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Hi, /ck/.

Long time bff /co/ here. I'm making a cartoon about cooking and I'd like your help. I'm looking for cool chefs throughout history, famous restauranteurs with compelling stories behind their success. They really don't even have to be famous, just cool chefs to check out, like Jiro from "Jiro Dreams of Sushi".

Also if you could post any collections of weird/interesting food, I'd dig that too.

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Just postin' good looking food in the mean time. What makes animated food look so good?! This will be important...

Side note, I've always wanted to eat bug after seeing this movie as a kid. I never did, but fuck man look at those things. They're like crawling gushers. We need a research grant to make bugs delicious.

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After I saw this I dreamed for years of finding a pizza that cheesy and good looking, never accomplished that mission...

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I think this is the closest anyone has ever come.

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