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Maybe he should go back to his own country and see if he is loved and respected there for making knock off chink food.

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David Chang is the white man's problem:

1. His businesses are primarily patronized by whites
2. His celebrity and emerging ego from it are all the result of being featured on white-run network television

He is your problem; deal with it.

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For me, its Guy Fieri. The best chef and food critic

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All of his friends are millionaire white people. He's asked on to every show on the planet. You people are mostly human filth that lives paycheque to paycheque hating people better than your nonsense life.

What the fuck are you doing?

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Is your... uh, argument, that David Chang's privilege makes him immuneto criticism? Doesnt seem like a convincing claim to make but ok. Great post.

I make 750k a year doing something that your poor yuroshit brain couldn't even understand lol

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No, my argument was that he doesn't deserve racist horseshit on this board by fucking lowlifes, and the chances of you doing anything worthwhile in this life is slim to none.

Stop being a fucking child.

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Doesn't he? Why not? I don't keep up with him or what he says at all.

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fuck off chink

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Says the guy posting on an Albanian bocceball forum

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>Albanian bocceball forum
As an internet anthropologist, I'd like to draw attention to a characteristic that's nearly universal in the style of writing commonly found on Reddit(formally known as Typographical Attributes of the Reddit Demographic, hereafter referred to as TARD). Most people recognize excessive puns and self indulgent "cleverness" in place of actual humor as being a part of the TARD posting style, along with smug superiority and virtue signalling. The quirk in the quote above - restating common words in an overly technical way in order to make an ordinary activity sound ridiculous - does not seem to receive the same amount of attention as a reliable TARD indicator, even though it demonstrates those main qualities that define TARD posters. Such constructions belie not only a sense of superiority towards whoever the post addresses, but also a desire to convey how much intelligence and knowledge the TARD poster possesses. Combined with the absolute absence of humor, this type of post is as TARD as TARD can be.

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Fuck off, lowlife white trash loser. Honestly, you sound and know you're a fucking lost life in this world.

You try to trash others because you're human filth, but because of your upbringing you come across like garbage. Stop letting people know who you are before you type.

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I'm black.

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Do we really need two of these threads? Is this going to become the new Jiro posting in this shithole?

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Thats not what you said. Maybe your schizo disorganized thinking is a problem? Guess you sucked one too many diseased dicks you weird faggot

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Oh boo hoo someone else is making money making food, who cares?

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>Assumes someone's race on the internet
Um, racist much? Let me guess, only white are smart enough to operate computers so only whites can be on these forums?

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>omg 4chan is raycist
>in racist thread

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>You try to trash others because you're human filth
Sage words friend, you should pay heed to them and rethink your life.

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Anyone else think the creepy race/class baiting David Chang Internet Defense Force lefty fag is really strange? Like, what drives someone to take up a cause like that lol

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respond to this

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>liking rich people
If you don't hate the rich you aren't left wing. If you are rich you aren't left wing. The farthest left you can be is center-right; economic issues and class struggle are integral to leftist ideology.

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Got to do something to pass the time if you can't enjoy life. Beats touching icky women.

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Ok, we've gone pretty astray from cooking or food by this point. Can the mods please just nuke this thread already.

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This is literally the most reddit post I've read all week.

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>nuking reddit shitposting threads
What the fuck are you talking about?
Jiroposting, changposting, eggman posting are allowed in here.

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this convinced me

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You can always tell when someone watches THAT episode of Ugly Delicious

I really don't know what they were thinking having that annoying racebaiting bitch on. All he does is nod his head though

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>Jiroposting, changposting, eggman posting are allowed in here.
>Jack is verboten
Its not fair dammit. I just want a shitpost thread based on lazy recipes that can kill me.

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: ^ )

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>Ugly Delicious

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Ur a faggot

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I have no brother
it is I,
I ate sheep shit pudding

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I can make a better chicken sandwich

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>I ate sheep shit pudding

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What did he to say?

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David Chang has never contributed to a charity that helps disadvantaged whites. Weird...

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Are you David Chang? You sure sound like David Chang.

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That's a funny way to spell lazy

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t. gook "do americans really" poster

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Enjoy your ban :)

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david chang is infinitely more smug than jiro so that provides a much larger base to shitpost on

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Has David ever put on an event to provide his food to whites who are unable to afford extravagant meals? Why not? Is he only mindful of injustice when he can profit off of it specifically?????????????????

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I see him as just a loudmouth who never got his ass kicked ever.
We all know one or two irl.

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Underrated flavorpost

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David Chang is unironically the most racist race baiting cunt on any tv show series right now, or did you not watch UGGRY DERICIOUS
>wow hey black person don't you agree whites just don't get you?
>wow hey asian person don't you agree whites aren't ready for 'real' Asian food?
>wow hey white person this dominos pizza is just as good as any wop Italian garbage right? Snooty wop guidos anyway mirite?

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>implying racebaiting isn't the theme of the entire series
>blaming the one Asian who was as racist as him

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>he doesnt deserve racist behavior
>but its ok for him to be racist
fuck off kike

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Hah, exactly what you just said. Or for that matter, any other Asian TV host.
>hey guys aren't you mad about white people?
>no we just like our food here what are you talking about?
>this is Moscow dude what the fuck are you talking about?
>whiiiite peeeeooooople

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>Hey bro let's talk out on the street about your food for a second
>"uhh... okay"
>so why don't you think this has caught on as much as it deserves I mean man what you're doing here is really amazing
>"well I think we're doing pretty good..."
>passing minorities look visibly confused and quicken their pace
>chef looks double take looks at camera
>dave nods - 'yep. White people.' Shrugs his shoulders while shaking his head

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>Hey bro let's talk out on the street about your food for a second
>"uhh... okay"
>so why don't you think this has caught on as much as it deserves I mean man what you're doing here is really amazing
>"well I think we're doing pretty good..."
>passing minorities look visibly confused and quicken their pace
>chef double take looks at camera
>dave nods - 'yep. White people.' Shrugs his shoulders while shaking his head

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>Maybe he should

What is it with trailer trash conservahicks believing they have the authority to dictate who lives where?

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Guy is unironically a good guy and doesn’t deserve the hate he gets from liberals

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>Hey bro let's talk out on the street about your food for a second
>"uhh... okay"
>so why don't you think this has caught on as much as it deserves I mean man what you're doing here is really amazing
>"well I think we're doing pretty good..."
>passing minorities look visibly confused and quicken their pace
>chef looks double take looks at camera
>dave nods - 'yep. White people.' Shrugs his shoulders while shaking his head

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I can't support him after he racistly claimed that Californians don't understand barbecue.

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why make this thread?

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>beaners and liberals
>understanding bbq

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>racist supports racist

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White bbq is bland as fuck. Kebabs, Pakis, and south americans are the only ones that do it right.

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>why make this thread?

There's one (self identified) black kid poster here on /ck/ that's constantly hating on asians. He's the same guy that posts all those Jiro sushi threads over and over. Dude posts the same shit on /g/ also.

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>black kid poster here on /ck/ that's constantly hating on asians. He's the same guy that posts all those Jiro sushi threads

Is this doxxed? pretty lame if true.

>> No.10547803

yup. just another black kid who hates & resents asians for their relative success in America.

>> No.10547805

Bean detected. Korean is the only BBQ that can even compete with US supreme, Juan.

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White man here. Chang is a racist fuck

>> No.10547844


Yeah, you'll find it posted over at /g/ sometimes... they outed him a while ago.

>> No.10547845

i watched a few episodes of this show the other day, knew nothing about this guy, and turned it off after 3 or 4 epsiodes due to anti white racism by people he was hosting on the show

>> No.10547859


Pick one. XXXXXL sizes don't make something good.

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Ladies and gents, I present to you: the right wing SJW.

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>yup. just another black kid who hates & resents asians for their relative success in America.

I would hate asians too if I was a nog. They're educated, successful, and now they're fucking hot black chicks.

> niggers b triggered

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>I would hate asians too if I was a nog. They're educated, successful, and now they're fucking hot black chicks.

Poor, poor niggers. How can they ever hope to compete?

>> No.10547880

>decide you're not interested in watching a show that personally attacks you with racist generalizations
s-see they're practically antifa

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>Poor, poor niggers. How can they ever hope to compete?

Let's not even get into the fact that Africa is basically subjugated by the chinese now.

>> No.10547893

>ITT:Omaygawd what a racist CHINK, who the hell he think he IS, only WHITES can be racist!oh MY GOD I'm so chocked and insulted!!
WHY he's racist????!!>:(((

>> No.10547909

>he's so butthurt and afraid to accept differing opinions about his race
Aww poor mutt

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>Let's not even get into the fact that Africa is basically subjugated by the chinese now.

If I was black like OP, I'd resent asians too.

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Not that person but California is basically 'I hate white people' the state.
Doubt their food is any better than their ideologies.
>weeb supports crazy liberals
Makes you think.

>> No.10547930

>maybe he should go back to his own country
Lmao that means staying in US then, because he's born in america.
>the knock off chink food is rated michelin stars by whites
>the knock off chink foods has been given awards and honors by whites
The butthurt of being cucked? Stay mad.

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>If I was black like OP, I'd resent asians too.

>> No.10547964


Damn. Look at how happy that bitch looks, with a twinkle in her eye.

I bet she aint never lived life that good until she met her rice daddy.

>> No.10547967

Take your re.ddit memes back there, fag. I'm a liberal but I'm also not going to tune into a show where some Asian with a chip on his shoulder uses cooking as a vehicle for anti white hate.

Because I'm not a self hating retard. Are you?

>> No.10547976

based retard poster

>> No.10547980

Not an argument. I don't have to support racism. His speech has consequences. Fuck chang.

>> No.10547989

Korean BBQ isn't cooked through the process of barbecuing, though.

>> No.10548046

So blacks need to attend KKK rallies? That's your stellar retard logic at work...

>> No.10548050

>so butthurt about America you can't even admit the US BBQ is best despite this being a universal truth
Sad little man.

>> No.10548058

>So blacks need to attend KKK rallies?

Yes. Except they call it BLM. What rock have you been living under?

>> No.10548064

>There's one (self identified) black kid poster here on /ck/ that's constantly hating on asians.

honestly it's probably a white guy pretending to be Black by the sounds of it

>> No.10548076

Don't see why he couldn't be black.
When I hung with a group of black guys they talked shit about Mexicans and Asians so hard, like flat out racism that would make a redneck blush. Curious what they said when I wasn't in the room.

>> No.10548091

>blah blah blah I cannot hear you, I don't want to hear anything blah blah blah
Aww did mommy forgot to compress your butt?
It's okay honey, you can just living in a safe bubble in your basement :))

>> No.10548096


Wait... I thought blacks couldn't be racist?

At least that's what my white liberal friend told me.

>> No.10548128

>US barbecue is the best
That sounds like a redneck opinion.
Yeah blacks are racists, moreover they're the kind of who will just sucker punch you for the sake of their ego on the streets on daylight.
Shit's barbaric.

>> No.10548134

>and the chances of you doing anything worthwhile in this life is slim to none.

Unless you're mentally ill I would guess you're somehow connected to this chink? Why would you even say this on an anonymous site, where quite a few celebrities and businessmen have admitted to browsing and posting?

>> No.10548137

Wow great post. Really mature. Also wtf did your mom do to you growing up? How frequently did your maternal figure "compress your butt"???

>> No.10548141

Probably not enough since I get outside, meet people, and discussing different opinions unlike a coward.

>> No.10548162

>Yeah blacks are racists

Holy shit tell me about it. I was one of the few asian kids who grew up in Atlanta, and the blacks are just ruthless constantly targeting asians.

There was a good reason most asians lived in tight communities there and didn't go out as much at night. Getting robbed, beaten, & threatened by black teens was a weekly occurrence.

>> No.10548163

Say something good about Trump and the wall then. Right now. Prove what you're claiming.

>> No.10548167

What do you mean support racism?
Also what, are you avoiding him just because he says things that 'not nice' about white people?

>> No.10548170

>the squad of safe space liberal is here
Welcome to pola/ck/ snowflake.

>> No.10548174

>site, where quite a few celebrities and businessmen have admitted to browsing and posting?

Because those people make up a statistically insignificant fraction of the whole, just like any other sampling of the human population. Fact is that most people, anywhere, have a silm chance of doing anything worthwhile.

Most of them don't do anything worthwhile either, though there are a few which have/do.

>> No.10548178


I'm Chinese and i think the guy comes off fake as shit.

He's only doing what he thinks is the trend and following along. The whole SJW garbage & anti white people hate is exactly that. Following the herd.

>> No.10548179

Are you a /ptg/ dweller or a basement dweller?
Nothing I said earlier correlate to trump nor the wall, what are you trying to communicate?

>> No.10548185

Right so what you mean is that I should like your ideas but you are under no obligation to do the same.

Very coherent.

>> No.10548196

Uhh what? That's what most celebrity chefs are. It's a monkey business drama, that's the whole point of any shows in here anyway.

>> No.10548197

honestly it's the slants that are ruining /ck/

beware the asian menace

>> No.10548203

why are pigskins so insecure
is it because thye know they're inferior?

>> No.10548210

What I meant if he spouts off some racism doesn't mean you should straight turn away like a coward just because 'I don't support racism'.
Not to be a self hating faggot but the world is racist and it is the truth. It is not all nice out there.

>> No.10548222

So you would say the same about Trump and Hitler too?

>> No.10548223

people call an american football a pigskin and those are brown. yes brown people are inferior.

>> No.10548226

>/pol/ is full of asians
Lmao no

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so this entire thread is wiggers complaining about him being racist and I still haven't seen a single example posted of him being racist

unless doing a non-euro cuisine is considered racist these days, which judging by the state of the right it very well might be

>> No.10548230

Or maybe some random chef that hates whites just isnt obligated to my time? Hurr

>> No.10548235

only whites do. and in fairness whites call a lot of things objectively wrong names

"Indians", "Caucasian", nucular, "continents", etc

>> No.10548237

>trump and hitler
So what? They're racist?
So if I hate hitler that means I shouldn't read mein kampf? Or if I hate trump I shouldn't listen to any of his speech?
Haven't you meet people that is racist to your race irl?

>> No.10548243

>All of his friends are millionaire white people.
The correct term is fellow white.

>> No.10548246

Butthurt whites are surprised that a 'chink' can be racist.

>> No.10548247

Yeah a nigger has never pronounced anything poorly lol...

Get a fucking grip you cuck.

>> No.10548256

Or maybe you're just butthurt and honestly the show is about food, not about race.

>> No.10548260

Pretty weak rebuttal. Telling me what I think and feel as your main rejoinder. I guess I win, huh?

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>says something about whites
>hurrr you must be a nigger

every fuckin' time, lol

>> No.10548277

Well seems you won your time, and wasting it here since you don't watch the shows, did you?
Hurr bandwagon sure is on trend now.

>> No.10548280

What is your point again? Also say something bad about blacks since you were comfortable doing so with whites

>> No.10548455

It's just the truth. Putting meat on a stick over a fire isn't even BBQ imo. I did that shit when I was five in cub scouts.

>> No.10548619

fat goober always trying to interject some sjw point. can't really fuck with that lame.

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This famalama ding dongs.
I am a bit of a heretic and have a thing for Arkansas styled smoked dry rubs for pork.

Also contributing to current discussion
Fuck this gook. His NF show had so much potential but by episode 3 I wrote NF a scathing complaint. Basically implying if they continue to promote anti-white bullshit I, like many, will cancel their subscription. I warned them about pushing the real subscribers to go back to were we started, VPNs and such.

If it was all schucking and jiving with mild racism targeted at all groups in would be laughing my ass off. Anyway....this is just a bump.
Gook I am sure is just mad because Koreans treat him like a bitch when ever he goes to Korea and some white guy is always stealing his little gook gf ever since he was 12.

>> No.10549072

Nail on the head desu

>> No.10549093

He would be the coolest uncle in the world

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File: 10 KB, 222x250, 04c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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My thoughts exactly.

>> No.10549123

Santa Maria Tri-tip is good tho

>> No.10549369

Gtfo snowflake

>> No.10549382

Watermelun an chickun is delicius and raycist

>> No.10549401

Based Guy poster

>> No.10549417

Most retarded post of the century right here

>> No.10549426

Dude how dumb are you to not understand what the previous poster is saying? Are you fucking 12? Re-read the damn post and try again.

>> No.10549436

Based Ivan

>> No.10549918


>> No.10550067

He's racist though

>> No.10550397

The race-bait identity politicking bullshit is the issue in the first place, not the people who react to it

>> No.10550465

You must be so fun at parties making sure no one damages anything and stuff

>> No.10550664

stop being a whiny bitch

>> No.10550668

stop being a whiny bitch!

>> No.10550756

Gee I wonder if all whitoids think highly of chink customers ..

>> No.10550795

redditor pls go

>> No.10550908

tons of white people are masochists who love abuse, defamation, and humiliation.

it explains cuckold fetishism and liberals.

david knows his white customers love paying $250 for a stir-fry while being called baka gweilos under his breath.

>> No.10551352

so does /pol/ start a thread or is this in their irc or discord or something where they discuss something that nobody has even thought about and then decide to false-flag it on /ck/ and the other relevant boards? who the hell watched ugly delicious and thought anything else than "wow that food looks good". why do we need this thread every day where a bunch of stormfaggots come and circlejerk their absurd racialized worldview on /ck/? Is this the containment thread so that they stay out of all the other ethnic cooking threads?

>> No.10551365

cuck porn is for flyovers and literally all teh amataeur cuck porn is southern 'women'

>> No.10551373

>go back to his own country

You mean the United States? The man was born in Virginia.

>> No.10551376



>> No.10551377


He's whiter than you, you stupid fuck. He like Korean food but he's so American he'd make your stupid life look like a failed African tribe member.

>> No.10551409

What do you mean, you seems to be unfamiliar with chanposting. Of course it's all the new hot meme in reddit so we need to spam it here and /tv/ as well.
This would be the new jiroposting or the new eggposting, you see, as our bait that 'sushi is hipster' isn't successful enough.

>> No.10551412

>tfw chang is literally whiter than conservacuck rednecks

>> No.10551417

B-but he's a chink. J-just look at his name he needs to go back!

>> No.10551420


rednecks are blacker than any nigerian. the complete poverty they live in. I'm amazed they have language.

>> No.10551434

>so stunning, so brave
thanks reddit. we need more posts like this.

>> No.10551435

>a chink is racist
Oh nooo that sucks...just IMAGINE if a white man is racist to chinks..what will the soft hearted whites would do???

>> No.10551443


You been to a West Virginian trailer park lately? Those people are family fucking human filth.

>> No.10551450

Rednecks are probably whiter than you mohammed and generally has better english than your FOB english.

>> No.10551452

>wow bravery
no, i have money.

>> No.10551456


keep saying bravery. It'll get you far in life. You won't sound like an empty stupid fuck up trying to sound meaningful.

>> No.10551462

thanks redditbro, i'll take that into account the next time i post. you are the best. hopefully my children will be as yellow as you.

>> No.10551476

You can be as white as you can but if you have a yellowfever you're still a mongrel.

>> No.10551481


I don't even give a shit about "yellow" people. I just find you fucking garbage as so fucking vile as creatures I would enjoy pushing you into a wood chipping device. You're like NSDAP people. I could kill you and not feel the least bit bad.

You're the kind of humans that need to be carbon recycled.

>> No.10551490

>my hero is a racist
oh noes. it isn't true. you would keep me around as a pet... right?!?!?

>> No.10551501

does he have down syndrome

>> No.10551510


Are you a racist for liking Italian food? Are you a racist for liking McDonalds?

How fucking retarded are you? Honestly are you fucking seriously intellectually disabled? You people are barely human these days

>> No.10551511

>and the chances of you doing anything worthwhile in this life is slim to none.
you have a very capitalist mindset. you should re-evaluate the way you look at your fellow humans

>> No.10551519


Sorry, you're just a racist piece of garbage that shouldn't exist. Your family raised a mistake that should be thrown into a device that murders you.

Don't you feel that worthless?

>> No.10551549

No but jamie oliver does
>omg it's racist!!
>in 4chan
Honestly, that's pathetic senpai
Perhaps you should go off internet to avoid meeting any racists online, it's not safe here.
Also don't go out, who knows you may encounter another racist in real life. You wouldn't like that to happen, don't you?

>> No.10551583

you can be right wing and not like racism isnt not exclusive to the left nigger

>> No.10551606

Racism is a tenant of the left.
Realism is one of the right.

>> No.10551622

He's actually really toned down in term of behavior when you see in on TV... I've actually worked for and met him. He's actually a MUCH bigger asshole IRL than you see him on TV.

He always believes that he is correct about everything and does not listen to any of his sous chefs for opinions, he throws massive tantrums and throws shit around when he doesn't get it way. Suffice to say, I don't work for this man anymore.

>> No.10551634

>i totally did work for him!

>> No.10551705 [DELETED] 

Stage 1: Anger
>spends all his time on /pol/
>hates blacks and trannies
>lonely and resentful
>hates life and finds meaning by connecting to racial identity

Stage 2: Shame
>alienation drives /pol/ack deeper into isolation and porn addiction
>taboos become attractive
>blacked spam starts having an effect
>begin jacking off to sissy hypno and BBC
>shame from anti-white perversions drive /pol/ack deeper into politics and isolation

Stage 3: Giving In
>in loneliness, horniness, and sheer boredom alt-right sissy hooks up with a black guy
>though shy and nervous, the moment black dick enters his mouth the /pol/ack is hooked
>months or years of porn and fetishism aligns to make everything- the black man's musk, his heavy, chocolate dick, the sissy's soft white hand on dark skin- reaffirm the sissy's fetishes and send so much pleasure into his faggot brain that there is no going back

Stage 4: Dedication:
>sissy white boi begins having gay hook ups at increasing frequency
>gradually loses interest in politics
>more body conscious, begins squatting and running for a better butt
>starts practicing a campy gay voice because it turns him on
>gets into cross dressing and make up, derives submissive thrill from looking slutty and ridiculous

Stage 5: Obsession
>completely broken by black cock
>flaming sissy faggot
>is a devout leftist because white extinction makes his penis twitch, votes for whoever increases immigration
>mannerisms so excessively campy they make his family uncomfortable
>no longer alienated, now extroverted and sassy
>has circle of faghag friends who he gossips with and makes BBC jokes around
>loves going to gay clubs and twerking his white booty for black men
>shameless size queen slut who fucks several strangers a week
>views alt-righters with mixture of pity and bemusement, uses /pol/ only to post interracial and ERP
>thanks black cock daily for changing him from an angry, resentful loner into somebody with a full spectrum of human emotion

>> No.10551748

So at what stage changposter is

>> No.10551754
File: 523 KB, 600x336, skylinegreen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I"m assuming this is from personal experience?
I never go to that shithole but you seem to be well aware of the pathology. Or is this just erotic fanfiction?
Either way I am fucking DIAMONDS right now

>> No.10551985


real talk tho, liberals self-examined their Fieri hate-boner and decided it was unjustified and that he's basically a good dude who wears goofy shirts unironically but just wishes good flavors for all people.

>> No.10551992

>david ching chang chong
>people think he's a good chef

fuck that fat loser

>> No.10552135



>> No.10552611

Im sure the fed tip line and your boss will love to know youre making violent comments online.

Lets find out! Nice IP btw ;)

>> No.10552628

Or maybe the white customers who support him agree with him? Why would you support someone who you don't agree with?

>> No.10552646

Or maybe I just don't watch cooking shows because they're so overwhelmingly cringey, so I don't really care what cringey shit he said on one. I appreciated Good Eats when I was a kid first learning how to cook, but now I'd rather just read about a technique or food online or in a book.

>> No.10552653

>be korean
>culturally appropriate the Bao to the point where you become a famous millionaire

Chang should check his fucking privilege. A Taiwanese ought to have made all that money and fame.

>> No.10552684

This is a really pathetic post... just sad. Liberals are just terrible desu

>> No.10552698
File: 9 KB, 274x290, mysterymerchant.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>(((white)))-run network television

>> No.10553321

The Ozarks are kinda ignored, anon. They never really got the electricity the rest of the US got in WWII.

>> No.10553600

Awww based inter-racial nuclear family

>> No.10553920

>only white are smart enough to operate computers so only whites can be on these forums?
where is the lie though?

>> No.10554252

lol this thread again. what's with triggered whitebois and shitposting their lives away on the internet and not having sex or starting families???

>> No.10554292

Arr round eyes rook same

>> No.10554313
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Itt : assblasted shitskin thirdies

>> No.10554368

Propaganda works if you push it long enough, they like it because they're told to like it. We're all sheep to a more or lesser extent ... except whites are sheep being led to the slaughter by fellow whites.

>> No.10554569

t. Infowars warrior

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