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When Homemade food tastes 10 times better and is cheaper?

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wHy DoEs /Ck/ EaT fAsT fOoD┬┐
ops a fag

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takes time to cook

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I'm lazy

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Not if you're just making for one person.
Stop being such a lazy American

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your argument and thread can be summed up as

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those onion rings dont look homemade

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That's fast food in the OP image

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I like it.

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Unfortunately, given that the majority of /ck/ doesn't know how to cook, fast food does taste better than what they could make at home. Oh they'll make excuses like "I'm too busy", "I'm lazy", "It's good food", but the truth is they can not actually cook.
If they could they wouldn't be eating or paying for the nutritional garbage that the fast food chains produce.

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>the majority of /ck/ doesn't know how to cook
>Food & Cooking
Why can't these fags learn this basic skill?

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they don't look good either

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Why are irrelevant second and third worlders so obsessed with us? I don't know or care where you're from. Stop using ad hominem to strengthen your crappy arguments.

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Sometimes you're on your way home and you're hungry. Don't feel like cooking food. Just want something fast. Boom. Fast food.

Alternatively, sometimes you just want a burger, a single burger. But you don't want to buy the buns because they don't sell individual buns, and the bread would just go bad. Problem solved, and you get fries and a drink. Not bad.

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Fuck off faggots, post OC and stop being panty ruffled wenches.

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pretty much this. you can make better food for cheaper at home than jamal or jose can cook you in restaurant in about the same amount of time if you know what your doing

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because it is fast

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>Not if you're just making for one person.
What? making for just one is the most favorable for not doing it yourself, the time spent preparing, cooking and worst of all cleaning is borderline not worth it for just one meal

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Well, if I wanted a burger right now I could:
Go to the store (15 min away)
Buy a lb of ground beef, 8 burger buns, a head of lettuce, a whole onion, and a jar of pickle chips (5 minutes if we're assuming there's no line and I'm quick)
Go home (15 min)
Cook & Assemble my burger (5-10 min from when I start heating the pan, approximately)
So I just spend about 45 minutes acquiring ingredients and making my burger, and now have a bunch of left over ingredients.

Alternatively I could walk 5 minutes to the nearest fast food place, get my burger, and walk home in about 15 minutes. I've spent less money, time, and effort.

I don't even eat fast food very often, but it's still pretty obvious why you would.

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i use to eat it but not really anymore since 30 our so?

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I make my own Fastfood, you noob

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You might have a learning disability, might want to get that checked out.

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>Can't learn the basic skill of cooking
You're below third worlders Amerimutt

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>These pathetic excuses
I bet you eat that greasy garbage everyday

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i legitimately enjoy eating it
but mostly i just cook for myself
i'd imagine fast food gets tired pretty quickly if you eat it all the time

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the burger is clearly home made

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Looks like your time is worth nothing poor fag. Anyone who doesn't earn minimum wage is better off not cooking from an opportunity cost perspective.

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>he thinks his food wishes cooking is better than fast food

Howling at you. Only ignorant mongs are that deluded

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>Homemade food tastes 10 times better
I doubt it. You probably just got used to eating homecooked food because that's what you were raised with. Neither of my parents cooked and I constantly ate fast food instead, with the few times I had to eat at some friend's house always grossing me out with their homemade bullshit.
If I go to a Whataburger, or a Wendy's, or a Taco Bell, the food is pretty much always going to taste like Whataburger, or Wendy's, or Taco Bell. You know what you're getting, and you can get some sort of well established fast food chain option going almost anywhere you end up traveling in the US. Consistency and convenience aren't nothing, I much prefer getting a really consistent experience where I know exactly what I'm getting into than I would going to some random person's house or mom and pop shop and having potentially any number of different experiences come out of it. I really don't like dealing with food I'm not into, I'd much rather just not eat at all than even have to be in the same room as some weird amateur prepared thing. I also like controlling the ingredient details, like getting burgers without lettuce, and that's all out the window when some asshole normie is serving you their non-chain cooking attempt.

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I think you're just angry because you can't even afford the occasional fast food. You know, I bet with your level of poverty, the slop you make is probably unironically worse than McDonald's on a bad day with workers who don't give a shit.

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>Home cooking is cheaper
I'd rather get a well-paying job and pay someone to cook for me

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