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i thought this was supposed to be spicy as fuck my dudes? was honestly disappointed

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you got the wrong one

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Just wait until you have to shit, senpai

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my shits werent even stinging my butthole.
i guess ill try this one later this week

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some people still dont think they're spicy though. Dont waste your money if you're importing from somewhere expensive

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The soyboys overreact when it comes to spicy shit

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I have a really high spice tolerance so these aren't a big deal to me, but I've found that they're noticeably hotter if you just cook the noodles normally and then drench them in the oil instead of going through the steps on the package that involve stir-frying everything together.

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Got the 2x version at my local store.
recommended preparation is wasteful.
>boil noodle brick
>while boiling, pour sauce packet into bowl you will add noodles to
>drain noodles fairly well
>add to bowl and stir
The more water added, the weaker it is. If you add the sauce packet to the noodles back in the pot, you're going to lose some of that sweet heat topping on the bottom/sides of the pot you boiled for no reason.
2x is nice, haven't tried that one

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when food is labeled spicy, it means white people hot

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If you normally eat spicy things it obviously won't be as spicy.

Anywho, I hate when I put too much water in the pot, ruins the fucking noodle sauce.

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Get the 2X next time.

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I was dissapointed in these ones as well. However i use 1 milion+ scoville hot sauce with every meal so i guess my tolerance is high.

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>I use 1 million Scoville hot sauce

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Add this.

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For anyone wondering. the 2x spicy are 8800 SHU

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That's not even hot as some of the other ones out there.

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Dunno how much you ate, but i usually have 2-3 in one go (I make sure to eat less during the day, since these fuckers are like 500 calories a pack).

Most of the meal is fine, its just I like to slurp up the sauce with the broken pieces of noodles, and that usually makes my lips and mouth water with the spice.

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Add (pic related) to your noodles.

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dude hell yeah cayenne pepper is the king of ramen additions

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Is that sort of tolerance the sort of thing that builds up over time or do you think you were born resistant?

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