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Question for regular alcohol drinkers, when you're sober do you ever feel like your'e in a psychotic state? It seems more and more, that during the periods in between drinking sessions, I feel like I'm going insane until I have some drinks, like not insane from a desire to drink or craving, just in general

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Those are withdrawals my friend, i get extremely anxious, shaky, moody, and even have some auditory hallucinations when i abstain a couple days from drinking

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I've never felt like a psychotic.

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I generally notice feeling "cloudy", I can't explain it other than brain fog. I drink once a week and when I stopped completely for about 4 weeks the world got more in focus and sharper

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Yeah, same. I also get physically ill and it's making me afraid to not drink.

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best way to stop making it happen and tough it out. abstain for at least 2 weeks then drink no more than 2 nights a week

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>Given that these threads have diverged from discussion about drinking to a general discussion regarding alcoholism and life, they are no longer appropriate for the food and cooking board. In the future please post these threads on a more appropriate board such as /r9k/ or any of the topicless boards (/trash/, /bant/, /b/)
Thank you mods for killing that piece of shit general, it was cancer for too long and now im glad we can actually have threads about whisky and scotch again.

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they were the only good threads left on /ck/ imho so it makes sense to ban them here.

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this is becuase you use alcohol as a coping mechanism.
you have a shitty outlook on life, or possibly anxiety is rushing the thoughts too much.

or you are horribly malnurished, or possibly recovering from a ketoacidosis episode.
don't eat too much before bed.
drink some water or sports drink.
take a cold shower in the morning.

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why do people get addicted to a shit tier drug like alcohol and not a good one like pot?

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because alcohol is physically addictive and weed isn't.

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you sure about that?

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That's alcoholism

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I've heard addiction is genetic. that wouldn't make it physically addictive.

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cbf to link anything, just google it you pleb. stop abruptly after smoking heavily and you have mild insomnia for 1 day. do the same after drinking heavily and you might die.

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thats your body detoxifying not due to addiction withdrawals. I did google and found nothing.

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odd that that's not what the teams of doctors said in detox.

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what did they say?

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that i'm physically addicted to alcohol. and that cannabis isn't physically addictive.

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>confusing addiction with dependency
The issue isn’t alcohol, the issue is you.

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they help you with your pussy "disease"?

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no amount of dependency is going to cause me to hallucinate and have seizures.

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they got me through acute withdrawal without my dying.

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A lot of people don’t realise this.
Alcohol is not addictive, the term is a crutch for denial and for absolving oneself of personal responsibility.
Same goes for sugar, overeating etc.
Opiates for example are a true example of an addictive substance, totally different ball game.

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0/10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delirium_tremens
>Delirium tremens (DTs) is a rapid onset of confusion usually caused by withdrawal from alcohol.[2] When it occurs, it is often three days into the withdrawal symptoms and lasts for two to three days.[2] Physical effects may include shaking, shivering, irregular heart rate, and sweating.[1] People may also see or hear things other people do not.[2] Occasionally, a very high body temperature or seizures may result in death.[2] Alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs from which to withdraw.[5]

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>totally different ball game
this should be educational. i've been addicted to both, do elaborate. alcohol is harder to kick than heroin by the way.

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I'm a social drinker (meaning I drink once a week at most) and I'm really glad that you made this thread. Everyone should read it to know the consequences of alcohol abuse.

I wish you luck fighting this addiction. The sooner you start quitting the easier it will be.

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if alcohol was addictive like cocaine, opiates or nicotine they wouldn't be able to stop easily after three days of heavy usage but many people do. there just seems to be a large base of stupid pathetic people who are willing to pay doctors to reassure them its not their fault.

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>I’ve been addicted to both
Nope you haven’t.
Alcohol isn’t addictive. You had an alcohol dependance.

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i'll choose to believe my doctors thanks.

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They were a hugbox for chronic alcoholics who couldn't face the music of being called lowlife degenerate fucks.

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Embarrassing, anon.

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This is why non free healthcare doesn’t work.

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it does work. the NHS spreads healthcare costs for everyone among everyone. A bankrupt tramp could and if he needed it would, have millions of pounds of care, the cost of which to him would be £8 for the standard flat-rate drug prescription. Everything else can be relied on at any time by anyone in the country, and the bill upon leaving will be £0. It has been this way since 1948,

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>Alcohol is not addictive,
It's literally one of only 4 drugs on earth with potentially lethal withdrawals.

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You are retarded.

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He said non free healthcare doesn’t work.

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>if alcohol was addictive like cocaine, opiates or nicotine they wouldn't be able to stop easily after three days of heavy usage but many people do.
You can literally die if you do that.

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yeah i just read that as soon as i hit submit. never mind. but, it's the first time i've seen someone say that non-free doesn't work. i mean, there's both in the uk. the free NHS forces the quality of privately employed doctors through the roof. if people can get healthcare for free, they'd better be a fucking good doctor to charge the rates they do.

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I think you are way overblowing the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. I've drank heavily for a week straight before and didn't feel anything. You could possibly die if you are already old and feeble or malnourished or something.

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please stop embarrassing yourself, the ignorance is painful to watch.

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don't feed the troll, dude. there are gonna be more than a few of them now i suppose. should we move to the other place? or, i dunno, find a barely-used chan and commandeer it?

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you can't even explain how alchohol is physically addictive.

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you can't explain how oxygen is turned into fuel in the lungs, but it is no matter how much some batshit preteen thinks his galloping in and screaming things which contradict common sense and the most respected experts on earth will change that.

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lol you think oxygen is converted into some type of fuel. you really are retarded

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how boring is your life that you'd find posting this shit entertaining? go be a brat troll somewhere else.

so to where is al/ck/ going to relocate? this thread is immediately flooded with fucking kids. the thought of going to /b/ is farcical. does anyone have the IRC add so we can sort this shit out?

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go to /r9k/ lots of loser there you will be in good company

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>why do people get addicted to a shit tier drug like alcohol and not a good one like pot?

Personally, weed makes me anxious and have racing thoughts, which are problems I already have, weed just makes them worse and when I regularly smoke weed I become the most introverted anti-social person you could ever meet. Alcohol has the complete opposite effect, it slows down my thoughts and makes me more comfortable socializing.

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good luck ever getting an 8/10 after highschool if youre still piping away on weed rather than drinkin vodka with girls

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And your opinion is shit.

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Weed is a garbage drug
>smoke weed
>sit on couch watching stupid videos for 6 hours
>if you actually want to feel intoxicated you risk a panic attack or getting sick

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what total horseshit. you did something once, so the other 6 billion humans must do exactly the same? how have you not committed suicide being this narrow minded? it must be infuriating to be so embarrassingly wrong all the time

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Weed smokers are so defensive and holier than thou, literally the SJW of drugs

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>1 person said something, therefore tens of millions are identical
you're doing it again, humiliatingly narrow-minded, worse than pol, i pity you

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