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If you could eat a meal with a celebrity what would you eat and with who? For me it would be chicken tenders with Taylor Swift.

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Underage please leave.

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McDonald's with President Trump

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Whole cucumbers with stormy

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A whole bottle of crest with Steve Buschemi

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Thai Food with Sasha Grey

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>Celebrity worship

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Why do you look at celebs as being bigger than human? What's wrong with enjoying somebodies art and wanting to spend time with them in person?

You can't look at them as being above humans, which you are or you wouldn't assume it's "worship" to want to hang out with them

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>Why do you look at celebs as being bigger than human?
He doesn't. That's the point. They're no different than anyone else. Why fixate on a "celebrity" when they're functionally no different than any other random person?

Anyway, to answer op's question, I'm not sure if this is celebrity enough for you, but this lady right here. Very famous in the world of Thai food.

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A can of Beefaroni with Bailey.

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I'm pretty sure Donald Trump is more interesting than your dumb ass

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That's Toni Basil

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No they are interesting because they create art that you enjoy and relate to even though you've never met them. You're focusing on the fact they are Celebs and not looking any deeper than that fact alone. You don't have a music artist or actor that you've enjoyed your whole life that you wouldn't like to actually sit down with and asked what inspired them to create the thing you love?

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not quite sure, chicken wings/ribs or maybe fajitas with some female actress that seems really posh

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>You don't have a music artist or actor that you've enjoyed your whole life that you wouldn't like to actually sit down with and asked what inspired them to create the thing you love?

Absoutely. I'm not sure what that has to do with food though.

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Eating food is just a social situation to talk to somebody that you otherwise might be awkward around. That's why lawyers and potential clients usually ask to meet up at a restaurant. Some jobs even do interviews at resturaunts if the boss is a one on one kind of guy.

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Awkward. I'm not sure I want to bother some poor celebrity because I'm a fan who wants their attention.

That being said, there are those who seem to really get shit on and taken advantage of who seem like alright people. I'd say Brendan Fraser just so I could tell him the whole world isn't out to fuck him up and I was impressed by his work. And I don't know what he likes but I know he likes his horses, so maybe a restaurant on a private ranch.

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A pile of hard boiled eggs with this leather shell of a man

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pizza with keanu reeves

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Capicola and vinegar pepper sandwiches
James Gandolfini may he rest in peace in heck

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A large vegetarian meal with this fine gentleman.

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Steak with Hitler

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pot brownies with asa akira.

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Hitler is a vegan.

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I'd cook a 5 star meal for Emma Stone and then woo her with my hilarious banter. We marry a year later and she uses her feet to get me hard before we have missionary sex with lots of eye contact.

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Churchs with Oprah

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Fucking based

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Chinese takeout with Mel Gibson probably.

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Yeah exactly

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Burgers with Emilia Clarke. Then I lick her eyebrows.

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Kebab with Mia Khalifa

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On Christmas? Catch a movie after...

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>yfw spend Christmas at lunch with your wacky uncle Mel and then go to the movies.

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Damn hivemind, was thinking pulled pork with Wiz.

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Arby’s with Hope Solo

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Panda Express with Jiro Ono

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Ass with Alexis Texas

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Share a milkshake with Kat dennings.

Or breakfast with Harrison Ford

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Chicken marsala with bryci

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Buffalo wings with Kurt Vonnegut

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McChickens with Marilyn Manson.

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I'm so hungry I'd eat anything with any celebrity right now.

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Jew pie with Hitler

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Oh, wow. Imagine that.

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I'm eating Subway by myself, does that count?

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true roman bread with true romans

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Haggis with Karen Gillan

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Living or dead?
I'd like to eat dinner with Charles Darwin and let him choose what we're having. You know it'll at least be interesting.

If it has to be someone alive I'd probably just take a nice brunch with some science fiction author. Let's say Alastair Reynolds or Neal Stephenson.

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Coffee and a cig with Keanu, I know he was already posted but that's my answer too

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theres no doubt that Charles Darwin was a foodie just like you and me

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Living? Probably Keanu Reeves. Seems like a really chill dude. When asked his favorite meal, he replied:
>“My favorite meal? Today I will pick, since it’s Fall, first of all let’s start with a caesar salad with the anchovy. And then we need a baguette on the table. Then we need some tomato soup with some sharp cheddar cheese in it. Then we can have a NY steak on the bone with some mashed potatoes and some creamed spinach and a 1982 Margaux. And then for dessert we’ll have some pumpkin pie with some fresh whipped cream. Yeah, let’s do that.”

Living or deceased? A bowl of chili with Peter Falk.

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five dried grams of psilocybin cubensis with alan watts

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Oh, pardon me, Real Oldfags.
I mean to say some kind of fast food with a porn star and post this pic instead.

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cyanide with your favorite celebrity

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those are her favorite meal after all


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With Trump also but tacos instead.

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>may he rest in peace in heck

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Burritos with Trump

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>reddit the post

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that sounds really nice.

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Can I do it without the celebrity?

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Just pick someone who doesn't talk when he eats.

Please stop. I don't like Reddit and I don't want to be associated with it. I just want to eat some extinct animals with Darwin or ask Reynolds what the fuck happened between Chasm City and Blue Remembered Earth.

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hot dogs with tay tay

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Why do you retards feel the need to pretend to be faggot cucks on this board?

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tomato sandwiches with Norm Macdonald

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You ARE excited to see Solo: A Star Wars Story in theaters May 25th right?

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Haven't got (you)s like this since I stopped namefigging.

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You pick the person for me, I don't care to know about them. We're eating something made of whole plant ingredients.

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youre welcome

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Probably Charles Dickens. Some of his food scene descriptions were killer. Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings in, "The Sojourner" also had some great meal descriptions. Even that wench, Laura Ingalls Wilder, had some nice ones too. I'd eat with those 3. Modern celebrities? I'd spit in their face before I'd break bread with those faggots.

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Cheseburgers on the floor with David Hasselhoff

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Fried Lungs with Mads Mikkelsen

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No one respects you

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Chicken with him.

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Wine tasting with Vincent Price must have been fun.

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Jiro's with Bourdain.

>> No.10632988

this but chinese food

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The still beating hearts of every traitor to America along with the Israelis undermining it, with President Trump.

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Pork belly with Morrissey.

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Any food, I wouldn't care, with Jesus.

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Just go to a taco shop

>> No.10633149

>Just go to a taco shop
laughing my ass off
thats the best comeback ever!

>> No.10633159

This but tacos instead so we can post a selfie on normie book to get all the normie (You)'s

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>going out on a date with a celebrity
>meal isn't their ass on your tongue
Phew, virgins.

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I'm not some brainlet normie obsessed with celebrities so I'll just choose to eat whatever alone.

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I want to take John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich to the Heart Attack Grill so he can see what has become of his creation.

>whatever alone
I think you meant to say "forever alone"

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>christina hendricks
Food that is basically poisoned and will kill her BUT I have the antidote for it. I'll only give her the antidote if she gives me a mean BJ and lets me fuck her.

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A bullet with Bjork.

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In this guy's defense; Björk was very very fuckable in 1996. Unless she was talking or singing.

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i want to eat a pot of spicy ramen with keemi, i want to watch her sweat and wiggle in pain, and i especially want to lick her clean afterwards

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pusy with taylor swift

>> No.10634053

This anon gets it.

>> No.10634085

There's something wrong with this woman but I can't quite tell what.

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Pretty much anything with David Attenborough. He's my hero.

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anything with ozzy, alice cooper or dave grohl. cos all the rock stories could prop up the bar for hours

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they must have fed her the questions beforehand like hillary
no one can come up with answers that fast

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i want to hear her sweaty socks squish as she steps on my face

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>Drinks with Bill Cosby
>anything with Casey Anthony so I can ask her on a date
>me and that one japanese cannibal just eat some nigga

>> No.10634261

>Casey Anthony
She's a completely emotionless nutjob.

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Every time i hear his name now or if he's mentioned i feel bad.

I'm 32 and I've been watching his movies for awhile. I always thought he was the worst fucking actor. Like to the point I wished nothing but the worst for him. For how many years I've just loathed the man and hoped he'd fuck off and disappear. it started off as hate, then into a joke...

But this...it's gone too far. Now i just feel like human garbage thinking my centuries of just wishing nothing but terrible things for this man has done this upon him.

It's 3:30 am and i'm a little hammered and this thread will die tomorrow but i needed to get this off my chest on /ck/.

I'm sorry Brendan.

This is no pasta, just cleansing my soul.

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Coffee and fabada with Jimi Hendrix. Hot steamy hotel room buttsex afterwards, and a post-coital blunt.

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plowing ass after a mexican bean stew?

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Cake with Johnny Cash in a bush

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It's Spanish I think, and I have a very robust gut

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Nico Tanigawa
Carolina Pulled Pork BBQ sandwiches

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Underrated post.


dream team right there lol

Just imagine eating and drinking with Osborne, Cooper and Grohl. Holy fuck that would be best day ever.

>Lobster with the cast of The Inbetweeners

>> No.10634516

Brendan Fraser is a very nice Canadian-American actor who has never done harm to anyone. His heart was completely broken and his life has never been the same.

>> No.10634603


I know.... I wish I was joking, to hear of all the bad shit he's gone through with divorce, money and mental issues. Such a fool I was.

>> No.10634662

He will be ok because he is a good person. Many people love him, they really do.

>> No.10634668

More and more I'm starting to suspect Taylor swift is actually a robot.

>> No.10634724

Lamb Burgers with a lemony aioli sauce and asparagus on the side. With Nicolas Cage

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Panda Express with Mr. Chang

>> No.10634743

lamb hot pot and some ice old beers with Bruce Lee

>> No.10634767

Korean Barbeque with James Franco. I don't even like his movies. I just think it would be a fun time.

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Surf and Turf w/ MC Ride

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This, but with a sack of McChickens

>> No.10634812

..and afterwards we'll pay Mr. Chang a visit and bully him.

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Vietnamese BBQ with this guy.

>> No.10634869

I might actually watch this episode of Mind of a Chef desudesu

>> No.10635131

It's more likely that she is used to answering questions quickly due to being in the public eye for so long.

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I'd want to cook a seafood course meal for Mika Hoshima and eat it together with her.

>> No.10635166

This, desu. After awhile every interview is exactly the same.
t. touring musician

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burgers and blunts with Kim Jong Un

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Lobster and lemon cakes with GRRM.

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I don't care for the books and I haven't watched the show but now you mention it I think GRRM might be a pretty fun guy to hang out with, yeah.

>> No.10635362

why does taylor swift's face contract inwards more everytime I see her

>> No.10635384

Pumpkin pie with David Duchovny.

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File: 20 KB, 208x300, GRRM chili.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The tv show is shit but the books are pretty good.

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File: 41 KB, 500x433, tay loves her some TGI Fridays.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it would be me having the dinner special at Applebees with Tay while I open carry
greetings from /k/

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>muh veganz are the gud guise

>> No.10635987

Keanu reeves. A sandwhich. On a bench next to the empty city park

>> No.10635999

I've met Casey a few years ago in south Florida. She's really nice, people judge people because of what they are accused of.
Guilty until proven innocent is a dangerous way to think

>> No.10636606

Golden corral with drumpf

>> No.10636622

> greetings from /k/
No one cares, fuck knuckle

>> No.10636773

Drink booze with John Mcafee.

>> No.10636783

An american burger and fries with ramsey.

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Five Guys with Arnie, except he would probably bring his own premade meal I guess

>> No.10636799

do they have to still be alive? i'd love to eat with James madison and pick his brain about the constitution and bill of rights and all that good shit. let him pick the meal, i'm sure he has good taste

as far as living celebs i'd like to have tomato soup with that qt that played that indian girl from AP Bio because i like tomato soup and she's super qt

>> No.10636800

This but well-done steak with ketchup

>> No.10636858

7-Eleven pizza with Chef Ramsay.

>> No.10636974

Celebrity: Katy Perry
Eat; Her ass.

>> No.10637008

You seem to no gunz
>k loves steve

>> No.10637016

...and that's a good thing

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