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This nigga reads the Wall Street Journal

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Kek. Why do Europeans eat cat poop?

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>be me
>fresh out of college working as a tard/juvenile delinquent wrangler in a group home
>cook calls off
>I have to make dinner
>instant mashed potatoes are on the menu
>I place entire carton full of mix into pot
>mashed potatoes become hard as concrete
>I read the box
>entire box meant to serve 100 people
>I thought I was making enough to serve 12
>served it to the tards
>they complain that it is too hard/powdery

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Wait... really?

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>Getting upset at strangers on the internet

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>The retard you're talking to goes into every thread about pickles

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Lel, soy fags truly cant catch a break

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lost when it caught on fire.

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