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Still making excuses?

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>fried right along with mcnuggets
what a meme lifestyle

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>Giving money to the ultimate carnist company

Vegans really are this dumb

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Fucking retards ruined mcdonalds, their fries used to be fried in beef tallow but vegans and super size made the mind blowing realization that you shouldn't eat mcdonalds every day.

No one eats at mcdonalds to be healthy or any restaurant for that matter, if you have a strict diet then eat at home.

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Yeah, my excuse is I'm not a faggot.

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This. If you actually think that every McDonald's location just upped and decided that they're going to have a fryer solely dedicated to vegan menu items you're retarded.

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>t. econoniclet
You realize businesses take and weigh inventory right? Hmm, I wonder why ...

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>it's only Sweden and Finland
>tofu-based burger
leave it to Svencucks to think that their burgers are vegan when cheeseburgers are cooked on the same flattop grills

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>We understand the necessity to creating a cruel-free lifestyle. With the McVegan and the removal of animal oils at McDonald's around the world we've added new menu items that will stay cruelty free and add a new later of health consciousness to our menu. We've updated the look and feel of McDonald's to cater to a contemporary and health-positive menu

Straight off their dotcom nigger. McDonald's is coming for your cruelty. You'll be eating vegan in no time.

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It's finally happened, they've killed off enough customers that it is no longer sustainable. Still not going to eat there though.

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My English translation is terrible. Excuse my spelling.

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maybe i'm retarded but i couldn't even tell that was translated

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As long as they don't fuck with my saimin I couldn't care less.

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Holy shit, watch McDonalds take a complete 180 and cater to health food. I'll be blown away. Imagine going to McFatfuck and knowing you've eaten healthy...

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So this is just a bumfuck Scandanavian thing?

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I just bought a vegan sticker to put on my js32r. Are you jealous?

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>LMAO just eat vegan guys it's so good for you were not forcing anyone to eat things they dont want
choose one, you fuking spergs

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>are you jealous

Kek. Are you in a vegan black metal band?

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Dont worry, I'll just buy two bigmacs from now on to compensate.

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Samefag slash compensate

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Please speak English.

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instead of saying "beef tallow" you can admit you just want it fried in lard like a true american

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nice comma, oh wait
fucking meatcucks
terrible english!
format understood hashtag twitter

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>criticize americans for eating too much animal fat
>criticize americans for eating nothing but corn byproducts

So which is it? Also, beef tallow and lard aren't the same thing, dum dum.

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Where is this? I want to try it.

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>beef tallow is the same as lard

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Lard is made from pig fat, you emaciated llama.

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Would a vegan eat a vegan burger if it was cooked in animal fat? Because this is McDonalds, and I'm assuming they don't have a separate griddle for their vegan menu items.

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Being vegan is about announcing to the world that you're special and deserving of attention. So, as long as their fast food container has VEGAN written across it in big bold letters they'll eat it.

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rent free

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>Still making excuses?
Have you seen all the awful shit they call "meat"? For their vegan items they could make whatever fake ass plastic cellulose patty they wanted. Fuck that.

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....when did their fries become vegan?

Excited to try the Mc Vegan though. Anyone here try one? How was it?

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are potatoes animals now? or salt?

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Some sources say they add beef flavoring as well as milk.
Not vegan.

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>announcing to the world that you're special and deserving of attention

I think you're projecting here but don't worry I DO think you are special and deserving of attention so have a (You) on me.

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>>fried right along with mcnuggets

What does it have to do with veganism if they throw chicken in the same oil? Who cares? Seriously asking

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The fat of the chicken will melt and seep into your so-called vegan patties thus rendering it haram

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what is a bumper bucket?

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Go away and keep eating mcvegans, scandinavian bumfuck bot

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How long ago did they stop using tallow in US? They've been using vegetable oil in my country for years and kinda explains why I never understand when /ck/ say McDonald's fries are nice

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>Some sources say...
well its bogus. check the ingredients on their website.

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reinforced food troughs that won't spill when the colossal gravity of americans causes them to crash into one another

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this post summarizes how retarded vegans actually are for actually caring about this

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OUR processed garbage is better than YOUR processed garbage!
wtf i'm vegan now

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From starting, even with a veg option, vegan should boycott places like MacDonalds

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True that

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You see, ads are bad. Except for the ones that tell you how you should live your life.

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McDonald's is the most popular restaurant in the world.
Helping them promote vegan options gets the message out.
Vegans shouldn't isolate themselves from people who consume animal products.

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yeah but then vegans should technically boycott pretty much everything on earth. to economically separate themselves from meat they pretty much have to just live on a vegan commune

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>Vegans shouldn't isolate themselves from people who consume animal products.
i wish you faggots would.

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What's bothering you?
What is it about choosing whether or not to eat animals forces you to associate it with your sense of sexual identity?
Do you feel that if you were to stop eating animals you would somehow be less masculine?
That seems pretty weird to me.
I'm sure you'd be just as masculine.

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Well I hope whatever insecurity is driving you you somehow find peace with it.
I'd prefer not to live in a world with you angered by people choosing not to eat animals.

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wow that chart you posted really proves you aren't a gay nerd

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can vegans stop pretending like they give a shit about the well-being of others? you aren't fooling anyone.

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I was actually never making excuses in the first place, I just eat meat because it tastes good and I don't give the slightest fuck what vegans think or do

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if you buy vegan options you still continue to have meat production too, since when meat consumption will drop, they will do advertising to raise it again

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and when the price of meat goes down I will compensate by eating twice as much of it

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aside ethics, every stuff you eat is dangerous in big quantities. why just don't kill twice the cows?

>> No.10563716

or the same amount of cows but just make them feel twice as much pain

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why don't you learn to speak better English, monkey boy?

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I'm not trying to be rude here but I honestly do not understand your English.

>I don't give the slightest fuck what vegans think or do
Well if that's true why are you talking about it?

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this nigga knows. do they still have mcdonalds breakfast with rice and spam?

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vegan here.
we don't care.
it doesn't matter if the vegan dishes are soaked in bacon grease, the contamination is not creating a demand it's just a consequence of the food being prepared together.
By ordering a vegan burger, an animal didn't have to die for it.
It doesn't matter that there's technically meat in it.

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this is bait

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Fuck McMurder McDeath McSHIT

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that's quite understandable, main target of vegans is the elimination of animal meat production, in all the possible way.

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Well many will argue dairy is worse.

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and probably is, in a cruelty argument.

From the pow of a human, obviously.

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what excuses? I like steak, fuck off.

>> No.10563941

This is why we need cloned meat

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vegans are like homosexuals, best to not talk about it

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>people even eat ground meat that isn't in a sausage

why though

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How do you in good conscious eat at an establishment that cruelly handles animals as a vegan? How do you bend over backwards over your own ideals like that and give your money to a company that does EVERYTHING that veganism conceptually stands against? Am I missing something here?

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anti meat=anti indigenous


>> No.10564513

this but unironically

burgers are the worst sandwich and a shitty meal in general

>> No.10564639

soy isn't exactly a new invention and it still tastes like shit and is less healthy than meat

>> No.10564648

>Implying I ever eat at McDonald's
So they are soyboi central now that honestly doesn't effect me because I never ear there anyway

>> No.10564655

>How do you in good conscious eat at an establishment that cruelly handles animals as a vegan?

Because literally every person, company, or organization in the world, without exception, harms wildlife to some degree. Rescue centers included. It is impossible to avoid.

>> No.10564665

It's actually pretty easy to avoid going to fucking McDonalds.

>> No.10564672

with this logic vegans couldn't even shop at a grocery store use your fucking head

>> No.10564688

That's kind of my point. Being that strict about your values makes no sense.

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that painting makes me hungry for a big mac or maybe a double quarter-pounder. shoot even Wendy's triple sounds good right now. maybe a 4x4 from in-n-out.

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There's a ton of vegan stores. If you're going to shop in one that kills animals you might as well eat meat.

>> No.10564696

Whereevr you go to instead also harms animals. Your very existance harms animals.

>> No.10564701

No shit Einstein, I fucking eat them.

>> No.10564707

i would love to try a mcvegan. not even memeing, my good friends.

>> No.10564708

Vegan stores kill animals. How do you think they control the pests like rats, mice, cockroaches, flies.....

>> No.10564711

Well then you're not avoiding the killing, are you turdbrain?

>> No.10564717

If somehow a vegan option was discovered that perfectly replicated every type of animal product in existence at no higher cost I would still eat meat for the sole purpose of spiting vegan hipster soibois

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And I'm not pretending to avoid it unlike retards who support slaughterhouses and think they're making some kind of a change of a stand when they're actually doing nothing but giving themselves a feel of superiority by eating shit that isn't nutritious.

>> No.10564727

So if its unavoidable don't try? (i'm not vegan for the record) what about gas stations that serve hotdogs? can vegans not buy gas there anymore?

>> No.10564735

>implying people who bitch all day long about vegans aren't the hipsters
"cuh, they're not telling me what to do. I go my own way maaaaaaan"

>> No.10564742

>thinking mcdonalds gives a shit
what absolute brainlets vegans are, and mcdonalds is going to be laughing all the way to the bank as they deposit your soybucks.

>> No.10564748

Are you retarded? I just said that supporting slaughters is easily avoided by shopping at vegan stores and if you can't even do that then you're not trying at all, you're just pretending to try to feel better about yourself even though you're actually doing fucking nothing.

>> No.10564753

You're welcome to try. Just don't lie to yourself or others that there is actually such a thing as an entity that doesn't harm animals. There are varying degrees, sure. But nothing is truly "cruelty free".

>> No.10564775

Does the whole world live in California in your mind? you of course realize vegan grocery stores are not everywhere right?

>> No.10564790

Use internet or move somewhere that has a vegan store. Gotta make some sacrifices to save the world.

>> No.10564801

I'm still waiting for you to explain how vegan grocery stores exist without displacing animals for the land. Without killing pest animals like rats, mice, bugs, etc. Without using electricity whose generation causes pollution. Whose products weren't grow with the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizer. And so on.

You might claim to be doing "better", but there is still blood on your hands.

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>Still making excuses?

Lowlife niggers, Indinas, and shitkin carnivores have ZERO excuse.

They just haven't evolved higher brain functions and have empathy for animals well being.

Empathy (translated into veganism) is literally one of the superior aspects of our culture that separates some of us from the rest of the savages and niggers.

>> No.10564817

Non-lethal traps and green energy are a thing.

>> No.10564818

Vegans are the Australians of the food world.

>> No.10564825

Do your stores use them?
Were the non-lethal traps produced with so-called "green energy"?

>> No.10564827

If the truck driver that delivers the vegan food kills an animal on the way to make his/her delivery is that still vegan food?

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>Lowlife niggers, Indinas, and shitkin carnivores have ZERO excuse.
>They just haven't evolved higher brain functions and have empathy for animals well being.

This. The unevolved cultures that can't use their brains & develop agriculture still live savage life of hunters.

I think mother nature is telling us something by starving these savage carnivores and removing them from this planet.

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File: 3 KB, 290x174, Vegan Virtue.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Empathy (translated into veganism) is literally one of the superior aspects of our culture that separates some of us from the rest of the savages and niggers.


>> No.10564843

I'm not a vegan and I don't visit vegan stores.

btw if rats and mice are something that you regularly see your apartment you might want to clean or move out of your third world country

>> No.10564857

Who said anything about apartments?

We're talking about vegan grocery stores. Every grocery store has to deal with vermin. So does every farm, regardless of whether they are vegan or otherwise.

>>muh third world countries
How do you think your first world vegan utopia remains rat free? It's because people kill the fucking rats.

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File: 45 KB, 330x422, Poor Savage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>They just haven't evolved higher brain functions and have empathy for animals well being.

"native americans" were all supposed to be spiritual and one with nature, but those fucking illiterate savages couldn't even get farming right.

Those shitskins spent their entire lives following families of innocent buffalo just to murder them and their children.

There is a reason why mother nature almost killed off the Indian tribes that haven't evolved with the times.

>> No.10564866

Good lord. This explains why there are so many vegan threads over at /pol/

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File: 33 KB, 289x200, 814814AF-96AA-463D-887F-487CBDE8E6C8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yes, my wifes bull forbid me to eat vegan food.

i am only allowed to drink soylent.

>> No.10564881

For me, it's going to be the McVegan™ the worlds best fast food sandwich

>> No.10564885

White people hunted the buffalo almost to extinction. The Indians did wipe out The mammoths tho.

>> No.10564886

>"native americans" were all supposed to be spiritual and one with nature, but those fucking illiterate savages couldn't even get farming right.

I think this is fishing, but he does have a point. Only the "enlightened" and developed cultures choose not to eat meat (and not because of religious "no refrigeration = disease" orthodoxy)

The cultures that are going extinct, i.e. natives, Africans, etc. are all savage hunters who haven't "evolved"

>> No.10564888

>identity politics
No one cares that you identify as a "meat eating carnivore alpha bro". I've actually worked on a farm and butchered animals. I would 100% go vegan if it tasted the same and cost the same. There's no reason for animals to suffer if a cruelty free version exists.

>> No.10564899


Vegans are just higher evolved and more caring humans. It's why so many people are jealous and are haters.

>> No.10564905

Just look around. How many blacks or Chinese do you see are vegan? None. Because they have primitive brains & literally can't control themselves around temptations like meat, alcohol, & drugs.

>> No.10564913

That was a matter of intelligence over intention. You know damn well the natives would have done the same if they were capable.

>> No.10564930

>Just look around. How many blacks or chinks do you see are actually vegan?

This guys hit the nail on the head. #TRUTH

>> No.10564938

You have no idea what you're talking about. Chinese and Indian diets are primarily plant based. They eat significantly less meat than Americans do. Not sure on African diets but I'm guessing those are also mostly plants.

>> No.10564941

I like how Super-Size Me came out when most of the current 4chan userbase was still shitting in diapers and can only say "Daddy!", but act like it still affects them today.

>> No.10564946

>They eat significantly less meat
> eats meat
> not vegan

lol @ your mental gymnastics trying to equate shitskins to truly enlightened vegans.

Not being able to afford meat <> vegan.

hope that helps

>> No.10564954

isn't there eggs in the bun

>> No.10564960

Its not an excuse.
I hate you people and everything about your smug, fake-ethical lifestyle. I wish you all would die, and I'd rather die myself than be one of you.

>> No.10564961

>Not being able to afford meat <> vegan.

Just because the mud hut living niggers eat Shit Pies in Africa, doesn't mean they're vegan. They'd step on their own mothers to get at a nice steak if given the chance.

>> No.10564967

>Doesn't know that tallow and lard are two different things
Are you only on /ck/ to shill your cult?

>> No.10565004

>3 ads advertising a product
>1 ad demanding I change my lifestyle
Why are vegans so pushy?

>> No.10565019

Because calling them a cult is in no way a joke.
They even have that whole "Fucked up ethics that we invented ourselves" thing going on.

>> No.10565566

Vegans are fucking soyboys. This thread convinced me to go buy twice the amount of meat I usually do

>> No.10565571

>the removal of animal oils
It doesn't matter. If it's cooked on the same grill, there is still going to be some meat residue getting on the vegan products.

>> No.10565751


>> No.10565754

>Empathy (translated into veganism) is literally one of the superior aspects of our culture that separates some of us from the rest of the savages and niggers.

White vegans are like elves. Superior in every way, but always persecuted.

Niggers & shitskins are like Orcs. Too bad orcs are taking over the world.

>> No.10565759

>"native americans" were all supposed to be spiritual and one with nature, but those fucking illiterate savages couldn't even get farming right.
>Those shitskins spent their entire lives following families of innocent buffalo just to murder them and their children.

God almost wiped out all of them, and they're only alive because whites felt bad for them and decided to keep them as pets.

>> No.10565764

that's literally the opposite of what vegans are. vegans by definition don't let any form of meat in their bodies. So no sex, no contaminated oil, nothing but vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

>> No.10565771

Shitposting aside, has anyone tried this? I tried a beyond burger (tm) recently and it wasn't amazing, but it was definitely a step up from bean/sunflower/whatever the fuck burgers.

To be honest though, I think trying to replicate burgers is a dumbass thing to do for vegans. It'll just never taste as good as beef, just eat something else that isn't an inferior copy.

>> No.10565803

>go to vegan hotdog stand
>sign says that profits go toward helping the owner's SEVEN CATS
>nope the fuck out
who would pay a fucking cat hoarder to prepare food for them? not to mention it seems fishy that a vegan would keep multiple obligate carnivores as pets

>> No.10565830

>Advertising a product
>Advertising a product
>Advertising a product

>> No.10565835

this is deep...

>> No.10565842

empathy is what killed the white race

>> No.10565981

>Hey should we show the merits of vegan cooking with such culinary delights as sweet potato curry, herb breads and hearty roasted root vegetables?
>Nah nigga lets make bland shitty versions of meat dishes lmao who wants tofu dogs and meatless balls
Vegans are retards, I cook for a friend that has a pretty bad set of diet restrictions (bowels got punctured in a car accident) so I picked up some recipes that had no dairy, red meat, processed meats etc and the most of the vegan chefs I found werent vegans themselves. The vegan chefs were obsessed with meat replacements instead of what tastes good for some reason

>> No.10565991


>> No.10565996

You know damn well that this is just a publicity stunt. All McDonald's cares about is the extra money they'll get from the vegeterian and vegan fags like you.

>> No.10565997

I've worked in McD in Finland (where this is a thing), and there is a pool in fryer for this. One for nuggets, one for hot wings, one for the vegetable patty, one for chicken patty. Its part of the standard equipment.

>> No.10566014

I can't speak for them but I was a teenager when it came out

>> No.10566038

I was there when a vegan girl flipper her shit in a restaurant after finding out her fried zucchini was in the same oil as mozzarella sticks

>> No.10566080

Jews dont want us eating vegetables and fruit

>le ebin bacon xDDDD
Movement started and propped up by kikes

>> No.10566446

I don't see the point in it either. I tried Beyond Burger maybe a month or two after deciding to go vegan and thought nut burgers taste better

Stuff like seitan and tempeh are good for you. Seitan is full of protein while tempeh is just moldy beans or grains. I'm incubating black bean tempeh right now. The fake deli meats and stuff are decent for a quick meal

>> No.10566742

Eating meat is normal though, snowflake.

>> No.10566851

>Stuff like seitan and tempeh are good for you.
But does it taste good? Or is it more bs to try and make a meat substitute? Never had sei but Tempeh can be pan fried alone pretty well in almost any sauce. Its the obsession with making fake meat that always throws it off, the spices and salts that make a good salami dont go as well in a bean based replacement, and that goes for a ton of other things meat replacements are attempting. Its good on its own without trying to replace a cheeseburger

>> No.10567058


I don't know about the cruelty part, but the more people eating vegan products from say mcD, the more they invest in vegan food and the less they harm the environment with livestock farming, which is always significantly worse for the environment, and significantly less efficient in terms of food obtained, than plant-based food.

>> No.10567062

>Or is it more bs to try and make a meat substitute?

Seitan and Tempeh are traditional dishes with a long history going back centuries. I don't think they were made to be a meat substitute.

>> No.10567091

>Still making excuses?
No matter how much unpleasantness and pain is inflicted upon farm animals, it is infinitely more pleasurable than their existence in the wild. (unless something is done solely for the sake of displeasure/pain, but that doesn't happen. And even if it did, as long as it was less unpleasant/painful than disemboweling or starvation or getting raped by a dolphin [insert here], it would still be a net positive for the animal)

faggots like you are why people like me buy barrels of oil to burn, buy tags to shoot pet food, and grow veal/lamb. I don't even fucking like veal/lamb, I think it's a god damn edgy meme that is inefficient and wasteful, but I gain pleasure from doing what I want and doing it to spite faggotry and faggots.

>> No.10567101

tfw you can't distinguish between bait posts and sincere cu/ck/olds

>> No.10567184

You're truly retarded fuck.
Chinese uses a lot of seitan, as well inventing tofu. Drugs? If anything chinese uses more herbal medicines than aspirins and shitty drugs.

>> No.10567224

Is 'obligate carnivores' is a /ck/ term?

>> No.10567227

Socially they are. When you're too poor to even afford eggs you gonna have to eat tofu or tempehs as they're cheaper. That's how it works, and it's literally paupers' food.

>> No.10567682

God fucking knows what they put in those things.

>> No.10567701

I'd like to see more vegans against islam.

>> No.10568089

Because its a lifestyle of reducing harm not being retarded and thinking you cause no harm you brainlet

>> No.10568152

>most of the current 4chan userbase was still shitting in diapers and can only say "Daddy!"
protip: that is still the case.

>> No.10568799

>implying their mystery "meat" and "cheese-style singles product (Now Melts!)" weren't vegan to begin with

>> No.10568920

>I'd like to see more vegans against islam.

Vegans are cowards. They only hate & protest their mommy and daddies in safety while living in their parent's houses.

>> No.10568940


We really do live in a society...

>> No.10568951

Ethiopian food...

Actually the modern "west" is the worst perpetrators of animal product consumption and factory farming.

>> No.10568960

“And to every beast of the earth, and to every bird of the air, and to everything that creeps on the earth, everything that has the breath of life, I have given every green plant for food.” —Genesis 1:30

>> No.10568964


“But Daniel resolved that he would not defile himself with the royal rations of food and wine … Then Daniel asked … ‘Let us be given vegetables to eat and water to drink.’ … At the end of ten days it was observed that they appeared better and fatter than all the young men who had been eating the royal rations.” —Daniel 1:8, 11–12, 15

>> No.10568972

“The wolf and the lamb shall feed together; the lion shall eat straw like an ox; but the serpent—its food shall be dust! They shall not hurt or destroy on all my holy mountain.” —Isaiah 65:25

>> No.10568998


“The righteous know the needs of their animals, but the mercy of the wicked is cruel.” —Proverbs 12:10

>> No.10569040

Pretty sure they didn't eat animals in the Garden of Eden.

>> No.10569041

Multiple NA tribes had farming. The Mississippi Indians were the first to farm sunflowers. Aztecs had farming on riverbeds and Inca on mountain terraces.

>> No.10569056


“I will make for you a covenant on that day with the wild animals, the birds of the air, and the creeping things of the ground; and I will abolish the bow, the sword, and war from the land; and I will make you lie down in safety.” —Hosea 2:18

>> No.10569063

As for the one who is weak in faith, welcome him, but not to quarrel over opinions. One person believes he may eat anything, while the weak person eats only vegetables. Let not the one who eats despise the one who abstains, and let not the one who abstains pass judgment on the one who eats, for God has welcomed him. Who are you to pass judgment on the servant of another? It is before his own master that he stands or falls. And he will be upheld, for the Lord is able to make him stand. One person esteems one day as better than another, while another esteems all days alike. Each one should be fully convinced in his own mind. Romans 14:1-23
Please understand.

>> No.10569065


>> No.10569086


“How long will the land mourn, and the grass of every field wither? For the wickedness of those who live in it the animals and the birds are swept away, and because people said, ‘He is blind to our ways.'” —Jeremiah 12:4

>> No.10569133

and they will
cos vegans are retarded

>> No.10569134


“Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains, your judgments are like the great deep; you save humans and animals alike, O Lord.” —Psalms 36:6

>> No.10569174


> Paul did advocate eating meat, but he himself supplies us with evidence in his own letters (‘epistles’) dating back to the early decades of the First Century AD (around 50 AD) that others in early Christianity disagreed with him about diet and many other issues. It turns out that Paul dropped the vegetarian requirement as part of his attempt to make new converts.

>> No.10569179

How do vegans reconcile the fact that by going to McDonald's and buying a vegan option, they're still sinking money into a key player in the meat industry and their vegan burger bucks will fund the slaughter of more animals for the rest of us to eat?

>> No.10569188

It promotes veganism to a wider audience.
That's enough for me.

>> No.10569219

>knowingly compromising the principles of veganism and supporting the meat industry so you can tell more people how much better than them you are for being vegan

>> No.10569232

I don't think I'm automatically a better person for being a vegan.
I've spent the vast majority of my life eating animal products.
No one is innocent.

>> No.10569233
File: 2 KB, 221x250, P1em5sv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10569256

That is to say I don't think I'm automatically better than anyone else though I do believe I am better than I was when I did consume animal products.

>> No.10569257

Are you a dietary or ethical vegan? I can respect your stance if it's dietary, but ethical vegans have no business claiming to carry those convictions if they flout their own principles by supporting the businesses they're railing against. It's not a matter of innocence, it's a matter of not being a hypocrite.

>> No.10569289

I'd say spiritual which ties into health and ethics.
Big industry does a lot to influence people. I don't agree with McDonalds or any one else harming animals but that doesn't mean I want them to not be involved with veganism.

I surround myself every day with people who eat animals but I still support them and try to discuss the merits of veganism with them even if I don't agree with their practices.
I think McDonalds selling a vegan burger will do more to help spread veganism than if they didn't.

>> No.10569323

That's fine dude, but would you actually buy or eat a McVegan? Exposing more people to veganism is fine if those people decide they want to go that route, but you automatically forfeit any moral integrity if you'd actually eat one as a vegan.

>> No.10569337

I would be more than happy to purchase a McVegan.
Increasing sells would help insure that it stays on the menu giving more exposure to vegan options.
I also shop at grocery stores which sells animal products.
I eat at restaurants that sell animal products.
I think people watching me order and consuming meals without animal products is a good thing.
I think reaching people that are the least likely to be exposed to veganism is optimal.

>> No.10569343

>nothing but vegetables, fruits, and nuts
But you said earlier that there's no sex

>> No.10569351

>I would be more than happy to purchase a McVegan.
But would you eat it

>> No.10569353

I would.

>> No.10569357
File: 23 KB, 539x534, 1525210236617.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's pretty gross, dude.

>> No.10569370

You're just a marketer with no loyalty to your own product, then. You knowingly support the industries you condemn just so you can recruit more people to your team. These restaurants won't shift their focus to vegan food, at best they'll offer more options, but that money will still fund animal farming.

>> No.10569389

The vast majority of plants purchased in America are bought from outlets that also sell animal products yet veganism continues to increase.

I work with the system that I am provided.
McDonalds offering up a vegan burger is them shifting focus to vegan food.

>> No.10569418

>McDonalds offering up a vegan burger is them shifting focus to vegan food.
No it isn't. Adding a single basic product as a token gesture of accommodation is nowhere near shifting focus.

You're not working with the system you're provided with, you're supporting the system your dietary movement is supposed to be protesting.

>> No.10569425

Holy shit the vegan mental gymnastics in this thread is just top notch comedy. I used to think they were semi educated college kids but they sound just as ignorant and illiterate as a southern KKK member telling people why whites are superior and being black is wrong.

>> No.10569427

I think this thread is proof alone that the McVegan is helping spread the word of veganism and for that I am grateful.

>you're supporting the system your dietary movement is supposed to be protesting.
That's how veganism in general works. Like I stated before almost all of our outlets for plants also serve up non vegan items but I believe vegans are helping these same industries slow down the production of animal products.
I'm not sure what else to say. I feel like I've exhausted my points. I really do appreciate anyone, especial people that consume animals, putting energy into the concept of veganism though so thank you.

>> No.10569442

>vegans say their food is healthier
>you point out that eating processed fake meat isn't healthy
>'w-we've never claimed it's more healthier'

They are fucking liars and demented.

>> No.10569458

>I think this thread is proof alone that the McVegan is helping spread the word of veganism and for that I am grateful.

Whatever helps you sleep at night, sweetie.

Meanwhile, you can cover your eyes and ears and pretend all the 1000s of McChicken & burger threads don't exist. lol

>> No.10569477

That's alright.
This thread currently is second place on /ck/ for top reply counts.
Things are looking good.

>> No.10569492

I'm happy to put time and energy into the concept as long as it's about the integrity of the ideal, but you seem more invested in the popularity of veganism than trying to commit yourself to it. I have respect for strict ethical vegans. I have little for you.

>> No.10569501

Hey that's okay.
I really like the points you're bringing up.
On a vegan discord server someone was bringing up how it seems inconsistent for vegans to also drive cars and a lot of people were attacking him for saying he was just trying to cause trouble but I think all of his points were totally valid and vegans should try to avoid driving cars.
I think I've contributed enough to this thread though so will be stepping down. Thanks again and have a nice day.

>> No.10569928

Yup, we also get haupia, taro, and pineapple pies too. Also everyone in a while the McTeri will come back.

>> No.10570633

Who do you think would lie to you? Some large, legammy acountable corporation , or a hippie who sells raw water and is desperate for clicks

>> No.10570654


and fuck off with your vegan propaganda

>> No.10571472


>> No.10571491

I eat most vegetables for my health not because I give a fuck about animals. I'd definitely get a veggie burger over a regular burger because red meat is pretty much the worst thing for your cardiovascular health.

>> No.10571500

>worst thing for your cardiovascular health.

no, there are several things worse than red meat

extremest veggie nazi

>> No.10571507


>> No.10571595
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>> No.10573367

Vegans are much more likely to lead away from agriculture towards permaculture.

>> No.10573587

It's not available in my non-cucked country.

>> No.10573684

>I'd definitely get a veggie burger over a regular burger because red meat is pretty much the worst thing for your cardiovascular health
Yeah, and fat makes you fat, cholesterol comes from eating cholesterol, do the bartman is still in the top 50 hits.

>> No.10573700

>pineapple pies
Those are in China too

>> No.10573713

permaculture farmers never need to get rid of pests as it is the best way to farm. everyone knows this.

>> No.10573821

Guys you know that ever store has like 9 separate fryers and two entirely separate grills, and an oven right? They have a bunch of options for making vegan options

>> No.10573830

Oh I forgot, we also have these little portable Teflon cooking surfaces with a ring so we can grill chicken without contamination. They could just use those.

>> No.10573836

Run more faggot.

>> No.10573838

>How DARE people advertise their products! It's like they're RAPING my mind.


>> No.10573842

They've had veggie burgers for years, yet most people in the west are not vegetarians.

>> No.10573845

i don't mind the killing. I think it's fine. Vegans don't.

>> No.10573855

But can anyone tell me how it tastes? I'd be willing to try a veggie burger from McDos

>> No.10573863

Arguing by using scripture directly is for American fundamentalists who believe the bible is literally the word of God.

Literally didn't happen before the late 19th century.

>> No.10574011

>Arguing by using scripture directly
There was a thread specifically for this and they were BTFO until a mod put the thread out of its misery. Cherrypicking scripture is literally a satanic trick

>> No.10574039

>eating oil, sugar and salt as a vegan
Might aswell eat meat.

>> No.10574042

>thinking this
You fags are worse than vegans
It is over consumption of it that is the problem, along with shitty processed meats as well.
Humans were fine with red meat for centuries and it was only until refrigeration and industrialization happened that humans ate more and more red meat
red meat should be eaten at most 3 times a week (preferably twice and good cuts of the cow and cooked properly) and white meat like fish or chicken should be another 3 and one day you have no meat.
Over consuming anything is bad for you, it is just people use the whole red meat is bad for you as another angle to those that don't care about animal cruelty.
Stop blaming the foods we eat for our health and start blaming people for there lack of self control or awareness on a proper balanced die. Cause you know, you can actually be healthy with very little extra exercise as long as you aren't completely sedentary and only if you have an appropriate balanced diet for what you normally do

>> No.10574073

No offense intended but vegetarianism is mostly a joke anyways.
If one is a vegetarian for ethical or health reasons they're generally best to just drop the dairy and pick the meat up again.
When you explore veganism it gets a lot more real.

>> No.10574861

Yeah, I own and operate a few McDonald's franchises and pretty much every fried item has a separate fryer. It's part of the corporate guidelines. It's not only to make sure there's not cross-contamination like cooking a vegetarian item in the same fryer as a non-vegetarian item, but they're all set to different temperatures as well, specified so that the items take an exact amount of time to cook so as to simplify the cooking process and make sure orders get out in a timely manner.

>> No.10574992

>My English translation is terrible. Excuse my spelling.
Swede detected, but no it wasn't bad at all.

>> No.10575447

Vegans shove their views in my face

>> No.10575466

Do you have an anecdote you'd be willing to share?

>> No.10576183

>Native Americans didn't have farming
I can't even comprehend what it would be like to be such a brainlet that I would think something like this
read a book nigger

>> No.10576226

fucking hate vegans and meateaters. take the brownpill and eat dirt you faggots

>> No.10576318

I plan on becoming vegan and spending the rest of my life in a VR toilet chair where i am fed vitamins through IV. I will be with my waifu forever and say goodbye to my shitty human body.

>> No.10576449
File: 670 KB, 839x434, 1520503173752.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>eating fast food at all

>> No.10576479
File: 1.66 MB, 3191x2385, 1522828827200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>vegans trying to meme

>> No.10576535

>A manga version of mein kampf
Does that exist? Asking for a friend.

>> No.10576580

Ehh, Id eat some if it was just vegeterian as an alternative to eating a burger once in a while. Vegan is too much.

>> No.10576588

WTF I hate vegan stores now

>> No.10577306

Veganism is a religion for rich white college students

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