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Anyone else here get tonsiliths often?
Is there any way to change my diet to not get them?

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Just get a tonsillectomy

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I didn't know you could get dick cheese in your throat

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Fucking never you rotten fuck

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I mean there's only one way it could've gotten there.

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Why we evolve these? Are they supposed to go down with food?

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>current year
>having tonsils

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Long wooden swabs and a waterpik, and gargle mouthwash daily

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Consult your dentist, a proper DDS. What kind of moron asks surgery advice on 4chan?

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Brush your fucking teeth regularly you digesting asshole.

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it has nothing to do with brushing your teeth you fuckwit

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That's not how evolution works, genius.
They are a side effect of having hightened immune defensed in the nose and mouth and things sometimes getting clogged up.
In order for evolution to do away with them they would have to be a serious hindrance to survival and/or reproduction.
Hell, maybe they used to be more common but since people with bad breath can't get laid they're already slowly phasing out.

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Tonsils aren't teeth.

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You can get laid with bad breath

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I used to get them regularly. I'd cough one up every week and they stank like hell. They're basically lumps of dead bacteria and cellular debris, like hardened pus. AFAIK it has nothing to do with diet or hygiene. The only way to stop them is to have your tonsils removed.

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Yeah from steet walking nigger whoars.
That's nothing to be proud of.

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I was being lazy and hyperbolic.
Where do you think we are, you pedantic autist?
And what makes you a fucking authority on getting laid?

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>used to
Obviously you stopped them one way or another

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Stay mad boys don't forget to brush your teeth before you kiss your dakimakura goodnight

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Anyone else loves to squish them between your fingers and smell them?

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I used to grow taller every year.
I must have done something to make that stop, right?
Fucking idiot.

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Tonsil stones are caused by bits of food that get stuck and then grow bacteria the same as plaque, brushing and rinsing takes care of that problem.

Brush your fucking teeth

Man babies can't even be bothered to practice basic hygine.

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>He stopped growing.

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lobsters get out

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I had them non stop for years when I was a kid and had my tonsils taken out.

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Yeah he literally just said get your tonsils removed

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I stopped growing TALLER

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brush your teeth, cut down on sugar, do something to preserve your dental hygiene to avoid growing these stanky ass dick cheese nuggets in your throat

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I get them if I eat candy.

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Used to get them when I was smoking stoges. Quit and they went away completely.

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on a cooking board no less

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Same. Had them regularly when I smoked. Stopped five years ago and haven't had them since.

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you’re a disgusting slob. I bet you’re like that character linklater from catcher in the rye that’s a ‘secret slob’

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People are always being secret slobs. It kills me, it really does.

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Or get some pills. It's basically a bacterial infection.

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This think is the best way to get them out. You fill it with water, and it can spray with reasonably strong pressure. I don't know what it is called though.

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it's called a nasal aspirator you mong

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when we were strong Africans, our nubian queens used these glands to breath fire. WE WERE FIERCE!
But the white man turned these glands into pus spewing weakness.

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I've never had one

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It's a bit bigger then a nasal aspirator, and it can't be the kind that open, as they will not be able to spray hard enough.

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fucking kek

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yes you have

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Probably this, I used to get them as a kid fairly often when I was drinking soda and eating junk food more often. Haven't had one for a really long time since I mostly stopped eating that stuff. Also brush your teeth after you eat, every time, even if it's just a small snack. You don't want bits of food sitting in your mouth for a long time.

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I brushed my teeth twice a day as a kid, more when I had braces. I had this shit a lot. i haven't brushed my teeth since i was a teenager and haven't had one

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I get them. The only way to keep them from getting too big is fucking around with your tonsils every now and then. How to do that it's up to you.

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>i haven't brushed my teeth since i was a teenager

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Excess calsium and vitamin D intake can cause it, if you're a retarded murrican popping 100 micrograms of Vit D a day, consider dropping it.

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That is an ear irrigation bulb. It will work for flushing tonsil stones. Usually used to flush otearic acid from the ear canal when cleaning your ears.
You can find them in the pharmacy area near the eye drops. Not too expensive, just clean well after use.

Also, chew your food well. Take reasonably sized bites of food. Drink fluids.

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I sure hope you're 20.

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Pretty much this. However:

I get them when I eat things like crackers or very dry bread. The powdered wheat goes right into the holes in my tonsils, builds up, and rots.

Now that I think about it, I don't remember getting any since going on the keto diet. Yet another benefit along with the weightloss and blood glucose being under control.

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You are very unlikely to get your insurance to cover or it in the USA. You need to have strep 6 times a year for a doctor to recommend tonsillectomy.
Smoking definitely makes it worse for me as well. They have become much less frequent over the years. From 16 to 20 it went from several a month to several a year. So far this year I've had none.

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Okay guys I'm an expert. Had tonsil stones for year, and no longer do. Solution is simple. Basic stuff first: Your tonsils trap particles of food inside their crypts, that's what tonsils are supposed to do. Your job is to clean out the crypts everyday. How? I use a hockey squeeze bottle with a waterpik tip inserted into the nozzle. Your hand aims and propels the stream with gentle pressure to not hurt the tonsils and yet precise and forceful enough to flush out crypts of all food particles. I can flush one tonsil in about 20 seconds with the assist of a steel chopstick to nudge open/angle crypts to the stream of water. I have about 5 crypts of various sizes on each tonsil. Don't use waterpik. Any kind of waterpik is going to cut the delicate tonsil tissue and you will bleed and get an infection - trust me. I've tried a variety of waterpiks. The best type of stream is delivered by a squeeze bottle, $2 in the sporting goods section. One or two generous squirts per crypt is all you need. Water is the best cleanser. The simple introduction of water into the crypt will displace these tiny food particles - they are not lodged in there like stubborn tonsil stones. The flow of water is enough to carry these particles out. Tonsil cleaning to me is in the same category as flossing teeth, in both procedures you are mechanically removing food particles stuck in your mouth. Reminder: I'm not flushing out tonsil stones; I'm flushing out bits of food in order to prevent tonsil stones from forming. Sometimes the food particles are so tiny I don't even see them, they can be liquid food too. However over the course of months these tiny particles accumulate and then bacteria joins the party, resulting in tonsil stones. If you flush out your tonsil crypts every day, you will never see tonsil stones. No food in tonsils = no tonsil stones.

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>tfw no tonsils
>removed so early I don't even remember having tonsils
what am I missing guys?

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>Anyone else here get tonsiliths often?
No I am not a dirty piece of shit

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>Tonsils aren't teeth.
>Being this fucking retarded

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It has nothing to do with dental hygiene you dumb faggot, actually die please

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A strong immune system.

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>just brush your throat bro

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>It has nothing to do with dental hygiene you dumb faggot, actually die please
Imagine being this mad. Your breath probably smells like absolute shit.

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>eat food
>chew food
>literally have food in your mouth going down your throat

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No one is going to listen to me, but I'm going to go out on a limb and post it anyway. I had these fuckers every 2 weeks until I was 20 years old, like clockwork. Needless to say, it was torturous.

I'll be brief on this, the solution is cut out dairy, sugar, and possibly caffeine, but especially dairy + sugar together (ice cream, for example)

These infections were so relevant in my life that I really hope you can listen/read what I went through. This shit nearly ruined my life for decades until I changed my diet and started eating a lot more vegetables and cut out dairy/processed sugar/caffeine. I couldn't afford the surgery, but in hind-site, it was a blessing in disguise when I learned how important your tonsils are.

Don't get your tonsils removed, they're a major part of your immune system - read about the ramifications of tonsil removal, your tonsils are the first defense against oral infections and supply the body with vital antibodies.

I've been free from this curse for over 7 years now, not even one outbreak since I changed my diet.

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be more confident mate
many people read what you say here, even if no one responds

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You're supposed to brush your tonsils?

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Just be yourself and if you're cursed, never enjoy ice cream again.

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In real life, and online, when and if I bring up the "d" word (diet), everyone freaks out and calls me a homeopathic idiot, or something to that extent. Apparently, people seem to think that diet has no relation to any of their issues, hence my opening statement.


Funny enough, I don't miss ice-cream at all anymore. It's amazing how addictive dairy is to the human body. Casein is one hell of a phosphoprotein. Once you're off it for a month or two, you won't even think about it.

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I get tonsiliths but they're always so deep in their crypts I can't dislodge them. Sometimes they stick out enough for me to dig part of it out with a toothpick, otherwise one will dislodge randomly every few weeks-months. I know they're back there though I constantly taste them/smell them sometimes.

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What kind of shit voodoo doctors do you go to where you need 6 visits to recomend anything? You must be a nigger.

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Such a bad idea to get a tonsillectomy for this reason

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Damn I can't believe I've been forgetting to brush my tonsils all this time

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For whatever reason I only get them in the winter, I think it may be because I drink less water since it's colder out or something

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>he believe the teeth brushing meme
just drink more water you dumb fuck

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I've never had one of these things and I eat like garbage

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>digesting asshole
funny typo

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I don't think I've ever had one. I mean, maybe I have but I've never felt nor seen them.
One of my ex girlfriends had them every couple months or so and they were vile. She used to make me smell them and I would gag.

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That's his dictionary learning from his data usage.

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My tonsils always got inflamed as a kid. To the point where one day when I was like 11 I hacked up what looked like a perfect crescent moon style apple slice from my tonsils. It was the most disgusting experience of my life.

Also because all the times they were inflamed and giving me sore throats and strep throat I got them removed when I was 13.

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a Glock should do it

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eat raw garlic every now and then.

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I guess the toothpaste kept wiping out swaths of your oral microbiome, and the bacteria that recolonized were the stinky kind.

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I fucking love tonsil stones. I love squishing them, rubbing the paste on my finger, and holding it up to my nose.

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Fucking autocorrect! I meant cock, rammed down my throat to dislodge the the horrible little things and the smell from them hides the ass scent.

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me 2

im so embarrassed

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I got mine out for this reason. They were also very large (can sing better after getting them out).

I had BAAAD stones. Like I had to clean them with a qtip every night to get them out, otherwise I had terrible breath.

Worst pain in my life for 12 days. Day 7 my throat started bleading and I had to go under for surgery again. I was on a rotation of pain meds on every 4 hours. (Was 24 when I got them out)

Would I go through it again? In a heartbeat. 10/10 no more bad breath, strep, sore throat (lesser pain), could swallow pills better, could sing better. Would recommend.

Just lie to your dr and say you keep getting strep.

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What kind of squeeze bottle? Also I use salt water, is it ok?

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go visit your doctor, anon.
If they're being that obstructive, as shown in random picture you have attached, then it's definitely something to check up on.

In general, go to your doctor. If it's bothering you, you might want to look into a tonsillectomy-- definitely just ask a lot of questions to make your visit worthwhile. But if you get tonsil stones every once in a while, it's not a big deal, we all get that shit.

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they aren't teeth, you massive wojack brainlet

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Gargling hydrogen peroxide helps too.

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damn, anon, honestly I feel fucking relieved just from hearing that you got your shitty tonsils removed.

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Used to get them every few days in high school. At some point they just stopped being an issue entirely. I don't know how.

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good idea, but
you should dilute this first, and don't fucking swallow any of it lol.

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oh I didn't think I had to mention that, yeah, 50/50 of the peroxide and water.

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>Making me remember that episode of ARTHUR where he got his taken out and woke up like "Where is my fucking ice cream?"

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My grandma had one of those. I used to go into the bathroom for an hour and give myself an enema with it while I fapped

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Picture related was the biggest stone I ever had, happened about 4 weeks ago. I could feel it when I swallowed, feel like a bad scratch. I got it out using a small spoon.

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This is the exact bottle I use. The waterpik tip fits perfectly snug into the black tip of the bottle. The combined reach of the 2 components allows you to squirt right into the crypt with the bottle far enough away from your mouth that you can see which crypt your are doing in the mirror. I use plain tap water. Salt might affect the good bacteria in the tonsils, so I don't want to risk it, but it's probably ok. btw this is my own discovery, though I'm sure many ppl have arrived at my insight about cleaning the tonsils routinely is as essential as brushing or flossing or tongue cleaning.


I get waterpik tips at walmart.

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damn I'm glad I had a tonsilectomy when I was a kid. I might have fucking nrcromancers inside my throat otherwise.

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i have a lot of seasonal allergies, but I never ever get sick

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What the fuck is it with tonsil stones? Never had any, never heard of it, it's like the condition spawned into existence a week ago and everybody is talking about it. Am I going insane?

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Nothing is getting phased out.

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Wrong retard they're just calcium deposits

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