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I have about 5 lbs of frozen chicken thighs just sitting in my freezer taking up space. What the fuck should I do with them /ck/?

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Put in pooper

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but I'd also accept chicken tacos

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These are post pooper thighs, since I already did that.

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Make Ainsley jerk chicken. Simple to make and just pop it in the oven if you don't have a BBQ.

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Debone & make tacos, then make stock from the bones & knuckles

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coq au vin

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Then, take the stock took hours simmering and you pour it through a brita pitcher and turn it back to just plain water and enjoy.

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Chicken salad, katsu, dip, pot pie, barbecue, teriyaki, sweet and sour, curry, noodle soup, mushroom creamed, alfredo, marsala, tacos, chili, with dumplings, or gyoza.

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Orange chicken. It is your destiny.

https://tasty dot co/recipe/original-orange-chicken-by-panda-express

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i have the same problem. can i boil frozen chicken drumsticks with rice and curry powder? do your really have to defrost them first?

i also have a toaster oven, would that work if boiling doesn't?

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Put the chicken thighs in ice water that you change every 30 minutes until it's done. Season and put in the toaster oven at 325 until done and make the rice separately.

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thank you

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Make chicken jam

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>Slow cook on grill for an hour

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Eat them raw, you pussy. Just put everything in a blender and make chicken curry sorbet.

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I usually just bake them.

Preheat oven to 375
Pull skin away from muscle and push pats of butter in between on both sides of leg and thigh.
Cool 75 to 90 minutes. (1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hour 90 minutes).
Let rest for a little bit before eating.

Sometimes I impart a kind of barbecue flavor to them by spooning barbecue sauce between the skin and muscle and rubbing it liberally on uncovered muscle. Cook as before.

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I heard someone mention making pulled BBQ chicken with thighs in a slow cooker before.

Would you take the skin off for this ?

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The local grocery store had these (leg quarters) on sale the other day for 89 cents per pound. I have one left and I plan on cooking it for supper tonight.

I forgot to mention that when spooning barbecue sauce between the skin and muscle, that is in addition to a the butter.

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Smush, buttermilk, bread, fry. Now you have the perfect chicken patties

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>save all the bones
>make chicken stock

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The one issue I have with chicken leg quarters is that they don't exactly match my diet.

Some time ago, I started using a smaller bowl for ice cream. One scoop of ice cream fills the bowl where as it would take four or five scoops for the regular sized bowls. Consequently, I eat a lot less ice cream and am quite satisfied.

So I'm trying to expand that to my meals by eating only what fits on a salad plate for the meal. There is a bread exception -- that goes on a different plate.

The chicken leg quarters just don't fit on the plate. They hang over on at least two sides. And they don't leave room for vegetables.

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Skin+de-bone. Make soup, stew, curry. Mince the meat and make hamburg steaks. Make a fried rice with mirepoix. I'm poor and eat a lot of chicken thighs. I've personally done all the things I've mentioned. They're all tasty.

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Eat them raw, cooking is what gives us cancer

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