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reminder that only real men drink 40s

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downing 3 King cobras tonight

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Mickeys here... I wish the 40z had the Remus puzzles but I guess they’re to small to read

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I didn't know apes count as men.

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>tfw these are illegal in my corner of Leafland

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This company has primo graphic design tbqh

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Only have "handle glass" 40's of Hurricane (which I don't care for) wish we had some Steel Reserve 40's, can never ever fucking find them except in the hood. Same with King Cobra up until a few years ago.

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I didn't realise chads were on /ck/

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I laughed

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Real broke men

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>be visiting friend
>"""""""recovering""""""" alcoholic, his wife supposedly doesn't know he still drinks
>I unpack my stuff in guest room
>open closet to stash my luggage at his instruction
>floor of closet lined with about 15 40s of Steel Reserve
>what the fuck
>try to stash under bed instead
>underneath bed is filled with 40ozs
>are you fucking kidding me
>friend says he hides 40s all over the house
>ask him what the fuck he means by "hide" when I've found two stashes within ten minutes of being there
>friend shrugs
>start searching for more out of boredom over the course of the week
>40 in the kitchen cupboard
>40 in the guest room dresser
>40 inside the living room sofa
>40 clothes hamper
>40 in laundry room cupboard
>see suspiciously placed and new-looking garden hose coiled up on closed in back porch
>capped at both ends
>remove cap
>it's filled with malt liquor

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would that be at least 40 ounces in that hose?

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Yeah i can never find 40s of steel reserve and I live in the hood but I got some of these to keep me company

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Why not just get actual liquor?

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>Sierra Leone

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40's can be purchased when and where liquor cannot.

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I really wish we had Mickey's 40s where I live. I usually pick up an 8.2% Hurricane or a King Cobra.

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Only negroes drink 40s

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only real fucking pussies you mean

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>tfw no more hurricanes here
>don't drink 40's no more but I drink 3 cans of max ice tall cans a night (8.0 alc)

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>americans call strong beer "malt liquor" despite it not being distilled

i remember this thread. it wasn't worth screencapping. you're a faggot.

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For me, its drinking a 40 of steel reserve in the morning before work


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Colt 45 is surprisingly inoffensive. Clearly the thinking man's malt liquor.

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1.5L - 6L depending on the hose's length

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Old English

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Thank you for this

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you guys are getting weed in october though.

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40s are usually cheaper.

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