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>I eat carbs

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>i eat food

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>I eat souls

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I eat pussy.

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You could try a little harder you know

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kot did nuffing wrong. kot is wonderful being.

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>I eat vegan

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>i eat keto

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>Fat and dietary cholesterol cause artery clogging

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Why do vegans have the best heart health even when controling for diet, and exercise?

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>Why do vegans have the best heart health even when controling for diet, and exercise?
>controlling for diet

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Because they are health and food conscious.
Vegans are compared to general population who eat anything that's tasty and cheap. Eating processed garbage is obviously unhealthy.

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I'm in the tube and I just started laughing like an idiot, you nigger.

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God wants to punish them, making them live longer and forcing them to continue eating grass.

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How do you control for diet in such a study?

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if vegans have the best heart health then why do 80% of vegans drop the diet within 2 years?

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Prove it

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all current scientific research says it does but keep reading reddit while eating sticks of butter

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Because in a western society being vegan is not only an undesirable trait socially but it's also harder to maintain social relationships as one of the main things we tend to do is perform activities with food at the center of them.

Along with that it's much harder to maintain a healthy diet when unhealthy food is cheaper & easier to obtain.

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And yet as time goes by official dietary guidelines continue to progressively reel back suggested restrictions on fat and cholesterol consumption.

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>being vegan is undesirable in western culture

found the flyover

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cholesterol is only bad if you have inflammation

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What does that have to do with health? It's usually ditched because it's a hassle, or because of social exclusion.

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>diet that supposedly squashes the #1 killer of Americans, heart disease
>80% still fuck off and go back to meat

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Veganism is an immature stepping stone to the glorious pescetarianism master race.

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7th day adventists get out

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Pescatarian diet is GOAT desu

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You know you don't have to be vegan, you can just be vegetarian. Willing to bet the numbers are exactly the same.

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>I'm afraid of dying

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>Because they are health and food conscious.
So much this.
If you took a meat eater that pays as much attention to their diet and the sourcing of their food as a vegan, they'd be just as healthy. The health benefits of veganism look impressive when compared to a diet of big macs, soda, and wonder bread. Not so much so when compared to a sensible diet that includes quality meats.

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They don't, that's just a lie. You asserted it without evidence because you knew most people wouldn't challenge you on it.

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As in controlling for calories, pedant.

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so keto fags are the vegans of 2018?

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Why is a low-fat vegan diet the only known diet to reverse heart disease? Are (((they))) behind this?

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Try again

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Pescitarian for over a decade. Closer to fifteen years. I cut all grains and started eating sausages and organ meats the and turnaround in what I am able to do and how I feel is outstanding.

Veganism will fade, those that keep it up will have all sorts of digestive health disorders. My disorders (Lactose intolerance, UC) both cleared in less than a month from dropping all grains. Still do potatoes but otherwise, no carbs. The food/health industries will attack this lifestyle because they lose money.

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I believe oat is okay to eat sometimes, but yeah, wheat is garbage

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