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Chili con Carne...the right way.

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The mexicans couldn't keep us out, what makes you so special?

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>chili con carne
You mean chili? You don't need to add "con carne," it's understood there will be meat in it because it's chili.

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Start your beans.
Pressure cooker. Set it and forget it.
Yep...fuck you texas.

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How bout you two boys chili the fuck out, mmk?

We're all friends here talking about food. No need to be a cunt.

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Holy shit

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you've been eating andys shit again haven't you

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I'm just trying to educate you so you sound less goofy in public. Just say "chili," that communicates you're talking about a bowl with hot meat and sometimes beans. Nobody needs to hear the "con carne" part, it just makes you seem like you're confused about how chili works.

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Why are Americans so stupid? Is it the fat in their brain?

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Rinse and reconstitute your dry chiles.

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>i am autistic

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You mean chili peppers?

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not everyone is as retarded as you anon. not even those faggots in texas, and that's saying something.

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Chili is made from chiles
Chili con carne says 'meat and chiles'

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That's why you actually call them chili peppers in real life. No confusion, everyone knows when you ask for chili at Wendy's you're asking for chili and not chili peppers.

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Actually, it says "chiles with meat". The chiles are the subject and the meat is an add-on.

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Puree into a paste with just one enough water to process. You need a lot ok...its chili CON CARNE not carne con chili. About two blender loads will do it or roughly 30 ancho chiles.

Oh yeah...1 pound of beans.

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Chili does have meat in it though, making the "with meat" part redundant.
You call it a chili dog, not a chili con carne dog.
You call pic related a side of chili, not a side of chili con carne.

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No I don't.

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>no texans
>the right way
Ok. Enjoy making chili the wrong way, I guess.

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No retard. Chili is a dish. A chile is a fruit.
Chili Peppers are a band.

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Lol you're such a clever troll lol.

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Chile is a country dumbass

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>Tomato soup with beans
I hate you very much right now

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And chili's is a restaurant

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Well I already showed you why you're wrong, it's right there on the Wendy's website if you want to check for yourself. Normal people just call chili "chili." And if for some reason you ever want to talk about *chili peppers* you can call them "chili peppers" and nobody will mistakenly think you're talking about actual chili as in a serving of hot meat and sometimes beans.

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>chili peppers
literally nobody but retards and amerifats call them this. do you say "h2o water" as well?
>ask for chili at Wendy's
found your problems. (a) you eat at wendys and (b) you have no fucking idea what chili con carne actually is.

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That is chile paste retard not tomato.
Stick with your mccormicks chili powder anon.

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Not a troll, see for yourself:

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holy fuck but you're retarded.

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>but no one with any common sense or social awareness calls them "chili peppers". Thats something rubes say...like "soda pop".

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Again, chile is a country. Literally a pico second google search is all it takes to not look like an onahole

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FInally someone who knows how to make chili con carne

Also fuck Texas, Unless I want to fuck my sister...I have no reason to ever visit that shithole.

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but no one with any common sense or social awareness calls them "chili peppers". Thats something rubes say...like "soda pop".

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Ingredients look good, I'm following. TX queers can assuage their butthurt by heading down to their neighborhood stockyard and
going at some steers.

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>nobody but americans
So nobody except the people who established the public internet in the first place, the overwhelming plurality of users on this very website, the coiners of the principle international reserve currency, and the source for most of your popular culture and news around the rest of the world?
Look, metric system is one thing, but this is going too far. It's literally just chili.

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Who needs beans? Just use more meat. What a hell?

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Slice season and sear your eye of round.
Dont cook through.

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Shh shh...hush now.
Run along.

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what does this mean in binary?

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Cube up the meat and set aside
Inb4 lousy sear. Yes it is lousy and im ashamed.
Got impatient. Still gonna taste amazing.

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That's leftover soup.

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Saute your onions in a bit of oil.
Dice 2 large onions or about 4 cups...only cook about 3 cups reserving 1 cup for later.

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holy shit looking good so far

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Add about 2 lbs ground beef and a whole clove of minced garlic. In retrospect it would have been smarter to skip the oil cook the beef first, then cook the onions in the beef fat. Whatever.

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240... or 15 if you're strange.

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Better still, grill the steaks.

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Grind your spices....
Well you already ground the pepper if you sewsoned the meat.
The cumin and coriander. About 2 tbsp of cumin and 1 tbsp coriander.
Pro tip: sift coriander to remove tough bits of the hull that do not grind well nor break down under heat. If not you will find little shards of what the fuck in your chili with the texture of infant fingernail clippings.

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Sure...could do that. Didnt have my grillin pants on today so....

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Any stew will be better if you deglaze. Chili or non-chili

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you couldn't pick a shittier cut of beef if you tried.

and for chili, to boot.

OP is a retard

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This. Use chuck or the meat will dissolve like it isn't even there. If you're not cooking long enough to dissolve more tender cuts, you are not making good chili full stop.

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>Evan Williams in the background
>No Texans allowed

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Both so misguided.
Go on OP

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>No Texans Allowed
too bad

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So the tomatoes to the pressure cooker for a few minutes. It looks like a lot of but once stewed and skins removed youre looking at about the same as one 14oz can. And yes canned are faster and work fine. I have a garden so....

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why is your tomatoes and onions shitty and rotten?
oh, you're not from america...

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I needs it bruhs ;_;

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Deglaze the meat and onions with about 1/2 cup of bourbon and reduce. Add the chile paste tomatoes and cooked beans. Simmer for a bit just to cook out the rawness.

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Oh yeah... and your cumin and coriander.

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While that simmers a bit...chop up your last dump of the "fresh" stuff...fresh serrano habanero and bhut jolokia chiles with cilantro oregano and lime juice.

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nice thread here OP

I like your numbers sir

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Throw in your fresh dump and the cubed beef...a fuckton of salt. Cut off the heat and let it sit for awhile.

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>being this obtuse
you must be a joy to be around

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This thread is doing some chili con HARM to my nethers. Wew

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Because its the same anon

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protip: say chile con carne, problem solved

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Why are people so autistic about chili?

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bitch you're on 4chan where autism roams free

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>black beans

they dont hold up to chilli con carne and have an unpleasant texture when they bust.

>ground beef+eye of round not pork butt

this recipe sucks.

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I'm a texas and who the fuck would eat this much food

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ganmers rise up bitch

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And there it is....
Chili con Carne sans Texan
Mostly chiles...ancho, morita, chipotle, habanero, serrano, bhut jolokia.
Big chunks of beef...and some ground.
Beans yes...but not too many.
Tomatoes yes...but not too many.
Plenty of onion.
Plenty of garlic.
A well-balanced contrast of flavors and textures.
So fuck you texas.
My milkshake is better than yours.

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>those pepper seeds

looks disgusting. maybe next time roast your hot peppers and deseed or blend them also too much oil

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I'm sorry man, I get that you put work into this and are proud of it, but beans are obviously just filler and do not contribute to the dish, you've got chili seeds floating around in it, there are tomatoes present for some bizarre reason, and worst of all - why is it so wet?? This isn't a case of "it's not the way my pappy made it," this is just a case of some boiled nonsense.

>> No.11110859

>Didn't slice the meat before hand and brown each side
>Didn't even brown it well to begin with
>Thin sauce
>Not enough meat
>Meat probably not cooked enough

>> No.11110868

not him, but it looks really thick to me. what do you mean it looks wet?

>> No.11110877

That's like... stew. Chili is better when it has a gravy-like consistency.

>> No.11110900

Probably tastes decent, but that looks fucking horrible. The cubed meat, looks terribly thin and why black beans of all beans? If you're gonna stretch it out, at least use pinto. Deglazing with bourbon I stead of a nice ale was also a horrid choice.

Texas is mighty glad we weren't invited/10

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masa and cold water can thicken it up if your chilli is too thin, ive had this problem before but OPs is ok to me

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>Masa and cold water
>Not reducing

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>right anything

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Congratulations, it's beef and vegetable stew.

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There's literally nothing wrong with Wendy's chili.

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That's what I said

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Honestly if you're poor and want to stretch it out for a few days, serve the beans on the side. Or better, some pasta or rice. Fuck's sake, even Fritos. But why are there beans IN the chili? Makes no sense.

>> No.11111040

nobody has time to reduce for 12 hours cause your chilli has too much water

>> No.11111065

whats the point of having them on the side when you can just have them in the same bowl.

>> No.11111142

It's because you're just diluting your chili. I don't think anyone's gonna argue that beans contribute to the chili; they're just there to add calories and sort of stretch the meal a little further. Why not season the beans so they're appetizing, and have them alongside the main dish? You know, rather than having to add water and having them expel crappy bean juice into the dish you actually wanted to eat. I understand being poor and wanting to add starch, but why fuck up a good thing?

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good job op

>> No.11112070

Thanks, mom.

>> No.11112109

>add water
>bean juice
You clearly dont know how to make beans or chili so its no wonder youre terrified by the notion of combining the two.

>> No.11112111

Fuck everyone else that looks good OP. Good thread

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Last night was my drunken hungry impatient bowl.
Here is the final Chili con Carne...fuck Texas.

>> No.11112571

criminally underspiced

>> No.11112577

Wet because i was impatient...not finished.
Nothing was ever boiled. Tomatoes in moderation are fine in chili and add needed a acidity. Dont get all butthurt over a few seeds. The vast majority of the seeds were removed. A few here and there only bother autistic children. This chili is not for autistic children.
>i struggle with reading comprehension...even when supported by graphic images
Even in the first "thin" pic it was quit thick and as you say "gravy-like".
Bourbon is vastly superior to beer for deglazing.
And again...fuck texas.
>beef and vegetable stew
Actually chiles are a fruit.
Except they use kidney beans and too many of them

>> No.11112586

Looks like impudent gruel and puke

>> No.11112594

You moron. That is the discarded hull of the coriander. The 2 gallon batch of chili had over a 1/4 cup of spices after grinding. That doesnt include the dry chiles.

>> No.11112600

>all those wonderful ingredients
>all that effort putting into going to the store, picking out the ingredients, bringing them home, sorting them out and then cutting them up, disposing of the trash bits
>cooking it all in a certain way at certain times
>wonderful amalgamation of flavors and textures that vegancucks will never ever get to experience
>fag it up with beans

dude why

>> No.11112601

Thats what chilli is supposed to look lile mate

>> No.11112607

Makes as much or more sense than on the side

>> No.11112627

>all that effort
What effort? Do you think im some soccor mom? Everything on that cutting board is standard in my pantry or garden. The only thing i bought specifically for chili was the eye of round.
There is nothing wrong with beans in chili unless you do like most people and use way too much then a single pack of shiity "chili powder".
Stop parroting what you think is the right thing to say when you infact have no idea what youre talking about.

>> No.11112633

lmao what a complete fuck up

>> No.11112648

you should be banished from New Mexico, faggot

>> No.11112656

Around here, anything more than unwrapping McDonalds is considered tryhard.

>> No.11112725

Texas chuckles in derision at your steamy pile of donkey shit.

>> No.11112726

New mexico is a shithole

>> No.11112748

If i put canned chili on my mcchicken would than make me a visionary or a deviant?

>> No.11112765

Why is your English and grammer shitty and rotten? Oh, you're from America.

>> No.11112770

That OP is the best looking chili I have ever seen and I have seen some chili. Good job. Fuck Texas.

>> No.11112845

>Being an elitist snob about chili

What the fuck is wrong with you

>> No.11112900

So being in opposition of the elitist "no bean" snobs makes OP an elitist snob? Wouldnt this make him the antisnob? Im so confused.

>> No.11112944


>> No.11112953

red and basedpilled

>> No.11113262

What is wrong with you? Do you just not like beans? Is it a texture thing? Are you one of those kids who cant have his carrots touch his mashed potatoes? Grow the fuck up.
Beans in chili in the 21st century has nothing to do with cost. If youre so poor the extra 4 dollars of meat is a burden then youre too poor to.be making any kind of chili and should just stick with plain rice. Beans in chili just adds another layer of flavor and texture. Its good.

>> No.11113291

Why are you so butthurt about texas lol

>> No.11113410

It's where the asshole loser my whore wife went to live with is from. Now I have to eat this shitty chili because she's not here to cook. Fuck texas.

>> No.11113425

I appreciate your honesty. Hopefully you make better choices in your dating life next time.

>> No.11113444

Thanks. She said she'll be back in a week or so.

>> No.11114163

Im from texas and my family always makes chili with beans. The only time ive had authentic texas red is the hotdog chili at gas stations.

>> No.11114292

>Plenty of garlic.
Literally one clove of garlic for a serving of eight.

Also, the way you cooked the eye round was baffling. Why wouldn't you let it stew in the chilli for hours? It's going to be chewy and have no flavour.

>> No.11114355

But youre wrong. Its not chewy...has the texture of strip. Good mouth feel...body...meatines. Maybe youre doing something wrong. Meat doesnt have to cook down until it has the texture of pot roast. Sear on high...simmer low and slow. Meat is tender without breaking down to mush.

Serving of eight??? How fat are you?
The yield was closer to 2 gallons.

>> No.11114404

Holy fuck why is everyone so ass blasted right now? All self proclaimed Gordon Ramsay’s have been triggered

>> No.11114496

Great thread OP.
I am sure you enjoyed a lot, and you pissed off some faggy Texans at the same time so it's a double win.

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>> No.11114523

>using beef instead of lamb

>> No.11114538


>> No.11114791

you sured showed those texans who's boss with this slop a shit...

>> No.11114808

I hate Texans as much as the next guy, but I hate beans just as much. You don't have to like Texas to dislike beans in chili.

>> No.11114826

I don't know why such passionate disdain for beans.
I agree it's just filler, but it takes on the flavour of the sauce well enough. Why not allow two options in stead of being so set in your ways?
Personally, I've never made it without beans so I'm going to do that next time, just so I can know I've tried the original way.

>> No.11114829

/ck/ is full of armchair chefs most of whom do very little actual cooking. You have a handful who reheat or deepfry food at fastfood joints, a few more extended-stay hotel chefs who have mastered the hotplate, and then the iron-chef microwaves who cant be bothered with anything they dont remove from cellophane or a can. But most...most dont eat anything not prepared by mom little ceasars or mcdonalds.

>> No.11114834 [DELETED] 

Let me rephrase that. I used the word "hate", but really I don't care too much for beans one way or the other. What I really mean is that I love good quality meat too much not have extra meat in my chili in place of beans.

>> No.11114835

Youre about 13 weeks behind on your meme

>> No.11114842

Let me rephrase that. I used the word "hate", but really I don't care too much for beans one way or the other. What I really mean is that I love good quality meat too much not to have extra meat in my chili in place of beans.

>> No.11114847

not even memen' at this point, shit legit looks like crap

>> No.11114990

You speak like a nigger. Your opinion is invalid.

>> No.11115002

Yeah see...you didnt even see opies finished chili before being an ass. Do try and keep i p before contributing.
Smh negros. Always just a few steps behind everyone else.

>> No.11115011

>tfw a nigger wouldnt even eat your shitty chili

>> No.11115019

he literally put it in a different bowl and sprinkled cheese on it, i like beans in chili but thats a slop a shit 3/10

>> No.11115045

He literally finished cooking the chili and put it back in the same bowl.
Try anon...try and keep up.
Sound out the big words
Go ahead...we'll wait.

>> No.11115070


Respect my non-binary post number, shitlord.

>> No.11115093

>no cat
fuck off OP

>> No.11115099


>> No.11115123

It's how I make it too but I don't put any chili peppers in because my girlfriend doesn't like spicy food.

>> No.11115129

How the hell is that chili? With any chili peppers it's just a stew.

>> No.11115138

I make 20 minute chilli with tri tip. Good shit.

>> No.11115144

How can there be two of you calling them chili peppers??? You fucktards thats a band.

>> No.11115145

I would try it. Looks yummy.

>> No.11115147

Do your prefer me to call them using the superflous L? CHILLI peppers? how about CCHHIILLII PPEEPPPPEERRSS? why the fuck not?

>> No.11115153

Just chiles dumbass.

>> No.11115155

dear god that's even worse what are you a mexican?

>> No.11115161

Fuckin chili snob don't tell me how to make my chili

>> No.11115162

Interesting selection of peppers. How was the flavor after it simmered and married?

>> No.11115169
File: 1.83 MB, 275x154, 1523237774724.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11115170

Just admit it's plain old stew. Nothing wrong with stew, but it's not chili.

>> No.11115178

It's right fucking there in the motherfucking dictionary. Yes, "chilies".

>> No.11115211

The flavor is wonderful...
Mostly that of the ancho which are very mild and delicious. Chipotle lend a smokiness while morita kick up the heat. The fresh chiles introduce a bright "freshness" with the red serrano also adding a little sweetness. Chili is supposed to be chiles. Ancho when prepared right provide the base of the entire dish. Chili IS the anchos with everything else providing balance contrast and nuance.

>> No.11115218

But youre doing it wrong

>> No.11115223

You use a south american country as seasoning? Interesting.

>> No.11115237

How does it feel to have such a successful thread? I never made a thread so successful :'(

>> No.11115243

according to this
is also correct
but that reads like it sounds like
without any vowels

>> No.11115258

I would like to thank everyone who helped me get here tonight. Particularly the 4chan janitors and anyone from texas. Of course i wouldnt be here today without my mom *hi mom* and of course my faith in jesus. Thank you jesus.

>> No.11115273

Nah nigga dis is what got you here tonight


Respect g

>> No.11115321

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, ok?

>> No.11115409

It should melt in your mouth and that's why your "chili" is trash

>> No.11115418

Because he fucked up some basic shit?

>> No.11115469

>that'll be 19.99 plus tip.

>> No.11115482

No that's what context is for.
There's a pretty easily noted difference between "I have a chili in my butt", and "I have some chili in my butt".
Can you spot which one of these very real scenarios involves a pepper and which one involves a stew?

>> No.11115488

please don't die D: this will make my life so shit

>> No.11115505

Well neither of them involve a chile because chiles are not peppers. Read a book.

>> No.11115507

>melt in your mouth
water "melts" in your mouth too
water is therefore the best food you can ever have

>> No.11115518

Chile is a country.

>> No.11115522

>meat melt
But thats so not true.
A good chili will have chunks of meat. They should be tender yes but shreds of catfood-quality hormel meat makes the worst chili.

>> No.11115524

Your mom is a whore.

>> No.11115538

Shit, that looks good ...

>> No.11115541

The only thing we learn from context here is that you have some ssues with anal.

>> No.11115543


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In both cases I would think you're talking about chili as in the hot meat dish. It's just that in the case where you used the indefinite article "a" I would think you were a foreigner struggling with English.
It's really not that complicated. Chili = hot meat dish, chili peppers = peppers.

>> No.11115675

You're fucking retarded, both of you. The meat shouldn'y come apart in the chili but it should be soft. The meat in his chili is way too tough.

>> No.11115783
File: 449 KB, 1000x563, jimi-hendrix-new-album[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not using voodoo chile
what are you even doing OP you total fuck up

>> No.11115806

Looking good op

>> No.11116095

>way too tough
And you know this how?
Oh thats right...youre a "chef" at taco bell.

>> No.11116119

>And you know this how?
Because I've cooked more than once in my life and this post>>11114355

It's fucking obvious, but you fast food posting retards wouldn't be able to recognize a decent meal if your life depended on it.

>> No.11116249

Oh the irony.

>> No.11116253

>this post
So you know the meat is tough because of the post that clearly says the meat is tender? Son...you just went full retard.

>> No.11116310 [DELETED] 

looks terrible

>> No.11116370

Not th3 finish3d chil3 do try and k33p up

>> No.11116489

I made chili in a pressure cooker before. It was the best chili I ever had. Didn't believe it was the pressure cooking part, so made it the same way normally after, but it wasn't remotely as good. Pressure cooking is great.

>> No.11116506
File: 10 KB, 224x225, 1529392334997.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that slogan

>> No.11116515

Yep, and that's why you shouldn't oppose GMO food. It simply looks beautiful.

>> No.11116543

Because it's a safe target.

>> No.11116858

Awesome chili OP ignore the autists. This is why i hate /ck/ a cooking board of nothing but fastfood and ramen. These idiots don't know how to act in the presence of greatness. Your chili looks and i'm sure tastes incredible.

Fuck Texas.

>> No.11116899

Looks good OP. I know you acknowledged your fuck up on the eye of round but yea, should of diced thise in galf once more and let them stew for a few hours. Also could have added a pinch of mesa flour to thicken it up a bit. Still get mad points for actually using chiles.

>> No.11117686
File: 48 KB, 438x425, texball.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


We warned you man. Should've let a Texan in here to help you. Maybe next time

>> No.11118303

Holy shit op you cook like my grandmother.

>> No.11118338

I'm assuming you're not trying to compliment OP, but it sure looks like a compliment.

>> No.11118347

I meant everything came from a tree a bush the ground or an animal and not a box a can or the freezer

>> No.11118351

Get this Chile pepper ball out of here

>> No.11118509

Piss poor attempt. Hope you fucking choke on it, queer

>> No.11119352

Chili con New Jork Ceetee

>> No.11119364

Go fuck a cactus you fucking samefag

>> No.11119407

Found the texan

>> No.11119415
File: 1.91 MB, 580x433, 1418289841774.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11119506

Dude, you need to go gather some cow pies and snort a few to relax since you're too cucked by big pharma and sky pilot loonies to have legal weed. 2 things come from TX, and you don't have horns.

>> No.11119507

Great another b v no b thread

>> No.11119522

wow one whole clove? Try half a bulb faggot.

>> No.11119543

This nigga is eating beans!

>> No.11119594 [DELETED] 

needs work

>> No.11119651
File: 117 KB, 292x477, rghty.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11119695

OP here...glad you spotted that. Yes...an entire bulb. Dropped a few cloves in with the beans and the rest went with the meat.

>> No.11119713

OP again and no...not really.
Pretty fuckin close to perfect.
Make a better chili and post it.
Until then fuckoff back to your tranny porn.

>> No.11119749


>> No.11119895

Threads like this make me so glad I'm a Texan and not some faggot like OP who can't even make decent chili, and yes I like beans you retard.

>> No.11120064
File: 251 KB, 660x660, mfw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


damm dude nice numbers,

>> No.11120249

I want to try making purist chili. Is just chilies, beef, onions, tomato, cumin, onions, and chicken broth ok? Anything I should add or take away? Are chuck and top blade good cuts to use?

>> No.11120292

What does your sister look like ?

>> No.11121129

Add garlic and salt
Do not use chicken stock

>> No.11121445
File: 334 KB, 762x527, 2018-07-13 05.18.51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Texan here. You can keep that bucket of shit all to yourself.

>> No.11121465

I'm a Europoor with no guns and I was wondering if you're supposed to leave the hammer cocked like that.

>> No.11121470


>proud of living in a ,Mexican shithole

>> No.11121481

Yes, if you don't run around with a machine gun cocked and with the safety off at all times, the boogyman might come and gitya. The second amendment is the only part of the constitution I've read, and I don't even understand it but I know it's even truer than the Bible.

t. American

>> No.11121493

I'm a girl, btw

>> No.11121498
File: 55 KB, 640x629, 1532737978832.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Texas is the new


>> No.11121533

The original chili con carne was beef pounded with dried chilis and salt, formed into bricks and dried. It was then rehydrated in water on cattle drives. Basically an MRE. TX queers started adding other things like garlic, onions, cumin, coffee, beer, chocolate, etc. and then have the unmitigated gall to bitch about adding beans or tomatoes when they've already adulterated original chili beyond recognition. Just remember, 2 things come from TX.

>> No.11121872
File: 3.10 MB, 3682x6319, assembled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fags and stags

>> No.11122173

Yes, it is safe. See the notch at the rear of the slide? The safety lever has locked the trigger and slide in place. Also, the grip safety at the rear of the grip under the hammer must be depressed. This is a safety feature from cavalry days, to make sure it wouldn't go off even if dropped from a horse. It must be held. In any case, it's carried in a holster with a retention strap over the firing pin plate. Even if the hammer somehow magically fell on its own, it would land on a leather strap. Hope that helps. 1911s are a genius design, built without fasteners, and meant to take a beating. The AK of pistols.

>> No.11122849

>i got a gun!!!!
This is why texans arent allowed here.
You guys are worse than a bunch of coked up niggers in the parking lot of a strip club.

>> No.11122869


Not the guy you refered too but make up your fat mind

>> No.11123086

Was making it look like a truck stop toilet intentional?

>> No.11123506

I only served that to the morons too stupid to finish reading.

>> No.11123837

Bad picture of good chili

>> No.11123923

how in the fuck does a thread get this big without texans

>> No.11123961

>Start your beans.
You fucked up faggot. Chili has no beans.

>> No.11124412

as a mexican, you made a disgusting mess, fuck off

>> No.11124427

Too bad mexicans have nothing to do with chili. Nice try flyover fag.

>> No.11124437


Why monday? Oh yeah...you fuckers dont start AA meetings until wednesday.

>> No.11124533

feel free to leave
this board has proven to host tons of people working in the industry. if you want to marvel over some mom tier cooking then go to reddit

>> No.11124570

chili con carne in texas has no beans because we understand spanish, even the white people. chili con carne y frijoles is fine too, just don't lie.

>> No.11124637

>spic trying to show off while making himself look and sound like a retard
Good job OP.

>> No.11124692

>working in the industry
Oh look, another taco-bell um..."chef".

>> No.11124700

>we understand spanish.
Great. If you understood engrish you would know youre not welcome here.

>> No.11124704

>i am another butthurt CAN

>> No.11125098

you forgot suet and sometimes the beef was dried

>> No.11125117

Not chili

>> No.11125121

Beans dont go in chili. This is Known.

>> No.11125125


>> No.11125132

Thanks, man. I wasn't asking the question to troll but rather because I really was wondering.
Followup question that is probably also stupid; is there a spring that might wear out if you keep it cocked?
I mean, I de-string my bow when it's not in use so it won't lose tension...

>> No.11125135


>> No.11125138

Congrats on producing a garbage fire in a bowl. There is a specific hell for you.

>> No.11125145

Again, this.

>> No.11125146

Brisket > whatever mess OP posted

>> No.11125152
File: 127 KB, 296x294, 1535318077962.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11125158

That seems to be your job. Shitty bourbon as a deglazer woo

>> No.11125178

Looks tasty.

>> No.11125731

Nah. Springs wear out from movement, or from being pushed beyond their limits. Sitting cocked or decocked wont do any harm.

>> No.11125758

this only suet beef dried chillies and salt belongs in chili nothing else

>> No.11125796

Fuck Texans

>> No.11125816


>> No.11126094

>im an idiot

>> No.11126173

tomatoes garlic onions cumin coffee beer chocolate and all the other craps texans put in their chili doesn't belong

>> No.11126826


>> No.11127116

What I learned from this thread is that chili can't have meat or beans.

>> No.11127447
File: 39 KB, 300x400, Texas Chili Cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11127464
File: 129 KB, 640x607, DITH-PIC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

*fap fap fap*

>> No.11127949

But OMG you fags put fritos in your chili!!!!
Fritos are just filler you cant do that to chili!

>> No.11127953

Why would a Texan put rosemary in chili?

>> No.11128000


>> No.11128212

>itt: texans demonstrate once again they're more anal than an italian nonna about muh cooking
You fucks really are queers, it's not just a meme.

>> No.11128279

Just realize that your whore of a wife will never return to you no matter how hard you shit on the lone star state.

>> No.11128323

No harm no foul dude.

>> No.11129482
File: 2.41 MB, 1860x4714, 1509051940709.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would eat OPs chili, but I would also eat this one.

>> No.11129549


a literal cuck

>> No.11129581
File: 23 KB, 281x310, BC8DAD56-333E-422D-857C-760684A349C7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chilly is a temperature, chief. What you’re making is called “beef stew”

>> No.11129758
File: 252 KB, 2000x1125, bestchili.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Texan here. This is how its done.

serrano peppers, sliced thin into rounds
garlic and onion powder
1lb ground beef
chili powder
cayenne pepper
salt and pepper
splash of beer
boiled potato chunks
can beans
can corn

gives that good delicious heat that warms you up and makes your whole head sweat, without actually burning your mouth. stay mad.

>> No.11130092

How can you be proud of a recipe when you're pouring powders out of jars? Why not use actual onions, actual garlic, actual chiles? Why not soak your own beans? You're going to be spending all day on this thing anyway, why not cook it like an actual dish instead of like something you're slapping together for a soup kitchen?

>> No.11130104

>This is how its done
>Posts paper plate

>> No.11130110

this is even worse than OP's faggotry

>> No.11130121

Chile is a country

>> No.11130135
File: 70 KB, 512x512, ohhh-OHHH-OOOHHHHSHIIIIIT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all those spices
>all those peppers
Don't even know what half of that shit is but I get the appreciation my ass would throw forth a category 3 shitstorm

>> No.11130139

Real talk: because this is how a cowboy would do it in the field in the 21st century. Nobody wants to babysit cast iron beans unless the chuckwagon is their actual full time job.

And I did have one real onion and plenty of real garlic on hand for this batch, but didn't feel like using it. It's my last onion and could be used for something else, and I wanted something quick.

>> No.11130160

Why you thought your lazy half assed chili was worth showing off is beyond me. Just because you did something doesn't mean the world needs to know about it you brain damaged millenial. Fuck off.

>> No.11130161

I was bumping the thread retard. I don't give a damn if you like my image or not, but this is an IMAGEBOARD. It just so happened I'd made chili for dinner today. kys.

>> No.11130173


>> No.11130174

Looks way too thin, not rich enough.

>> No.11130194
File: 151 KB, 800x1533, rememberthealamo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i know you are but what am i

>> No.11130230

>but what am i

>> No.11130264

i know you are but what am i :^)

>> No.11130294
File: 46 KB, 296x240, hick_190[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>spells Chile con Carne with an i.
>like a filthy Texan.
>no Texans allowed.

Get out Hoss.

>> No.11130349

That honestly looks disgusting.

>> No.11130354

>This whole thread

Is chili suppose to be some pinnacle of American cuisine or why is everyone chimping out over some ground beef stew?

>> No.11130376

my family has been making chili con carne for about 600 years and it has always had beans in it
amerifats btfo

>> No.11130380

americans cant compose themselves
thats why there are so many shooting
americans are literally subhumans

>> No.11130396


Why did you use a flash for the photo, you moron.

>> No.11130563

Low battery

>> No.11130569

Britbong appropriating our culture.

>> No.11130580

>21st century cowboy
Would cook and eat meth not chili

>> No.11130598

So much samefagging ITT it's seriously disgusting.

>> No.11130602


>> No.11130604


>> No.11130608

beef stew is the best chili i agree with op

>> No.11130610

>pressure cooker
top kek

>> No.11130624

Texans have without a doubt the worst culture of any state in America. Southern culture in general really is just awful.

>> No.11130800

at least we have culture you worthless cuck

>> No.11130809
File: 68 KB, 704x460, Smug-Trump.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kind of interesting that the only reason this thread was even noticeable, much less successful, was because he mentioned Texas. Really makes you think...

>> No.11130887

You disgust me, I bet you eat Whataburger too.

>> No.11131503

Nice but I'd eat it with rice.

>> No.11131544

Made me chuckle

>> No.11131553

It lasted this long because its not a mcchicken shill thread.

Great thread OP

Oh yeah

>> No.11131566

Chili with rice is a Hawaiian thing...and delicious. We would pack the bottom of a to-go cup with about 1/3 sticky rice and the rest with beanless chili. Great hangover food.

>> No.11131854

alot texans act just like Italians

>> No.11132152

Italians actually have something to show for it

>> No.11132384


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