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Why do people always give me shit when I drink Diet Pepsi mixed with vodka? It's smoother than rum and coke, is cheaper since I can mix Sobieski with Great Value cola, and it's tasty.

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Whoever's picture that is, they should wise up and stop buying grey goose especially if they're mixing it with fucking cola.

Also fuck your vodka cola, that shit's for children that are already alcoholics but somehow are too pussy to drink liquor straight. If you're old enough to post on this site you should get your shit together and find a better highball to mix.

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You could also just mix Tom Collinses aka lemonade with gin (vodka with a little sum'n sum'n, don't bitch about gin) and pretend to be at a base level of sophistication in public by using 3 ingredients instead of 2 that include fruit rather than amerifat syrup

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>what is subjective taste

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Might as well put this thread to good use.

What goes good with lemonade and what liquor actually goes good with Pepsi?

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I agree.

I've drank that for 10 years. You have excellent taste op

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You can't hide behind "subjective taste," you need to face facts and see you have the tastes of a literal child. At least the company you keep is trying to straighten you out, so that's one credit to your character. It's extra disgusting that somehow rum&coke is significantly "rougher" to you when it's already pitiful sugarwater

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I use Jack Daniels honey whisky with lemonade. Pretty tasty, was featured at a tiki bar I used to go to
I haven't had much luck with pepsi, I usually do coke n rum or Coke n whiskey

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Gin, vodka, (cheap) bourbon for lemon, tequila and lime for pepsi (called a batanga)

Generally, lemon and other citrus/sour fruits are good for masking the alcohol overnotes of cheap liquor but will also drown out the the good flavors of better liquors

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I think I've tried JD's Honey whisky before, probably some random drink at applebees or some shit, I'll have to give it a look see if it's not too expensive.

I'm usually hesitant around tequila but I suppose if it's mixed I might be able to bear it. I'll have to get some and try it.

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Blue UV and lemonade is good on a hot day. Yes, its kind of a pussy drink, but its good. I only mix whiskey or rum with coke. Any other liquor with coke is gross.

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>Yes, its kind of a pussy drink, but its good

I have two speeds: Slow march to fucked up town and RAMMING SPEED. Sometimes I just like to take my time and not feel like I have to fight the drink to drink it.

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"Hesitant around tequila" usually means "only had mixtos," so if oyu're okay with spending over $20/fifth, you should go for 100% agave tequilas like Lunazul (budget favorite), espolon, etc., otherwise as far as mixtos I find Sauza better than Jose Cuervo.

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Well, my reluctance comes in the form of some terrible concoction I was given that made me puke seconds after tasting it. All I remember was being told Tequila was in it and I've associated that feeling with that word ever since.

Well, YOLO. I guess I should walk on the wild side and try some actual tequila.

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There's a lot of bad tequila out there, especially since Jose Cuervo is supposed to be "good" despite being the foulest, most bitter tequila I've had the displeasure of tasting and Patron has enough brand recognition to bamboozle the populace into thinking that good tequila starts at $40

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Great Value cola

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I hope you're not that guy who was defending novelty cask tequila the other day. We've been over this.

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I have a feeling that you're attributing more posts to me than I actually posted because I wrote 0 defenses

fuck it, taking torada to the dome brb

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I'm not even OP, you're just retarded.

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I mean if you're going to take verbatim from the shortlist of retarded copouts, you can get fucked. Opinions are only as valid as they can be defended and there's no room to hide behind "subjective tastes" to deflect criticism when someone opens their "opinion" on a public forum.

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fucking soyboys I swear

move on from mixing a neutral you fucking teenage girl

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Calm down private. I used to criticize people on their drink choice too, and then actual life caught up. Real job, house payment, kids, a few people I knew died, then suddenly shit like a Coke and vodka seemed trivial. Pick a larger battle mate.

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When you're literally gatekeeping alcoholism, you really need to take a step back and reevaluate.

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Hey sarge, I'm going to have to ask you to signal about your massive maturity somewhere else, I think your dying friends might need you in a way that doesn't involve posting on 4chan

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Not kidding you actually made me laugh. Jokes aside I can see why you see it's a babby drink but there's a bigger fight... Like bloody marys with fifteen tons of shit stuck in it.

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>Calm down private. I used to criticize people on their [NOUN] too, and then actual life caught up. Real job, house payment, kids, a few people I knew died, then suddenly shit like [NOUN] seemed trivial. Pick a larger battle mate.

Nice pasta, I'll have to use it some time in the future

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Holy crap I created OC pasta... I can die a happy man.

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Am actually OP and am LOLing at you drinking for any reason but to get drunk as I sip on my flat cola and vodka

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You aren't just drinking to get drunk since you're mixing your spirit, anon. Although you seem incapable of drinking 80 proof without watering it down even more so I guess you don't have the fortitude to drink to get drunk yet.

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hold me bros, I've got enough liquor to hold me till halfway through tomorrow and after that I'm gonna have to go through what I know to be a bad withdrawal. Any tips for coping?

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maybe i'm alone, but sometimes it feels like the lining of my esophagus is gone and drinking straight booze, even beer, hurts. Sometimes you have to go mix drink if you don't want to suffer with each drink

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Try tapering with the last of your liquor to ease the WD's


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Because its a shit combo teens drink because thats all they get.

Vodka can go better with literally any other soda. Citrus 2orks a lot better and you can find cheap or cheaper citrus soda to mix,which would taste a lot better.

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Lemonade goes great with bourbon.
Pepsi fucking sucks for a mixer desu. It's too sickly sweet to really pair with anything beyond shit like fireball.

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Your inner evening drinker always fucks over inner day drinker... If you're alchy comfy, then quit while you're ahead and save the booze to get through it tomorrow. Also try mixing drinks with seltzer water to get some form of hydration to offset the booze.

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Most drinks are sugar water dipshit.

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I support your choice in drinking this gross swill specifically because it triggers this >>10758704

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appreciate the link, i'll try tapering. Fuck it's going to suck hard, but i need to get off the stuff and get my life on track. Thanks for the help anon, it's not much either way, but i appreciate it. This will be my 4th time trying to get clean and i hope it will be my last

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>pepsi is all kids can get

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Yeah, fruitjuice is sugarwater because all of the sugar and water in it

Fuck off, you know exactly what I mean you literalist

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Hey, tell OP for me to start mixing fireball with pepsi instead of vodka, I need some laughs in these tough times

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Yeah, my dad quit drinking so I've been pointedly not bringing alcohol into his house to support his sobriety. Anyway, wish you luck in getting clean

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thank you, even though we are all anons here it still means something when an anon supports people going through shit

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And you just ruined it.

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Subjectivity doesn't come into it. Grey Goose in Pepsi objectively tastes the same as lighter fluid in Pepsi.

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Vodka and diet cola is Taytay's favourite drink.
You think you know better than her?

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I wish I could have a fun time dining out like that.

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Maybe you can get a few coworkers to go out for a nice meal somewhere if you suggest it at work.
The last place I worked we were a few who went out to a really nice place, a new one each time, first Wednesday of every month. It was fun and a good excuse to go somewhere we otherwise wouldn't.

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Lol damn. Ur stoop breh

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31yo boomer here.

Vodka and diet soda is all I drink.

I don't even know what tequila, gin, rum, and brandy taste like. If vodka works so well, why change?

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Better alternatives than coke for Vodka:
>tomato juice(with or without spices)
>orange juice(screwdriver)
>club soda
>grapefruit and cranberry juice(sea breeze)
>tonic water

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>implying he has a job
he might suggest it to mis mom though

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Nigger plz, most fruit juice has a similar amount of added sugar to it compared to soda, theres straight no difference and consider what alcohol is for a minute. Unless your going for martinis or something similar it's going to be sugary.

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>implying his parents are still alive
he might suggest it to his two cats though

>lays down and cries
haha guys what a loser

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mayby because vodka and any cola isn't very good combination
I usually drink vodka w/ shots, but I wanted a dring I'd try something like orange juice mayby, dunno.
Also, pic related is pretty good with apple juice, very popular here (polan)
They sell it abroad, too, try it if you'll find it

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>vodka with club soda

brb killing myself

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No, I don't mean Amerimutt "Fruit Juice - A Blend" I mean single malt straight unblended legally-defined lemon or lime juice. I jest. You can also fucking squeeze your own fruit juice very rapidly with a muddler at the rate of half a large lemon or lime per highball

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Isn't that stuff either fake or destroys your organs if authentic?

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nah, it's just grass, it grows only in woods and it's called bison (actually wisent) grass

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From wikipedia:

>The tincture of bison grass found in Żubrówka is prohibited as a food additive by the Food and Drug Administration because it contains coumarin, which showed hepatotoxic effects in rats and has a blood thinning effect.[6] Importation of Żubrówka was banned in 1978 by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Canada has no similar regulations on coumarin, so the alcoholic drink is legal there.

>When produced according to traditional methods (between one and two kilograms of grass per thousand litres of alcohol), Żubrówka contains approximately 12 milligrams of coumarin per litre. In 1999, distilleries that were not connected with the Polish brand introduced lower quality reformulated versions of the product,[4] sometimes using artificial flavours and colors, with the emblematic blade of grass in every bottle but "neutralised" so as to be coumarin-free. In 2011 the American licensee of the Polish company worked with Rémy Cointreau to introduce a new American formulation, which they called "Żu".[4]

Key word: Hepatotoxic, so toxic to the liver (even more than alcohol is already). Most plants aren't neutral and often have nasty self-defense mechanisms so it's disappointing but not really surprising.

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anyone who mixes alcohol with any kind of soda other than regular club soda is a fucking retard

fucking revolting shit

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