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People who put jalapeños on their popcorn

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jalapenos are a nice snack for kino viewing

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Pretending to like spicy food is pathetic in general. You aren't fooling anyone.

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>people that eat popcorn

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Jalapenos aren't spicy you mayo-sipping pisstard.
This sounds like the worst thing ever, do "people" actually do this?

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>anyone who likes things that I don't like is just pretending

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>eating at the cinema at all

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>i-it's totally not hot he says while tears stream down his face

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smhtbh senpai

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>tfw got just enough mediterranean genetics to enjoy spice a lot
Feels good not being a wimpy nordic fag.

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>t. low test

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Niqqa, if jalapenos make you cry, you might just be a woman.

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lmao at the wh*toid projecting

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I AM a wimpy Nordic fag but I love hot food. Vindaloo, chilli, phaal, the spicier the better, bring it on imo.

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I'm mexican and even me find that disgusting. Jalapeños go over nachos. Popcorn goes with salsa Valentina

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Jalapeños are like 15x weaker than cayenne powder and even that isn't hot.

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Im a fucking Slav, we have some of the worst spice tolerance across all demographics, and even Im going to tell you youre a fucking wimp if you think jalapenos are spicy. Fucks sake maybe eat something other than your estrogen laced milkshakes.

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Maybe if you're in kindergarten jalapeños might make you cry

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>people who put chocolate syrup on watermelon

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I unironically put M&Ms in my popcorn

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and uh, hold the lettuce.

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I used to be able to eat spicy things when I was younger but now it comes out of my ass like firewater

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I seriously hope you're not shitting on
>Salsa Valentina over popcorn
delicacy of the Gods.

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Your palate matured.

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can someone explain how pepper heat is measured because i've eaten fresh ghost peppers and they aren't that much more spicy than jalapenos despite supposedly being over a hundred times hotter. all it did was last longer and burn my throat and lips more than the tongue.

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Spice heat > Pepper heat

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jalapenos are just a kick, and a weak one at that. They're not a painful, lingering spicy feel

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By relative capsaicin concentration.

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but what does that mean
what is the actual intensity of the burning sensation itself, not the duration or raw pepper power. at best it feels like 3.5x that of a jalapeno.

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semper fi

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They're all linked, hotter peppers have longer burns and more intense burns. A jalapeno might sting for a few seconds, while a ghost pepper will melt your mouth for five minutes or more.

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no viper naga on list

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No ghost peppers either. It's not encyclopedic, just a few examples of each heat level.

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people who "like" spicy food eat it so much that it dulls the taste buds on their tongue making them crave hotter and hotter foods.

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>niggers over-spicing food means they're culinary experts

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>Jalapenos make tears stream down his face
I really don't like saying the meme word but this is the most onions post I've read in a while

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You probably had shitty grocery store Ghosts or they were grown by someone who doesn't know what they're doing.

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how is onions a meme word?

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Where do onions rank on the Scoville scale?

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Now that this is a spicy food thread, who can recommend some good hot sauce?

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I meant to type "s.o.y" but with a zero, looks like they're already on that shit though.

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I don't have much time left.
It's getting harder.
But I really want to understand... why?
Why is it so hard for you to believe that people who exist outside of your tiny circle like things that you do not like?
Why does it upset you so much?

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Midwesterner detected

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>put hot sauce (Franks red hot more specifically) on almost everything I eat
>drink milk with almost everything I eat

Anyone else know these feels?

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what if gf with one milk titty and one hot sauce titty

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You know what I meant you smarmy jerk
HONESTLY your best bet if you're looking for super hot sauce is to just buy some Reaper powder, and mix that into your favorite hot sauce. The problem with most of the "super hot" sauces is they use a shit ton of extract and taste like ass.

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this. It tastes like shit. Stop ruining perfectly good food with 10 drops of habenero sauce

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Green Tabasco. It is weak, but very flavorful. Also try peri peri if you don't mind a hint of citrus

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you need to have words in front of it. You can't say Onions, but you can say Lentsoy. You can't say basedbean, but you can say beansoy.

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I'm not being a memeking when I tell you that that's textbook autism, autistic people literally cannot comprehend the idea of people liking things that they don't

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Only a spic would put jalapenos on their popcorn with all other kinds of ungodly shit.

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>le reddit trashman
>thinking his anyone cares about his posts

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Yes I like milk with my spicy food. Perfect combination imo.
>just white guy things

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>"Stop eating your food the way you enjoy it and eat it the way I enjoy it instead!!!"
>punches own head in frustration

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>an adult actually admits to drinking hormone, puss, and drug laden fluid

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hi joey

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hi etsubatsu

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>people that go to the theatre

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>all milk is filled with hormones

Lactose intolerant shitskin detected.

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I'm not American, no hormones in my milk.

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good thing there is laws on importing american milk

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>I don't know how the dairy industry works so I just believe the got milk ads on tv

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I know how the law works, dumbfuck.

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>I post on /fit/ so I know how the dairy industry works

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the puss is caused by growth hormones in american milk, you are not allowed to give you cattle hormones in Europe, your shit would be pulled fast

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You should try eating a whole raw Jalapeno and tell me how that works out.

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>I'm a virgin incel that reads infographics made on /pol/ and /x/, that means I'm the smartest guy ever!

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>I'm so retarded I'll just double down and hope no one else notices how retarded I am

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You're the idiot who thinks there are hormones in milk in Europe, retard.

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its just you saying there is growth hormones in milk then calling everyone retarded

really strange

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>still posting, exposing your stupidity

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I'd talk shit about whatever Salea Valentina is just to piss you off but I don't speak Mexican so I have no idea what it is. If it's anything like all of their other foods, it's meat cheese beans and rice thrown into some thin bread she'll and cooked until it all runs together into a gooey mess and called culinary genius.

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>Europe has 1 less bad thing in this fluid so it's good for you!

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Milk IS good for you, unless you're a nigger or chink or some other kind of lactose intolerant """person""".

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Snocaps in popcorn is kino

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Based as fuck

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no, milk is not good for you. The fact that you actually believe this shows how much of a retard you are. You probably believe sucking dick gives you much needed protein, which actually would explain a lot about you.

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>milk causes osteoporosis
>good for you


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>this one lactose intolerant shitskin ITT is so buttmad by the fact that white people can drink milk and not have problems and he can't


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wtf 4chan has a cooking board?

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the sun gives you cancer and oxygen is making you age faster!

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Shitskins can't drink milk kek

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>being this new

>> No.10797844

>being this new

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fast food formally cooking

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mmm grayons
>inb4 cringe anons start reciting tv memes in a pathetic attempt to gain approval from filthy cross board posters

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FOUR U's amirite guise?

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I’m going to try that!

>> No.10797889

yes and somehow it became my main board. you never think it could happen to you..

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but I'm black and drink milk daily

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At least we can eat jalapeños without passing out from overheating Nordick

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Alright I’ll have to try both of those

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>that image

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Semper Fi.

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>complaining about anime on an anime forum

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taste buds don't have anything to do with spiciness; found the 12 year old, ban please.

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Delicous taste anon

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Delicous taste

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right, I think we should make everyone aware here; go grab a jalapeno, or a habanero, then rub it on your genital(s) then come back and tell us how taste buds have anything to do with spiciness.

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normies can't meme for shit.

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>yes and somehow it became my main board.
seems the posters here are mostly on the adult spectrum except for the v*gans that post from time to time that is why it became my main baord.

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Wow haha this guy btfo everyone with these pics lmao where can I download these?

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9gag my friend

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Epic, there's 100s.

>implying there are friends on 4chan
Brainlet Nigger!

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>Brainlet Nigger!
good, correct response. That was a test. And you passed.
You'll fit in just fine here

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Wow stop spoonfeeding me you newfag.
Pic related is you rn lol

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>Jalapenos aren't spicy

t. 2 pack a day tastelet

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Tamed jalapenos aren't even spicy

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Just kill yourself, you pathetic waste of oxygen.

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fuck you got me...

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i do. they're delicious man. my local AMC has em in cups you can just take a bunch of em.

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>i do. they're delicious man
You probably shouldn't eat grayons, Anon

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Jalapenos aren't spicy but i hate the taste

>> No.10802155

nice try, everyone knows you're a bitch afraid of jalapenos

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>whitecucks ITT

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