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What did Amazon mean by this, /ck/?

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it means babies drink hot sauce. it’s pretty fuckin clear.

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It is the mildest and sweetest habanero habanero flavored sauce on the market. My wife's son loves 'vark sauce almost as much as I do.

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For me it's this garbage. The best hot sauce while sucking dick and shitting in the street.

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Lol, none of those sauces are hot

None of you are real men

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Fuck off, Demarcus. You gotta go back to the nigger containment board.

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>none of these sauces are hot
And that's the appeal.

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>You gotta go back to the nigger containment board.
/an/? /v/? Which board is it?

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lol yea no one uses hot sauces for flavor, ONLY LE HEAT

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Franks is terrible in both heat and flavor

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>phoneposting nigger only likes hot sauce to seem "manly" instead of just enjoying the flavor
how small is your dick bro

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I like it on sandwiches also buffalo sauce

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>For me it's this garbage

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