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What do y’all use?
Technique: https://youtu.be/wmCW8xSWGZY

And I know my handle broke, so I’ve been using a huck towel to pinch the metal end and pour that way.

I’m buying a Fellow EKG+ and Acacia scale with crypto gains.

This week on rotation is a Honduran from Camber Coffee in Washington. Tastes like guava, melon, cola, and cherries

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Coffee is for hipsters and divorced mothers

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Meat is for hipsters and single mothers

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Vegetables are for hipsters and single mothers

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>my handle broke

How exactly did you manage that?

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Note to OP: Cofftism

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you need a thermometer, a timer and a Ph meter too.

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I have a thermometer, its not in pic tho. Already have a timer, my phone. And as for a ph meter I just have a tds tester (water quality is shit in my area, thus the need for reverse osmosis in my house in addition to remineralization of water for coffee.
I’ve had the kettle for 6 years now, and i dropped it and the handle broke.

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How does the stagg feel? I want one purely because of the aesthetic once I feel like splurging on a temp variable kettle.

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From the times I get to use it at my friends’ coffee shop, its really ergonomic, pour control is very fine so you can really dial your pour into the gram if you’re that autistic. What I love is the temp control and phone connectivity which goes well with the acacia.

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nescafe, teaspoon measuring spoon, spoon, kettle

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I have an ibruk. Your picture is pathetic.

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> Past few times I've brewed coffee I notice one or two bugs crawl out from under the machine
> Find out that apparently bugs living in the machines are a pretty common occurrence
Well, into the trash that goes I guess. Been meaning to replace it anyhow, got that cheap piece of junk years ago.

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My coffee machine has some kind of bug and now it won't make coffee anymore. It gets stuck during bootup (fucking technology).

Seeing threads about coffee triggers me now.

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This, they probably pour soy milk in their coffee

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I'm looking to purchase my first espresso machine, looking at rocket appartamento but I think I'd prefer a DB over an HX. I'd like to keep it around 1500 if possible and would be using it lightly making 2-3 drinks a day. Any advice?

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What’s your grinder first and foremost...

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>Tastes like guava, melon, cola, and cherries
that's a pretty horrible flavor description desu

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I buy cheap store brand dark roast coffee and drink it black, with a cheap Mr. Coffee 5 cup pot that I drink all of.

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Um, no, sweetie.

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Then you are doing it correctly.

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I have the budget for a grinder, currently using the lido e but I'm planning on picking up a sette or something similar as obviously a hand crank grinder for espresso is less than ideal

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double your grinder budget or you will be disappointed

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Recommendation for grinders to consider then? I just want to keep this all in mind as I'm still saving up for a while. After I purchase a suitable grinder what would you recommend as far as machines go?

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I use a keurig and there's nothing you can do to change that

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I'm going to come to your house and replace your keurig with a GS3 you fucking bitch

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Well a rocky is a pretty solid entry, espcially with burr modification.

Or ask around for a used mk.

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This is stupid. You can achieve the same or better results with a press, time and grind variances. I'm not gonna fuck around when I want coffee.

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I have a cone that looks like yours there, but with three holes, and it was a piece of shit. Very disappointing.

I was thinking, "Yeah, if it has more holes, it'll move coffee faster, and I can do larger brews without over-extracting"

Except that apparently the water pressure in single-hole cones actually pushes the water through faster, and when that pressure is split between three holes, it trickles out slowly, clings to the bottom of the cone, then drips to the edge and escapes the pot.
I look over and half the coffee being produced is pooling around my carafe. Still fucking mad about it.

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burr grinders are 10x more expensive, and do not have any noticeable difference in taste. blade grinders are fine, as long as you pulse it.

the primary argument for burr grinders are their grind uniformity. and while burr grinds are definitely far more uniform at $100, blade grinders can get a decent amount of uniformity for about $10

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>Uniform grind tastes the same
>as a "grind" that's 1/3rd dust, 1/3rd boulders, and 1/3rd what you actually wanted
Doesn't really add up.

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I use a French press and an electric kettle because I’m not autistic.

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I use an aeropress to make a concentrated coffee shot using a scoop and a half of fine ground pressed for 30 seconds, the inventor's recipe because most of the other methods on the internet are all just retarded and take longer

and microwave around 175ml of milk in a shaker bottle with some sugar or syrup to make "lattes" every morning

Aeropress is fucking amazing man, changed my coffee game from Keurig to espresso and americano styled drinks and it even makes good cold brew

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I use most of the same setup. My scale isn't as nice.

Haribo filters, pot, kettle, and v60 though.

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Strietman CT1 with NAKED pressure gauge and Inkbird PID controller

Arrarex Caravel

Lyn Weber EG-1 with SSP Tungsten burrs

Bunn G1 with SSP Silver Knight burrs (Bunnzilla)


Levtamp tamper

Roastbee coffee roaster with custom ventilation system and cyclone filter

Fellow EKG kettle

Bonavita temperature controlled kettle

Monarch Methods MK500 kettle

VST Refractometer and accessories

Atago Refractometer

Sorvall Pico pico lab centrifuge and accessories for filtering espresso samples to refract.

Specialty Turkish Coffee cezve with stand and burner (my favorite non-espresso coffee)

Saint Anthony P70 and C70

Hario v60 02

Hario Woodneck

Kalita Wave 185

Bonavita Immersion Brewer

Kyuemon Gamma

Proper Coffee Pourover

Espro Press

Aeropress with Prismo


Acaia Lunar and Pearl scales

Workbench for keeping it all together in a sensible fashion

Random assorted accessories like rubber mats, carafes, etc

BUNCH of water chemistry shit. Powders, mixing flasks, syringes, test tubes, precision scales, countertop RO filter, etc.

I've had a ton more in the past that I've sold off too (Lido, Compak K10, Mythos Plus, Jericho J-500, and more). And a few things like my Vacmaster VP215 I use for coffee, but also other stuff.

I'll very gladly answer questions about any of these items!

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I found an old stovetop kettle in the back of my kitchen cabinets. How do I make coffee with this? Boil water, put a coffee filter over my cup, dump coffee in it, and then pour the water over it?

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If you want a really cheap option get a pour over coffee maker, it's basically a funnel you put a filter into and pour boiling water into your cup.

Before you know it you'll buy a French press, then an aeropress, then some ridiculous grinder setup with your espresso machine and grind your beans by hand

Walmart sells pour over makers as cheap as 5$, or you can just go to a Starbucks and they sell branded coffee makers.

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Look for a hard reset button, that should fix it.

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Put like a rubber band or something outside your cup to hold the coffee filter to the cup and you should be good to go

Or just make cowboy coffee in a pot

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I’ve been thinking of buying the new Alpha Dominche manual steampunk... thoughts?

Also I’m gonna buy an acacia and fellow

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>fell for the pour over meme

It's shit. Fucking bitter and takes forever to make a cup

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Lmao get good

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I got a french press and cheap grinder from Target and I buy a bag from a local coffehouse. I feel like if I got a scale I'd be getting too autistic so I just use the scoop that came with the french press.

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probably the greatest and most expensive coffee I've ever been able to drink.

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Gesha was such a disappointment. I mean if it was like $12.99 a pound I'd get it sometimes just to mix things up a bit but people act like it's the second coming of jesus, get a grip people.

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this is a lactic processed gesha so really weird but I enjoyed it. What roaster did you try?

>> No.10566811

Toby's Estate

>> No.10566837

haven't tried anything of theirs. I didn't buy the Onyx and I would never spend that much on coffee but it was pretty damn delicious for free

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Doesn't really matter what poopity scoop you use, as long as you use a scale to get a consistent weight of grinds.

Average cup is ~9g.

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I want to get into basic coffee autism. Is the easiest method getting a grinder and a pour-over mug? Is it worth it to go for a French press?

>> No.10566873

You're probably doing something wrong. But if pour over is a meme, what are you going to switch to? Automatic drip?

>> No.10566965

I recently got a bag of this, tasted unlike anything I've ever had before. Only wish I had an espresso machine to try it on

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>Common stovetop espresso maker
>stanley steel french press
>enamelware perkelator
Fuck you im an /out/ist

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I'd like to graduate from Keurig shit to entry level autism. I'm thinking I'll get some sort of electric kettle and a Chemex. Am I setting myself up for failure by buying preground beans? I don't really want to deal with the hassle of grinding my own beans, the obnoxious whirring that early in the morning, and having to replace the grinder blades

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Coffee is a gift from God.

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>What’s your grinder first and foremost...
Nice caffeinated trips, anon. Dip into your tax return and buy a burr grinder. Live happily forever.

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I have a burr grinder (lido e) and will definitely upgrade before buying a machine. I'd like to hear some opinions on different home espresso machines, specifically the rocket machines versus say an Astra pro

>> No.10567019

Buy a hand grinder instead;) but really there's no reason to bother graduating to manual brew methods if you're going to skimp on the most important part flavorwise, the coffee itself

>> No.10567022

>Burr grindr
>mortar and pessel when /out/
>Roast it on muh cast iron

>> No.10567042

Still gotta deal with blade replacements, but I suppose that's just my autism. Looks like hand grinders are generally cheaper too

>> No.10567059

Not too sure what you mean by blade replacement, if you purchase a good grinder you probably won't worry about changing the burrs for at least a few years especially if you're just brewing at home unless you're grinding hundreds of pounds a month

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Bro, check these guys out, Geishas in the range of $25-$30.

Its overrated but check out Camber and Brandywine roaster, they have some great latin coffees

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Forgot to mention that hand grinders might seem tedious but the actual benefit to them is that a $200 hand crank will outperform electrics in the $400 price range because you aren't paying for the motors and electronics inside, plus they will undoubtedly require less servicing and have a longer lifespan. I promise you'll notice a dramatic difference if you compare preground coffee to that which is ground right before brewing, and a high quality grinder will lead you to overall much better cups. If you're choosing pourovers as your method you're already going to be spending around 5 mins sitting over it pouring in circles anyways so it's not like you're adding additional tedium to the process, you'll be grinding as your water is heating up so if anything it's just less time sitting around waiting and the end result will justify the process.

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Meh. I'm not big on AD's stuff.

>> No.10568191

I usually use a moka pot. I've tried pour over but I don't really like it.
Is buying a handgrinder worth it?

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Still too much for coffee, especially because that's probably one of those scam 8oz bags they use for "exotic" beans. Diminishing returns sets in fast around $18/12oz bag.

At the moment gesha is the Screaming Eagle of coffee, gullible idiots will pay anything for it because they heard it was good. We're going to reach a point where it's as widely planted as bourbon or caturra, and 25 years from now it will be viewed with utmost contempt. Mark my words.

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I mean I don't really see an increase in gesha being a bad thing, gesha has a very distinct and unique flavor. More people planting it just means more competition, lower prices, and more ubiquitous good coffee.

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Gesha is often extremely interesting.

I wouldn't call it better than other coffee. In fact, my absolute favorite coffee ever is a full natural Costa Rica that goes just a little over $20/12oz. And I've had some coffees that go for over 10x that by splitting a bag with other enthusiasts.

But the expensive coffees are often very different. They have something worth experiencing once or twice, like a taste that's bizarrely like the smell of a botanical garden. But it's rarely something I'd want even an 8oz bag of, so imo it's really only worth it by the cup, or split between a group.

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I thought the average was about 16g for a cup?
My cup is about 300ml.

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I don't think it has one. Meanwhile I pulled it apart, cleaned everything, checked all the wires and tubes, put it back together and now it works again. Still not sure what caused it, but for now I'm happy. Hope won't let me down again.

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Pretty much this. Great to taste, but not a good everyday coffee. An everyday coffee could be a latin or african coffee that goes for $15 a bag.

It would be cool to have a /ck/ coffee discord or something to trade coffees and stuff

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I want to expand my coffee repertoire from the French Press. Budget is a bit of an issue though so it comes down to either the Kalita Wave or Aeropress.

Which one will provide a significant 'upgrade' over the FP?

>> No.10569813

Aero is a direct upgrade in terms of functionality, Kalita is a different style altogether so more of a lateral move than anything.

>> No.10569828


inverted style brewing makes the best coffee IMO. so damn clean

>> No.10569829

What's the best way to clean the brown patina off your ceramic pour over cone?
Regular dish soap doesn't seem to work and I can't reach inside the tiny holes in the center.

>> No.10569831

IMO, the best judge of a barista's technique is a v60 since its so damn unforgiving. But the results imo top a Kalita just because of the filter and the amount of clarity you can get in a cup.
Aeropress + prismo >fp

>> No.10569838

>Kalita is a different style altogether so more of a lateral move than anything.

I've heard it's the best method to get all those notes from the coffee. Is it true?

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I just run hot water through my cone after every pourover

Btw for everyone in the thread what are you guys drinking or ordering for your rotation?


Just ordered pic related

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Not necessarily as that would probably be espresso, filters remove oil so it's a "cleaner cup" which might allow you to perceive more of the subtler notes because your palate is less obscured by heavier oils.
I agree that it requires more skill to use a pourover but the question was what is considered an upgrade from French press, I would consider pourovers as producing a different cup completely but aero is probably the closest thing to a direct step up from FP

>> No.10569877

3 votes for Aeropress... I guess that settles it then.

Forget to mention that I like to add a little bit of milk to my coffee BUT no sugar. Is the Aeropress still the best method then?

>> No.10569886

I personally wouldn't say so, Kalita tends to more of an immersion method, so you'll pull more body out of the coffee so your coffee will be more balanced.

V60 if your technique is good, can get a good ratio of body to aroma and extraction rate to where you'll get the full flavor profile of the coffee with enough body to complement it.

My technique I use: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmCW8xSWGZY

>> No.10569890

You'll be able to brew a greater volume with PO vs aero, but a more concentrated single cup with the latter. I guess that would mean that aero suits better to drinks with milk added but desu adding anything to your coffee is just going to dilute the flavor

>> No.10569894

Lately I've been using Vivace Vita blend and Lintong Blue Batak beans.

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File: 1.78 MB, 4032x3024, 32F0993D-4756-45A0-BF9F-3D9CFF398DCE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic of my grounds after pour. Even bed, no high and dry and TDS of 18-22%

>> No.10569900

Btw since there’s alot of interest anyone down to start a /ck/ coffee discord?

>> No.10569906

I wasn't interested but your double doubles mean I have no choice but to join

>> No.10569913

nice, me too.

>> No.10569934

Enjoy: https://discord.gg/dCZ479Q

>> No.10569937

How better is the Aeropress than French Press, is it significant? I've read r/coffee discussions and seems that people still prefer the traditional press...

>> No.10569953


There’s your problem.

They probably a) have a shitty grinder b) shitty water c) overextract or underextract the cup.

Aeropress once you git gud with it opens up alot of flavor profiles from certain coffees, for example I’ve tried a honey processed colombian on v60 vs aero w/invert, and alot of the fruity notes really shined in the aero. The v60 pulled more delicate aromas and flavors like lemon, jasmine tea, honey suckle compared to aero

>> No.10569974

What grinder?

>> No.10569984

Is body or aroma more important in coffee?

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File: 606 KB, 750x933, 5395C439-0322-46D1-8759-2AC9B981B03D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lido E-T. I realigned it after receiving it. Its a solid manual grinder imo comparable to a baratza, at a fraction of the price.

Filter wise, buy the old v60 papers not the new ones. The new ones suck cock

Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B000P4D5BW?psc=1&ref=yo_pop_mb_pd_title

>> No.10569990

Depends on your palate. Personally I prefer lighter coffees with less body/oils. I like more fragerance considering it helps with flavor profiles.

>> No.10570045

Latin or Sumatra coffees?

>> No.10570074

Baratsa Encore, Copper V60 and Ovalware RJ3. I just use Starbucks’ beans, favorite being Verona.

>> No.10570093

Off yourselves.

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Stop doing this shit.
All the discussion moves to another site and the general dies.
Coffee isn't even something that could benefit from voice chat rooms.

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go away

>> No.10570345

boiling water and baking soda

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current view.

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contrary opinion: soda is better than coffee. it is sugary, tasty, & heavily marketed

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What bag is that?

>> No.10570705

Onyx gesha

>> No.10570897

Cold drip 4 lyfe

>> No.10570898

Muh nigga. Onyx has some great stuff.

Definitely check out Camber from Washington. Holy Schmidt is a pretty good micro roaster in SoCal. Brandywine is pretty damn awesome with their packaging and roasting. The packaging is all hand drawn and it helps with their marketing. I collect their bags

>> No.10570904

>What do y’all use?
Mexico's Café Combate.

>> No.10571253


>> No.10571314

Btw, what's the flavor on those lactic process coffees?

I'd love to buy the gesha but I'm not paying $80-$90 for a bag of coffee, unless they take crypto, in which case I can shell some out

>> No.10571639

VERY floral, tastes like lavender it kind of took me by surprise

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>Why do they call it November Juliet?

>> No.10571661

I'll check them out. Opening a multi-roaster shop this year so always looking for new stuff.

>> No.10571800

They have a pretty big wholesale base maybe you can find a shop near you brewing it up? I can't say anything is worth $90 but it was one of the most interesting coffees I've ever tasted.

>> No.10571873

I wouls definitely be interested in buying some if y’all had it. I’d pay crypto.

>> No.10571879

Dope. Cat and cloud is quite interesting too. My local roaster, Component Coffee Lab does some pretty good African coffees

>> No.10571914

That bag was at my friends bar so don't have any myself. Just cash out some of those gainz for fiat and buy a bag?
watch a lot of Chris baca vids but haven't tried their coffee yet.

we are also looking at Thou Mayest and Kittel if we're going down the list

>> No.10571938

Thou Mayest is pretty damn good. I’d compare it to Madcap.
>cash out
Meh for now I’d rather not deal with the taxes with cashing out

>> No.10571951

I was gifted it by my girlfriend. I'd say it's worth the one time splurge if you've never had a gesha before. You only have one life anon.

>> No.10572189

I've tried geishas before in shop, just never a lactic processed one,.

>> No.10572464

Might as well drink tea if you want all these meme notes in your coffee.

>> No.10572615

>variety is a bad thing

>> No.10572727


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Is Aeropress merely a meme or the real deal?

>> No.10573621
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>not being a deconstructionist

>> No.10573744

Moccamaster for brewing
Capresso for the grind

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Does anyone here have any experience with aftermarket filters for the Aeropress like pic related?

>> No.10574521

Bumping for my question.

>> No.10574585

Its the real deal. Its basically a convient combo b/w a french press and v60. V60 without the fuss with gives the body of a french press

>> No.10574737

Hmm... I consider it a design failure when you literally have to use it upside down to get the optimum result.

>> No.10574839

You can get good results without inverted method. There are a lot of different recipes which highlight different aspects of the coffee, furthermore there is an attachment that supposedly eliminates the need for inverting

>> No.10574889

You'll get a little bit of grinds in the cup like a French press or moka pot but otherwise they're fine and reusable

Sometimes they also affect how hard you have to press

>> No.10574895

The recipe in the instructions is good too, I've never seen any complaints of the cup it makes

>> No.10574954

Is making pour over coffee with a standard tea kettle that much more difficult? I already have one, so I'd rather not buy a gooseneck just for coffee

>> No.10574960

I just can't take the design seriously... what's wrong with old-fashioned french press and V60?

>> No.10574963

>all that shit to drink coffee when tea is a far superior drink taste and culture wise

>> No.10574977

>culture wise
Do you actually have that little happening in your life that you need to identify with the "culture" associated with your drink of choice?

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i main the aeropress. mostly because the resulting taste is just so much better and much more clean than anything else ive tried:

> Keurig: way better than K, but so is virtually anything
>Drip: better and more customization than standard drip machines
>V60: VERY easy to fuck up, difficult to get a good taste without fine tuning the details (grind size, water temp, goose-neck pour methods, pouring speed, making a circular motion)
>French press: havent tried, cant make an honest comment. buy one for me.

aeropress is god

>> No.10575119

>people can be car enthusiasts
>people can be game enthusiasts
>people can be music enthusiasts
>people SHOULDNT BE drink enthusiasts
Each of these has a culture surrounding it of appreciating the intricacies, though I agree comparing the validity of these cultures as better or worse and taking it on as a part of your personality is stupid. You're on a cooking hobbyist board ffs.

>> No.10575247

Share your AP recipe please?

>> No.10575729

You have to admit though, once you get all the tweaks needed for a v60 down, it tends to let the profile of the coffee shine compared to the AP considering the AP is more of an immersion technique resulting in more oils in the finished drink, which isn't a bad thing, but it does muddle some of the more delicate notes you'd fine in certain coffees like an Ethiopian Sidamo or any Panamanian coffee.

>> No.10575753
File: 102 KB, 568x957, 055__83453.1434032761.1280.1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what is the best way to cold brew with a french press? I'm just doing 45g of grinds/L of water overnight right now and it comes out nice.

>> No.10575947
File: 2 KB, 225x225, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone have any experience with pic related? My dad loves coffee, was going to get this for him as a gift, want to know if it's a good idea or not.

>> No.10576816

For what it is, it makes a decent cup of coffee

>> No.10576885

Water is for fags and single men without visitation rights to their kids but still have to pay child support.

>> No.10576905

Where to find not-shit Kona Coffee?

>> No.10577157

Why shell out a premium price for meh coffee? Kona is way overrated just like blue mountain

>> No.10577801


>> No.10577948

How does it compare to other coffee makers? French press, pour over, etc?

>> No.10578285
File: 37 KB, 900x900, aergrind_900x900_1024x1024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just bought an Aergrind. I don't have a lot of money to play with, but I had the chance to buy a Mazzer Mini for a bit more than twice the cost. Did I fuck up?

>> No.10578375


>> No.10578407

Nah. Mazzer is absolute garbage in grind quality. The build is nice enough, but the grind is so bad that they're only really workable for ultra developed (so highly extractable) Italian blends.

>> No.10578543

If you want delicate notes you drink tea instead of coffee. Why is every coffee hipster so obsessed with "notes" lately instead of proper coffee properties like chocolatey body and caramel after taste?

>> No.10578548

labeling special reverse osmosis filtered water for coffee and putting it in a shitty plastic jug that leaches flavour and smell into the water it stores. I love retarded people that think they are intelligent.

>> No.10578619

Leeching is pretty negligible at room temperature. Sure, it's bad if it's like sitting in direct sunlight, but it'll be used up long before any taste change under normal conditions.

I personally go from my own RO filter straight into a glass jug, where I then remineralize with concentrates that raise the ppm (expressed as CaCO3) by 10 for the desired additive (I keep magnesium sulfate, sodium bicarbonate, and calcium chloride concentrates mixed).

>> No.10578937
File: 1.08 MB, 2848x4272, InvertedAeroPress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its based on an average of the early aeropress championships:

> invert method
> 18g coffee
> water @ 79 Celsius
> 1 min brew time (try to start the 1 min timer right when the water touches the grinds)

put the grinds in the aeropress
pour in just enough water to cover the grinds
stir well enough that the grinds are separated
fill the rest of the aeropress with water
wait for 1 min brew to finish
express into a cup
fill up the rest of the cup with water

>optional things that do nothing but seem fancy:
heat up your cup and/or the aeropress before using by filling up with warm water, and throwing out the water.

i kinda want to make a youtube video, the ones already there take extra steps

>> No.10578943

I use a normal one. You just need to get used to using it to pour slowly.

>> No.10579060

So total water is approximately 200g if you fill it to the max right? That's quite a lot of coffee... medium/coarse grind like for pour over I assume?

>> No.10579064

You can taste the difference in water the moment you put it in a plastic container. It's instantaneous.

Self fellators are, indeed, usually idiots.

>> No.10579114

>That's quite a lot of coffee
you should go by the actual amount of coffee (18g). but yes, 18g is about 2x the normal amount of coffee. kcups usually have 9g per cup

i use medium grinds. coarse grinds usually dont have enough flavor.

>> No.10579132

>wahhh stop liking things I don't like

>> No.10579197

How is the taste, better than a V60?

>> No.10579241

IMO, it usually is

the aeropress is able to brew at a lower constant temperature, so it creates a far smoother flavor

the V60 uses the drip method, so it needs a high temperature to start off with (~94c), which cools off as it seeps down, resulting in a bitter flavor. There are some who can make a great V60 cup, but it takes a lot of skill to get it right.

>> No.10579704

>> water @ 79 Celsius

So low?

>> No.10580667

any good freshly roasted espresso for under 25USD a bag? I've been buying local roasts which are decent but want to enjoy trying others

>> No.10580818

After my trip to Vietnam I can't drink it any other way
It's cheap and fast too :)
Also less caffeine which I like

>> No.10580840


>> No.10581713


>> No.10581723

where do you get the base ingredients for the concentrte? We are working on our water system for our shop and don't want to keep buying third wave water.

>> No.10581726

further up the thread were a whole bunch of good specialty recommendations

>> No.10581760

Just raw powders on Amazon

Magnesium Sulfate is epsom salt

Sodium Bicarbonate is baking soda

Any others just order by chemical name

>> No.10581762

Is it just me or do the Chemex brand filters add a lot of parchment-y flavor to the coffee? Do you recommend any other filters?

I'm about a to move into a tiny 550 sq. ft. apartment. I have a pourover cup and stand from Starbucks, a cheap Bodum recycled french press, the Chemex, and a moka pot I've never used from a Mexican mart. As much as I'd miss the convenience of a coffee maker I think I'd should be set otherwise on coffee stuff. I don't like the idea of a Verismo/Keurig/etc. My question is what would be essential coffee gear for the lazy coffee drinker with limited space?

>> No.10581800

I recommend not using the Chemex. It's horribly designed. The filters are asymmetrical with three layers on one side and one on the other. The filter sticks to the wall. It fakes genuine clarity by just making coffee underextracted and ultra filtered. The filters hold lots of coffee up above the water line. It's quite possibly my least favorite pourover.

>> No.10581872

I use chemex and I just want to know what you mean by "it makes coffee underextracted"

>> No.10582028

Uneven extraction is going to lead to overall underextraction. Chemex is inherently uneven flow thanks to the poor filter design and not holding the filter off the walls uniformly

>> No.10582344

All I've ever needed.

>> No.10582351
File: 39 KB, 560x560, stanley_thermos_french_press.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck. Here it is.

>> No.10582508

with summer i am returning to my cold brew method. 2 pounds beans into two 1-gallon jugs of spring water, pound each of course. shake 5 mins, brew overnight. put cheesecloth over top, drain into new 2 gallon container with spout. serve over ice, no ice if i want to feel like ive railed amp that morning. currently enjoying an ethiopian geisha

i can understand the other equipment on your list except the centrifuge. what do you use that for? analysis?

also is the only difference between a roasting machine and my oven that the roaster tumbles the beans continuously? have you ever brewed with unroasted beans?

>> No.10583227

Centrifuge is to separate dissolved solids from suspended solids before taking a tds measurement

>> No.10583540
File: 100 KB, 1920x1080, magnifica.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw got a DeLonghi Magnifica Pronto machine used for like a third of the original price
Finally I can make some proper espresso at home again. I had to resort to a french press for far too long.

>> No.10583543
File: 244 KB, 800x1028, 2018-04-25-beartato-coffee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10583551

>using pods

>> No.10583569
File: 291 KB, 750x750, bodum_brazil_1024x1024.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all the fancyness in this thread
I just use a french press, the grinder that came with my house (actually one of those nice and simple two piece sturdy 90's machines, I was pleased that it had been left behind), Costco beans, and I guess filtered water, but I filter it because I'm a tinfoil hat.

How do you guys fit all this stuff in your kitchens?

>> No.10583580


>> No.10583856

will take a look, thanks

>> No.10584215

Its a hobby. Some people have an XBox and are done, some people have a gaming computer with top of the line shit, some people have all the consoles ready to go at a moment's notice.
If you were looking for the easiest upgrade you could find a local roaster for fresh beans. French Press was the thing that got me into making coffee as a hobby.

>> No.10584453

I'm >>10573608. So my Aeropress just arrived and I had the chance to brew a couple of cups but I don't think I've nailed it right yet because the coffee tends to be bitter as fuck. Here are some of the details...

>grind size medium, just like what I use for my Kalita Wave
>water temp around 92 Celsius
>inverted method, 3:00 steep time followed by vigorous steering then push the plunger fast

I'm still not clear how far should we push the plunger. Any help?

>> No.10584461

Uh... forgot to mention that I use 15g of coffee and 200ml of water, about 1:13 ratio.

>> No.10584539

1:13 is way too strong. try and stay between 15-17

>> No.10584678

Give it a few brews without the inverted method. I was inverted for a while but found that I like the standard method better.
Push the plunger down until it hisses if you want a cleaner cup. Push it down further to squeeze out the grinds and you get more body.

>> No.10584729

>92 C
way too high.
try between 78c - 81c

>3:00 steep time
way too long
try 1 minute

of course its gonna be bitter when you're doing it like that.

>> No.10584783
File: 168 KB, 1024x768, pucks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>vigorous steering
you mean 'stirring'?

>then push the plunger fast
dont force it out, you'll get more sediment.
just apply your body weight on it. should take about 10-15 seconds.

if it takes longer than that, the grinds are probably too fine and you'll need to apply some extra pressure. if it comes out way too fast, the grinds are too coarse. try to adjust for the next brew.

>> No.10584820

>Before you know it you'll buy a French press, then an aeropress, then some ridiculous grinder setup with your espresso machine and grind your beans by hand

Oh god I went down that rabbit hole and it fucking sucked. It was draining so much money out of me. A year or so later I visited my mom and had "regular" coffee from a regular drip coffee machine which maybe costs like ~$40 and had to be like 10 years old. And holy fuck did that open my eyes, the coffee tasted as good as the one I made at home, the only difference was that I didn't spent 45 minutes brewing it.

I do appreciate the fact though that people invest that much money and time into "perfecting" brewing coffee. It's a really nice hobby and can calm you down quite a bit, just don't do it for the results, it's not worth it.

>> No.10584936

Do the recipe in the instructions, it makes a great cup and it's way easier

Medium fine, one and a half scoops
Water up to one and a half
Stir for 10s
Press for 30s

The inventor mentioned a trick when he gave a talk at the aeropress championships if you're having a hard time pressing right, you basically just rest your forearm on the plunger and that gives about 14lbs of force

>> No.10585241
File: 151 KB, 731x1500, 711ZCkNdozL._SL1500_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I use a moka pot, been thinking about switching to making espresso at home, tho.
I could get there stepwise, first get a grinder, which would improve the moka pot coffee quite a bit, then buy an espresso machine. Or I could just go for a superautomatic. Not sure yet.
If I was to get a grinder, what do I look for?

>> No.10585257

Avoid all american brands.

>> No.10585272



I bought a Smart Grinder and fucking love it. It's not ceramic, but it works like a charm and it's very 'smart'.

I got mine on Amazon for 165 bucks. Retarded cheap.

>> No.10585284

>165 bucks.
pick one

>> No.10585294

Pick one, you sound like those people that unironically wear mall clothes.

>> No.10585303

I am >>10585241 and 165 is well in my range, I have no problem spending up to 300 if it is a good, durable product.

Thanks for the recommendation, seems like a good choice.

>> No.10585304

>muh 60 grind settings
Holy shit, that autism

>> No.10585306


thanks, I just shot milk through my nose, except it was vodka.

Most people don't understand how expensive this poncy espresso shit is.

>> No.10585312

How nihilistic.

>> No.10585329


I bought one, my aunt bought one because she tried mine, we both love them. They're not very 'italian'. I think the company is from Quebec, not sure. But the mechanism is good, the electronics work. The hopper, you can load it up, sit it on the counter and use it daily. It falls asleep on its own and uses no power while not in use (I test that shit because our electricity is stupid expensive in ontario).

One of my better purchases. I've got a fucking Breville household somehow. Espresso machine, toaster oven and grinder. And their other shit pisses me off by drawing 7 watts while asleep for no reason at all.

>> No.10585347


Nihilists own espresso machines? You'll have to tell them down on the kurfurstendamm.

>> No.10585364
File: 359 KB, 1920x1080, 1513937629665.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10585367

Pretty sure they do have espresso machines in Kurfürstendamm.

>> No.10585739

I've seen so many people masturbating online over chemex which is why I ended up getting one, desu I only use my aeropress now when I'm making myself a cup and noticed a drastic improvement in flavor while the chemex is only really nice when brewing for friends. It's good to hear dissenting opinions sometimes.

>> No.10585847

I'm over the chemex
It's a showpiece more than a coffee maker when compared to aero

>> No.10586180
File: 68 KB, 354x679, 71Et-B9CREL._SY679_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

both of my legs have been in casts for the last 4.5 weeks. i don't own a coffee maker because i live in a tiny brooklyn apartment, so usually get my coffee at a hipster new zealand coffee shop nearby. pic related is the only coffee i've had since my injury, expect for the few times friends have brought me prepared coffee from the shop.

>> No.10586182

*except. guess the painkillers just kicked in. they're the only joy i currently have in my life.

>> No.10586190

What'd you do?

>> No.10586194
File: 83 KB, 633x607, 4880247100000578-5302779-Furious_Weaver_took_to_her_social_media_page_to_share_her_disapp-m-1_1516730102030.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>both of my legs have been in casts for the last 4.5 weeks.
Lol @ ur lyfe

>> No.10586210
File: 329 KB, 1280x1707, fml.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

as much as i'd like to say i jumped out of a second story window with two kids in my arms as a building burned down, i just tripped on an uneven sidewalk.

my life is hell. it is hell. at least i've only got 2-4 more weeks in the casts.

>> No.10586224
File: 56 KB, 615x604, 1519254250227.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10586248


then you have to compare chemex to aero to dildeo, where you get the most semenic extraction possible from the penile cup.

You people need adult supervision and talk therapy.

>> No.10586306

>upset over people discussing coffee brewers in a coffee thread
>immediately projects sexual insecurity in an irrelevant way
>thinks others need therapy

>> No.10586328

What other coffee makers aren't worth it?

>> No.10586351
File: 91 KB, 711x1500, Siphon-coffeemaker-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only useful if you want to pretend to be a mad scientist

>> No.10586377

No matter what you do to coffee, it's still bean water you autistic faggots.

>> No.10586390

We got a nihilist here.

>> No.10586392

Kill your self, no matter what you do in life you will never be happy so why bother living?

>> No.10586397

Coffee is made from seeds, not beans.

>> No.10586404

Whats bad about it?

>> No.10586418

The amount of setup and steps it takes to make a cup of coffee, and especially the clean up, is just not worth the effort, especially since the end result isn't better than other simpler methods. Its also fragile.

>> No.10586542

What? No, it was a drip.

>> No.10586758

Gonna make cold brew with a french press, is it necessary that I use a burr grinder? Mine's manual and this is going to take 20 minutes of solid grinding for enough to make the amount I want

>> No.10587138

Does anyone grind ROBUSTA, and is it true that this bean is harder to grind? Do I need to buy a special grinder for this?

>> No.10587354

No. It grinds the same. Honestly I’ve tried some pretty good robustas but it has to be brewed correctly. If you have a chance try a liberica

>> No.10588059
File: 1.52 MB, 5312x2988, 20180512_172246.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Thanks, Iads. I've been revising my method and the results have improved somewhat. Now I use 14g coffee per 200ml of water, cooler temp of 85C, and 1m30s steep time. I tried the standard method and it seems that the coffee is watery as fuck, not sure where I did wrong...

I'm still not clear on how fine I should grind. I've attached a pic of my spent coffee, did I grind it correctly?

>> No.10588068

>I tried the standard method and it seems that the coffee is watery as fuck, not sure where I did wrong...
You might have done the standard method wrong then, an aeropress isn't an espresso but it still makes a strong cup.
Grind should be a touch larger than espresso grind.

>> No.10588117


>> No.10588143

A bad carpenter blames his tools.

An even worse carpenter says "I can't do it therefore nobody else can either"

>> No.10588164

Does good coffee tend to taste sour?

>> No.10588168

Good quality beans tend to be roasted lighter than shit beans which are roasted to cover up the bad taste

Lighter roasts maintain a higher acidity level than darker roasts

Higher acidity can be described as "sour" although that word tends to connote "more sour than the norm"

If your "norm" is calibrated for darker roasts, then, yes, higher quality coffee will "tend to taste sour", from your point of view

That doesn't mean "sour coffee = good coffee" or "good coffee = sour coffee", it's more about you. It just means you're coming at it from a different perspective

>> No.10588314

What are your ratios?

>> No.10588766

>Good quality beans tend to be roasted lighter

Why is that so?

>> No.10589670

Just wasted most of a 227g bag of coffee beans dialing in the exact amount, grind, tamp and timing on my machine to get a perfect cuppa. New to this so took me more times to get there. Now I know how to do it properly it won't cost me a bag next time. Still annoying though that I had to waste so much coffee in order figure this shit out. Now if I can only get my microfoam (my wand blows like a hooker sucking cock).

>> No.10589695

The question should really be, "why are poor quality beans roasted darker"

The answer is because they are bought solely on price, and the characteristics and quality may vary. To ensure consistency and to iron out any unpleasant characteristics, the beans are burned. And some people have learned to enjoy that burned flavor. Perhaps a bit like how some Americans prefer the vomit taste of Hersheys. Or how Greeks once preferred wine that smelled of pine resin. Literally, the definition of "acquired taste"

>> No.10589750


I work for GE Appliances and I had a guy call into our escalations line and ask for a supervisor (I'm the lucky sup who got to take the call!). So it turns out the guy had bought one of our fairly new Cafe fridges that has a Keurig coffee maker in the dispenser area. As far as our tech was concerned the fridge was working fine but this daft motherfucker was demanding that we get the coffee to come out at exactly 170F.

There were no negotiations it had to be 170F exactly. Our tech explained how the thing is supposed to operate and that from his own tests the final water temp he got was around 140-160F. Engineers tried to tell him that the water can cool slightly as it travels through a FUCKING FRIDGE and that cup temp etc can affect the final temperature etc.

This autistic fuck though was demanding that the final temp be exactly 170F not a degree higher or lower.

Last I heard he was put on a "do not service" list because he was flipping out on the last tech we sent out when they suggested he just buy a fucking coffee maker separate from his fridge if he was going to be so autistic over his coffee temperature.

>> No.10589757

There's a huge difference between 140 and 170, so that's a perfectly reasonable thing to expect for a coffee maker

Note I said coffee maker and not keurig, I do not consider that to be coffee and anybody getting this autistic over that garbage deserves ridicule

>> No.10589770


ya it was really more how autistic he was getting over a very specific temperature for water coming from a secondary feature on a fridge. It's like getting upset that the camera on your phone doesn't take photos exactly the same way your $3000 DSLR camera does.

>> No.10589817

If the fridge spec sheet said 170 and it was coming out at 140 I'd feel ripped off. That's not even within the same ballpark.

>> No.10589868

I feel ya, but at the same time buying a luxury item like a fridge coffee maker is a big investment, and nobody wants to be told "I don't get it, how come you don't realize it was a gimmick? Of course it's not going to be as good as if you spent a fraction of the amount and put in more manual effort, it's not like money can compensate for that kind of quality."

>> No.10589882

>he fell for the espresso meme

>> No.10589884

Kettle and a teaspoon.

>> No.10590008
File: 1.46 MB, 1220x852, Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 4.09.37 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New coffee going on at our bar this week. Not usually a big african coffee fan but figured we'd give it a try.

>> No.10590015
File: 664 KB, 614x932, Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 4.13.47 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

also just got a toddy and it is so much easier than our old system. Basically just a riser though so you could easily make a similar system without paying the meme tax.

>> No.10590086

>ever implying shartbucks is coffee

>> No.10590175
File: 34 KB, 500x500, cap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whats a good milk frother i should get?

>> No.10590915

How long should I bloom in a chemex? I used 40 grams of coffee for 600 grams of water, and let it bloom 45 seconds. But I saw some conflicting stuff online just now saying to let it go for a full 90 seconds. I’ll try that tomorrow morning but what is everyone’s thoughts?

>> No.10590938

Or you get an Ethiopian natural that tastes like blueberries

>> No.10591922

How sensitive is coffee to mold and such? I made some this morning and there's still about 200ml left. Can I leave it overnight and drink it tomorrow, or will it go bad?

>> No.10592596

Store in the fridge, should be good for up to 2 weeks.

>> No.10592604

What the fuck kind of coffee do you have that stays good in the fridge for two weeks? Brewed coffee molds really fast. It has oil from the beans and a good ph balance for mold.

Overnight is fine though dude, just don't leave it in there for a week.

>> No.10592673

>he never made a cold brew before

>> No.10593767

What do you guys do with used grounds, other than chuck them?

I heard you can use them to pot plants.

>> No.10593785

You can use them to fertilize certain plants but they don't replace soil.

>> No.10593897

Using too many grounds in your garden isn't good for it. I use to use coffee grounds, but found it to be a hassle to collect them everyday. Now they just go down the garbage disposal in my sink.

>> No.10593999

Any good recommendations for Indonesian beans? Getting bored of the usual Latin fares...

>> No.10594110

They are a good addition to the compost pile because earthworms love them and they turn them into nutrient rich worm shit.

>> No.10594154
File: 1.17 MB, 1210x1366, dailygrindfull.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those grinds are too coarse. Try a little finer. It'll be more bitter since you'll be getting more extraction, so you might need to adjust your brew time & temp.

Pic related

>> No.10594188
File: 97 KB, 409x409, 1460974110635.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>regular coffee
>25 g grassfed butter
>25 g clarified butter
>10 g cocoa powder (no sugar)
>pinch of salt + kurkuma or cardamom
>put it all in a mixer

somehow I dont feel bad withdrawal from this opposed to normie coffee

>> No.10594535

I wish mods would ban you fuck wits

>> No.10596010

I feel like most Indonesian coffees are too dark for my tastes but I've had some really great Sumatra mandheling beans before

>> No.10596013

Lol why

>> No.10597140

That's what the creator of the Aeropress prefers.

>> No.10597150

because youre a fuckin loser my dude

>> No.10597685

They go great with milk then?

>> No.10597696

Avoid, it's mostly trash.

People need to stop using geographic designations for coffee, coffee is not wine FFS, and even wine doesn't really benefit from geographic designations unless it's accompanied by some recognizable set of rules so that the consumer knows what to expect, as they do in Europe Processing method and varietal tell you most of the story.

The reason Indo coffee sucks is that the grading and processing standards are like 50 years behind the times.

If you're bored of "the usual Latin fares" that suggests you're drinking wet or honey process. Maybe try some naturals, from places with actual quality control, like Brazil, or some decent quality Africans (it can be a crapshoot but much less so than Indonesia)

>> No.10598062

Second for this

>> No.10598164 [DELETED] 

Hi /coffee general/,

The water pump in my coffee machine broke, it's pic related.
Can I replace it with any old water pump that's in the same family?
EP5s seem to be hard to get here but I can find EP4 and EP8 pumps easily.
Or, if the EP5 needs to be in there, can I cannibalise parts from an EP4 or EP8?
It's actually only a tiny little black stopper in the pump that broke, it kind of disintegrated and then the pump didn't work anymore.

>> No.10598173

>i just tripped on an uneven sidewalk
How the fuck does that break anything?
I could understand a sprained ankle but not really two but two broken ankles or something?
Holy shit!

>> No.10598181
File: 1.65 MB, 2448x3264, WaterPump.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi /coffee general/,

The water pump in my coffee machine broke, it's pic related.
Can I replace it with any old water pump that's in the same family?
EP5s seem to be hard to get here but I can find EP4 and EP8 pumps easily.
Or, if the EP5 needs to be in there, can I cannibalise parts from an EP4 or EP8?
It's actually only a tiny little black stopper in the pump that broke, it kind of disintegrated and then the pump didn't work anymore.

>> No.10598201


>> No.10598674

As good as any coffee does? I mean there's literally zero reason to not go out and try as many different coffees as you can but >>10597696 is pretty much spot on. If you're looking for variety honestly just try a bunch of different Ethiopians, as the greatest genetic variety exists there.

>> No.10599474

I've got a $20 french press I use once a week to make iced coffee.

>> No.10599782

>make cold brew for the second time
>literally half of the original water got absorbed into grounds
Something about this seems wrong

>> No.10600131

>not drinking it black.

Seriously though putting shit in the coffee just ruins the taste, well at least for me I'm sure about you guys.

>> No.10600134

Hey /ck/

Got a Turkish coworker who recommended I try turkish coffee. From what I've read, it's basically super fine powdered coffee, boiled unfiltered and with some spices. Anyone ever try this?

I've got a scale, a pretty nice grinder & a French press. Anyone point me in the right direction? Recipe/ratio? What kind of beans?

Thanks in advance.

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On the weekend I make myself "good" coffee with expensive South American beans and then batch cook jugs of Folgers for iced coffee during the week. I don't usually have time workday mornings to cook up a fresh batch and I figure choking down a rushed ice coffee before work would be a waste of the quality beans.

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This baby just came in today. Still a little too fresh, needs a couple more days of degassing

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>Got a Turkish coworker who recommended I try turkish coffee. From what I've read, it's basically super fine powdered coffee, boiled unfiltered and with some spices. Anyone ever try this?
Yeah, before I was into coffee, all I had was a bag of Turkish coffee someone left in my house. I didn't even know where it came from.
I wasn't a coffee drinker then because I hated anything addictive so I only ever drank coffee at exam time, I hated the taste too so I researched Turkish coffee a bit and made it with spices too.
A bit of broken cinnamon stick (just 1-2cm or so) and some cardamon pods in the pot really flavour the coffee and it's worlds away from Starbucks flavour syrup.
You need a fine mesh filter to pour it through though and you still probably want to leave the dregs in the cup.
It's nice though. Turks drink it espresso style, it would be perfectly drinkable in any other style too though. You only need to stick to tradition where it's actually useful.

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Thanks for the advice. It's definitely on my list of projects. Was it pre-ground or beans? I'm curious if it's more common to buy the grounds or buy middle eastern beans and then grind them into dust.

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Pre-ground. Sooo pre-ground.
It's extremely finely ground, almost like talcum powder.

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Yep, I figured you might as well buy it pre-ground if you're already buying coffee from the ME specifically to make Turkish coffee. Better have a pro grind it that thin than botch it with a grinder or mortar & pestle.

Thanks again for the info. Going to do some more research and see what brand is recommended. I'm excited to try a coffee drink I've never had.

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Can someone tell me what the supposed purpose for pre soaking filters in a melitta is?

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Might just be me, but Folgers just tastes horrible to me. I go with Eight O' Clock or Dunkin' Donuts for grocery store brands.

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>brainlet spends a fortune on equipment
>still can't even make coffee that tastes any better than a drip machine
Absolutely shameful display

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Seriously anybody know why? Only had it brewing 12-14 hours

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nice I've been wanting to check out some brandywine. love the bag design. they have a natrual process panama right now I'm really interested in.

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rinse out the paper taste

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i mean certain beans will just abosrb a lot. we use a toddy at work and get over 4.5 gallons out of a 5lb batch with our standard blend but way less with some single origin stuff

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>paper taste
shut the fuck up with that bullshit.
there is no fucking "paper taste"
its a placebo for idiots
its people like you that give coffee its dogmatic nonsense

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Was the same beans I used the first time

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Thank you, the "paper taste" idiots are almost as bad as the morons who use a scale to measure how much liquid coffee is in a transparent glass because they think it looks moar scientific

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How big of an upgrade is an electronic Mazzer Mini to an Aergrind? Having problem with my order, don't know if they even have any left in stock. Might opt for the Mazzer instead. Thoughts?

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Why does everyone love this meme coffee? They taste like fucking tea.

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V60 vs Aeropress?

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Got one of these the other day, anything I should know when using one?

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You'll melt the handle if you use it carelessly. Don't put it on the stove until you've turned the gas down low enough to not flare out from under the base.

Just because it's a different style of pot doesn't mean that you don't need to measure your coffee. I just filled the filter like a retard and man, that was some strong coffee.
The boiling/heating is done as soon as you hear it start to gurgle (actually a few seconds before). Turn off the heat then and wait for the steam to force the coffee up and out. It will take 30 seconds or so.

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Mcdonalds iced coffee with just cream is the pinnacle of coffee

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Good to know. What about grounds? Someone told me before that it's best to use fine grounds, but then I've also heard it's best to be a bit course. I'm a complete scrub when it comes to coffee though, so I bought a bag of grounds from the supermarket with no idea if it'll work or not.

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coarse, I mean coarse!

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>american's palate

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Like you, I've heard that you need the grounds to be a little coarse but I've done it with different kinds and they were all basically fine. You just don't want anything finer than the holes in the filter mesh or you'll end up with dregs in your coffee.

And after you've made your coffee and the pot is still too hot to touch? Aluminum is a great conductor of heat so run the base under cold water for five seconds and you'll be able to open it and remove the puck before everything dries.

>taking the bait from the mcdouble-poster

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Easy (you)s.

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>why do people like trying new things that are out of the ordinary?
I dunno, why are you such a bitch?

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I find it funny that you coffee drinkers go all the way to find something that resembles tea. The denial is quite strong with your lot.

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I used to drink a tea that tasted like coffee, it had some madura sugar crystals and a couple of coffee beans in the bag. It was delicious.

I got it from Lupicia but I don't think they sell it anymore.

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