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Let's make some tacos, Pls no bully my wife left me and I'm still learning

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I realized I don't have tomato or sour cream. Too drunk to go the 50 miles to town and Uber doesn't come out here

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Why did your wife leave you?

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for american "tacos" your killin it bud.
i actually feel bad for people who cant cook. try making some roast pork carnitas next time, youll have enough meat for a whole week for all types of meals.

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Mutual disagreements.

She was a bitch mostly

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I do miss her cleaning and cooking though

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Honestly pretty good. Better than fast food tacos

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Well, how did I do ladies and gentlemen?

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Maybe throw the burrito shell in a pan or something next time

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I'll try that, Thanks!

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Sorry but this is the farthest thing from a taco I've ever seen. A taco doesn't use ground beef, it doesn't sautee onions and a poblano, and you didn't even get the right tortillas. Those are flour. baka. this is some taco bell frankenfood shit.

you fucked up big time OP

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Oh, I didn't know any of that.

I'll do further taco research before I attempt it again

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You need:
raw onions
skirt steak (grilled over coal) or pork or chicken
it needs to be marinaded and cut into chunks
actual corn tortillas for tacos
some kind of hot sauce if you want (tapatio is acceptable)
and that's really it. no cheese, no sour cream, none of that shit. it has no place on a taco. a taco is supposed to be simple but delicious. and fucking lettuce? jesus christ man don't even think about it

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That thing on the lower left looks like some kind of grub? Are you cooking insects?

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radishes? Who the fuck puts radishes in a taco?

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>doesn't sautee onions
BS every "authentic" taco place here gives me sauteed onions you bitch

also who cares if OP made flyover state tacos. I like them just as much as authentic ones. With a big dollop of sour cream of course

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That's a jalapeno

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Solid, I'm a big fan of re-fried beans in mine though.

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I had no idea...

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I didn't even think of re-fried beans. I'll try that next time. Thank you

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Sure it is.

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This sounds like some foodie shit

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Yellow or Spanish rice is good in there too. You just have to careful to not add too much of anything so that it can still be wrapped up.

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Could also do oven for 15-20 at 350 F. Easier to get a even crisp compared to pan fry for me.

Tacos are a technique not a strict recipe. And he didn't even make a taco, he made a burrito so flour is fine. I agree about corn for tacos though.

Plenty of places in San Diego. Fuck off

Don't worry about it too much. Plenty of these things vary greatly even in real taquerias, incl. onion, radish, crema, cheese, and lettuce.

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Any time broski
Looks better than my snacks.

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Thank you for the advice, I'm taking notes right now for next time I cook tacos

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It's probably crap from some stupid TV show, the radishes part really is the trigger.

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Radishes in a taco? Yeah I believe you, really.

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This is pretty good for yellow rice, sometimes it's better to just make that instead of doing a whole big deal when it's just a side or an addition. Vigo.

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Fantastic, Again...Thank you for the advice. I'll heed it

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Went here last week.


Just literally go to any taqueria in San Diego and they'll have sliced radishes. Not everyone likes them so they don't always put it in by default.

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This is basically carne asada tacos which are goat af, OP. For the skirt steak marinade use equal parts fresh squeezed orange juice and lime juice, garlic, salt, cilantro and vegetable oil. Optionally hot peppers. Marinade overnight and grill direct or use an iron skillet over medium high heat. Smells and tastes heavenly.

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They don't go in the taco, just on the side for a nice garnish.
those places are taking liberties. raw onion is the RIGHT way and it tastes better. they should look something like this. i honestly don't care if you wanna sautee the onions and some peppers in there. its when you start adding dairy and use the wrong tortillas that really chops my eye

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Sounds like real hipster shit. I've never seen radishes in tacos or burritos before or even heard it mentioned until you started shilling it.

It's 2018 who the fuck needs garnishes with a fuckin' taco?

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Nah, radishes are pretty common at salsa bars if you go to a more authentic Mexican place. I'm not really a fan of them but I usually see them in the restaurants around here.

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>*blows vape cloud*

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That orange juice is what does it mayn. I throw chilli powder and cumin in there too, along w/ a handful of green onions. uhhhh uhhhh

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Is this from a place called Felipe's by any chance? Looks exactly the same.

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OP wanted to know how to make REAL tacos and you guys are mad because were showing him the way. why so bitter

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Am I grilling anything besides the meat or is the veg all just added at the end? And the tortilla?

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Yeah. Never been there though.

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That's outlier stuff, I've been to Mexican joints and I've just never seen radishes before. Maybe that's something new.

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Cum in, nice!

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Perhaps there was a big crop of radishes this season so they're pushed hard?

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just the meat. the tortillas should be warmed over the flame on your stovetop but that's it. chop your onions finely (this matters because it makes for more pleasant biting/chewing). squeeze some lime on that motherfucker and ur good to go. get u some of these if ur man enough

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cool thanks, I have a couple hot sauces on the shelf I still need to try but I'll add these to my list

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I think it's pretty damn good. Not amazing certainly, and frankly the price climbed a bit after they got popular, but it's above average. They've got good chorizo too, that's a plus.

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Here's another to try, anything from Melinda's.

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If you can find this, it's awesome, I spoke with the owner too about restarting production but as he explained it, it's very expensive. Apparently he doesn't want to deal with it anymore.

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If I had the money I'd license it from him and do it myself.

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You taco purists are so full of shit

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