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For me, it's whole milk

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>thick fatty sugar water
how can you fall for this meme

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for me it's hole milk

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let me direct you to the real meme. Whomsoever consumes this shit is getting pranked

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whomever consumes that shit is an absolute fucking faggot and needs to die

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Used to drink a half gallon a day of this stuff. Can’t imagine doing that now.

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For me, it's the whole milk

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me, too

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do amerilards really drink an entire gallon of milk in one sitting?

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in all reality, there isnt a better food value wise if you are living in the US where milk is 2 bucks a gallon.

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I drink fat free milk so i dont turn into a fucking sissy faggot from estrogen

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For seventeen months I survived off a gallon of milk per day plus a vitamin supplement. I lost 390 pounds.

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i could never tell the difference between whole, 2%, and 1%. other kids always whined when they couldnt get the one they liked but its all the fuckin same

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we get it, you're american

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For me it is vanilla soft serve mix

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I drink whole milk almost exclusively, but I think UNSWEETENED almond milk has a place as a healthier alternative.

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I'm 100% on board with this. Sign me up, I was probably going to get diabetes eventually anyway.

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>he thinks the fat is what does it

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The rest taste like water. Whole milk has substance.

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Drinking Whole Milk is the best way to out yourself as a hick, and not in an ironic way.

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It literally is. Youre just retarded

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Reduced fat milks have much more sugar per volume.

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I like whole milk too OP about to make a glass of milk chocolate

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these things are worth a small fortune

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>whole milk is for hicks
I've read a lot of retarded shit on chan, but this seems to be topping the list somehow. You must feel proud.

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2% is the perfect balance. Skim tastes like badly flavored water, whole tastes greasy.

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I drink whole milk and voted for Hillary though. CHECK. MATE.

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For me, you're an unimaginative child pissing away their Saturday nights on a garbage website, regurgitating "memes". instead of taking active steps to improve your life, and move up in the world.

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>soy milk which contains plant estrogen with little effect on the human body unless in heavy consumption is for nu-males!
>cow milk with mammalian estrogen that have been shown to stunt puberty in males with just regular consuption is redpilled and based!

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Unsweetened almond milk is a godsend for non-fat fucks like me. Can drink that shit all day with a spoon of no-sugar caramel sauce.

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Yeah dude, fat turns you into a pussy, not your lifestyle and social anxiety

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I wonder who spends the time to draw something like this. How long does it take?

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Nope fat is the catalyst for estrogen in milk
Never talked about any of that other trash which means youre just projecting your own insecurities
Google it faggot

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>no-sugar caramell sauce

I cant even

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Sounds like Walden farms.

>Calorie, sugar and fat free

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why does the store sell one liter, two litre and four litre jugs of milk

why is the government hiding the three litre milk from us

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spotted the nu-male

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Nice try but I use bing

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>thats """""food""""" in new-bongistan

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>how long does it take

Idk anon, judging by the fact that theyre stick figures id say probably about 5 minutes

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I like drinking milk because white subhuman slavs can't drink it

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What kind of chemical monstrosity is that?

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Whole>2%>>>>>>>>1%>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>fat free>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>almond rice, coconut

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>The virgin dairy vs the cashew chad

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>white subhuman slavs can't drink it

Oh boy here we go..

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2% is where the line is drawn as acceptable unless you are a severe fatass

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I've slowly worked my way up from skim, 1%, 2%, whole, half and half, heavy cream, double cream, and now extra thick double cream. Everything below tastes too watery now.

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Only if you want to get swole as fuck

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>tfw they don't have them in Australia
Why is my country so shit

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Does grass-fed milk taste much different? My local store started stocking it but it's twice the price of regular store-brand milk. I don't really have much money to spare after what I usually buy so I don't want to waste money on it if it's not a big difference.

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Shut up you Skub faggot.

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Obviously, but that does not affect what he said in any way.

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>Only if you want bitch tits

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