dogs have pack instincts and humans have tribal instincts, and eating together/sharing food is an important part of fulfilling those instinctual needs.
i'm sure that you're too intellectual to obey your biology, but the rest of us find it pleasant.


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Nigga problems socializing because of inherent flaws is the same as problems caused by trying to pay the damn rent?

I dont see an issue with working more to provide for your family. Sounds more like you carry grudges from your own childhood.

And nigga please if it was that easy to "interrupt work time" im sure many would do it. Its like you forget how many people try to get by paying the goddamn rent, let alone have any disposable income. Not everyone has jobs where they can just not take a day off on a whim

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This. I eat, I do it alone. I think, I do it alone. It almost feels to me that when you spend too much time with other people that are similar to yourself you become susceptible to hive mind esk behavior.

>> No.11141792

>only half

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Serious question: Why do people like eating lunch with their co-workers? I stopped doing that in 2012, been a car luncher ever since. All anyone ever talks about is workplace gossip and the inane things they like.

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i hate eating with coworkers. i especially hate when people ask me to pick up something for them.
>hey, anon, where ya goin' for lunch?
prolly taco smell
>can ya grab me a number 8 with a dr. pepper?
ya. $250
>no. seriously
no. seriously. i value my time. obviously you don't
>come on, you're gonna be there anyway
don't give a shit. you're asking for a service. i charge $250 for that service
>that's fucked up, i can use door dash or uber eats and it won't cost me that much
great. use them.
>you're an asshole
i know

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I used to be a giant homo about eating with other people. Made me feel uncomfortable. I went into the military later and you are required to eat together. Everybody needs to eat. Don't feel weird about it. If I'm not eating with someone I know, I'm not about to strike up a conversation with them though.

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>Thoughts on this?

It's a racist and sexist publication, and linking to it should be a bannable offence.

>> No.11141875

the trick is never tell people where you're going when they ask that shit. they think that your lunch hour is well spent running errands for them.

>> No.11141882

i don't mind running errands for anyone. i just want to get paid for doing it.

>> No.11141884

Some of my coworkers are friends. It's nice to chat with them over lunch, and we never talk about work stuff.

The other angle has nothing to do with "like". Rather its called building one's career. You've probably heard the phrase "it's not what you know, it's who you know". That couldn't be more true. Talk to your co-workers. Make contacts. It will help your job performance and your career.

>>car lunch
Fucking disgusting. Meals are to be eaten at the kitchen, dining, or cafeteria table.

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>Meals are to be eaten at the kitchen, dining, or cafeteria table.
tell that to truck drivers

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I used to eat all my meals with somebody tho but Thanos just did that shit

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>Nigga problems socializing because of inherent flaws is the same as problems caused by trying to pay the damn rent?

Nope. More like one person being antisocial is pretty much the same fundamental problem as multiple people being antisocial. There's a difference in scale of course, but not in the nature of the problem.

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>I dont see an issue with working more to provide for your family.
It's a matter of decision making, anon. If you have to work so hard that you can't even have dinner with your kids then why have kids at all?

I know a lot of people who fucked over their family because they were working their asses off trying to pay for a house they couldn't afford. What good does that do? It made everybody miserable. Parents miserable because they both have to work their rear ends off. Kids miserable because parents are always busy. And for what? A fancy house or a new boat that they barely have time to enjoy anyway because they 're too busy working?

Now for those people who are honestly hard up? That's a different story, and yeah, that's hard. I'm not gonna disagree with you there. My gripes are directed at people who bring the "Too busy to spend time with family" problems upon themselves.

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My brother is a trucker. He eats while he stops for fuel. Plus these days breaks are required by law, and are electronically tracked by a device in the truck. If you don't stop ever so often you get fined.

Plus, let's not ingnore the fact that you're comparing a choice with special circumstances. Yeah, a spy plane pilot flying a 16 hour mission is not going to be able to eat at a table. But some autist who eats in his car in the parking lot? That's a whole different ballgame.

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i'm in sales and i eat in my truck all the time. not much time to sit down and enjoy a meal during the workday

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I've always eaten with the young guys and avoided older people and women, it works well

Also I'm not an office worker so I dont have to eat with depressed psychopaths

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I feel like eating together with another man is gay,like its too personal and i dont like to get close to people or having people be close to me

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It always makes me feel autistic, but I feel the exact same way. If you want to eat the same thing as me, then go to lunch with me. We could even have a conversation or something.
>fucking normies reeeeeeeeeeeeee

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>the number of people who don't realize that eating is an important social bonding activity is shocking
This is why America isn't great anymore, anon. People becoming isolated from one another. Breaking down family bonds. Preventing new contacts and friendships from developing. Weakening the bonds that make a functioning community and a strong society possible. The powers that be want a population that is disconnected, isolated, fearful, and distrustful of others. That's how you destroy a great country.

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Sounds like you have issues and I'm not just saying that

>> No.11142002

Yeah i do, i suspect i have some kind of schizophrenia but im too paranoid to go to a psychologist, lack of trust and shit

>> No.11142012

I feel you. My doctor thinks I'm paranoid. He didn't say it, but I know he's thinking it.

>> No.11142019

Are you making fun of me?

>> No.11142032

Well, humans aren't "meant" to trust complete strangers. If you have issues eating with your dad, brothers or male friends there's something going on

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>only half

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your coworkers dont give you money when they ask you to get shit? or do you mean you literally expect them to pay you 40x more per hour than your shitty job?

>> No.11142081

13/14 in the past week you barren, jewish sows.

>> No.11142084

heh y-yeah... half...

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>I eat all my meals alone...

This right here. On rare occasions when I have a meal with others it feels weird, like someone's watching me piss. I become very aware of the mechanics of scooping stuff up with a fork and shovelling it into my mouth.

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I draw.

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they give me money. they're demanding a service. i offer the service. but that service costs $250. don't want my service? don't pay it. door dash and uber eats are cheaper. i suggest using one or the other if you don't want to pay $250 for food delivery.

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>cat owning feminist who posts how much she hates men on tumblr while eating
>broken divorced man who got thrown out of his house and can barely afford rent for this shitty apartment, uses the wine to drown out the pain
>aged slut who is very sad because chad won't call her back, watches sex and the city reruns as escapism

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I was just eating a five goys burger and a McDonald's shake alone in my car earlier like usual.

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she's experimenting with pairing different snack foods with wine

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>Ever NOT eating meals alone
Fucking disgusting. How can you even enjoy it that way?

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There are very few people i like to spend a good bit of my time with. So for me, it is an event.

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you're telling me that half of the time im eating im being watched?

>> No.11142638

What if no one wants to share my life with me?

>> No.11142730

are you scared to be alone, anon?

>> No.11142738

Haha yeah half your meals that's like a LOT of meals eaten alone, right guys? I couldn't imagine if someone ate the majority of them alone since middle school, could you? Haha like maybe 80% or more? Nah, me either.

>> No.11142756

Eating with people is always hella dysfunctional.
How you suppose to eat and talk at the same time?

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Falcon's don't care.


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Yeah half the people eat always eat with someone, the other half always eat alone.

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its a girl (m)

>> No.11142987

I'm tired of the media telling me I'm "delaying marriage." I'm not. Nobody wants anything to do with me.

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try this
one time I sat down with a friend in the food court because i skipped breakfast and it was a really busy day
he didnt have anything except a drink, and i got lasagne
nobody around me seems to be eating either and my friend is staring at me a bit too much
this starts to bother me and i start shaking and missing my mouth with my fork until i drop the food off of it a couple of times

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Autism the thread. Also,
>huff post
Nice bait.

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