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Post a hot sauce and other anons will rate how spicy it is, if they enjoyed it or not, and (if they did enjoy it) what it goes good with.

Starting with Franks

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So a recommendation thread?

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Not very spicy, goes great on pizza and sardines and kippers.

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It's not very hot, but it's a good finishing and table sauce to punch up dishes. It tastes very much like just vinegar, chili peppers, and salt. Too many hot sauces have been going for sweet too now that sriracha made it big, which just annoys me.

I bought a bottle of burman's for $.85 because I just ran out of Frank's, but I haven't tried it yet except a drop on my finger.

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Very spicy but genuinely good flavor. It has more of an acidic sweet taste to it; with the heat continually building while you eat. It's very smokey and peppery, even smells delicious. I've been making homemade wings with it.

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Is it really as hot as people say? I want to buy a bottle (for the novelty) and then some of their chipotle sauce. Watching the video where they make the last dab, and it has no added chemicals was pretty cool.

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How spicy is it compared to other sauces?

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Doesn't it have the highest scoville unit of any hot sauce you can buy atm?

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Doesn't look like it is that high based on people who tried it.
But it is marketed as the hottest sauce without using pure extracts or any artificial bullshit.

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Goes great on burgers.

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1.5/10 spice
7/10 flavor
I like it on sandwiches and subs. Buffalo wings and strips too

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sure thing chief

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He cute

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Is tobasco the thinking man's hot sauce ?

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I need it bruhs

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Oh wow

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Tabasco is the military grunt's hot sauce of choice and those guys are literally trained to stop thinking and just follow orders/shoot shit/don't die.

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Hot as fuck but the flavors well worth it.

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t. Soyboys

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This is really spicy, my tongue hurts really bad every time there's some on my food.

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One of my favorites. I just find it well balanced. Little bit of heat, not too much vinegar. Great on breakfast and bbq

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What I actually meant to post. But cheap vodka goes well with both breakfast and bbq, so it stands

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10/10 for taste
2/10 for spiciness

It's my favorite hot sauce at the moment. It not being hot doesn't bother me at all. I don't care about heat in hot sauces. I just like the taste.

It's fantastic in potato salad, tuna and egg salad, in deviled egg filling, atop a slice of cheese, and on top of almost any savory food. I like to cook burgers coated in the stuff in a skillet. They have a wonderful taste.

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>drink straight from the bottle tier

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I hope you're kidding, Franks has very little flavor and a whole lot of vinegar. It's the poster child for one-dimensional hot sauces.

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it's not spicy to me, but i really really like it . It's good on burgers, fried chicken, fried fish, fries. I would put it on everything

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>enjoy it
Not really
Because it’s flavored vinegar and didn’t make my food spicy

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Any thoughts on Valentina?

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This. I often add my homemade chili flakes to anything I use Frank's with but I still use Frank's a lot because it's tasty as fuck.

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I'll have to get ahold of this. My biggest complaint with "super hot" sauces is that they all taste like ass.

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O rolly lovo mo tobosco

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No it's pretty damn spicy. It will burn your mouth for a while, but it isn't the spiciest thing I've ever tasted thats for sure.

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I use this sauce daily. Sometimes I use different sauces for different things, but this always goes on as well. I'm working my way up. Started with this
Then xtra hot. Then went to this
Then the xxxtra hot of that as well. Then i went to melindas xxxxtra hot reserve. Now I'm here at pic related and working my way up to Daves scorpion next (hopefully)

I also had blazin wings from bdubs for the first time the other day. They were very tasty and surprisingly hot.

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Mix a little of this with some sour cream and put inside a quesadilla. Top tier

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I use Tabasco in soups and occasionally on pizza or mid burrito for extra heat and tang. The afterthought sauce.

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I like the habanero one

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It's WAY too sweet. Cane sugar, mango, banana, tamarind, papaya, really? All those flavors clash and it just tastes weird. People talk about aardvark being sweet but habanero Tabasco beats it by a mile. It's just kind of gross

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Maybe I got a bad batch, but Valentina was fucking disgusting. Like tomato soup with a little bit of weak spice mixed in. I had to throw it away.

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You didn't, it just tastes like shit

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This post is funnier than it has any right to be.

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Good heat but not stupid hot that i cabt enjoy food. Good flavours and i smash it with chicken and mexi food

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not him but can vouch for pain. coworker brought in some and had a spoonful and i just really wish i hadnt done that

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BUT it is really unique tasting and not just pain honestly. the thing u gotta watch out for is that their batches are kind of inconsistent, coworker said it tasted different/less limey than his last bottle

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not super hot but i enjoy frying with it a LOT, just not as a condiment really. need more that are nice to cook with

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has a sweetness component that is good on cold chicken

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Too sweet

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it's not as spicy as advertised. still pretty spicy. i also think it taste like ass. the fiery chipotle is good though

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What is a broadly available sauce that is more flavory and spicy than Tabasco, but less vinegary?

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smooth texture, and i think pretty vinegary. goes well with eggs/pizza/ popcorn. not very hot

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great flavor, good zest despite not being hot. goes good with anything

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another good sauce. not a lot of heat but its a very simple sauce with solid flavor that pretty much can go with anything

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Tähän jää koukkuun.

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Melinda's, patrician taste. Haven't had that particular one but every one of their sauces I've tried has been great.

If you're a fan of more pasty not so vinegary sauces then you probably like Marie Sharp's too.

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and Melinda's too though I don't know if it's widely available.

Marie Sharp's is sold at my local Kroger and Wal-Mart so you should be able to find it anywhere.

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liked it, but mild
didn't like it, but mild

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Good shit. I'm too much of a pussy to enjoy eating it straight, so I usually mix it with salsa if I'm eating it with eggs or something.

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I love this shit on grilled meats and egg rolls.

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>buying regular tabasco
>not 90s nostalgia tabasco

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What are some sauces that are really hot but don't use extracts? Something along the line of

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Try Heartbreaking Dawn Cauterizer sauce

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Looks interesting, I like the artwork

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SilverLeaf Ghost Pepper Salsa Verde is also good, but I thought they went out of business, maybe they didn't.

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Any superhot peppers mixed with tomatillos into a verde sauce is great.

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This shit is great, especially on home made tacos/burritos. Really good heat with great flavor

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my unironic go-to $1.50 a bottle sauce

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reddit: the thread

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Negative, bitter and angry.

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>he enjoys covering his foods in disgusting soyboy dick-measuring sauce

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Panola pepper sauce is straight up god-tier for a mild/medium heat sauce. Too bad it's hard to find and it costs more to ship than the bottles themselves

>> No.10556354

It's not about dick measuring. It's about the rush of endorphins you get. Plus, there is depth and complement from different sauces with different dishes.

Dick measuring would amount to frat bros chomping on scorpion peppers at some shit-party.

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whatever you say, sean

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I find Sean to be boring and I don't appreciate his meme sauce even though I have yet to try it.

Dude of you don't like hot sauce there's no point in posting here. You shouldn't try to belittle other people to make yourself feel better. What would your mom think?
>inb4 my mom's dead hurr

>> No.10556393

she would think you fucks should stop ruining your food with pepper flavored vinegar

>> No.10556394

Why are you and your mother worried about what people do with their food?

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nigger youre actaully posting on /ck/ right now

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Good point

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Love adding this to garlicy pizza or a sandwich with leftover chicken

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Favorite on nachos and quesadillas. Also solid to top chili.

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>tfw can only find melindas xtra hot and their weak shit at my stores
btw have you tried the red savina one? their shipping is a bitch.

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Nasty ass shit white people think Mexicans use

>> No.10556573

I haven't, from what I understand naga jolokia is their hottest. They have a scorpion pepper sauce which almost everyone on amazon reviewed saying it wasn't as hot.

If there's a world market near you they'll have it in stock

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What do Mexicans actually use besides Valentina? Every time I see them at the store they have those giant gallon jugs of fucking Valentina.

>> No.10557375

I need it bruhs

>> No.10557384

I'll agree it has great flavor, but it seriously lacks in the heat department.

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Left we use mostly for popcorn, chips, and other snacks. Right we use for tacos, carnitas, barbacoa, pretty much any dinner meal. Tapatio is probably non existent in Mexican households. Basically shit-tier vinegar sauce I only find at diners.

>> No.10557395

naga is if you want heat, scorpion is if you want something hotter than habanero with better flavor. scorpion pepper hot wings and curry are stupid tasty.

>> No.10557423

lmao this is perfect
anyone like datil pepper sauces (probably fatali) thinking of making soe this year

>> No.10557525

I NEEEDS it bruhs...

>> No.10557527

This aint a thread for you, whiteboi


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>> No.10557890

You absolutely meant it you annoying faggot

>> No.10557928

explain this meme

>> No.10557950

i found it on amazon with free shipping but i live in USA where everything is better

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(I put this stuff on everything)

>> No.10558052

I fucking NEEEEDS some of this sauce right the FUCK now, what the fuck is there to get?

>> No.10558332

it's reddit: the sauce

your wife's son is guaranteed to love it

>> No.10559341

izzat so

>> No.10560802

Anyone here do the blazin wing challenge?

>> No.10560811


Shark would be better if it had the consistency of cock sauce.

>> No.10560903

i agree what a FAG

>> No.10560907

stop lying you queer you meant to do that hahah

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Just picked some of this up, it's pretty damn good and a solid level of spice without being obnoxious

>> No.10560968

food coloring

>> No.10561022

Does the Strong mean it's hotter than the normal shark sauce, or have I just been not seeing that the whole time? My one complaint with Shark is that it's both mild and quite sweet, so you end up making things a lot sweeter by the time you've added enough.

>> No.10562104

Just tried this, a little more heat than Tabasco but you have to chew on it to get there. Not much flavor wise. Not sure I would buy again.
Just did a shootout with this and a few othr common hot sauces and it came in barely above Tobasco in the flavor department. Not really all that hot either.
Easily the worst flavor of all the common hot sauces but a bit hotter.
Just tried this one too, not bad flavor wise but also not even remotely hot. Don't know if I'd buy it again either.

>> No.10562900

Scorpion pepper is much hotter than the naga retard

>> No.10562904

>mfw i make my own chilli sauces
lol brandfags btfo

>> No.10562917

Post recipe or go away

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Disappointed that this hasn't been posted yet

>> No.10562970

First off
>Remove seeds if your a pussy (if your not and want that full chilli flavor leave them the fuck in, stalks too)
>get whatever chillies you want (preferably dried or fresh for flavor
>lightly roast them in a large flat frying pan in a tiny bit of oil on medium heat till they start to release some Capsaicin/chilli smell and look slightly roasted on the outside
>after turning/tossing put in enoguh hot water to cover them and let them soak for a while with the heat off until you get almost what looks like a chilli tea colored water
>After its cooled down blend with some raw garlic, salt and sugar (to taste) as well as whatever vinegar you want (i recommend white, red, apple or cider)
Now you can go two ways at this point
You can ferment it in open air in a warm part of your room out of direct sunlight with a mesh cloth over a your jar/bottle or saucepan and leave it from 2-5 days depending on heat/humidity when its ready it will go very different and get a different smell
OR the easiest way is to bottle it right there (properly, boil hot water sterilize glass jar and metal lid)
Both methods work well but i found fermenting it first is the best method then bottling after reboiling (to remove any soybugs)
Alternatively you can eat it right away and not even bother to bottle or ferment it at all.
>If using very dry chillies let them soak in the water longer till them go nice and soft like roasted capsicum in a jar
You will have to play around with the right amount of vinegar as well dont be afraid to add too little at the start, if it doesnt taste like Tabasco thats fine because u wont be able to get it that fine at home unless you take the seeds out or get the chillies very fine
Once bottled let them age for a couple of months for max flavor

>> No.10563016

Do you not blend it at all?

>> No.10563067

control f blend mate
speaking of blending the finer the better and you will get a smoother sauce with the seeds out and the finer the better but im too lazy

>> No.10563074

Sorry I'm half drunk and on mobile

>> No.10563090

nah no worries ill write it up properly later but thats the basic gist.

Only part u need to be careful is to not overoast the chillies (unless you want that charred capsicum/capsaicin smokey flavor which is yum) at the start
i use my own veggie salt which gives it a nice flavor after fementing/bottling it.

>> No.10563168

Tapatio doesn't even contain vinegar you fucking idiot

that being said,
but vinegar base hot sauces > any other

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I wouldn't say this is too spicy but it has a great flavor - especially on chicken.

>> No.10564149

lol i ain't doin' all that you dweeb

>> No.10564166

this tastes how a dirty microwaved bean burrito smells

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LOL btfo cooklet chilli sauce is artform

>> No.10564457

I don't even know why he responded like that, I was the one who asked you

>> No.10564525

>Tapatio doesn't even contain vinegar you fucking idiot

>The ingredients, as listed on the product label, are water, red peppers, salt, spices, garlic, acetic acid, xanthan gum and sodium benzoate as a preservative.

Just what the fuck do you think acetic acid is, smart guy?

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>> No.10565739

>reddit numale reaction image

>> No.10566217

T. Meme arrow
Cooklets when will they learn

>> No.10566547

this stuff is legit awful. Why does anyone bother using it.

>> No.10566848

my fucking sides are GONE

>> No.10567055
File: 19 KB, 450x450, 0a3bcbd5-a21c-43ed-98c1-dc1d66a65fb1_1.896a98af9c23e26ac7bbe3232da85dff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tabasco is the military grunt's hot sauce

Maybe 50 years ago. Now it's Texas Pete.

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File: 175 KB, 402x550, gay.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This shit fucking sucks. I read a few posts on here singing its praises and decided to pick it up and now I'm convinced all of those posters are also the 'vark posters: trying to meme people into buying garbage.

I expected it to be hotter Tabasco, but it's actually packed with sugar. Do not buy this garbage.

>> No.10567231

Just make your own

>> No.10567276 [DELETED] 

I don't think they make this stuff anymore but this used to be my favorite hot sauce, almost zero heat but amazing flavor.

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File: 102 KB, 576x850, chiltepin_pepper_heirloom[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't think they make this stuff anymore but this used to be my favorite hot sauce, almost zero heat but amazing flavor. For a sauce with more heat that still has plenty of flavor Dave's Hurtin Habanero is nice

>> No.10567305

Shut up, dumbass.

>> No.10567309
File: 941 KB, 245x225, 1520468533511.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking kek. Thanks anon.

>> No.10567495

LOL cooklet

>> No.10567681

Fuck, I know you meant it as a joke, but this hits way too fucking close to home

>> No.10567735
File: 230 KB, 1000x1000, Salsa-Bufalo-Clasica-Botella-Vidrio-150-g.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Speak for yourself, I make my own out of boiled tomatoes and peppers for meals.
For popcorn it's pic related.

>> No.10567987

Told you

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