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Salted caramel
>Least favourite

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>least favorite

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Vanilla Folder
>Least Favourite
handing over my badge and gun

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Peanut Butter
>least favorite
Cotton candy

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the quality matters more than the flavor

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Mint Chocolate Chip

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>cookies and cream
least favourite
>plain vanilla (the cheap confectionary kind, the one thats really white)

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answer the question or don't post.

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make me

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really is reddit in here.

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Favorite that I have tried is Blue Bell's French Vanilla.
What's a good alternative to this brand? Same flavor.

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>cookies n cream, cookie dough, blackberry or mixed berry
>mint chocolate chip

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Ice Cream vs Gelato? Which tastes better? And which is easier to make?

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>there are people who like toothpaste-flavored icecream

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can't make gelato at home unless you get a variable speed churner.

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>least favorite
cotton candy/bubble gum

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Pistachio, but I did have amazing homemade tequila ice cream at one point which I'd say is my actual favourite.

>Least favourite
Mint chip.

>mfw people saying gelato, frozen yogurt etc

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Rum Raisin. Shit is like crack to me.


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mint chip
>least favorite
cotton candy, butterfingers or what the fuck ever other candy

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sweet potato (local place sells it)

>least favorite
halo top birthday cake

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Top tier: pistachio, coffee, green tea, coconut
Good tier: dark chocolate, cheesecake, butter pecan
Ok tier: anything with brownies, candy pieces, or chocolate chunks, novelty flavors like cotton candy or blue raspberry
Trash tier: peanut butter, strawberry, plain vanilla (unless on top of a warm dessert), Neapolitan

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orange sherbet
>least favorite
cherry ice cream

anyone who doesnt like orange sherbet shouldnt be trusted

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>least favorite

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nobody posted the worst yet.

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Gelato is "ice cream" in italian.

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Hazelnut is god tier.

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>Top Tier
Banana, Green Tea, Mango, Peanut Butter, Cheesecake, Rainbow Sherbet (not icecream but whatever)
>Bottom Tier
Plain Vanilla, Plain Chocolate, Mint Chip, Bubblegum

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actually Gelato and Ice cream are the same thing, but they have different ratios of milkfat, air, and sugar.
Ice cream is fluffier, fattier, airier
Gelato is denser, less fat, more sugar
both are processed similar but different enough

my favorite flavor is toasted pecan followed by any vanilla base with nuts (pistachio, hazelnut, walnut).
least favorite?
worthy mention

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It doesn't necessarily have those differences. It just typically does. Just as you can break out "frozen custard" from "ice cream" although most would just refer to it as "ice cream" in the US.

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Coconut is the worst flavor that exists.

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>Favorite iced cream
Raspberry cream cheese ... they go so very well with cinammon flavored crackers
>least favorite
Just far too tired of the same classic flavor .... more than anything else just needing a break

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>Gelato is less fat
You what? Gelato is purely butter fat, AS WELL as sugar. I1 cup of ce cream unless it's chocolate is usually 20-28g of sugar. Where as 1 cup of Gelato is like 28-40g of sugar
t. Italian.

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Whats it like being so wrong anon?

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Favorite: anything haagen daaz, especially coffee, strawberry, vanilla
Least Favorite: artificial flavors like bubble gum, sherbert, cotton candy

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I grew up in Australia and have been living in Europe for a dozen of years. This shit is impossible to find. The last time I had it was last year in Japan at some Baskin Robins. I know it’s trash but it made me happy. Felt so good man.
My least favorite would be strawberry, the light pink stuff mixed with milk or cream. Strawberry sherbet is actually good.

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Coffee, Cheesecake, French vanilla, Peppermint, Mint chip, Peanut butter, Coconut, Matcha, Mango

Least favorites:
Anything with pecan/nuts, Over abundance of chocolate (Triple chocolate rocky road fudge tracks for example) strawberry. Licorice

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>Every single person here is wrong.

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Best: Fourth Flavor
Worst: Banilla Minty ripple

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>over abundance of chocolate
i totally agree. chocolate is nice and all but what the fuck is up with some of this shit?

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>Rainbow sherbert
>hard to find

>> No.10116700

In Europe I said. It’s non-existent.

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Spumoni > Everything

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That math ain't supporting your argument, Dominic

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Red bean, strawberry
>least favorite
Rainbow sherbet, cookie dough

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I thought it was Superman at first.

Does anybody like Superman ice cream? What does it even taste like?

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Lavender Honey

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I said less fat than American icecream. still pretty close desu. And you just posted yourself gelato contains more sugar, which I said
fucking kek

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Anyone try Booza? It's super chewy.

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I liked Superman when I was a kid, but I haven't had it in years; can still get it at Stroh's. I'm not even sure how to describe the taste, since it's a mix of three flavors and the combinations vary, but it's pretty good.

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i like to believe that the 4th flavor was butter pecan, especially since butter pecan has relatively recently edged out strawberry as most popular flavor (at least in the states)

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When Amerifats see the word butter we can't resist

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last summer iate it once a week.
cheap, 108yan desu

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Is this what brits call cold-on-the-cob?

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Sounds tasty

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>butter pecan
least favorite

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You must be British because you’ve clearly never tasted toothpaste.

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>Least favorite
Mint chip

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How can someone have such great taste, and such shit taste at the same time??? Mint coffee is literally GOAT

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>cold-on-the-cob? is it ? i dont know western worlds name. in japan soft cream

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Favourites - Cookie Dough, Vanilla, Tiger Tail, Maple Burbon
Least - anything cheap, but I rarely stray from my faves

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I sure hope you took that picture, I would be deeply concerned if there was more than one person who enjoys both those flavours together.

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Red bean


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if you know its called soft cream why do you call it softo creamu? why don't you just say it correctly

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>He doesn't like Peppermint coffee
Wow, you're even worse than I thought.

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Coffee is the GOAT

>> No.10117358

>flavored coffee
You don't like coffee anon, you like candy

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Bubblegum. But when it's that funky blue green color.

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cinnamon bun
mint chip. it's fucking garbage

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fAvorite: pistachio
least favorite: strawberry or any "superman" type flavor

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I second salted caramel.

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I love their Homemade Vanilla - I’m not sure I’ve tried their French Vanilla.

It’s hard to find the exact same taste. I can’t put my finger on what makes theirs taste as it does.

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Where do you find Ube? I’ve only ever seen it at one shop.

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>flavoured icecream
but what flavour cheesecake?

>pasta flavoured pizza

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Spumoni from Old Spaghetti Factory is delicious.

>> No.10117459

Did you actually make / try this or are you just trying to be fancy?

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Should I?

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I’m not even trying to be racist but I’ve often wondered this myself, just about the way things are pronounced in general, not ice cream in specific.

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>cheesecake doesn't have a base flavor

>> No.10117477

NO! Especially not for $10!! It’s got a weird, flat/empty flavor. Every part of your body can tell that you aren’t eating real ice cream and it’s incredibly unsatisfying. I’ve tried at least 2-3 different flavors and so far I’ve yet to taste a decent one.

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Cookie dough, pecan praline, sweet cream, Snoqualmie Valley Honey Cinnamon, Private Selection (various flavors), OSF Spumoni (it doesn’t have the chunks), cookies and cream and sometimes Extreme Chocolate Moose Tracks

Least Favorite:
Anything cheap and/or low-fat with too much overrun. It winds up tasting cloyingly sweet with a foamy texture - not fun.

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File: 1.05 MB, 2592x1728, HaloTopVanilla.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanx. Even the texture looks off. For that price I'll pass.

Image source:

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All (most, whatever) of the letters in japanese end in vowel sounds. Its probably habit/when writing it out ends in vowel.

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white choc raspberry, coconut + anything

anything mint

>> No.10117668

where can i buy this?

>> No.10117670

Nobody calls it New york style cheesecake icecream you tard.
>Pasta flavored pizza
Semolina isn't even used in pizza, the hell are you smoking sir? Were you trying to be witty by comparing a marinara pizza and a standard tomato spaghetti? Because Pasta itself has a distinctive flavor, and it certainly isn't tomato based. Not to mention the assumption that you honestly think all italian cuisine is based with tomato when Alfredo, Rosa, Pepper, Carbonara, Wine, Garlic, Buffalo, BBQ, and all other forms of pizza sauces AND Pasta sauces exist. The fact you don't know this, and yet you post on /ck/ is laughable.

>> No.10117684

Do you have a middle eastern area/plaza nearby?

>> No.10117692

I didn't say anything about tomato, you goose. In fact that was my point. Pasta dishes are widely varied and so are pizza toppings, so ther's not a default 'flavour' of either dish.

Maybe I should have just said:
>icecream flavoured cheesecake
...because what flavour icecream is the cheese cake? (not cheese flavour, obv)

>> No.10117696

>kebab flavoured giro

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>least favourite
>least favorie common flavour

>> No.10117832

No im not European,

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A tie between red bean and maple
>Least Favorite
Anything blatantly artificial, like bubblegum

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>least favourite
French Vanilla

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>salted caramel
Fucken vegemite salted caramel ice cream m8. Put hair up your shaft.

>Maple bacon ice cream
Serve with a generous pour of vodka for the ideal Sunday breakfast

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My nigga. Spent a part of my childhood in Japan, loved the living shit of it.

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halo top is meant for people who are dieting/counting calories. they whip it with may more air than regular manufacturers do.

the mochi green tea and pistachio halo tops are pretty good, in my opinion

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>ice cream meant for people who are dieting

Imagine being so fat that eating icecream was considered dieting.

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Those things are packed with stabilisers to maintain their shape. Pretty poor alternative to conventional tub ice-cream IMO.

It doesn't help that the Halo Top company subtly encourages binge-eating whole tubs with slogans like 'No bowl, no regrets' (no, I'm not kidding, they really put stuff like this on their labels). 220 calories is 220 calories, no matter whether it's sugared butterfat or stevia-laced fibre; it adds up fast, and it's completely nutritionally void.

They're literally peddling inferior, over-aerated ice-cream at premium cost, under the guise of 'health-food'. And it works, like any other health-fad, because moderation is anathema to the ignorant consumer.

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Holy fuck that was obscure, but it rang a bell

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Cookie Dough
Least Favorite:

>> No.10118356


>> No.10118359


>> No.10118363

A lot of us will eat a pint of it as a meal replacement. It's got fiber and protein, and while it's not as good as regular ice cream, I still like it

>> No.10118366

tie between Rocky road and cookies & cream
>least favorite
Butter rum or anything remotely resembling praline

>> No.10118393

I've been eyeballing an ube/macapuno ice cream at the store but it's €9 for a half gallon

>> No.10118397

Imagine being this wrong

>> No.10118484

rum raisins and dulce de leche

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>high quality Monkey Feces flavor is better than cheap Vanilla

>> No.10118532

if you have any names claim, you must say it to the company that made it .
do no say to me

>> No.10118735

No. Other than Green tea every flavor of halo top I've tried has no flavor to it and a weird sickly-sweet aftertaste that burns your throat. Don't see why people like it that much.

>> No.10119351

Favorite: Lavender honey, matcha, cookie dough mint chocolate chip

Least favorite: Plain chocolate, strawberry

>> No.10119354

honestly halo top green tea disappointed me very much in the green tea category and still had that effect at least to me

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>weird sickly-sweet aftertaste that burns your throat.

The fuck is wrong with your body?

Don't ever give opinions if your body can't handle a simple fucking ice cream.

>> No.10119430

If you fucking enjoy halo top you're the fucked one. Stevia is the grossest sweetener imaginable.

>> No.10119477

Chocolate and pistachio
>least favourite
Strawberry and liquorice

>> No.10119570

You're almost 100% right, Gelato does have a slower churn and much lower fat%, but the sugar isn't necessarily higher at all in fact, in almost all of Italy you'll find that gelatos use very little sugar, very often less than ice cream. What does have a much higher sugar % is sorbet, which needs the glucose in the sugar to avoid crystallization in the water, because it has no fat

>> No.10119608

CC Cookie dough

>Least favorite
Mint anything

>> No.10119805

Are you me?

>> No.10119896

Gelato is a warmer product with 6-8% butter fat and about 20-30% overrun and has more sugar to compensate. This is why gelato has a more intense flavor that fades quickly opposed to hard ice cream that is duller and ramps up but lingers afterwards.
It is not legally ice cream in the US

>> No.10119913

>they whip it with may more air than regular manufacturers do.
100% overrun is the legal max, it has inulin and erythritol and other low cal sweeteners instead of sugar.
halo top is garbage

>> No.10120012

Blue Moon
>least favorite
idk probably coffee or something

>> No.10120558

It's like a cream (as in soda, so vanilla) fruit flavor. God I love superman flavor.

>> No.10120579

Can’t think of any

>> No.10122048

Favorite: Caramel Cookie Crunch gelato

Least: artificial vanilla (tastes like spit at best)

>> No.10122153


>> No.10122303

Cookies and cream is my favorite. I also like to eat vanilla ice cream with chez-its. That smooth sweet ice cream is an awesome contrast with the crunchy saltiness of chez-its and both flavors and textures are intensified.

I also like strawberry flavor but I hate the little bits of fake strawberries that they always put in there. Wtf why can't I just get some smooth strawberry ice cream.

>> No.10122353

>least favorite
mint chocolate chip

>> No.10122519

if you havent eaten, you come to have its opinion, it is not fair. we know expensive food is delicious but this is not so bad. its cliche is good, convinience food as well. thats jap quality.

>> No.10122588

I usually get Haagen Dazs because I usually don’t like bits of junk in my ice cream but last week I tried a pint of (((Ben and Jerry’s))) just to mix things up.

When I tasted it the ice cream base tasted like it was 20% gum arabic and carrageenan and didn’t even melt like ice cream should. How could an ice cream that costs as much as HD be so hopelessly inferior and still they seem to sell more pints? Is it the female demographic?

>> No.10122715

You're paying for their marketing. Also and B and J isn't known for their actual ice cream but more for their toppings.

>> No.10122745

>You're paying for their marketing

I have never seen a single advert for Haagen Dazs in my entire life.

>> No.10122818

>Least Favorite
Butter pecan

>> No.10122837

Black cherry chocolate chip
>least favorite

>> No.10122853

Rum raisin

>> No.10123261

Do they still sell Vegemite flavour where you are?
Good taste

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