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What is /ck/'s favorite dipping sauce?

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Honey/spicy mustard.

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table cream + salt

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Not really a sauce, but salsa for me

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Honey mussy

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Sweet chili sauce, sweet and sour is an acceptable substitute

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WUBALUBADUBDUB!!!! Morty, I need more of that Mcnugget Szechuan dipping sauce! Lol, I mean, right? Anyone who is a man of fine taste like me knows, Mcdonalds Szechuan sauce for the Mcnuggets is the only thing that will do for me! Pic related Birdperson! LOL!

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This is the Michael Jordan of low quality bait.

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an insane hot sauce mixed with a little mayonnaise

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honey, gotta fucking bring my own to mcdougals though cause everytime I ask for honey the fucking gimme honeymustard

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Curry, gravy, or mayo

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i love the original mcdonalds bbq sauce

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ranch + tapatio

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Ketchup, but only if it's cold (stored in refridgerator)

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>>10891134 or >>10891702

Sweet chili is pretty cool too.

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>He likes his ketchup cold.

Jesus christ what is wrong with the world.

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he probably mostly eats food from the microwave and the cold sauce helps cool it

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Mostly the oven actually, but you're right in that it's meant to balance off the heat off of stuff, like a well done steak

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Mix ranch and sweet and sour

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acceptable answers

>>10891762 You're so wrong I'm angry. I keep it in the fridge, but ketchup is best room temp
>>10891928 my man. nice tits.

TOP TIP FOR DIPS: sour cream with cayenne, garlic powder, chili powder and S&P mixed. Super great dip sauce for a lot of applications.

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Buffalo or ketchup with tons of salt

If it's spicy then blue cheese.

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fuck off vark shill

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I need feedback on my answer but I always use dried grounded chili pepper that is 10x hotter than that pepper flake pizza place gives you. I don't prefer sauce over those spices.

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Burger kind zesty sauce is #1, next would be Wendy's old buffalo sauce but the Sriracha one is good too

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Spicy ranch

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ie. hotsauce + ranch

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Queso is top tier for chicken tenders or nuggies. You gotta try it

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tartar sauce

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pussy juice

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Au jus.

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Slightly milder, but almost a perfect copy of it.

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