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Hey /ck/, /fit/ here.
I've been prepping my meals in containers and freezing them like pic related for the last two years, and unflavored pinto beans, flank steak chunks and crunchy brown rice is starting to make me want to neck myself. Any tips on how to add some (low carb, low fat) flavor to my meals?

They are as follows:
>1.5 cups raw oats
>1 scoop whey protein
>30g raw almons

>200g trimmed flank steak chunks
>1 cup plain pinto beans
>180g steamed sweet potato

>200g trimmed chicken breast chunks
>1 pack top ramen
>1 cup brown rice

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>how to add flavor

Throw in a bullion cube when you cook the rice.
Marinate the steak before you cook it, try something new.
Make some fucking stirfry instead. EZ

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>/fit/ here

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You should ask the other autistic meal prepper from the thread a couple days ago. The thread should probably still be in the archives.

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This is a cooking board where we talk about food that tastes good, not nutritious food. Shouldn't you guys be caring about shit like calorie counting there?

Protip: Use herbs and spices. They make food taste like things since apparently you didn't know.

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>mix bacon grease in with pinto beans
>active your almonds
>never serve a meal that contains both ramen and rice

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How are you cooking your meats?

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have you ever heard of seasonings

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aren't you not supposed to eat raw uncooked almonds because they're full of arsenic? or am i thinking of cashews

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That's horseshit; you're not supposed to eat wild almonds for that reason though.

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/fit/fags are retarded. Literally every thread that starts out
>"Hey guys, /fit/ here!"
is some dumbass asking how to make chicken breasts taste good.

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Just use spic/gook spices. Sofrito is a MUST. Once you take the spic pill you never go back. If you white and are not from europe, chances are the jews corrupted your culture and your family never learned to cook properly. Some euro countries like spain italy france hungary still kept their good food practices though. So if u amerifat or canadian take the spic pill. Here u go

Sofrito recipe:https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FgPb2r7E1Gc

Spic beans recipe: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=olvKD_bTbws

Spic Beef stew: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=URBPtUEIF1M

Spic chicken stew:

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>Healthy meals taste bad
What number in the hundreds is your weight anon?

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bodybuilders don't give a shit about flavor. with the amount of protein they need to eat they're not going to enjoy it one way or another. they go for broke. dumb cunt.

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based /pol/ post

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Did I offend your kike e-celeb? You seem extra salty. What is the harm of spending 15min extra to make the food not taste like death and actually be enjoyable? If you dont want msg, a basic sofrito base with lime juice makes a healthy af marinade.

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>la luz extinguido
Fuckin hell i cant stop laughing

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Shit son are you on The Rock's Hercules diet?

>Bryan Alexander: eugh this rice is a bit bland can I add seasoning or something

>The Rock: no you just shut up and eat it

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>lemon pepper
>cayenne pepper
>soy sauce
>fish sauce + garlic + ginger + chiles

any of these would go well with your meals. you could just switch it up every day or so. these are healthy too, except maybe just watch the sodium but it sounds like you already got that covered

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going out on a limb here, but have you considered perhaps adding spices/seasoning to these things? it adds flavor without calories/carbs.

throw some curry powder and paprika onto your sweet potatoes when you steam them (or, ideally, roast them after tossing them in spices). when you're cooking your rice, throw some curry powder and a few cloves of garlic and some ginger into the pot.

skip the top ramen, that's so much fucking salt. instead, replace it with some roasted veggies (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, bok choi, kale) that you've also seasoned with spices like ginger, garlic, paprika, etc)

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OP, maybe you should try different types of protein. you know there's more animals in existence other than cows, chickens and pork.
look into game meats. fuck, try lamb, wild boar or bison. all great.
also, as others have said: have you never learned how to season your food with herbs and spices? wtf
either you're just some auto-shitpoast bot, or a real lonely guy who just wants to some interaction. either way, here's a (you)

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sesame seeds, soy sauce, salsa

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I'm done go fuck yourself.

Spices won't hurt you. Use them, or don't I don't give a shit, but don't you ever come back here.

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You new here? Nutrition is discussed often.

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That video is one of the better meal prep videos I've seen in years. Who ever made that image is cringe af. Kill yourself.

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>board full of autists discussing fast food and posting ja/ck/ webms
>one person a week posts nutrition thread starting with "/fit/ here"
>"nutrition is often discussed"

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>"hurr durr hey guys, /fit/ here! how do i make chicken taste good hurr durr also i'm from /fit/ and don't know what herbs and spices are durr"

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>/fit/ here
Not just a /fit/fag but a retarded white person no doubt. How the fuck do white people go their entire lives without seasoning their foods properly?

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you might like my image here >>10144056
wh*te am*ricunts literally buy raw chicken, open the package, and dump the meat str8 into the hot pan without doing shit to it LMAO!

protip /ck/, you MUST do this to chicken, otherwise it will always have a death aftertaste.
>rinse with COLD water (dont use hot or it will begin to cook)
>squeeze juice from a lime all over yo chicken, rub that shit in. ideally put it in a deep bowl and fill it with a bit of water to make sure all the pieces get touched by the lime juice. Rub that shit in all the crevices and under the skin if yo shit got skin
>drain the water, rinse once more with cold water

now you can start your marinade. You don't have to marinate it for hours on end if you did the washing. 30min is going to taste great, and I guarantee it will not have death aftertaste.

for the marinade just throw some
>lime jewce
>smashed garlic (i use a lot)
>soyboi soyce (optional)
>Goya adobo
>sofrito (blended cilantro, onion, garlic, green pepper)
>chicken buillon cube

rub that shit all over yo chicken and put it in the fridge for at least 30min.

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>for the last two years

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I feel sorry for you.

First, mix up your proteins, season and marinate for variation. Then mix up your starch, potatoes, rice, pasta, bulgur, bread. Pretty much anything goes. Add some vegetables as well, cabbage lasts forever and frozen peas are handy as hell and isn't degraded too much by the freezing.

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Ideal /fit/zen meal:
>steam chicken breasts w/o seasoning
>ditto 2 veg
>ditto a starch
>water for beverage
>kale/fruit smoothie with metabolic steroids for dessert

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>cut chicken breast, bell peppers, mushrooms onions, grape tomatoes, zucchini
>stir fry or grill in a grill bowl/skewers
>dowse in pick related
I normally do this and then add olives feta and tzatziki but I don't know if that last bit is /fit/ or not but it's pretty tasty without.

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it's cyanide you dumb fucks not arsenic

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Or maybe white people just suck at cooking. Stop blaming other people for your shortcomings.

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>he doesn't activate his almonds

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Instead of making the equivalent of less tasty Marie calendar frozen dinners at home in bulk, learn to cook and season your fucking food maybe.

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>1 scoop
Slather your meat in those Prego sauces. I also stir fry my meats with those chinese cheat sauces. 40 calories tops.
>muh sodium
Just drink water.

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