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For me it's El Yucateco Green Chile Habanero Sauce, the best hot sauce.

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I fell for this meme once and bought a 4pack

Rip my anus

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>green food coloring

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yes OP, patrician taste. yucateco green is absolutely unmatched in the hot sauce market.

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Has anyone tried her giant takis recipe yet?


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Meme elsewhere faggot Varkbro

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>tfw my heb has this for $1.50

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Tried this recently, pretty good and I liked it way more than the vinegar style hot sauces. Also tried out Yellowbird but liked it less. Any other recommendations?

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this stuff actually goes really well with mayo.
sriracha mayo got nothin on this.

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Oops, it looks like you accidentally posted the wrong one friend

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for what reason is the red one better?

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I prefer tobasco

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Dirty Dick's is like spicy Heinz 57 if you're into that.

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I bought some because of joe rogan but regretted my decision because it tastes like shit.

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accept no substitute

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>eggs from my yard

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Is this a regional spelling?

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Rogan stores his eggs in the yard and hides them all around his yard so he would gave an excuse to exercise every morning looking for eggs

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I think it is!

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My nigga

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This is my current go-to, but only because it's the best available at the store I frequent. Too poor to order online.
I loved it for a while, but the taste got old very quickly.

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For me, it is The Last Dab, the best and hottest sauce.

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dont you have b-listers to be talking to, sean

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For me, it's the 'Vark. The REAL best hot sauce.

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It means he has his own chickens that lay eggs, are you really too retarded to understand that?

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Was into it alot door a few months but it always left a strong vinegar after taste

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>All of these utter plebs ITT using literally hot sauce meant for children

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What do I win?

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>my tastebuds don’t work anymore so I have to smother my food with this shit
what’s the point of hot sauce when it ruins the flavor of anything because all you can discern is nuclear heat?

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It isn't even a problem for me, I can stand just about any sort of hot sauce, my taste buds are just fine. The only hot sauce I have yet to try is ghost pepper sauce mainly because I've yet to find a store that sells the stuff.

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>not the black sauce

This shit actually tastes fucking gross. Weirdly enough tho the next level up (Ground Zero) which is double the SCU tastes much, much better.

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I don't understand why they keep shilling it when its very obvious its not nearly as hot as Blair's Mega Death sauce was. People barely react to it, in fact its probably less hot than the mid-table sauces. Even when he brought it on that slimy Jew Ethan Klein's podcast, no one really reacted to it.

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>what’s the point of hot sauce when it ruins the flavor of anything because all you can discern is nuclear heat?

That would indeed be pointless. But if you're used to eating spicy food you aren't limited to nothing but "nuclear heat". You can still taste the food, as well as the nuances in the hot sauce.

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That fucking shill got me and I ordered some of this. It actually is really good.

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What is wrong with that person?

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