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Let's talk malt liquor. Some are repulsed by it, and that's probably understandable, but some of us have a preference for it, I for one grew up drinking it as a broke teenage scumbag and will always have a sense of comfort sipping on a nice 40 of this gutter swill. It's conveniently large, tastes no worse than any cheap beer really such as a bud or a miller, and gets you drunker faster for those of us who like a good buzz but prefer casually sipping beer to taking shots or something

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it's fine if you drink it fast, good drunk level, cheap, tastes ok if cold enough
if you buy plastic 40s you should be drug out behind the shed and shot

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mmm...been going at it hard with the 12 packs. maybe I should go back to my roots. 40 oz of Mickeys or Miller was my usual go to. 2 of those usually did the trick

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thread theme:

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40oz to freedom
whachu know bout dat

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Mickeys is easily the best malt liquor.

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steel reserve actually tastes like metal if you let it get warm

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I have spent $100+ on bottles of liquor.

I mostly drink limited release beer and wine on the weekends.

And I still pound a 40 of Cobra every so often. It's god damn delicious fuck you.

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40s are gross, because there's no real way to consume it in a reasonable amount of time without it getting warm. Now 12-pack cans of Old English or Colt 45 on the other hand...

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reminds me of the good times shotgunning cans of steel reserve with the bros

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Doesn't sound like a good time at all. Steel Reserve is the choice of boozaholics that beats out even the most other ridiculous options including the Natty Daddy.

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Metal and maple syrup, it's foul

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Steel Reserve is my drink of choice because at my store, it's the cheapest "high gravity" option, I would switch to St. Ides just for the glass bottle, but Steel is cheaper.

That being said, I'm known as the most "alchy" one for this preference, my friends will usually go with Colt, Old E, or Mickeys, but I go with the Steel cause I'm a dirty drunk to the core, I drink at least two a night.

Now, that also being said, I notice that when I open it the bottle neck smells like anus sometimes. I can't figure out why but I always take a sip and get a whiff of anus.

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I've only had Olde English and Colt. OE is alright while Colt is basically undrinkable.

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Comfy homemade Cobra ad with early 2000s feels


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I don’t even know what it is.

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it doesn't even taste like beer
just drink bum wine or something

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bum wine is the absolute lowest of the low
worse than the 5$ mini bottles of vodka that literally only hardcore alcoholics buy

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It's cheap, good for you and made from natural ingredients.

Malt liquor is just.

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>tfw no 40s in Australia

Everyone drinks Little Fat Lamb now days, which is probably a shitty version of malt liquor.
A few years ago cask wine (or a goon sack as it's known) was the go to, although the kids these days can't handle it and they've fallen out of fashion. 34 standard drinks for $12 is pretty fuckin good.

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Bum wine is wine, I don't care for even good wine more than a couple times a year, gives you that stuffy headache buzz that feels like your brain is being squeezed

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Best gaming drink

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I drank steel reserve for two nights in a row. This is the third day since then. I haven't drank anything since then and I still feel bloated like I have gas that won't pass.

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wine taste bad, malt liqour doesnt

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Plastic bottles ruined 40s for me now im forced to drink overpriced IPA to get the same drunk

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Just buy the cans. They're less skunky than the clear glass was anyway.

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Its just not the same man

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Why do americans refer to strong beer as malt liquor?

Not even trying to do an OBSESSED post, it's just confusing to me as a Canadian since up here, malt liquor refers to deflavored beer that is then re-flavored (and sometimes fortified) with flavorful additives to make fake rum, fake vodka, and drinks like 4Loko or Bootleggers that are distinctly un-beer-like.

Meanwhile, stuff like Colt 45 and Labatt 10.1 and such are simply referred to as Strong Beer. Even American brands like Colt 45 that have to have different labelling for the Canadian market have "Strong Beer" printed on them instead of "Malt Liquor".

What do americans call things like Bootleggers and 4Loko if "Malt Liquor" is already taken?

Anyway, for me it is the Labatt Bleue Dry 10.1, the beer for me when I intend on being pathetic

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tax purposes

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Depends on the laws of the state in question. In many states the label "malt liquor" might apply if there is something beyond barley added to the wort. In other states it has to do with the alcohol %. US alcohol laws are a patchwork of crazy.

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For me its

Decent craft beer > malt liquor > cheap macrobrews (bud, lucky, etc) >>>>>> IPAs

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Olde English is still labelled as "Malt Liquor" here, same with some shitty beers my dad drinks.

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DKML is a pretty good upgrade to your standard malt liquor, but it has the unfortunate side effect of making you smell like corn for the next 24 hours.
Also the whole getting kicked in the dick thing.

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why drink this garbage when you can just buy shit tier vodka and get drunk at a fraction of the price

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Honestly, after stepping in a glass one I don't mind.

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recently tried malt liquor for the first time, had a colt 45

I thought it was pretty passable (although I exclusively drink bottom-shelf $10 jug vodka, so I guess my standards are skewed), are there any brands I should try

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Love drinking a cold Colt 45

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Even that 40 can't hide your faggotry

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CC Chairman select 100% Rye mash Canadian whiskey

Fucking awesome

Green label bottle, affordable, smells like death but tastes smooth as fuck.

highly recommended.

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oh wait
sorry, I saw 'liqour' and didn't read the malt part

you guys are gross

start drinking classy shit and stop acting like bottom of the barrel citizens

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To be fair, little fat lamb ginger is pretty much the best alcoholic ginger beer on the market on Oz/NZ. I just wished Dan Murphy’s carried the big bottles, and they had about half the sugar.

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iam so drunk

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>Not drinking 51 ounces of Baltika 9 from a plastic bottle

Sergei and Alexei would like to have a word with you under the L tracks.

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Two 40s will last a night for me usually, I can maybe stretch a pint of vodka that long if I make mixed drinks, depending on the 40s I get/where I get them from, the vodka is more expensive or just about the same price. One store I know sells Steel Reserve for like 2.5 dollars, another one I know is like a buck twenty

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>go to store
>get my stuff
>get in line
>behind some guy who smells like booze from literally 20 feet away
>hes trying to pay for a 40 of steel reserve with pennies
>cashier spends ten minutes counting the pennies
>guy doesnt have enough
>tries to scoop up his pennies and walk out
>almost trips
>mumbles something in drunkese before stumbling out the door
>booze stench now stained into the store

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As others have said it's when a beer has other derivatives to increase the ABV other than just malt. There are some craft beers that are labeled as malt liquor. Some of the crazy Dogfish Head beers and BrewDog beers have that label.

4Loko is also called a malt liquor here.

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What are you on
Everyone in Canada calls it malt liquor aside from maybe lcbo employees

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furry isnt bad but
>every character and portrait is rolling their eyes
0/10 see me after class

where I live the 40s are indeed cheaper. a litre of labatt 10% for 5 dollars or a litre of 40% vodka for 25 or 30 dollars. it's not a huge difference but strong beer is objectively more cost effective

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It's true. I grew up loving Colt 45 and still love it, but Mickey's goes down easier unquestionably.

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That was me a few months ago trying to buy cigs, fortunately some fat black lady behind was like "HERE YOU GO, I GOT YOU OKAYYYYY SUG" and paid the difference clearly she just wanted me to get the fuck out of the way but she was nice about it

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>Labatt Blue
give 'em the good stuff

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