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sometimes people just make it too easy for me. I already liked well-done steaks, but on top of that I get to make everyone in close proximity seethe with anger too? Truly the perfect meal.

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well i think tabasco is bad

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>i've always wondered what it's like to have a job. the only food i've had is honey baked ham for a couple of months during the holidays. it was neat, it makes me want to do some related but job

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>i put stuff on food that makes it bettuurrrr
so now your argument is the likes of defending putting ketchup on pancakes and hot sauce on ice cream
and yes, i agree. putting pineapples on pizza IS the equivalent of ketchup on an expensive steak
glad we had this discussion

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everyone in this thread can stay mad because tea isn't black

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imagine spending 46 years making fast food

well, still a bigger contributor(by far) to society than members of the military, but I still don't care about mister pizza apron

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just try fly over me in real life and not on the internet

see what happens

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this guy is so good at checking out

he's checked out of reality

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I like well done steak.

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kys nigger

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>go to coffee place
>tell them I want my coffee plain rather than saying black like everyone else
>it always confuses them

take that

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>it's an episode of hating the jews means you can't make good pizza anymore episode

though to be fair I don't think the pizza was that great in the first place

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>20 dollars
>For 3 items
>No drink

You must have gone to 5 goys or something.

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