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What are /ck/s favourite hot sauces?

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'vark for sure
my wife's boyfriend won't let me save an image of it :(

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Has anyone actually tried any of the Hot Ones sauces?
Los Calientes seems to be pretty well received on the show

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probably sriracha

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Can anything beat vark? Nothing can, I think.

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yeah, vark and it tastes like shit, all the guests agree

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I like Melinda's

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The best hot sauce I’ve ever had

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Green Cholula.

Hot sauces that have no flavor other than "BITTER" are fucking worthless. What's the point of being spicy if you can't taste it?

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>it tastes like shit
I'm sorry for your retardation anon

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Did anyone test their own brand ?

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I like your style.

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None, I enjoy tasting my food

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cholula is based, ive only had the regular though, whats the green like?

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lol, underrated post.

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>god tier
frank’s red hot
>great tier
>shit tier
>ketchup sugar pepper

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this joke has been used dozens of times newfag

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Poe's law

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Somebody mentioned a grapefruit and habanero hot sauce recently. I was thinking about it's applications but I'm stumped. What do you add grapefruit to for citrus? Lemon lime and orange are a lot more popular

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and yet it's never funny every time it's posted

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don't try da bomb
its the hottest thing i've had, but everyone unanimously agreed it tastes like shit

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I buy five different brands and blend them for a fantastic taste and heat level.

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i tried the fiery chipotle one from the last season, it was hella delicious
not worth the $32 i paid for it though; i ordered it online. if i could buy it from a store and not pay shipping fees then i would get it again for sure

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chucking pepper slices into vinegar/lime juice until it reaches the desired heat level

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Homemade, every time.
Seriously, I can't remember the last time I bought hot sauce. It must have been the early '80s.
Get one of those ketchup squirt bottles like you see at Mom'n'Pop restaurants (found for a dollar at the big box stores); put in a couple of tablespoons of ketchup, a few tablespoons of vinegar, a shitload of cayenne or similar pepper, and whatever other spicy goodness that tickles your fancy. Shake it up really well and then add water to adjust consistency. Let it sit in the fridge for a week or two to let the vinegar react with the pepper.
You can make up a liter of kickass hot sauce for about half what you would spend on a small bottle. Plus, you can add your own personal ingredients to personalize it (I add about a half tablespoon brown sugar, for example).

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>any cheap vinegary hot sauce since I can't afford Tabasco in very large quantities

That's basically it. I'll have some Sriracha sometimes, or one of those sweet habanero sauces (e.g. pineapple/mango). Robert Rothschild seems to be the only good Rothschild.

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I love me some dirty dicks

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Sriracha no big deal

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how much cayenne

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I usually just squeeze on yo mama pussy, those juice are more then enough

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My current collection.
Ultra Death Sauce is my favourite (insane heat and flavour), but the Sundance is so fucking tasty... it basically tastes like a really hot salsa.

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>just got this hotsauce in the mail
>tastes absolutely awful
>pretty hot
Is it actually the hottest? It ain't that bad

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>Newfag calls me a newfag for thinking thats funny.
>what a newfag

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That was me. Its a novelty product. As I said, not very good, but interesting.

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kek FPBP and i want to try hot ones themed sauce https://heatonist.com/collections/hot-ones-hot-sauces/products/hot-ones-los-calientes?variant=12149340045428

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thank you anon

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For me it's the exact opposite order. Well, maybe Franks over Tabasco. But depends what Tabasco.

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Aggressive post.

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I like chili ketchup aka sriracha the best.

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Gimme gimme varky cummies
Be they spicy or very nummies.
Spend my hard-earned good-hubby points,
on hipster Portland hot sauce joints.
Wifey's bull lifts me to the car,
To find me varkies near and far.
Enjoy my tasty varky treats,
in comfy Prius heated seats.
Drunk Jerk, Black Bean, Mayo, Hab,
But of my varkies none I have.

She always makes me prep our bull,
But prepping doesn't make me full.
Varkies are the only food,
That puts me in the fapping mood.
I'll dream and doubt but make no fuss,
I'll wish, I'll want, but I won't cuss!
Varkies are my heart's desire,
Fueled by burning, hungry fire.
Wifey cums and wails real hard,
But Tyrone's cum isn't 'vark nor Aard'.

My good-hubby points were fairly earned,
To buy the varkies that I've yearned.
But there's no varkies on my plate!
Did wifey think that I'd just ate?
I cry while looking into her eyes,
While Tyrone hits me to no surprise.
For he who is un-varked is he who understands:
Never forget to shine his new Air Jordans

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I agree with the sentiment but that is a truly disgusting recipe

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Literally none of the guests have ever said that about vark. Da Bomb, they all do, but vark, none.

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I actually really enjoy that sauce too. Just ordered another bottle of amazon.

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My top choices

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i love autism

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then why don't u marry it

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Tabasco. Not joking
Also Cholula and Red Hot and Texas Pete on occasion.

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What are you doing.

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Frank's red hot
>adds flavour
>does not block taste
>not to bad+cheap
>"I put that shit on everything"

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Tastes green.

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Someone was shilling Offspring sauce like a month ago and I ended up trying it and it's currently my most used sauce. It's basically Cholula, but with much more flavor.

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Cholula chipotle my nigger

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There's a pretty similar sauce and they sell it for 10 bucks

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Wish you /ck/ retards would learn what this term actually means.
You're a fucking embarrassment quite frankly, bunch of Reddit transplants, newfags and retards.

>> No.10969196

Found the paid shill.

>> No.10969202

Pretty sure you're the one who's new.

>> No.10969212

>paid shill

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This is the good shit. Isn't spicy but great flavour.

>> No.10969356

not everyone into english gooder

>> No.10969735

One of the guests said it tastes like tires, I forget which one, I think it was Hannibal Burress.

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Don't know if I'd be comfy eating in a restaurant with 'lube' in the name

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Guess their palate isn't sophisticated enough.

>> No.10969782

>called crystal hot sauce
>not clear

>> No.10969826

el yucateco green and Caribbean

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the fancy looking one with the wolf or tiger is supposedly really good. Bought for someone and they really liked it

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